All I See Is The Sea

We had some brids fly by the ship earlier. Why are they all the way out here? I’m clueless.

I’m started typing this from our balcony. As it turns out this entry came together in two sessions, but I’m back on the balcony at 1:00 AM to fnish. The Atlantic is drifting by as we make our way toward Saint John, NB. We’ll be there in the morning though we’re capable of being there a lot sooner.

Is this the life? Yes it is!

We had some birds fly by the ship earlier. Why are they all the way out here? I’m clueless.

We also passed a small drifting buoy. I’m guessing it’s attached to some sort of net, but again, it’s awfully far out. Do commercial fishermen need to go this far to make money?

The horizon was limitless as I looked off to the east from my perch this afternoon. From time-to-time there are ships in the distance. None have been close enough to wave at. Now there are some lights and they’re not far–maybe a few miles.

Instead of opting for early or late seating on the cruise we chose to choose on a nightly basis. Tonight that meant waiting twenty minutes for a table. They give you a beeper.

Dinner was lobster tail and shrimp. Excellent. I watched a guy three tables down get seconds… and thirds.

We saw one of the comedy shows tonight–Mark Klein. We laughed. He was good, not great.

There is nearly always something to do onboard. Sometimes it’s something organized, like the show. Often it’s just walking around and looking. I haven’t been in the pool yet, but there’s a giant slide. I’d lke to try that.

When Helaine and I first cruised a zillion years ago there was a casino the size of your elbow. Now the casino is large and busy. It’s a profit center for the cruise line.

I played a few hours of poker tonight and did very well. There are some good players, but more bad players than you’d find in a casino. My winnings were mainly courtesy of them!

We’ve got an 11:30 AM meet-up in Saint John, NB (the name is never abbreviated to differentiate it from another similarly named Canadian port). Saint John is knnown for the Bay of Fundy and its exceptional tides. We’re heading out with a professional photographer who knows where the good shots are. Clicky is happy!

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  1. I made a typo a few days ago – actually a poor choice of a word.

    Today, for the first time that I recall Geoff had numerous typos in his daily post ala: brids, tweenty, alays, arge, pooker

    I suspect the cruise location is the reason; obviously easy to determine the intended words.

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