New Discovery In The Kitchen

With a full load inside Helaine went to light up the dishwasher and… nothing. Uh oh. I acted husbandly, pushing all the buttons and looking concerned. Nothing.

My niece Melissa is coming to visit tomorrow. That’s a big occasion in this little family (I only have two nieces and one nephew). I’ll be meeting her plane at LaGuardia in the morning.

Melissa will be glad to hear Helaine baked. Actually, she might not know the true implications of that last sentence. In that case I am glad Helaine baked for her!

Meanwhile the pre-Melissa house sprucing continues. A few minutes ago Helaine went to fire up the dishwasher and… nothing. Uh oh. I acted husbandly pushing all the buttons and looking concerned–nothing.

Down to the basement and the fuse box. Did you know breakers 29 and 31 are swapped? Me neither. I turned off the dishwasher’s breaker only to hear Helaine say, “The TV and DVR just clicked off.” Nice.

Dishwasher electrical switchFinally after much head scratching Helaine asked, “What’s this switch for?” It was a light switch mounted in a plate with two AC outlets near the splashboard behind the sink. I flicked it upward. Problem solved.

Nearly 20 years in this house and no one has ever noticed this switch! Not only that, no one had ever turned it off.

4 thoughts on “New Discovery In The Kitchen”

  1. I’m no electrician, but I believe its building code to have an emergency shut off for a dishwasher and/or garbage disposal.

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