Last Night At The Tables

I am at the poker table at the Venetian in Las Vegas. I’ve spent a lot of time here over the last few days. I really enjoy playing poker.

Poker is the only game in the casino where it’s you versus other players. The house makes its money by taking a small piece of every pot.

Of course there’s luck involved but skillful players can make a living playing this game. I want to play against them the way a good amateur hitter wants to stand in against major league pitching!

I’ve played this trip nearly even. Maybe I’m up a little–no more than $100 since Thursday. There have been no tournament cashes, but I’ve won most of my live cash sessions.

It’s impossible to say who you’ll find at the tables. It used to be all older men with a few older women. No more. TV has changed the game.

I’ll bet the average age of players is twenty years younger than when I used to play 7-card stud at the Mirage! Stud itself is nonexistent. This busy room is nearly 100% No mit Hold’em.

I’ve heard more mediocre players offer up how poker is their livelihood. That’s a lot of people eating Ramen noodles and making do! If you’re playing at the stakes I play at there’s not that much to be made… And hopefully none of it from me.

Our plane to Connecticut leaves at 9:30 AM. That’s really early considering my ‘enhanced’ nocturnal hours here in The PST.

I’ll try not to be too grumpy.

Addendum: Oops. After writing this I played one hand too many and had Aces cracked by Kings. I won’t go home a winner after all. Oh well. Still had fun.

Note: this entry composed entirely on my iPhone. Not pleasant.

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