The Hillary Trial Balloon

I might live to regret saying this, but it’s not going to happen.

It’s tough to go to a news website today and not see Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton’s names linked together. Here’s a sentence from the Times:

“Speculation in recent days has focused on the possibility that Mr. Obama would ask Mrs. Clinton, a second term senator from New York, to be his secretary of state.”

I might live to regret saying this, but it’s not going to happen. That prediction has nothing to do with the relationship between Clinton and Obama and everything to do with what amounts to a demotion for her.

As New York’s Junior Senator Hillary Clinton can speak her mind. If she disagrees with President Obama she can step in front of the cameras or onto the Senate floor and let it all out. As secretary of state she becomes his surrogate. It’s his policies, not hers, that she’ll be selling.

This is not to say secretary of state isn’t a pivotally important position. You can have a hand in world peace… or tumult. But you are not your own man woman. I sense that’s important to her.

Hillary Clinton will find a place of prominence in the Democratically controlled US Senate. I can’t image her not taking advantage of that.

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