JDRF Carousel Of Dreams

Wouldn’t it be nice to think the dollar you sent was the dollar that bought the last piece that solved the puzzle that cured the disease!

If you’ve read this blog any length of time or just watched me on TV you know I’ve been associated with the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation for nearly two decades. I’ve helped them raise a lot of money.

This year they’ve decided to honor me at their annual gala (along with the much more accomplished president of Quinnipiac University, John Lahey).

OK–here’s the truth with these fundraisers. Usually the person honored is someone who can sell tickets. Seriously, it’s often a businessman who can lean on vendors and suppliers. That’s why I was surprised to be asked. But believe me–I am honored. Holy crap I am humbly honored.

If you can attend, I’d love to see you there. The tickets are somewhat pricey and I understand that’s a problem for many people. However, if you and your family make charitable contributions I hope you’ll consider JDRF. I’ve been doing this so long because I really do feel it’s an organization that does good. And, just as importantly, I feel they’re really close to a cure!

Once you meet a family dealing with diabetes you’ll understand why I feel as I do. It’s the whole family that deals with diabetes, not just the child afflicted.

Wouldn’t it be nice to think the dollar you sent was the dollar that bought the last piece that solved the puzzle that cured the disease!

Tickets are $200. You can contact JDRF at 203-248-1880. There’s more information on the JDRF website.

4 thoughts on “JDRF Carousel Of Dreams”

  1. Geoff,

    The poster shown has “RSVP Enclosed” at the bottom. I couldn’t find a ticket price on the JDRF web page either. Do you know if it is invitation only or is it open to the public.

    You said it was “somewhat pricey”. Maybe if I have to ask I can’t afford it?


  2. Thank you. A very large percentage of JDRF’s money comes from smaller donations, especially during the annual Walk to Cure.

  3. On January 13, 1964, I was diagnosed with “juvenile” diabetes. (The quotation marks are because I am far from being juvenile now. I just celebrated my 61st birthday.) Thank you, Geoff, and all the others who have supported JDRF over the years.

    This Saturday I will walk in the Susan Komen walk here in SW Florida. Why? Because I have reaped the benefits of awesome JDRF research, and have been blessed with the good health to be able to give back to others who are really sick. (Breast cancer is not a walk in the park, I’ve been told by those who have experienced it and survived.) But it’s only because of the strides made by JDRF and other medical hospitals and teams that I can actually think that I’m not really a “sick” person; my pancreas just doesn’t work.
    Keep up the good work, Geoff.

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