The Amazing Chip Castle (photo)

While walking through the Venetian poker room I saw this fabulous chip castle. I assume he won most of it since each table has a minimum and maximum buy-in.

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  1. Something went wrong when I started to type here. I carry on. (I figured that posting to your comment titled Excelsior You Fathead of May 17, 2005 would fall on blind eyes.) I just found your website through googling “Excelsior you fathead.” The name of my book, published March, 2005 is EXCELSIOR, YOU FATHEAD! THE ART AND ENIGMA OF JEAN SHEPHERD (Applause Theatre and Cinema Books). It’s the only book about him. I managed to interview Hugh Hefner, Norman Mailer, U S Poet Laureate Billy Collins, and lots of others for the book.

    Yes, Keith Olbermann is a Shep fan–he ended his program for a couple of years with “Keep your knees loose,” but now his tribute to Shepherd is in the softly played background music to his “Oddball” segment–he plays Shep’s theme song, Bahn Frei–listen carefully and you can hear it. Some other fans are Dee Snider of Twisted Sister, Donald Fagen of Steely Dan, and Jerry Seinfeld, who said in his Seinfeld Season 6 DVD set: “He formed my entire comedic sensibility. I learned how to do comedy from Jean Shepherd.” My new book manuscript about Shepherd is now seeking a publisher–I’m keeping my knees loose and fingers crossed.

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