Just One Trick-Or-Treater

“You’re our first,” Helaine said. “We’ve been hearing that a lot,” the princesses father replied. And that was it! No one else came.

Helaine goes to great lengths prepping for Halloween. We have no shortage of candy. If by chance a fully loaded fleet of buses stopped at our door we’d survive.

“It’s my favorite holiday,” she said tonight.

She likes giving. Halloween is a big giving holiday.

This year I had my camera at the ready. My goal was to ask first then photograph the trick-or-treaters and post the results here on my blog.

We went through 4:00, then 5:00, then 6:00 with no kids. Finally the bell rang. Neighbors from a block over were on our steps. Their daughter was dressed as a princess.

“You’re our first,” Helaine said.

“We’ve been hearing that a lot,” the princesses father replied.

And that was it! No one else came.

How sad.

The boys next door have grown too old. Other kids from the block have grown or moved or both. We live in a quiet area of no sidewalks on a street with no streetlights. We’re geographically undesirable!

I’m not sure how we’ll deal with Halloween next year. At our house it’s lost some of its magic.

5 thoughts on “Just One Trick-Or-Treater”

  1. It was lonely tonite on our street too. It was just me and my son trick or treating. He felt a bit odd all dressed up as Thomas the Train Engine walking with me, going up to strangers doors and saying “Trick or Treat!” He’s 2 and a half years old. I was hoping there would be other kids around too. Next year is another chance…don’t give up hope.

    There will be more children to come your way, I promise.

    By the way, Geoff I think some people have you and Kramer confused. His tweets said his house had been toilet papered (three times?)and he was being called the weatherman by some kids (that one made me laugh!)

  2. Sad to hear this. Could just be you area. Next year we could bring over a light show, DJ, live metal death band and special effects and that could be the start of bringing it back to your hood.
    We had over 1500 trick er treaters. I will post photos soon on facebook. how do I keep count ? We hand our glow sticks to all that come to the door. 50 sticks per tube. I would say we had another 750 just lurking.
    Maybe it’s the sidewalks.

  3. You can always come to our house! We live in what they call a drop off neighborhood. Parents literally drop off van loads of kids to trick or treat in our neighborhood.

  4. My area in Thompson had no children even though we have children ijn the neighborhood. Maybe they got better candy somewhere else !!

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