But I Work For The Viewers

I plan on working through to the end of my contract and the general manager has assured me I’ll be allowed to do so. That’s unusual in TV and so I’m grateful.

So, how was your day at work? Probably better than mine. After 26 years at 8 Elm Street I’m not being invited back at the end of my current contract. I got the word at 4:00 PM Wednesday. I’m done at the end of February.

Good God the media works fast. It wasn’t more than an hour later that Joe Amarante of the New Haven Register called tracking down the rumor!

I plan on working through to the end of my contract and the general manager has assured me I’ll be allowed to do so. That’s unusual in TV and so I’m grateful.

I will not talk about this on-the-air. That was left unsaid at today’s meeting, but it’s my interpretation of what’s right. It will be business as usual.

I spoke with Brittany Lyte at the Connecticut Post this evening. Here’s a little of her story.

“I’ve had a really, really good run here,” he said. “The people of Connecticut have been unbelievably nice to me and unbelievably gracious. I will be forever grateful to them — really. My paycheck may be paid by the television station, but I work for the viewers.”

“I’ve been in some people’s lives, in their homes, every day for their whole lives,” Fox said. “How many people get the privilege to do that?”

Now begins another chapter. Geez… that sounds so trite!

I’m not sure what I’ll do. I’d like to stay on-air in Connecticut, but all the good jobs are occupied by my friends.

I have prepared an audition website for a day like this and have sent that link to a few stations already. Ditching winter permanently is appealing!

I could see getting back into radio. Anybody need an angry liberal voice? I’ve hosted shows like Inside Space on SciFi and PM Magazine/Buffalo. I could host again. It’s possible I’ll even do commercials and corporate vdeos which my current position has kept me from doing.

I’m open to anything. I just don’t know. I’m still mostly in shock. I’m open to suggestions or recommendations.

The response on Facebook has been crazy. Hundreds of people have commented and expressed their support. Thank you all. It means a great deal to me and my family.

My co-workers have been exceptional too. Nearly everyone in the station tonight came by to express their thoughts.

This weekend we leave on a planned vacation visiting my parents then our daughter. I’ll be away from TV, but back before this month is up to finish up.

370 thoughts on “But I Work For The Viewers”

  1. Geoff, I am just heartbroken than WTNH is letting you go. I feel they betrayed us, the viewers, who totally enjoy your daily visit with us. You gave us an “inside” look at the weather, taught our children with experiments but most of all, gave us your honest opinion when weather turned against us. You raised community awareness for JD, encouraged the teachers and told us to bring in our pets. We didn’t go to sleep yet since we wanted your “take” on tomorrow’s weather. I totally hope those responsible for this terrible decision will fall right on their face/s and learn a valuable lesson while standing in the unemployment line themselves. Bitter? You betcha!! But, as always, you are a class act and any station would be so lucky to get you. Best of luck, my friend. Evi

    1. I heard today that you were rehired Geoff, I certainly hope that is true!!! I have missed hearing your forecasts and you have such a good rapport with everyone on screen. Please let us know if it is true that you are staying!!!!! You certainly are loved by us all.
      Thoughts and prayers for you and your family,

  2. Geoff, this is the last straw for me and WTNH. You are(were) the only one there with true personality. You are(were) the only one that made me want to watch WTNH. This proves how ridiculous and out of touch WTNH really is. I have always joked how my High School AV club could do a better job with reporting and production, but never the Geoff Fox weather report! That was perfect and my favorite in the entire U.S.! Yet, somehow they spent money to promote what’s her name the traffic thing! Lisa, what IS her name? Once you are gone, I will NEVER watch WTNH, nor access their web site again! Jim P. North Haven, CT.

  3. Geoff, you are certainly an instituion of Connecticut. You are definitely the roof of the house that is Connecticut. Without this roof, local television is nothing.

  4. Geoff,

    This is very sad news. I trusted your forecast, liked your delivery, and admired your dedication. You made a connection with viewers that will be difficult to duplicate. Does station management even consider this, or care?

    Your myriad talents and experience will serve you well as you move to the next chapter of your career. Keep us posted on your blog as your journey continues.

    Good luck. Be well.

  5. Geoff–I was was so surprised when I read this on FB yesterday–and very disappointed in Channel 8. I watch this channel mostly for the accurate weather & excellent delivery. Hope you keep your viewers informed as to your future endeavors–will follow you where you go! ( can always watch on the internet)
    Somewhere warmer would be great–maybe closer to your daughter or parents!

  6. Definitely keep the blog going…we’ll have Fox withdrawl! This sucks, public forum or otherwise, there’s no better ay to say it.

  7. Geoff

    I was surprised to see Matt Scott dumped last week. The new weekend (replacement) guy sure did not impress me, ala no more email weather updates. I am amazed that you too are not being renewed. There is no way that you will be replaced. Is Dr Mel next, he presumably makes a lot of money as well??

    I always respected your professional demeanor, surely no singing is to be heard on your forecasts. It was/is obvious that you put a LOT of personal pride in YOUR forecasts, always trying to interpret mutliple computer predictions – each often noted to be vastly different. You also acknowledged situations where your forecast did not occur. I trusted your forecast to be the best available.

    As I am sure every CT reader of this blot feels, you will be missed on air. Indeed this daily post was one of the main reason why I CHOSE News 8. The weather insights you gave us – making you a lot different than other weathermen. In March I will find another TV station.

    The best Geoff,


  8. Geoff this is shocking news. You have been an icon as long as i can remember. This saddens me. What on earth are they thinking? You are a great weatherman, i hope they change there mijd about this. You have been the guest speaker at Dare graduation in Prospect for many years and the parents enjoy your humor and honesty as much as the kids do. It is that humor and honesty that shines though over the airwaves everyday.

  9. It’s incredible that WTNH would let you go. You have been a breath of fresh air with your weather forecasts over the years and have been the prime reason why I watched WTNH-TV. Connecticut needs you and I hope you stay in the area. God speed.

  10. I’m speechless. Weather in CT IS Geoff Fox! I too had to make a career change after 24 years of working in media. I was in the first round of lay offs at The Day Newspaper, three years ago. It was like a divorce. I can tell you that life works in funny ways. I now have the most amazing job working in town government. It was the best thing that ever happened me. Sometimes we need a push to make a change that we otherwise would not. Best of luck to you, Geoff.

  11. Geoff, I’ve told you this, but I’m going to say it again. No matter what, keep going with this blog and Facebook/Twitter. We’re all big fans and want to keep in touch with you. Right now we all “Count on Geoff” far more than we “Count on 8.”

  12. Noooooooooo! Please say it isn’t so! I was so, incredibly sad & angry to hear about this this morning. Geoff, you’ve been a part of my daily life for such a long time. I will miss watching your weather reports and pretty much think I’m done with WTNH now. Gil Simmons is great but he’s not the same. If anything, they should ditch that bubble-headed, walking Colgate commercial Teresa whasthername. I can imagine the moral @ the station has tanked lately. I wish you all the best & know you’ll find success wherever you go.

  13. Geoff…. Regrets. I’m stunned. WTNH goes on the Parental Control section of the remote. The only reason we watched was for your weather segment, the rest of the stuff was basement journalism. You will be sorely missed. Hopefully we’ll get to see you on TV or hear you on the radio right away. 🙁

  14. I think WTNH is making huge mistakes by hiring & exploiting sex pots and firing true professional journalists. I am not digging the message they are sending and I am no longer a News 8 viewer. You will be missed, but you deserve better.

  15. Geoff….You are Mr. Channel 8!! I know it may sound corny to some …but I am heartbroken, as are all of your fans and friends. You are like a big brother…a friend. You have been coming into our homes for so long….it just does not make sense to any of us.
    We can only hope the backlash that has begun since this awful announcement, will make the bosses stand up and take notice….
    We could always count on you to be honest, accurate (because you did not try to tell us something you had no control over) funny, and just plain likable.
    Southern CT is losing its greatest asset …..Geoff Fox…..

  16. Sorry to see you go Geoff. I’ve gotten very accustomed to you telling me “don’t go to sleep yet”. Best of luck in the future.

  17. Geoff, I am very sorry to see you going off the air. I have enjoyed and trusted your informative and educational forecasts for many years, and as a science teacher, I have always looked to you and Dr. Mel for good clear explanations I can share with students. You’ve done a great job. I wish you all the best in whatever you do next.

  18. I opened the paper and on the second page was the story you were being let go!!!!! I have to say I was indeed very,very shocked!! Geoff,way back when I told my husband you had talent and was going to be a household name. I was right, you are, and why channel 8 is letting you go, is a mystery! All I can say it is one stupid move on their part. I am so sorry they are so insensitive to you, and their viewers.I wish you nothing but the best ,you and your family. Oh,it would be wonderful if the powers that be would wake up!!!!!!!

