Please Check/Reboot The Weather Content Engine

But, belaboring the point for effect, it’s nearly 4:00 AM

I just got an email from a server run by the TV station. So did a half dozen other people. The server was unhappy. It needed to be fed.

This is an automated message from the Recol server.

This warning is issued when a new copy of our SkyMax Doppler or other specified weather image has not been uploaded for more than+25 minutes.

Please check/reboot the Weather Content Engine, or check the WatchGuard firewall. Reminder, the DCE hostname is localhost.

OK… but I am in my pajamas… and it’s almost 4:00 AM.

Actually, we’ve been having trouble with this particular box lately. Something has changed. It’s a got to be software problem on this thinly installed system.

Unfortunately, trouble is typical of new programs, especially this one which lashes together a few totally separate systems to produce round-the-clock web graphics.

But, belaboring the point for effect, it’s nearly 4:00 AM.

Because of our earlier tsuris, I installed’s free remote control software. This is a godsend. I can’t figure out what their business plan is, but I love their product.

Logmein puts the remote computer’s screen right in my web browser! My mouse becomes its mouse and my keyboard its keyboard. It’s not as fast as working your own computer, but it’s not that bad either.

I scouted around on the station’s machine enough to jot down some symptoms. Then, I rebooted it. A few minutes later, I logged back in to make sure everything was running.

Actually, this is the second time today I used this software. Earlier, I did some troubleshooting on a friends computer the very same way. It must be weird to sit on the remote end and watch your cursor glide across the screen as phantom words are typed.

Meanwhile, work problem solved. I’m going to sleep.

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