I Find This Juice Offensive

Seriously–I’ve never seen a product sold on guilt like this!

I just saw a commercial for Brain Development Juicy Juice. It’s marketed to moms for their small children.

Seriously–I’ve never seen a product sold on guilt like this!

It seems unfair to present this kind of sales pitch to a parent who has already done everything short of bubble wrapping the kid. Raising a child is already full of questions, dilemmas and angst ridden guilt, wondering if your decisions will turn your child wonderful or notorious! Now I have to worry the child won’t be a Wall Street quant because I screwed up in the beverage department.

If this Brain Development formula is so wonderful put it in the water like fluoride. Otherwise, shut up.

3 thoughts on “I Find This Juice Offensive”

  1. Thank you for posting this. This stuff is juice with DHA in it (some kind of Omega 3 thing). If you believe in the Omega stuff, you can probably give your kid DHA- without the “Juicy Juice” sugar. Juice is not as good for kids as once thought- this stuff claims to be low in sugar- but juice can make your kid gain weight.

    As to the pressure on Moms point- as a life insurance exec once told me after 9 drinks, fear, greed and guilt are the most effective ways to sell a policy…

    Why would anyone want their kid to be a Wall Street quant?? The highest earning folks have better social skills.

  2. If we’re going to eliminate ads that offer products of questionable efficacy and prey on the gullibility of the insecure and the gullible, we may as well shut down AM radio tomorrow.

    Not that that’s a bad idea.

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