  19. Well, I let WTNH know my feelings. I have not been in CT for 10 years but still consider you my “go-to” guy when I plan a trip home. Consider moving to Florida. We can use some good meteorologists with a sense of humor here. I can’t imagine the slap in the face you and your family are feeling right now. Have a great vacation. Hope you keep us informed. Thanks for 26 years Geoff. I’ve been a fan since hurricane Gloria. They were lucky to have you.

  20. Geoff,

    I can only echo the sentiments of the other commenters. WTHN and the LIN network have shown contempt for their viewership for a long time. I find no need to tune into their news shows, or any locally produced shows, any more. Too bad I’m not a Neilsen household, so I could hit them where it hurts.

    I hope you find an outlet for your creative talents, and maybe a location where you can get on the air a little more.


  21. Angry liberal voice, eh? As shocking as this move is, it could be a blessing in disguise. We NEED angry liberal voices more desperately now than we have in a long, long time. I hope the next chapter in your career is stimulating, rewarding and one that lets you be true to yourself.

  22. Geoff, my wife and I are sad to see yougo, but have faith, one door closes a better one opens. We find you to be very intelligent, funny at times, and a very community minded person. Thank You

  23. Geoff:

    What a HUGE mistake Channel 8 is making. Their mistake is your gain. Best of luck to whatever exciting opportunities await you and with your knowledge, expertise and awesome personality/sense of humor there WILL be many! I will miss you.

  24. Bad move! We really enjoy your broadcasts and are deeply disappointed that WTNH has made such a terrible decision. We will certainly look for you wherever you end up(in Ct,I hope).
    You are a daily fixture in our lives. Our best to you. No more Channel 8 at our house…we felt you and the news team there did the most professional job of any station in our area. Maybe someone will reverse this awful decision.

  25. Geoff, I am so upset about your leaving. I thought you were excellent over the many years I have been watching WTNH. I don’t believe I will be a viewer anymore. I am switching to Channel 3. WTNH no longer has a heart in my opinion so I hope other viewers will switch.

  26. Hi Geoff,

    When I saw Gil doing the weather last night, I got a bad feeling that something was up. I am very sorry to find out that I was correct. We tune in every evening just to watch you and we will be tuning out when you are gone.

    I was in your shoes once; 16 years with the same company and I was let go. It seemed like the end of the world at the time, but it turned out to be the best thing for my career. I am sure it will turn out the same for you.

    My wife and I will miss your daily virtual visits to our home, but we wish you all the success in the world.


    Stan, WA1LOU

  27. Geoff:
    Could hardly believe this when I heard this morning. You and Ann have been the one constant, the staples at WTNH for as long as I can recall.

    Disappointed in WTNH for not seeing the advantages of keeping in the fold. But who knows, this MIGHT be just the opportunity you need.

    I’ll be sorry to see you go, Geoff.

    Good luck w/your next endeavor. I’ll be looking for you!

  28. Geoff – I clearly understand what you are going thru. I a few years ago went thru that after sooooooooo many years giving everything I had for a company. Not calling in sick, not taking time off, always going I thought the extra mile. Bottom line its a business and when they don’t want you due to “age” a “new direction the company wants to go thru” whatever their reasoning we will never know. Although I am a couple of yrs younger than you I sometimes think age plays a factor – that we will never know. Well at least you have some friends in the business or hey maybe moving closer to your daughter isn’t a bad thing.
    My husband and I now live (after spending my entire 50plus years in CT) are now living in AZ. There are always reasons why these things occur. Maybe looking back you will say – yea it was eventually a good thing that occured.
    I’m glad I was back in CT visiting family and got to see for me one of the last times I would see you on WTNH. At least I got to see you doing a major storm LOL.
    Hey we in AZ could use a good forecaster.
    Best wishes in whatever you do – good things will come I’m sure.


  29. Dear Geoff,

    My wife, Lisa, and I are extremely disappointed by WTNH’s decision to not renew your contract. You have entertained us for years and for this we thank you. Geoff, you are definitely our favorite on-air personality at WTNH and we will miss you!

    Best of luck in the future. Given your amazing personality, we are confident you will land on your feet somewhere. If that “somewhere” happens to be in CT, we will have a new channel to watch – gladly!!


  30. Geoff, I feel you on this one. I was let go by my job just before New Years (literally, December 28) and I helped them BUILD the place. It’s disgusting how loyalty is shown by the employees and never returned by the employers anymore. A worker can come in on weekends, on days off, through deadly weather, at night to do the job while the boss and everyone else is at home, and instead of a THANK YOU or a GOOD JOB, they get “OK, what else ya got?”
    You’d think that after nearly 3 decades they’d understand who and what they have at that station. A guy is consistently voted “BEST TV PERSONALITY” by a readers’ poll and they just ignore it? Corporate America is ruining Working America because they judge based on numbers, they never bother to meet or learn about the job at hand nor the people doing said job. Asinine, eight, seven AND six. Sheesh.
    Good luck, Geoff. With your tenure and record, I’m sure you’ll find something in time.

  31. This is one of the more absurd things I’ve heard in a long while. First Matt Scott, and now you, and against your will – leaving us with, no offense in the world to him, Gil Simmons? I’d love to know what the network’s excuse for reasoning is in this decision, and I join with a very great many other people in the hope that they will see reason. But while I hate to see you go, even if they did change their mind and renew your contract due to public outcry I wouldn’t blame you in the least if you politely declined. (I wouldn’t blame you if you not-so-politely declined.) For my own sake I’d love to see you around on Channel 8 for another 26 years (I don’t *want* to switch networks for the evening news, but if you go I’ll have to) – but for your sake I hope something amazing comes along.

    Thank you for 26 years of being one lone voice reminding people that yes, Virginia, we do still have a space program, neglected and forgotten as it so often is. Best of luck to you – if we really do have to lose you, you’ll be sorely missed.

  32. Sorry to see you go Geoff. You made weather so educational for viewers and in detail. Sorry to see you go. Big mistake on WTNH’S part.

  33. Geoff, this is so sad. Not to make you feel old but I have been watching you on TV all of my life. No matter what mother nature tossed our way, I always depended on your report. I hope your future endevors keep you in CT. Best of luck.

  34. Geoff,

    I’m not sure why, but I really get into the local news stations, especially the weather. I am constantly comparing all of the personalities. In my (albeit unprofessional) opinion your relaxed, professional, slightly informal, conversational approach has made you the clear-cut top weatherman in our region for some time now. You have personality, humility and honesty as the backbone of what you do. I have appreciated how you really make the effort to get as specific as you can with the snow forecasts and how you try to put all the weatherman mumbo jumbo jargon into layman’s terms. You have been the perfect combination of skill, personality and professionalism. If you do not end up on the air in our area again, you will be missed.

  35. Geoff I,m all done with news channel 8. FINISHED!!!!!! Good luck to you and cream alway’s rises to the top!~

  36. Geoff, I am VERY disappointed with WTNH’s decision. You are the trusted voice for the weather in our home. I know you will succeed wherever you go. I wish you all the best and hope to see you on the air more in CT. WTNH has made a very unwise decision.

  37. Geoff, I am shocked, a huge loss for WTNH. I sent them my comments as well. The only thinhg holding that station together are the staples like You, Ann, Keith. Yoou all doue your best on an otherwise mediocre station, loaded with flubs, errors, audio/vidoe glitches, which is all at the hands of the behind the scenes staff………but still you go on…… I wish you well and hope you end up back on the air in CT!

  38. Geoff,
    WTNH will never be put on in my household again. You were the most exciting weatherman on air. Shame on WTNH, you will be sadly missed……Good luck to whatever chapter opens for you next.

  39. Another thought/comment. Could this be the bbeginning of the end for WTNH? Will a new parent Co. step in and try and salvage it? It’s obvious that with all the changes over the last couple years, the people that have left and now this, they are struggling……… With any hope, they will be bought by another Co. and Geoff will be back !

  40. Geoff,

    I was absolutely stunned when I found out this morning! I’ve watched News 8’s weather since I was fourteen years old. But at the end of February, when you’re gone, so am I!
    I hope you are picked up by another Connecticut station quickly! Best of luck!

  41. Just how stupid can WTNH get? You are about the only reason I watch Channel 8 at all!

    I will be switching to another network for the local weather and news – and you know, when someone does that they usually end up staying “tuned” for the remainder of the programming.
    I will truly miss seeing you on CH.8 but hopefully someone with good taste and brains at another local station will have the good sense to get you back on the air ASAP.

    Or,maybe all those guest appearances on Good Morning America will bear fruit.

    Good luck and God Bless you.

  42. So sorry to hear about this, Geoff. You are the only reason I watch any local television newscast in the first place; I can easily obtain my news from other electronic sources. When you leave WTNH, so will I. Evenings in the kitchen will now be filled with SportsCenter or an online stream of “All Things Considered.”

