Stefanie And The Paint Chips

And you wondered how men and women are different. Wonder no more.

stef's-paint-chips.jpg“Which one do you like?” Stef asked as I walked downstairs late this morning. I am smart enough to know this isn’t a question I should answer. She and Helaine were looking at paint samples for Stef’s California bedroom.

Without ever having been there they’re looking. The kitchen table was buckling under dozens of little samples.

And you wondered how men and women are different? Wonder no more.

Years ago my friend Jeff Lapides told me the story of his time as a clothing salesman. The best way to sell, he said, was to bring fewer not more suits! Too much choice equals no sale.

The colors have been whittled down. She’s leaning toward a shade called “Denim.”

There’s not a chance the room will be Denim.

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