Twenty One Years Ago Today

Nine months pregnant, she decided to plant flowers. I couldn’t believe it then and I still can’t believe it now.

I was out with Stef this afternoon. On our way back home, I stopped and picked up a few flats of impatiens. There’s a reason they’re being planted today.

Twenty one years ago today, the exterminator came to our condo in Branford. Helaine, being ‘quite pregnant’ decided to go outside and avoid his chemistry.

Nine months pregnant with a basketball sized belly, she decided to plant flowers. I couldn’t believe it then. I still can’t believe it now.

The next day Steffie was born.

Tomorrow, we celebrate Stef’s 21st. I know she’s looking forward to it, as are we. It’s a very important birthday. We’ll be hosting her friends for dinner and drinks at a little place in Manhattan’s Chelsea District.

All that garbage people tell you when a child is first born — how your baby will grow up in the blink of an eye, sounds ridiculous and meaningless when it’s said. It turns out, it’s 100% true. She has grown up in the blink of an eye.

Steffie’s in a good place right now, both to herself and to us. It will be a happy birthday dear Stefanie. Happy birthday to you.

3 thoughts on “Twenty One Years Ago Today”

  1. Geoff, best wishes to you, Helaine and your lovely daughter. It DOES go by in a flash. Our three are all grown now as well, but it gets even better! They start achieving dreams and goals and can share a nice glass of wine with you to boot. Enjoy your special day! Evi

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