    Best of luck in the future, and of course please continue to blog!

  43. Geoff, you will be missed. But I am actually not surprised given how WTNH has changed in the past year or two. Instead of a reputable newscast, it has become tabloidy and trashy, with those terrible “we’ve got your back” promos that don’t even make any sense and insult the intelligence of viewers. All while NBC30 has raised the bar in the past several years. I’m sure Ann and Keith are next to go, as management likely sees them as too old and too expensive.

  44. Geoff, I am so angry about this. Hopefully your next gig will also allow you an opportunity to work for people who don’t have their heads up their ass.

  45. You will be missed! You are one of the few enjoyable features on WTNH and have always been charming and personable when our professional paths have crossed (I’m a print journalist) PLEASE keep us posted via your blog where you wind up and I promise allegiance, if geograhically possible (if I get the channel)

    WTNH just went classless.

  46. Geoff,

    My husband Marty and I are very disappointed about your contract not being renewed but being in the industry, we are also not surprised. We both feel you are the shining star at WTNH but corporate doesn’t care about anything but the bottom line. You have the talent and personality to do anything you’d like and as I have felt in the past when radio stations let me go for “deciding to move in another direction”, things happen for the best and for a reason. There’s something MUCH better out there for you. Please call upon me if you need any added VO information, should you decide to go that route. All the best! Susan Saks

  47. I don’t think I can say any more that what has already been posted. It’s very sad that WTNH isn’t renewing your contract. It’s obvious from all of the recent changes that they’ve never heard the phrase “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” because all they’ve been doing lately is fixing the un-broken. I really hope that you stay on-air in CT because I’ll be following you at your new station. Best of luck to you!

  48. Geoff;
    The management at WTNH must be out of their collective minds. You are the only stable thing on that ststion. I vow to NEVER watch WTNH again!! I’ll watch WVIT for Connecticut news and weather. I have watched Ch.8 since way back when it was WNHC and broadcasted in black and white. I’ll now watch any worthwhile ABC shows on Ch.7 in New York. Best of luck to you and we(Former WTNH viewers) wish you the best!!

  49. Geoff!!! I was so disappointed to hear that you are not being renewed. I grew up watching you in New Haven. A young girl from the hill section (Ghetto), feeling connected to you from the start. I moved away for 14 years and never saw an equivalent engaging person in local news, moved back to New Haven in 2006 elated to see you were still on the air. With Jose working at Channel 8, I was able to meet you in person and see how grounded and sweet you were. You even got to spend time with our daughter Luna, bringing her up to the camera to close out your weather segment. These are memories I will cherish. I know you will be on to bigger and better things but you have left a great impression in the local New Haven Community and the entire state. Please know that you have left a great legacy behind that will not be forgotten.

    Best and warmest wishes to you and your family,

    Boni, Jose and Luna

  50. Geoff,
    You will be missed. I agree with most of the sentiment that has already been stated above. YOU (and Ann) were about the only reasons that I watched Channel 8 and now you are leaving. I hope that someone recognizes your true worth and you end up with your dream job. If not in CT, you will be missed but enjoy your next adventure.

  51. Geoff,

    I can only agree with what others have already posted. Whenever there was a threat of bad weather, I’d always say “Let’s see what Geoff says”.

    It is always obvious you love your job, and just as clear that your co-workers enjoyed working with you.

    I hope WTNH realizes what a mistake they’re making before it’s too late.

  52. Geoff,

    I couldn’t believe what I was reading on the front-page of the CT Post today, so I came here to confirm. I can only echo the sentiments of all who will be so sorry to see you go. For as much as I rely on your forecast I also recall your promotion of Blue Jeans for Babies, hearing about Helaine, Stefanie, and Ivy from time to time, and so much more. Heck I can find “just” the weather forecast on-demand from about a hundred different sources but the TV in this house was on 8 at 11:00PM because you were on the other end.

  53. I was sorry to hear this news. I have pretty much grown up watching your forecasts; many times praying for a snow day! Good luck in your future endeavors. I am sure you will be successful.

  54. This is it,,final straw. I’m disgusted and appalled at the recent news of Geoff’s demise. I have been a loyal viewer since I was 18,,no more. Since taking over Channel 8, this new gm has let the station fall into such a sideshow of mistakes, it’s more of a joke than news. The changes in personnel has been astounding. Everyone we know and trust, allowing them into our homes for years on end, is either gone or their roles are seriously diminished. No more, I’m switching channels. Geoff, I’ve watched you since day 1. Many of us in the same age ranges had our families at the same time, and not only enjoyed the news and weather, but sharing personal events that many of us were also experiencing. Geoff leaving is a slap in the face to many loyal viewers. I’m disgusted. Geoff and Matt and the many other employees slated for the chopping block will be sorely missed. But I won’t know because I won’t be watching!

  55. Geoff,

    Shocked, stunned, angry….the first things that come to mind. It is clear that WTNH is moving towards ‘sex sells’ but this viewer doesn’t watch the news to see the large chested women stuffed into prom dresses.

    You were the only credible source of weather information. We will watch until your last day and then we will be turning the channel.

    I know good things will come your way!

  56. My wife and I are stunned. Geoff Fox is the most knowledgable weatherman we have ever seen, large or small tv market. His enthusiasm for his subject is so obvious that it makes his viewers want to learn about meteorology- and he explains it clearly and concisely, and in a way that is easily understood. Unlike Geoff,there are too many so-called “meteorologists” who don’t seem to know if it raining unless they put their hand out the window. Shame on you, Channel 8.

  57. First I overlooked the loss of that lovely blue logo for that hideous red thing. Then production went downhill, so that cameras are pointed at the wrong anchor, the wrong graphic is showing, the wrong video runs. I cringed at the pronunciation of NEW Haven instead of New HAVEN. But I stuck with channel 8 because of 4 people–Ann Nyberg, Keith Kountz, Tina Detelj (the only reporter covering eastern CT), and Geoff Fox. Losing 25% of my reason for staying, well, I’m going to sleep now. Good luck Geoff–we shall miss you.

  58. I was absolutely stunned when I turned on my computer to Ct.Post this AM. The first thing I saw was that your contract was not being renewed. I live in Southwest Fl. and read your blog everyday. It keeps me up to date with what is happening Ct. We moved here 7 years and LOVE IT. NO SNOW. Our local NBC station is looking for a new chief meteorologist. How about it? Would you like to live here? You could golf with my husband in your spare time. In fact you and your Dad golfed with my husband and son in Hamden years ago. You probably don’t remember Ed and Ed from Ansonia. In fact your mentioned on the air that evening.
    I’m wishing you good luck in whatever the future holds for you. Maybe it is time for you to relax and enjoy life.

  59. Geoff:
    Knowing how good you are, I am confident you will land on your feet. There are many medium market stations throughout the country who will jump at the chance for you to be their chief meteorologist. The problem is always lifting established roots and moving the family to unfamiliar territory. I worked in commercial radio from 1966 to 1985, so I am well aware of the whims of general managers. Fortunately only once in all those years was I asked to “resign” from a position and it was not because of performance but because someone else could do the job cheaper. The hard part was having to introduce my replacement at a public station function and pretend it was a great move on the part of the station. Fortunately the person was a friend, so I didn’t feel like taking him out back and beating the living crap out of him. Whatever you decide to do, I know you will be successful. I wish you and your family all the best in your new endeavors.

  60. Geoff
    Nasty Nasty Nasty. Good for you taking the high road. I know you’ll do fine wherever you end up. But we here in CT will miss your nerdy science stories.

  61. Here you go Geoff – in the Phoenix area

    Job Title: Weather Anchor KPHO
    Requisition #: KPHO2462
    Department: KPHO News

    Job Summary: Weather duties:
    Produce and anchor on-air weather forecasts
    Fill-in for Chief Meteorologist and Weekend Weather Anchor.
    Develop graphics to support forecast-driven, Pinpoint weather philosophy
    Strong on-air presentation skills
    Post forecasts online
    Actively contribute to social media

    Reporter duties:
    Enterprise, write and report weather-related news stories.
    Post stories online
    Actively contribute to social media

    Essential Job Functions

    30% – Produce & anchor weather forecasts
    45% – Enterprise, write, & report weather-related news stories
    20% – Post stories/forecasts online and contribute to social media
    5% – Participate in community events and make public appearances on behalf of the station as assigned. Appear in promotions as assigned.
    Job Requirements: Minimum Qualifications:
    All must be met to be considered.

    Bachelor’s degree in Broadcast Journalism, Communications or a related field, or equivalent training and/or experience. Must possess meteorological certification.

    Three to five years experience as a weather anchor at a commercial or public television station. Previous experience with breaking news and in a fast-paced environment requiring strict deadlines and a focus on team orientation.

