A Photo Trip To Cornwall

I got a bunch of good shots today, but none as good as Toby, his dog.

After a sprinkly start the Saturday afternoon skies cleared. I had it in my head to go to Cornwall in Northwestern Connecticut. A viewer sent me some photos last week and it looked idyllic. The peak of fall foliage is still a week or two away, but pretty weekend days can’t be guaranteed.

I asked Helaine if she wanted to go? I knew the answer. She’s not a fan of chill or rustic or my futzing with the camera.

Actually, I knew the answer would be yes–love trumps all. With Stef on Long Island for Homecoming we brought Roxie too.

The trip north took about an hour and deposited us on Jewell Street in Cornwall adjacent to an expansive field flanked by hills. I began to set my tripod.

It didn’t take long for a man and his dog to walk by. They were my lucky break. I got a bunch of good shots today, but none as good as Toby, his dog.

Before we left I asked the man for advice on other places to go. With that Helaine and I set out for Mohawk Mountain State Park, a few miles away.

Here’s a little feel for the day.





3 thoughts on “A Photo Trip To Cornwall”

  1. Another good spot in Litchfield County might be Mt. Tom State Park. If you’re up for a hike (not that difficult) up to the monument the vistas are amazing, especially during foliage time.

  2. I agree about Mt. Tom, also the Pinnacle at Steep Rock is fairly close to Mt. Tom, and the view from up there is gorgeous as well.

    I’ve never been myself, but Haystack Mountain in Norfolk is another place I’ve heard people raving about.

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