On The Way To Florida

Why does he need to go through security? He does, after all, have the keys to the plane.

“I’ll call you when I get to Baltimore,” I wrote in an email to my friend John who will be picking me up at Ft. Lauderdale. Uh oh. I’m not flying through Baltimore. Maybe I shouldn’t be allowed to function as an adult this time of day?

I’m writing from Gate 6 at Bradley International. My flight is scheduled to leave for Ft. Lauderdale at 9:00 AM with a brief stop in Tampa.

At the moment Ft. Lauderdale is feeling the sting of strong thunderstorms with a Tornado Warning in effect! The system has moved out of Tampa.

The tsuris in Florida is related to the same weather system we’ve got in Connecticut. It poured for most of my drive to the airport. It wasn’t any worse than rain I’ve driven in a hundred times, but it was enough to make the drive less pleasant and more cautious.

I followed a Southwest pilot through security this morning. He had a tiny HP netbook in his tray along with his his iconic Southwest leather jacket.

Why does he need to go through security? He does, after all, have the keys to the plane. Is there really a security advantage to having him walk through the airport in his stocking feet?

If you haven’t been following this trip came up when my mom fell and shattered her elbow. Surgery is scheduled for tomorrow. It’s outpatient surgery… but isn’t everything nowadays.

I expect it will be a bumpy departure from BDL.

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  1. Have you ever tried flying to Florida via Westchester County Airport, just over the NY State line? Jet Blue runs non-stops from there to Tampa, Orlando, West Palm and Fort Lauderdale. I used them in March 2009 for a Spring Training vacation and would recommend ’em highly. White Plains is a great alternative for anyone in Fairfield County (and much of New Haven).

  2. I agree that Westchester is great, but…it’s a crap shoot with parking and because it’s so small, if your flight gets canceled or delayed, it was likely the only flight; or a flight that has a few departure times. This has happened to me often leaving out of HPN…but, great airport if you can get a ride there and back!

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