    Specific Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
    AMS or NWA seal required.
    Ability to produce weather graphics and information into interesting, informative, and compelling television and on-line forecasts, as well as social media formats.
    Must be a skilled communicator with the ability to connect with a diverse audience across all media platforms.
    Ability to assimilate information quickly. Ability to compile and summarize information into a clear, concise, and understandable presentation.
    Proficiency with complex computer-driven weather production systems.
    Must be flexible and willing to work unexpected hours for severe weather.
    Must possess excellent ad lib skills and be able to drive long-form severe weather coverage solo or in a team setting.
    Must possess a valid Arizona Driver’s License.
    Employment Status: Full Time

    City: Phoenix

    State: Arizona

    % Travel Required: Up to 10%

    Relocation Reimbursement: Yes

  62. Geoff: Sad to see you go. Where have all the professionals gone? Leaving only droning clones. Our best regards and all luck in your next position in a warm clime.

  63. Geoff, How could Channel 8 make such a huge mistake??? You are the reason I turn on Channel 8 for the weather. My mom has even called in and spoken to you a few times because of little tidbits you mentioned on air. You have our complete and utter support. YOU ARE THE BEST! There is no one who can accurately give us with weather in such a pleasant and funny way. Fight for your job, Geoff. You’re needed here in CT.

  64. Geoff,

    Surely someone is asleep at the wheel over there at Channel 8. You are a true professional who always exudes passion and enthusiasm for the weather. What on Earth could they possibly be thinking? You will be missed BIG TIME!! Best wishes in the months ahead.

  65. Geoff: I think it is an injustice the way you were treated by management at WTNH TV. My family has enjoyed watching you do the forecast and giving gardening tips when you had the garden on top of the roof, talking about your daughter etc. As a frequent viewer of ABC as a whole we will no longer watch WTNH news because of its terrible treatment of you and other recent decisions.
    Best wishes in your new endevours. You deserve so much better Geoff!

  66. Geoff,
    Losing you on WTNH is like Connecticut losing what makes Connecticut great. I watch your weather Forecast all the time and even plan my day based on your weather forecast. Have you thought about going into Radio, starting your own live cast Tv show using BlogTv and Ustream. I think WTNH made a huge Mistake and Someone was sleeping at the helm.

  67. Geoff, I no longer will have a reason to watch the 10 o’clock news on Channel 8. I’ll find my weather elsewhere. You are the one weatherman I enjoy watching, respect, and trust to give me a good forecast…even if Mother Nature didn’t always agree with it. I’ll miss you.

  68. Even though I have kidded you when you have missed a forecast I really did enjoy you. I hope this turns out very well for you, perhaps you can end up in a better place, the viewers will be the losers.
    GOOD LUCK!!!!!

  69. Hi Geoff, believe it or not I remember you
    at WPEN-950 when you were the 6-10pm jock.
    Keep your head up and maybe something will
    happen in that market. The good thing your
    not far from Rhode Island, Boston and even
    New York and the state. Who knows with 26
    years experience a station should gobble
    you up in any of those markets mentioned.
    Would you be interested in the Phila. market?
    Have your agent or you check out NBC10,
    CBS-3 or Fox-29. Good Luck!!!!!!!!!

  70. Geoff,
    All my years in CT were spent watching WTNH with it’s many fine news anchors and weather anchors. And over the years they have insisted on shooting themselves in the foot by getting rid of the best of what they had. This is really the last straw. My visits back to CT will NOT include watching WTNH. I will no longer support their ratings seeing they are not capable of supporting basic viewer preferences in what and who we want to see. I’m so sorry to see you go….best wishes for greater roads my friend!!

  71. Welcome to the club. They will hire someone half your age who will take half your salary. Let us know if you get another gig in CT, so we can switch stations.

  72. Dear Mr. Fox
    I’ve watched you for years at our weekend home over the Sound in Orient, LI and find you a consummate professional. As you may know, I’ve been a movie and theater critic on TV for forty years at WPIX, then PBS then WNBC and NBC, CNBC and MSNBC and know talent when I see it. You were the signature personality of that station and the decision just announced is one of the dumbest imaginable. I’m sure you have an agent, but if not, I can recommend one for you. All the best, Jeffrey Lyons

  73. Geoff, sorry to see you go. I meet you a few times in person and all I could remember was “WOW” your hair was Black! You said I need it that way for TV. Anyhow, you didn’t always have it right but it was entertaining. There were a few times you slipped with a word or two and a would wait and see if anyone “Blinked” and would say anything. Nope! You just moved on. LOL! Best of luck in your future!

  74. All the best in whatever you decide to do next Geoff. I have to admit that I usually read your blog daily, but did not watch WTNH that often anymore. It seems clear to this former viewer that they are headed in the wrong direction, and you are headed for bigger and better things.

  75. Geoff, how sad!
    we were just talking about how you were the only one we really listened to (and believed!) when it was weather time!
    I will miss you on the air, and I will also remember the kind conversation we had when you got your afternoon Dunkin’ and you were curious about my wheelchair van.
    Hoping for the best for you and your family, Good Luck and take care. we will definitely miss you –

  76. Dear Geoff,

    Shocked at WTNH!! What are they thinking? New girl, bib boobs or an air head? Thats not why we watch WTNH news. I guess its time we move on to Channel 3! Good luck and I hope the New Year brings you all the best!

  77. I have watched you since I was a kid! I love your humour and how you do the weahter. YOU are channel 8!!! I hope something can be done to keep you!!! But if not..Geoff Fox is the best!!! you will be missed. you, Keith and Ann are the ROOTS of WTNH!! The Lin corp should realize that!!!

  78. I was saying just the other day that WTNH has become tabloid tv and I refused to watch the station. The only class acts at that station were you and Ann Nyberg. I know this is tough, but it really is a gift and will force you into your “second act”. It really is perfect timing for you and your family at this stage and I hope you will come to see it that way. While our circumstances may change, talent doesn’t and you have in bucketloads and that will NOT change. So good luck to you. I hope station management eventually realizes that not all viewers are interested in the current airhead, talentless, IQ challenged reporters that they have now and your new venture will be their loss!

  79. Geoff, I am so upset you will be leaving WTNH. I remembered when you came in 1984 because I just had my first child. I remember your coverage of the hurricane in 1985, the weather forecast will not be the same without you. I am going to miss you saying not to fall asleep yet on the 11 PM newscast, I always tried to stay awake to listen to what the next day’s weather would bring. Good luck to you. WTNH does not know how badly this is going to effect them. Good luck to you, don’t leave CT so we can see you again.

  80. I am totally stunned! You were the last reason I even watched WTNH. You are the only weather person who has a clue. Too many changes for the worst. I wish you all the best in whatever lies ahead. you will defintely land on your feet. God Bless you.

  81. So sad to see you go! I remember watching you when I was 10 during the Hurricane Gloria footage. I even remember you showing your GFox card one time! 🙂 You will be missed. 🙁 I pray that God will bless both you and your family in your next endeavor!

  82. Geoff, I have followed your career since your days on the WPEN “Weather Fire Escape” when you spoke at our ham radio banquet. I’ve had the fortune of seeing/hearing you on occasion in my travels back east. And I know first hand the shock of leaving a stable work environment. Hope you will find your “next chapter” quickly – perhaps here in the beautiful Nashville market which offers excruciating heat and tornadoes in the summer, little more than an inch of snow from time-to-time, and the occasional flood.

    Best regards de K2SMA (ex-WA3RKB)

    P.S. – Does Hamden High School still have the great acoustics I remember?

  83. Sorry to see you leave, Geoff. Without you and Matt Scott, the team won’t be the same. I’m ok with switching networks now.

  84. Wow, why do people care so much? He’s just a weatherman.

    Besides, I lost all respect for him because of how he acts in public. At the salon he goes to (which I also go), I hear him talking about how all “kids” should have alcohol and drugs, and it’s no big deal because he did all that stuff, too. And he’s a parent! Awesome, right?

    Good riddance!

  85. What a shame to let a professional such as yourself go in such a manner after 26 years of loyalty to WTNH. Geoff, you definitely have your own followers so it won’t be surprising viewership will continue to spiral downward on this station. New management seems to be taking “Hire/Fire at Will” to an extreme…speaks volumes that no one has job security there. My family grew up watching you and will now look elsewhere for news/weather. Hopefully we’ll see you on another station, if that’s what you choose/want to do. Best of Luck, Geoff!

  86. Geoff,

    That’s why I watch Channel 8 Matt on Sunday’s and Geoff during the week. I remember a couple of years ago on air people were let go from WBZ radio in Boston but because of “pressure” from the public the station brought them back. What are the chances of this happening? I am sure the station has/will be getting lots of e-mail. Maybe they will reconsider.

