On My Way To Florida

The word shattered when used to describe a body part is never good!

I’m heading down to Florida Monday. Helaine and Stef will be staying in Connecticut. Unfortunately, my mom fell and shattered her elbow.

The word shattered when used to describe a body part is never good!

A few days ago, after her accident, my mom dropped some nuts on the floor. She got on her hands-and-knees to pick them up. With only one working ‘wing’ she couldn’t stand. She finally had to call our friend John to lend assistance.

The good news is she says she’s not in any pain. The bad news is she’ll need the elbow surgically repaired, probably with a few pins inserted for good measure. Surgery is scheduled for Tuesday morning.

A full recovery is expected and my mom should be back on the mound pitching before the All Star break.

5 thoughts on “On My Way To Florida”

  1. Geoff,

    I can easily see the mental picture of your mom on the mound, getting ready to pitch.

    And I’m not even a baseball fan…

    Pass her our best wishes for a speedy recovery.

  2. Oh, Geoff, So Sorry about your Mom! Please tell her your cyber friends wish her a very speedy recovery. And a big hello to your dad! I’m sure they will love to see you even under these crummy circumstances! Spoil them a little…

  3. SO sorry to hear about your Mom Geoff!! Please let her know we are all thinking of her and praying for speedy recovery. I have metal rods and screws in my back. I tell everyone I am bionic! ;o)

  4. Hi Jeff, Helane, Stef and Roxie,
    So sorry to hear about your mom Geoff I pray for a speedy recovery for her:) Shell be ok:) shes a strong woman!

  5. Sorry to hear about your mom, hope all goes well for her. Let’s hope her recovery finds her pitching on the mound for anyone but the Mets – based on last year, I think their team physician might be a bit suspect.

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