On The Way Back Home–Jacksonville Airport

Helaine said it reminded her of prison.

The last night on a cruise is sad. Everywhere you walk bags line the hallways. Things are shutting down. Accounts are settled up.

IMG_7814.jpgWe went to the late show and saw Frank Del Pizzo‘s “R” rated show. Now I’m a huge fan. He was side splittingly funny. Were there curse words? Sure. But he wasn’t crude or inappropriate. He also did more “callbacks” than any other comedian I can remember!

He’s coming to New Haven. Maybe we’ll see him again, though I suspect it’s the same act.

We headed to the casino. I sat at the single poker table and won a few bucks (literally), but by midnight an unfriendly looking man in an Austin Powers Nehru suit came to tell us the casino would close at midnight. For whatever reason the ship was heading into Jacksonville early. We spent the overnight hours docked and out of international waters.

Helaine took care of packing. Most of it was done during the day. She finished when we returned to the cabin. For the Foxes, this was a lightly packed trip and that paid off.

I’m writing this from the Jacksonville Airport. The TSA screening area was very busy as we walked the rat maze. The TSA’s domain is totally lit with fluorescent lights. Helaine said it reminded her of prison, though

  • How would she know what a prison is like?
  • Wouldn’t prisons use more soothing lighting to cut down on violence?

Just asking.

IMG_7818.jpgFinally, the end of Concourse “C” at Jacksonville has a large 30 foot tall window. A semi-transparent applique is affixed to it showing a giant woman with a shopping bag.

Today’s flight leaves at 12:55 and stops briefly in Baltimore before heading to Bradley International.

I am tired.

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