  87. Geoff, I am very sorry to hear that news!! Your weather forcasts contain simple language, but also, you include the real vocab of weather, so I can learn something too! You are the only weather person on T.V. who dosen’t “dummy down” the forcast. You have also included exciting weather interests from around the world, which are facinating!

    I believe this was a wrong choice on the part of WTNH.

    I wish you the best in your future endeavors, and hope you look forward with a positve outlook.

  88. Geoff,
    I am truly sorry to hear that channel 8 has not renewed your contract. I always enjoyed your weather reports they were informative and entertaining. I will watch until you leave and then I will find another station to get my news. I didn’t know they had let Matt go also. I believe that the powers that be will be sorry when they see their ratings drop. I think they are going to regret this decision.

    I wish you and your family well. I am sure there are bigger and better things coming your way.
    Good Luck and God Bless

  89. OMG!!! My husband handed me the newspaper this morning and said you are leaving Channel 8 news and weather! I can’t understand why they would not renew your contract! I think you”re the best weather forecaster around. You connect with the peoople, explain things about the weather as it is hapening, so we understand it, and have a dynamite personality. They are going to find out that they made a big mistake letting you go. Personally, I will not waatch thier news after you leave. Channel 3 is ok as an alternate station. As far as I believe, we’re all not perfect, and if this is about the storm that wasn’t, the weather is so messed up all over the planet this past year, and hard to put a mark on the right forecast at times. Thanks for all the years I have enjoyed your weather forecasts, and I wish you the best of luck and happiness in the future

  90. Just another back-handed slap by Corprate America. Tenured employees at the top of their pay band are prime targets for bean-counting executives. Why pay a large salary to a middle-aged, loyal employee when you can pay a newbie a fraction of that amount & provide them a less comprehensive benfits package. All this in the name of THE BOTTOM LINE. If it’s any consolation, this is happening all over Corporate America and should not be taken personally. Easy for me to say, right? Loyalty is a 1-way street with these corps. “Give us 110% everyday and in return you’ll get…well…you get this job we’re providing you in this terrible employment environment. You should feel lucky to have a job…or wait…on second thought, we’ll just replace you and save us a bunch of money. Start clearing out your desk…security will be up in 45mins to escort you to the door…thanks for the 26yrs of service…I mean your welcome!”

  91. Geoff, sorry to see you go. As I told WTNH, we will now not need to switch back to Ch 8 at 6:15 every night, but just continue to watch WVIT or CNN right through. We appreciated your intelligent weather analysis, and especially the informative astronomical and meteorological facts. After all those years, your enthusiasm, wit, and intelligence never osmosed into any of your anchors. They are still dumbfounded when you hand it back to them. Deer in the headlights.
    Good luck in your career. We are retiring to Florida this year, and we hope you consider a move down there!

  92. Well Geoff,WTNH will be losing alot of viewers. What is the matter with the”powers that be” at your station? Not only do they not value viewer loyalty,but obviously employee loyalty. I certainly hope they see the error they have made and reconsider their position.I will miss my husband telling me to “be quiet,Geoff is on”..or “I’ll be right there after Goeff”.
    May you and your family find happiness in watever you do…Florida is nice !!!

  93. Geoff,
    Not to say you are much older than me, but, I have been watching you since I was a teenager in High School and let’s just say I graduated some time ago. I’m extremely angry that WTNH had the audacity to repay you in this manner. I will continue to watch WTNH as my news station until the end of your contract. There after that I will be switching networks. You were the only reason I continued to be a loyal WTNH viewer and they do not deserve you or me. I wish you and your family the best and I hope to see your face again predicting the weather. Take care! And, WTNH..your loss! Maybe you should fire the moron that made this decision.

  94. Geoff I was very sad when I read in todays CT Post that the”powers to be” had not renewed your contract. Why tey would do something like that is beyond me. The two main people there are you & Dr.Mel. I know I can plan my day around your forcast. You do it in a very professional way….but still add a bit fun to it. We have been watching you for God knows how long & it will seem so strange not to see you there on our tv. I pray that you will be happy in whatever comes your way. I know you will do well. Take care & God Bless

  95. Geoff, Not sure what WTNH is doing, the station is becoming unrecognizable. Our kids have grown up together and if the station thinks that’s not important, i.e., viewer recognition, than they are mistaken. I want to watch someone I know and trust…. not a stranger, or magazine model. We are not stupid viewers, although I think they must think we are… Love you always in CT

  96. What a mistake Geoff! I am stunned to hear the news and wish you the best. You will land on your feet. Maybe you should start your own forecasting blog and bury that station. Get Nyberg to join you with the news and you two can rule Connecticut!

    Your humble servant:
    Mr. Kabin

  97. How awesome to get a comment from Jeffrey Lyons. And an outstanding review from a guy who doesn’t give them out for nothing. That should give you more than a smile. I’ll bet you have a huge network of people who can help you stay in the field or move on to the one you want next.

  98. Geoff, As a faithful viewer I am so sorry to hear the terrible news. You may still be faithful to them but a lot of their viewers will no longer be. They’ve gone downhill a lot the past year and boy this will just sink them. Oh well it’s their own doing. I hope you stay in CT. As a parent of children in the Madison school district we would love to see you sharing your knowledge of the weather with our children in some form.
    Best of luck in your future endeavors. Hey maybe now Oprah could hire you for her new network ? Maybe !!! Sincerely, Susanna Bakula

  99. to Michelle Dowling,,,,Thank you,,,I couldn’t have said it any better myself,,,glad to know someone sees the same thing.

  100. Geoff,
    We watched you for many years while living in CT and really enjoyed your reports. Now living in southern CA, we could really use you out here! Get rid of the Hollywood weathermen out here and bring you in!

    Best wishes for you and your family.

  101. Geoff, This really stinks. Seems like WTNH has someone that has our backs, who we really didn’t need. But who had yours? not TNH that’s for sure. Seems like there’s no loyalty in the owners, and heads of this company. My loyalty toward WTNH is also gone. The Staff at TNH work very well together. Now I bet, they too have goosebumbs wondering if they are next to get their back stabbed by those in charge. I wish you all the best, and will miss you. Hopefully you will be on a station that I will be able to view.

  102. Dear Goeff, My wife and I join with those who will miss you at the dinner hour. Without your weather forcasts, we will not watch WTNH. Best wishes in your future work. Bruce

  103. I can’t believe WTNH isn’t going to renew your contract. What a huge mistake. You and Gil are the two BEST weather people in the state. Weather reporting won’t be the same and I’ll watch you on another network if necessary and if possible. Best of luck to you as you go forward.

  104. Geoff, Sorry you’ve become a victim of being too expensive. I will NOT watch WTNH weather after February —– I will have to find someone else I can rely on, maybe FOX TV.

  105. Let me start by saying how sorry I am to hear this awful news. I am extremely disappointed in news channel 8 WTNH. Why are they getting rid of the HEART of their entire tv station? No one will NEVER find someone to replace you, and and they will find that out. Geoff you are the best thing that ever happened to WTNH. As soon as your contract ends, I will NO LONGER watch WTNH. I can guarantee you that I am not the only one who will do so. WFSB get ready to have some serious ratings come March 1st.Good luck Geoff, you deserve nothing but the best!!

  106. Geoff:
    I grew up watching in CT but we watched the basic NY stations for news. When I married you were just starting on WTNH and my husband’s theory was why watch NY news I live in CT? So you are part of our family. We also converted my parents. My mother broke the news to me this morning as if one of my cousins had just lost his job. We all hope you find something new that you are as passionate about for the next 26 years. All the best from your extended family.

  107. Geoff, So sorry to hear and to the station shame on you!!! Its bad enough that we have to watch Theresa’s big boobs and big booty every morning now we can look forward to more porn in the evening too !!! Channel 3 here I come !!!!

  108. Dear Geoff

    I am so sorry to see you go. I have been in CT for 15 years and have watched WTHN weather the entire time. I have enjoyed you so much and hate that you’ve been let go, but I know how you feel as I was let go from my company of many years 2 years ago. I know you will find a better job somewhere, I hope it is soon- because it is pretty cold out there-in more ways than one.
    Take care of yourself and God’s speed.

  109. Geoff, one time in high school (Hamden) in the mid/late 80s I called the station and asked for you with a buddy of mine. We were supposed to go to a keg party that night and the weather looked iffy. You actually got on the phone. We told you our situation and you gave us a weather report (you said it looked like little or no rain would hit us and it did not). We had a good laugh together. We were laughing because it was a silly thing to do and have happen, I am assuming you were laughing because that didn’t happen every day…who knows, maybe it did. Good luck and be well. PS. It was a great kegger (ok, I don’t actually remember….so maybe it was great). Cheers. LP

  110. Mr. Fox,
    Thank you so much for all the years of reporting you have given us. I have relied on you faithfully for dozens of years. Please let us know where you end up going, I want to support you indefinitely. My television will NEVER be tuned to WTNH EVER AGAIN.
    All the best to you and your family.

