A Call From Cali

Stef had a little problem with her car today. The oil was changed before she left for the West Coast, but today the routine maintenance light came on. Undoubtedly no one bothered to reset it. I went on Google, found the fix, emailed it, then followed up with a call. Any excuse to speak to her is good.

I don’t know if Stef realizes what I have come to realize… and I assume every parent at some point realizes. Frequent contact is good. Yes, absence does make the heart grow fonder.

We talked for a while and then she told me she called my folks and spent ten minutes on the phone with my newly sighted and very, very, very happy father.

If my speaking to Stef is a plus, calling her grandparents is a double plus with gold star and cheese on top delivered by a unicorn!

Tomorrow at 6:50 AM Helaine hops a flight (or really flights) to make the first parental visit to the Coast. She’s bringing a camera. Stef thinks it’s for her, but I really want to see if the place is as clean as she claims!

You can move away and grow up but that doesn’t stop you from still being our child.

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  1. Yes indeed, Geoff. We are finding that with our oldest (almost 22, finishing up his senior year @ Univ. of Hartford). There are times where he goes off on his own adventures and is reaching out to gain his independence, but in the reverse of what Helaine is doing, he’ll come back with food, laundry etc. so that we have contact with him. The days you are experiencing will be coming for us soon I think.

  2. My boys are 10 and 12. I tell them that even when they’re 40, they will still be my babies. They seem to still like that idea — I know I do!

  3. Geoff,

    My oldest Frank(ie)graduated from UNH in 2008. I am lucky that he has yet to move out of state…but I fear that may happen sooner than I would like. I know I will encourage him, and miss him all the same.

    The other day I called him, just to hear his voice and of course see how work, his band ect was.

    He was at his Nonnie’s (grandmothers house) shoveling her driveway. I laughed and asked him if Nonnie had called him(I knew she had not…italian too proud)…his reply “no mom..you know she would never ask, so I just stopped by on my way home. She should not have to shovel snow.” Moments like that calm my fears…I have raised a good man…I just miss him more than he will ever know!

    peace fellow parent



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