East Of Massachusetts

Good morning. We are somewhere east of Massachusetts out in the Atlantic. The sea is nearly flat. The ship is cruising along and now headed north toward Canada.

On the horizon I see two other ships. They’re far away–maybe ten miles or more. We are alone on this beautiful morning.

We’ve been up for a while, but not without a problem. While Helaine was showering the water stopped! Of course she had a head full of shampoo.

You can’t make this stuff up. After a call to engineering a technician came up with a large bucket of cool water so Helaine could rinse.

Nicely, they just phoned to make sure she was OK. Helaine asked if it was just us. Nope. The whole ship is surrounded by water… in the water… but without water.

This will be short. The satellite based Internet access is extremely slow and equally expensive.

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