Is Tropical Storm Danny Our Problem?

Disorganized? It should have been named Geoff.

A disorganized cluster of thunderstorms east of the Bahamas became Tropical Storm Danny earlier today.

Disorganized? It should have been named Geoff.

As I look at the path all I can think of is Bob in 1991. Danny’s projection is a bit east, though similar.

If all goes as scheduled Danny passes to our east Saturday and Connecticut hardly feels anything (except some rain). Of course schedules are fluid where tropical weather systems are concerned. A little wobble east or west will make a huge difference.

I already have weekend plans. I don’t want them to include hurricane coverage… nor does anyone who’d need that coverage.

4 thoughts on “Is Tropical Storm Danny Our Problem?”

  1. Hurricanes are different, but for snow there was a time when a few inches meant the state would be shut down tight and people isolated at home.

    And then plows and four-wheel drive was invented.

    As I said, hurricanes are different because power can be out for days or weeks at a time. Gloria–a weak storm caused half the state to lose electricity, some for 2-weeks.

  2. Just be glad it gets cold enough for snow in CT. I spent 8 days without power this past January/February because of two inches of ice.

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