  111. Geoff – after we listen to the weather on the radio, NY stations, our first comment was – what did Geoff say? It is a shame that the management of WTNH do not know an asset when they have one. Anyone can READ the news, but to have someone that interprets the weather facts and puts it in lay mans terms is rare. I will be sending a note to WTNH management and will be switching to channel 3 for my Connecticut news at the end of February. I am certain that you will land on your feet, and only hope that it is doing our weather.


  112. Geoff – Good Luck. You’re doing it with class and dignity. I hope you land soon. You’ve always been entertaining and though jobs may go…your personality walks with you. I can’t wait to hear you’ve brought it somewhere new, and possibly warm!!!

    Be Well-

  113. I am so sad WTNH let you go!! Seeing you on the news is such a part of our lives here in CT. How could they not know how much we all enjoy hearing your reports?

    The weather is the only reason I watch the news at all. Everything before the weather is horrific and depressing — sometimes the anchors look like they can’t believe they have to say the words out loud. But then the weather comes on and we can all breathe a sigh of relief — thank God the bad news is over –here’s the information that the good people of CT have been waiting for.

    Best of luck to you!

  114. CH 8 hasn’t been my main news channel, but everytime I caught you, I thought “that’s a guy that explains things awesomely, knows his stuff, and is genuine” Good luck, would love to see you remain in CT

  115. I don’t know what has been going on at channel 8 the last year or so, but it seems to be a ship without a rudder! Constant changes and poor quality production. You would think a tv station that is in such a competitive market would want to keep their most popular assets!

  116. I can’t agree more with most of the positive comments here. it’s a shame they want those young dumb people on their station. it’s really going down hill from here.

  117. Well I was going to boycott TNH anyway because of their slant towards certain stories. I will only watch FOX now – try and get hired over there! I also miss Ann at 11 – it’s just not the same anymore.

  118. Geoff,

    I am 34 years old and have watching you for your full 26 year career. There has to be a reason for this madness because from a viewers point of view you have always done a great job making the sometimes mundane business of weather exciting and entertaining! Good luck in your future ventures and if the station has any sense they will listen to their viewers and carry on you fantastic career!

  119. Geoff,

    I am so sad to hear this. I wrote you a letter when I was a kid in elementary school, asking about thunderstorms and you were kind enough to write back. I still have that letter. I truly hope that you bounce back from this adversity and continue your great career. A facebook page was even started for you! “Keep Geoff Fox on Channel 8″…currently over 800 supporters!

    Take care,
    Lisa M.

  120. Geoff – You will be sorely missed, I hope they don;t replace you with some young hot chick who doesn’t know weather…

  121. GodSpeed Geoff;

    When one door closes another opens! Perhaps you can buy some tight sweaters and re-apply for your job!

  122. Geoff–I was shocked and saddened to hear this news. I’ve watched you on Channel 8 since I was barely a teenager, and in recent years found this blog to be one of the smarter, more entertaining ways to spend time on the Internet. In fact, geofffox.com got me through nearly 8 years of 2nd-shift at nearby Sargent Manufacturing. Some years ago, we bantered briefly about the waterfall in my former backyard (180′ in Seymour; still the most unknown natural feature in CT), but it was your response to a favor I emailed you about in May 2007 that will stick with me forever: I was writing the eulogy for my grandfather’s funeral, and I needed an obscure bit of info regarding a former weather reporter at WTNH who preceded you by many years (Gail Janis, as it turned out). Your email response was quick and had the name I had asked for, but the email began with warm, sincere condolences on the loss my family had just suffered. It was a classy and compassionate response, one that I don’t know would be as readily granted by others with such a level of visibility and popularity.

    Though I don’t share your disdain for the cold and snow–I often find myself bristling at your disappointment over forecasts of my beloved snow–I certainly hope that the decision-makers at WTNH see fit to reverse this poor idea and keep you where you belong. And if that does not happen, I hope you’ll find yourself punctuating an evening forecast with a statement such as, “…but it’s a dry heat.”

    Thanks for all the years of forecasts, scientific knowledge, blogging stories, and unparalleled entertainment…

  123. Geoff,
    I think WTNH made a huge mistake. HUGE. I only hope that this opens new doors and opportunities for you, and wish you the very best of luck. Thanks for being “our” weather guy for so many years. Best wishes 🙂 ps – nice blog!

  124. Geoff,
    WTNH has made a huge mistake in not renewing your contract. I would love to see you on WFSB and replace their current morning weather-man. I wish you well in your future endevors. You will be surely missed.

  125. Wow! I am shocked. The love that you have for your audience is so apparent. You take the time to educate us about the weather not just tell us what’s going to happen. If you go to a local TV station we will follow. I will really miss you.

  126. Matt Scott too? I thoght he was on vacation. Geoff, I haved had a field day at your expense when you were wrong, but I never changed the channel!! I am a dedicated WTNH watcher. I like Keith and Ann, Sonja (and her co-host but who looks at him?) and the entire weather team. Dropping the mobile app as we speak 🙂 I wish you all the best. This is a shocker! I hope they give you a great package and I know you will land on your feet! Too much knowledge and personality to waste behind a microphone. You thrive in front of the camera.

  127. What, is Ann going to be next?…I just can’t believe you won’t be there any more…After all these years, I have enjoyed your chemistry with Ann…I think WTNH is making a huge mistake…I will not be watching any more after you are gone…

  128. Geoff, I am so upset to hear that you will be leaving WTNH. You have been a part of my day since I first moved to CT back in 1983 and will be soooooo missed. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family, and I wish you much happiness and success in whatever venture you decide to pursue. They always say that when one door closes, another opens. Follow your heart! As soon as your face is no longer front and center, bye bye to channel 8 and hello channel 6. You are a class act in your handling of this very unfair, undeserved situation. 🙁

  129. Geoff.. 24 years ago this April, I was expecting my 2nd child and your wife was also expecting. I was a Weather Watcher back then and you called me to check on the weather in Stratford and we chatted about pregnancy at the same time! Those are memories that I will never forget. You are very good at what you do and should not take this decision personally. Remember the saying.. when one door closes, another opens. It is time for you to see what is behind the next door.
    Best of luck in whatever you do next. I hope you are still in the public eye because I would miss you if you were not. To the brass at WTNH.. BAD MOVE!

  130. Geoff:

    Talk about shooting the messenger! I can’t believe Corp is so cold. Too many changes are not good for the system. When you leave, I will leave for Channel 4. Good Luck

  131. I am so sorry to hear that you are being let go! You are a wonderful weatherman who loves his job. It shows in your daily forecasts with your enthusiasm and wonderful persona. I hope the WTNH changes their minds in realization they are making a big mistake and will lose ratings with you gone!

  132. I don’t care whether you’re driving a hybrid or an SUV. If you’re headed for a cliff, you have to change direction. That’s what the American people called for in November, and that’s what we intend to deliver.

  133. I am so sorry to hear this! You’ve been on TV giving my family the weather almost my entire life, so this will be a big adjustment! I wish you all the best in your future endeavors, and I can’t help but hope that WTNH changes its mind and renews your contract.

  134. Geoff,
    I moved here in 1988 with my Navy husband and your weather reports were what got me hooked on WTNH. Knowing that at some point you had been in Buffalo helped too!
    This is awful – I feel so bad. You have always made the newscast. In fact we’ll watch you at 10 and then again at 11 (specifically for the weather). We’ve always enjoyed the banter you had with the team and the banter you had with us, the viewer.
    When you leave Channel 8, we will be tuning in elsewhere.
    There will be a silver lining – just seek it out!

  135. Hey, is it really true? I think Channel 8 may just lose a lot of viewers….watch you every night at 11:00…I could watch CH3, Fox, CT NBC, but nooooo, I watch CH 8…Geoff is there with his wit, his wisdom and a special sense of humor…..

    Nuff said…
    You will be missed very much, and I am going to miss watching CH8!!!

    Betty ~

  136. So sorry to read to this. I just don’t understand it at all. Hopefully the saying ‘when one door closes, another one opens’, will pan out to be true and that all good things will be ahead for you and your family.

  137. Geoff,

    As is everybody else, I am astonished that WTNH made this decision. I know there are a lot of good people who work at the station but the recent decisions by station management has left me scratching my head. I don’t need to name names but we all know who I mean when I mention the veteran anchor essentially demoted for a younger – albeit well qualified – replacement. A fellow weather anchor and popular on-air personality ‘allowed’ to leave. I’ll give them a pass on the traffic reporter fiasco.

