Roxie Was Born to Bury

It’s her instinct… her very powerful instinct.

roxie buries under the afghan.jpg

roxie buries under geoff.jpg

Roxie is on a mission. No one knows why, but she is driven to bury. I suspect even she understands the futility of her actions but is powerless to stop. It’s her instinct… her very powerful instinct.

Today she attempted to bury a ‘bone’ under my tush and under the cushions on the sofa.

OK, explanation time. First they’re not real bones but those twisted rawhide chews. Second, there’s no place in our house to bury things so Roxie does the best she can–she just hides them!

Once she positions the bone she gently nudges it out-of-sight. Then, if there’s anything loose nearby she’ll try and move it to hide her cache. She spent a few minutes trying to move my pajamas to make sure the bone couldn’t be seen.

This behavior has become more obvious over time. I wonder if it’s a phase or just a sign of more things to come?

4 thoughts on “Roxie Was Born to Bury”

  1. Please tell me you’ve seen that wonderful commercial with the dog desperately hiding it’s bone to the point it even takes a bus to the deposit box . . .

  2. I totally agree with Wudz…that is one of the best TV commercials ever. Our Lhasa buries his “Lizard” (a decrepit old “Happy Meal” toy from years past) and does exactly the same thing as Roxie–if any of it can be seen, he’ll pull it back out and put it somewhere else. He’s done it for 7 years now.

  3. Small doggies, like Roxie, should be very carefully supervised if you give them rawhide bones. Some veterinarians (like my son and daughter-in-law) DO NOT recommend rawhide chews for two reasons. 1) They come apart, and big chunks can be swallowed and cause blockages. 2) Some of them are of dubious origin, and you don’t know what they have been preserved with.

    My beasties have fabric sqweeky toys, but no rawhide chews. Don’t want to take the chance.

    If Roxie likes them, Sam’s Club sells dried chicken tenders that are as much fun to chew, are nourishing, and are fully digestible.

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