Cruising South Of Long Island

Ellis Island and then the Statue of Liberty floated beneath our perch. That’s very cool.

Onboard the Carnival Glory

We are south of Long Island. That much I know for sure. We’re far enough offshore there’s no cell service and none of the visible lights are distinct enough to identify a town. If New York City is still visible it’s so distant it’s just another blur of light on the horizon.

We’re steaming east on a flat sea with a full moon.

We boarded this ship before noon planning for a 5:00 PM departure from Pier 88. We left at 5:30 PM. No big deal.

The river is busy. That’s why Sully picked a spot just south of our pier to ditch his airliner.

There was plenty of traffic this July afternoon. Much of it comes from ferries criss-crossing the river between New York City and New Jersey. There are also pleasure boats.

Farther south the river gets even busier with large ships headed to the container docks around Bayonne.

We are on the Panorama Deck, ten decks up. Our cabin is on the starboard (right) side. We’ve got a little balcony too. Ellis Island and then the Statue of Liberty floated beneath our perch. That’s very cool.

We choose open dining, so once the ship glided under the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge we headed downstairs for dinner. Stef has asaked for food pictures, so I’ve included my pork chop and Helaine’s lasagne.

After dinner the waiters delivered my birthday cake and sang.

We’re going to get a feel for this ship tonight. It’s huge with 14 decks above the waterline.

Tuesday is a day at sea. Wednesday we dock in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada.

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  1. Enjoy your trip!! Have fun in Halifax, especially. Love that place. My grandfather was born and raised there (he was a survivor of the Explosion in 1917). It’s a gorgeous little town. If you get a chance to take an excursion out to Lunenburg, do it. Your camera will thank you. 🙂

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