The Missing Car

By the time she was ready to leave, her car was gone. It had been towed.

Stef has been doing some babysitting this summer for one of my co-workers. Everyone’s a winner in this. They get some needed relief from parenting, while they work at their jobs and renovating a new home. Stef gets something to do and a little cash to boot.

She got in her car and drove to their condo this morning. By 11:30 she was in the park with their daughter. By the time she was ready to leave, her car was gone. It had been towed!

No Parking 2nd and 4th Tuesday, says the sign. Oops, forgot my calendar. I think it’s unfair to limit parking that way, but quite likely a legal way to write the sign. Did I mention it’s unfair? Thanks New Haven.

Helaine and I were 2/3 of the way to the top of Sleeping Giant when my phone rang. We turned around so I could take a quick shower and get dressed for work before we fetched the car from a lot under the eastern ramp to the “Q” Bridge..

  • towing: $77
  • ticket: $50
  • Having your daughter call, because even at 21 she still needs you: priceless

2 thoughts on “The Missing Car”

  1. Unfortunately your daughter fell victim to New Haven’s street sweeping schedule. The kicker is she could have parked legally on the other side of the street where the signs were either 2nd and 4th Monday or 2nd and 4th Wednesday. An expensive lesson learned!

  2. Great blog, Geoff!

    Expensive lesson indeed. Priceless return as well!

    My neighbor just won a BIG case after he hired a los angeles car accident lawyer. Anyway, the point is my lost a priceless classic and got compensated for it. Your story is the other way round. You paid and got something in return.

    I wonder if Karma had anything to do with it!



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