My Ankles Thank You

There was a clump of hair the size of a collie down there! Oh, that’s where it’s been going.

There are jobs that are Helaine’s. There are jobs that are mine.

Helaine handles the finances (masterfully) and keeps us organized. I kill varmints and act as our inept handyman.

That was my role yesterday–handyman.

Though I was oblivious to it Helaine noticed a slowdown in the shower drain.

In my world being oblivious is an energy saving device. That’s a guy thing, right?

I headed upstairs with needle nose pliers, a screwdriver and a medical clamp I acquired in the 70s. Don’t ask. I just acquired it–’nuff said.

Once I lifted the cap the cause of the stoppage was obvious. There was a clump of hair the size of a collie down there! Oh, that’s where it’s been going.

If you’ve never performed this thankless job beware–the hair stinks! No, really. It’s awful.

I went downstairs, got a plastic bag and removed it in much the same way Stef removes Roxie’s poop from the lawn. Yuck!

Today Helaine turned to me and said, “My ankles thank you.”

It’s no wonder she married me. I’m such a macho stud with crazy handyman skills.

7 thoughts on “My Ankles Thank You”

  1. My wife appoints me to perform that same onerous (and odorous) task every few months. Not for the faint of heart! Congrats on a job well done!

  2. Hey Geoff,

    Your an Extra Class Ham. You are allowed to have Roac…er, alligator clips around the house.

    What I wonder about is after all those years in the house this is the first time you had to do this?

  3. Tom – I’ve done this before. I know enough about plumbing to know when to call a plumber and when to plumb myself. Hair I can handle. With a septic system in the front yard and a well in the back I don’t want to throw chemicals down the drain.

  4. A wise decision. We have septic also but city water.

    Plumbing and I don’t play well together. Thank God for brother-in-laws!

  5. Jon,

    Unless you are wearing a Scott Air Pack when doing this job, smelling it is unavoidable. We won’t even go into how it looks.
    Trust me, you don’t have to get your nose even close to it.

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