    But now this. Wow. I have lived in CT since 1984, and that means my family and I have relied on you and Channel 8 for our weather for well over a quarter of a century! In that time, I graduated fromhigh school, graduated from university, got married, and have a family of my own, all in Connecticut. You have been a fixture at my various homes through Hurricane Gloria, the 1989 tornadoes, the floods of 1991, the blizzards of ’96 and ’10 and literally dozens of other major snow storms. I think it is fair to say that your presence has always provided a measure of trust during extreme weather and you always manage to present the forecast in a way that is meaningful to your viewers without talking down to us.

    On a personal note, I also got the opportunity to meet you many years ago at Oxford Airport, where I was a student pilot at the time. You gave a brief discussion on weather and I was surprised to find you have more than a little aviation blood in you too!

    So I refuse to end this post by saying farewell. I will instead say that is my sincere hope that you land on your feet and perhaps this change will be good for you in the long run. Who knows, perhaps you will be back on the air in the region. But as it looks right now, it is definitely WTNH’s loss and, perhaps more importantly, a loss for your faithful viewers.

    Best regards, Rich.

  138. I am a disappointed viewer. Why let Geoff Fox go? Why let the most reliable and entertaining member of the Channel 8 team leave? I watch Channel 8 news because I want to hear Geoff’s forecasts.
    Without Geoff’s voice and information, I have no reason to go to Channel 8.
    Geoff, I have to wonder about your age in this non-renewal. Is 60 too old for the management team?

    Thanks for your knowledge and good will through some many storms, and so many ordinary days.

  139. Hi Geoff,
    I saw this and just wanted to say how sorry I am and that I’m thinking of you and your family. Such a rough business…
    Take care,

  140. Geoff,
    this is awful. i have been watching you on the weather for ever and a day. i will sure miss your happy personality. it wont be the same without you. wishing you the best in wherever you go.hopefully you will find a place on a Ct. news channel again in the future. til then i guess i will have to use the computer to get my weather.
    best regards,

  141. Hi Geoff, You will be missed. I have been watching you since you started a WTNH. I have a suggestion, the Mystic Seaport in Mystic CT is looking for a Publicist in their Marketing and Communications Department. I know it’s not the same but it might be fun to try something different. Best of Luck with what even comes your way.
    See link below:http://www.mysticseaport.org/index.cfm?fuseaction=home.viewpage&page_id=B19273C1-B0D0-D05E-1A2E93205825AE6A

  142. Geoff, this too is the last straw for me and WTNH. There have been so many changes of late that you need a spread sheet to keep track of them. Younger faces, bigger boobs and tighter revealing dresses seem to be the trend these days at WTNH. As a woman I was personally offended at the way they were introducing Teresa using the crate commercials… how degrading to women and now this. What is the management of WTNH thinking? I really have enjoyed your time on WTNH and as much as I dislike snow I rely on your forecasts and warnings. I have been a long time viewer of both the 5 pm and 6 pm broadcasts and until recently I have always tuned in the early news for weather and traffic but no longer.. Gill thinks he is funny but he isn’t and with high def we should soon be able to see the drool from his mouth when he is on camera with Teresa. I wish you all the best and I hope you can stay in CT and work for a company that will appreciate your talents!

  143. Geoff, I was shocked to hear the news that your contract isn’t being renewed! We love you in this household – Next to Dr. Mel, you’re the best.

  144. Geoff, I was shocked to hear about this from my mom today. The ONLY reason I watch WTNH is for your weather reports as I get my news from cable news networks. So, it looks like WTNH won’t be on our TV again. Let us know if you end up at another CT News Station, and I’ll make sure to tune in there to get my weather reports.

  145. Geoff,
    I have been a faithful viewer of WTNH since 1983. The recent changes at WTNH have been very disappointing and the news of your leaving the station is another horrible decision by Lin Media. WTNH is ditching professionalism and class and promoting superficial images that are inappropriate for the news. As a viewer, I am not interested in listening to anchors wearing tight clothing and displaying cleavage. Frankly I find this approach insulting to the intelligence of WTNH viewers.
    I want to thank you for the many years of professional forecasting of the weather. It has been a pleasure to tune in to WTNH and see the chemistry between you and Ann Nyberg. I will miss the banter between you!
    Always take the high road.. I believe you will be in a better place.
    Thank you,
    Leslie Richter

  146. Geoff,

    I am shocked that soon Connecticut won’t have your forecast to depend upon. You will be greatly missed.

    Thank you so much for your support of CT teachers through the annual CAS dinners. You were always so gracious to all of us!

    Best of luck with whatever you decide to do.


  147. Geoff, This may sound like an off-beat comment, but it’s meant, of course, in a positive way. One of the things that I have truly enjoyed about you over the years, is the fact that you seem like such a mentally healthy and happy guy. I absolutely
    L-O-V-E your sense of humor, your upbeat manner of delivering the weather and your obvious love of life. As well, I rember a couple of summers ago when a tornado was bearing down on CT. You had such a command of presence, such assurance under pressure – a total class act. Off-hand, I do believe the upper management of WTNH has lost its collective mind – and I do believe they will regret this move very-very much.

  148. God Bless you on your new journey. I understand the difficulties of starting over, but things happen for a reason. Good Luck!

  149. Geoff, sometimes life is not fair. This is one of those times. I don’t know what is happening with the management at WTNH. I personaly believe that they need plexiglass belt buckles to find their way. As a native New Yorker I think you are aware of WCBS FM radios experiment with JACK radio, a tremendous failure. I fear that WTNH is headed down a similar path.

    In any case, I wish you the best, you deserve it.

    Fair winds and following seas to you and your family.


  150. I am certainly going to miss you! You have represented this channel for many occasions over these years. You have been a good ambassador, that is for sure and they will miss this in time to come.
    I am glad though that you have brought Gil along so well because he is someone you can count on…Thank you, Geoff. He seems as down to earth and understands his viewers problems as you have over the years. I will miss your guidance during the very bad storms, that is for sure.
    Wish you well as your life now changes once more. Pray that you will have greater opportunities facing you as you go along with all your family. Wish your parents well from all your viewers when you visit with them.
    Once again this channel has made a mistake in letting some of their anchors go…both you and Matt Scott. They will regret this in time to come!!!!

    Wish you and family all the best whereever you go…..

  151. Geoff I have been watching you for years and feel like you are part of our family. After all you have been present in our home for years. If the threat of a bad storm was brewing it was you we trusted to forecast it.We will miss you Thank you

  152. Hi Geoff,

    I was shocked to see that you are being let go, all my prayers for you and your family, and wish you all the best. I think it is just wrong what wtnh is doing to the employees. I have been a wtnh veiewer ever since I could remember. Being a person who depends on the weather forecast and I am going to miss you greatly. Once you leave I shall have to find a new place to get my information from. I have used your forecast for the last 20 years to prepare myself as well as my employees for the winter storms. You have been a very important part of my business for years and i bet you never even knew it .I have been performing snow removal for over 20 years and now I find myself looking for a new place to get the most up to date information, ( Thanks wtnh ,, NOT ) > . I will watch every forecast till the day you leave, then I shall start my journey looking for another place to view. Good luck on your endeavors,and godspeed. Thank You Geoff and GOOD BYE WTNH.

  153. Sorry to hear of all this. I think this might be the last straw for our family also with watching WTNH. Darren Kramer, Ann Nyberg and Dr. Mel and you were always wonderful to watch for our area news. Crystal Haynes…wonderful. Sara Welch….wonderful. Bob Wilson…wonderful. We will miss you, but WTNH seems to be directing itself to a different audience. Fox news, Channel 3..here we come. Hope to see some of the above at Fox news or Channel 3 down the road. They are real news stations, not a fashion show.

  154. You are the only reason I watch channel 8. I have watched you for as long as you have been on TV. My kids have grown up with you as well. They always knew to turn it to your station when I told them to turn on the weather. You offer so much more to the forecast than just the weather. I’ve learned so much from your lessons you include in your program. I don’t plan on watching WTNH after you leave. You will be missed.

  155. Well, Geoff, with your talent, you’ll find something, no doubt.
    Will be a bummer not seeing on WTNH and Storm Team 8, though.
    I might just have to switch to WFSB permanently now…
    Then again, Univision’s weather girl is sure pleasant to watch…
    In any case, thanks for keeping us abreast of the weather for all these years, and may the four winds bring you to bigger and better things!

  156. A tragedy! SHAME on WTNH!!!!

    Geoff Fox – you are one of the most professional on-air personalities on WTNH news. That station has struggled to be a major news player over the years, and YOU were one of the very few advantages they had while pursuing that role. The station competes with NY news for those of us in Fairfield county… but your weather AND your personality was always the hook to pull many of us over. I have watched you since you first came on 26 years ago. You have grown professionally, come to be a trusted voice, always shown your personal side and made no secret of your love for both your profession and more important the viewers. The management at WTNH leaves a lot to be desired. They will lose many viewers with this foolish move. You are a franchise player… and they are showing their ugly corporate greed and short-sightedness by releasing you after 26 years of FAITHFUL and CARING service – NOT for them but for your viewers. And isn’t it the VIEWERS who REALLY count? It would seem WTNH has lost sight of that too. I wish you only the best of luck and thank you for being the on air friend so many of us have come to appreciate and care about. May the wind always be at your back and your vigilant eye on the skies above!

