Cruise And The Senior

Helaine read the specifics to me and said, “Plus there’s the discount. Only one of us has to be over 55.”

We’re thinking of taking a cruise. I have some time off I have to take. We’ve got free airplane tickets. The cruise itself isn’t that much more expensive than staying home and eating out.

Helaine read the specifics to me on the phone. “Plus there’s the senior discount,” she said. “Only one of us has to be over 55.”

A senior discount. Seriously? This sucks. Can’t I just pay the full price and we’ll call it even? I’ll make believe I’m still 23.

One thought on “Cruise And The Senior”

  1. Hey, take the savings!! I remember when my dad turned 50, he got his AARP card as soon as he could and started flashing it everywhere they’d pay attention. But then he would say “it’s my wife’s card” and she didn’t appreciate that at all. 😉

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