Shoot Me Now!

The winter has just begun. Oh boy.

The last three runs of the computer models have come into agreement. Our Sunday storm looks like it’s out-to-sea. As a winter hater I’m thrilled. As a forecaster less so.

Even though I spent most of the last week telling anyone who’d listen how untrustowrthy the snow forecast was I wanted consistency. There was none. That’s the frustrating part.

Over the past few days people have asked why we put so much trust in these computer projections? Truth is they’re more accurate than humans working alone. They also allow us to see much further into the future than ever before possible.

This past week makes that all seem academic. Frustrating. Nothing came together. Nothing worked right.

The winter has just begun. Oh boy.

8 thoughts on “Shoot Me Now!”

  1. I, for one, am thrilled that the snow possibility is fizzling … my flight to Arizona for the holidays is scheduled to leave LGA at 4pm on Sunday!!

  2. Geoff your forecasts are reliable and trusted and your dedication to weather and US apparent. Keep it up and keep doing just what you do. Your best.
    Christopher Meyer

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