My Sixth Sense And Earl

I can’t tell you why, but I have that same life threatening fear from Earl. Sixth sense? Maybe.

There are two tropical systems currently in the Atlantic. They are not alike. Weather is not like children. I am entitled to favor one over the other!

It seemed obvious from the beginning Danielle would be an ‘outside runner’ staying far enough out in the Atlantic to be no more than a curiosity. On the other hand Earl concerns me and has since its seed pushed past the West African Coast..

Over the years I’ve developed a sixth sense for this sort of thing. It usually works. Not always.

I wrote this five years two days ago:

The Hurricane Center has just christened a tropical depression. Though it hasn’t yet graduated to tropical storm or hurricane status, but “we’ve already picked out a name” – Katrina.

I am concerned by Katrina because it is likely to head toward South Florida, a densely populated area and where my parents live!

It doesn’t look like Katrina will be a major hurricane… but a minimal hurricane is enough for me.

You’ll be reading a lot more about this storm on this site over the next few days.

OK — I missed the major hurricane part which was still well in the future. Still, something compelled me to follow Katrina closely. I was blogging about it a lot long before anyone suspected the kind of trouble it would cause. Even without my post-New Orleans posts it is my most blogged hurricane.

I can’t tell you why, but I have that same life threatening fear about Earl. Sixth sense? Maybe.

It doesn’t make a difference. Tropical systems all receive close scrutiny. The risk is just too great.

3 thoughts on “My Sixth Sense And Earl”

  1. I remember in September of 1985 when you wandered into my office to tell me you were worried about a just named Hurricane Gloria. It was still well to the East of us but you had a feeling it could be trouble. From that time on I always put a lot of stock into your ‘sixth sense’.

    It’s a shame it never worked with the lottery.

    1. I actually remember that as well. Here’s the deal–by today’s standards I was using a Ouija board! It was dumb luck for me, bad luck for Connecticut.

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