In Port–We’re In New Brunswick

Saint John is on the Bay of Fundy known for its tides–biggest in the world! Some parts of the Bay see a fifty foot difference between high and low tide.

I’m just looking at the clock. This should have been written hours ago. We’ve been busy. It’s been a full day since I checked my email. When was the last time that happened?

We are currently bobbing our way through the Atlantic on our way to Halifax , Nova Scotia. The sky is clear. The moon is close to full. The wind is blowing. It’s July but it’s chilly in the North Atlantic.

Earlier this evening the movie “It’s Complicated” was shown on a big screen above the pool. People were wearing jackets or wrapped in blankets. This is not a Caribbean cruise!

By the time we woke up today we were docked in Saint John, New Brunswick. The city is built near the water and we were downtown.

We had plans. Weeks ago Helaine bought tickets for a photo tour of the area with local photographer Lance Timmons.

Saint John is on the Bay of Fundy known for its tides–biggest in the world! Some parts of the Bay see a fifty foot difference between high and low tide. It made no difference to us as high tide was centered on our tour.

Oh well. It was still worthwhile.

We headed first to the Reversing Falls. Today it was just a rapidly running river with a very ugly paper mill filling the background. We were victims of the tide.

Next we headed to a beautiful stepped waterfall. Access was good. The surroundings were pretty.

We headed from the falls to a fishing village, Dipper Harbour. Working boats and small platforms loaded with lobster traps lined the harbor. It reminded me of the area near Bar Harbor, ME. Again, really pretty.

Finally we headed to the beach. The water in the Bay is in the mid-50°s this time of year. There was no one in the water save a few young kids. The beach was flanked by rock outcroppings which made for good picture taking.

I’m a little upset because I can tell you about these shots, but I can’t post them. The onboard Internet access is horrendous! I’ll throw my best shots online when we return to Connecticut.

We were back on the ship around 3:00 PM. Departure was scheduled for 3:30 PM.

Around 3:20 they started paging three people to call and check in. A few minutes later it was down to two–a husband and wife. They were aged at least three times and I assume we sailed without them!

Yeah, they do that.

As we left Saint John we were followed by the harbor pilot’s boat. It’s only when you see a small boat cutting through the swells that you realize a large ship like this makes fast look slow!

We had an early dinner then headed to a show in the theater. It was an over-the-top illusionist with throbbing music and eight dancers. These were all tricks I’d seen before… and I still don’t know how they’re done.

After the show I spent a few hours in the casino playing poker. I won another $20. I’d been up more but gave some back

Hey, up is better than down.

4 thoughts on “In Port–We’re In New Brunswick”

  1. My wife and I took took a 4-day cruise to Halifax (and back) in ’03. Back then, no onboard Internet (I think she was happy the laptop was left “off” for the weekend), and just a rudimentary satellite tv in rooms (3 or 4 channels max, these appeared to be the network backup stations from either DirecTV or Dish). Lovely city, Halifax. We did a walking tour and really enjoyed it. The Citadel, the city’s ancient military fortress was quite fun to explore.

  2. When I first saw this headline on Facebook I thought New Brunswick NJ?! I’m so thankful you’re not there. Trip sounds fun, I’m sure the shots are great! It’ll be entertaining to see and live vicariously through them, because I actually am in NJ 🙂

  3. Geoff

    Philly update, per ESPN (given your limited net access)

    The Astros traded RHP Roy Oswalt and cash considerations to the Phillies for LHP J.A. Happ, OF Anthony Gose and SS Jonathan Villar.

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