Everything Ends Up On YouTube–Everything

I think this is from 1985. Wow!

11 thoughts on “Everything Ends Up On YouTube–Everything”

  1. OMG I remember that spot!! I will spare you the detail about how old I was at the time, though… 🙂

    Gotta love the Whalers pennant on the kid’s closet door. Ah, those were the days.

  2. Geoff, that sweater was hideous……

    However, I think I remember that spot, and I think it might even be older than that!

  3. omg , i thought it back then and watching that just reaffirms it , you looked like david byrne doing the weather , now if only when we get a bunch of days that have the same weather we can get you to do the arm chop and say ” same as it ever was ”

  4. Yep. I remember this one. Always liked the part where you cover up the couples toes with the blanket… Guess that tells the world just how old I really am…and I think I bought my son a vest like yours…

  5. Industry question-

    Back then, did they fly news talent out to some central location and mass produce those spots with the same actors? Or did they film that in some guy’s house?

  6. As I remember, it was a house out on the Main Line west of Philadelphia. The actors were day hires.

    It was a different era of TV news when the ‘personalities’ were more sold as the station’s product. Stations are worried about promoting someone and then losing them and, I suppose, it is more effective to promote the full package.

    I have my own selfish reasons for missing that era.

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