  157. Geoff I cannot believe it was true. I do agree with a lot of your fan. WTNH does seem more like a fashion show lately than a news channel. I truly only watched that channel for your weather forecast. I will no longer be watching Channel 3 here I come! I remember sitting through hurricane Gloria watching you on TV until we lost power. Then I felt so lost without seeing you anymore. You will be greatly missed.

  158. Geoff, I am sooooo upset. You are part of my family and Connecticu’s This is like a death. We love you and hope WTNH will realize how many viewers it will loose. You have touched so many lifes . When my mom was dying she would still watch you.She feltlike you were her son. I thank you for being in our lives. GOD bless and keep you.

  159. Thank you Geoff for all of your hard work and dedication. You will be missed by all of the Science teachers out there. Best of luck in your future endeavors, guess it’s time to watch foxnews.

  160. We’ll be switching off WTNH now (though I really like Gil in the morning too.) There’s a joke in my house how I like Geoff Fox so much and always laugh at his nerdy jokes. My kids think I’m a nerd too so you’re in good company.

    Go into teaching! There’s such a need for good science teachers in this state! You’d be a natural. Best wishes…Scott Haney, hope you’re as good as Geoff!

  161. Geoff,

    So shocked to hear the news today! I have been watching you for 15 years and you have always been my go to guy for accurate weather predictions. I too, think that WTNH has made a huge mistake in letting you go and predict that this “new direction” will not sit well with the viewers. My thoughts go out to you and your family during this time. If you end up working in the CT area I will for sure be watching, or listening. If you end up somewhere else (a warmer climate perhaps?) then I wish you and your family the very best of luck.

  162. Geoff,
    I am 25 years old and have watched you for as long as I can remember. My parents just told me they heard you were let go and I just can’t believe it. Channel 8 will not be the same without you. Thank you for all that you have done over the years; it truly feels like you are apart of our family – you are in our home every night. I wish you the best of luck in whatever is in the plan for you. Everything happens for a reason…but WTNH is making a huge mistake! Just know that we all support you.

  163. Geoff,

    As a subscriber (like most) to a cable network, I have access to several options in news. For weather I always chose you. Rest assured that I will be switching to channel 30 for my weather now. And as far as ABC programming goes I will switch to WABC out of New York. In this day and age as viewers we have options much like your boss. He decided to not renew your contract and for that I am very disappointed. I am deciding to fire him and chose not to view WTNH for any programming. Good Night Geoff, you will be missed.

  164. My friend from Florida, who used to live in Derby, sent me this link. Since I never watch WTNH news, I guess I’m not missing anything.

  165. All I have to say is Geoff, you will be very missed. You have always been professional but yet personable with your viewers. I can’t believe this is happening. Shocked. I do want to share, my husband and I were avid fans of WTNH, but have been clicking that remote to WFSB. WTNH has gone down-hill. Still love Gil, you and Mel for the weather. Can not watch the weekend news at all, boring, no longer an option in our household. Too much dead air, mistakes and reaching for something to talk about…really, really bad. Still love the morning crew, Kristen, Chris and Gil. Will always love Darren, Sonia and Ann… and YOU… best of luck to you and what the future holds.

  166. Geoff,

    I’m 35 and have watched your forecast since my childhood. This surprises me. Thank you for your loyalty to the station all these years. Much luck to you and yours. Hope to hear of your success again.


  167. Geoff,

    You’re such a Mensch! I have been in the broadcast game before myself, and have seen and heard people storm out and even rant out on the air. To know that you have time for a “long goodbye” and that you will continue to be there through the end of your contract shows the kind of a guy you are.

    Not sure what led to this decision at ‘TNH, but when the regime changes, often do the serfs (not that you’re just serf, really).

    Hope to see and hear of you soon!


  168. I was so surprised that WTNH chose not to renew your contract. Shocked, really. My best wishes in whatever you choose to do next.

    Wow, what is WTNH thinking lately? Lots of odd changes — what used to be a class news outlet seems to be going the “sex sells” route. I won’t be tuning in any longer, there are more professional news media outlets out there.

  169. I,too, was shocked to hear that your contract is not being renewed. I watched you earlier and you showed not a hint of what had happened. That’s professionalism. Management is making a HUGE mistake. I won’t be watching after you leave either.
    I’ll be joining the protest on FB, etc and hope that CH.8 will see the error of their ways and you’ll stay but I’ll understand if you don’t anyway.
    So..I want to thank you for all the years of mostly accurate forecasts..weather forecasting is tricky and you’ve taught us how it works. I also want to thank you for your concern over the years for people and pets, reminding people that SUV’s don’t stop in snow/ice any better than any other vehicle and that pets can freeze when its cold or be thirsty when its hot. And thank you for sharing bits of your life with us. I’m a dog groomer and I never groom a Westie without thinking of Ivy. I like to hear about your family too. Gonna miss you..

  170. Geoff,

    You are truly the best, honest, straightforward meteorologist in the business. There is no other that I trust for accurate, reliable, and entertaining weather forecasts. WTNH is making a big mistake and they will realize this once viewership decreases along with the sponsorship that follows. I wish you well in your future career opportunities. I just hope you will continue to be a voice or face that we can continue to depend on here in Connecticut. I will follow you to your next network as will all of the other people who expect a reasonable voice. You are the fellow we turn to. I usually don’t blink when moves like this happen, but when the best in the business is shown the door, people need to speak out. I just hope WTNH realizes their error and it is not too late to mend the broken bridges. Geoff, thank you again for your faithful service and informative broadcasts. You not only give the weather, you teach the viewer, and that is a gift.

  171. Geoff,
    When I read this mornings Register I was outraged. I emailed LIN TV asking them to please reconsider. I only hope they do. I remember back sometime in the 80’s , my sister took me for a ride in her new car – as we were driving through Hammonassette Beach, I saw you there up high with some of your weather gear – as we drove by I yelled, “Hi Geoff!” and you yelled back a hello. My sister said “How do you know Geoff Fox” and I said “Everyone knows Geoff Fox”. It’s heartbreaking to know how much a corporate decision can emotionally impact the public. If it is true that something good comes out of situations that are not so good than I wish what ever the future holds for you will make all of this upset something to laugh at. I’ve enjoyed your friendship at Hammonasstte and on TV.
    Best wishes to you and your family
    LynnAnn W. from North Branford

  172. Geoff,
    My wife and I were shocked by the news. You are a great meteorologist who really connected with the audience. WTNH is making a terrible decision and I will not watch them anymore. Good luck on future endeavors!

  173. Geoff:
    I lived in Bethany for 20 years and before that West Haven. I moved to Florida in 2005. The only thing I really miss about CT, is my family and your weather reports. We still refer to Geoff as our weather person after all this time. And of course, Dr. Mel. Quite a few years ago, probably 15 or so, you were a guest at Bethany Community School. Our daughter Katie was picked to be the weather person by you on that visit. She was so excited, and we were thrilled. Sometimes when a door closes another better one opens. We do have some great weather here in SW Florida. So, if you decide to venture south, look me up. I can show you around and help you get settled in. (I am a Realtor) But really, I do wish you the best and hope the station regrets their decision. One thing though, I am disappointed to hear you are a liberal!!! I guess it’s a CT thing. LOL :)~

  174. geoff, i understand your need to vent during this obvious hard time in your life. you’ve worked very hard for many years, and the feelings you’re experiencing, you are more than entitled to feel. it’s natural for one to rally support in times where they’re feeling vulnerable or rejected. however, i wonder if you’re cognisant of some of the stuff you’ve allowed your supporters to say and how it may make others around you feel. you see, i know you’re reading every single comment posted to your FB page. seeing as though you are, i know you saw the derogatory comments made about one of your coworkers in one of your supporters blogs. if you haven’t, i’ve included the link for you to review. now, i ask you, if you’re reading these, and i’m reading these, what do you think the chances are that she’s reading them as well? i’d bet dollars to dounts that says she is, and if she is, how do you think she feels reading something like that on your FB wall? once you answer that question honestly, i know you’ll be a little more careful in proof reading what is posted on your wall. there’s no room in this world to build someone up, by tearing someone else down. i know you can understand that….

  175. Geoff, I am 14. For the last 13 1/2 years of my life I have grown up watching the nightly news on wtnh but my favorite part of the broadcast was the weather. Your great personality, your talent of being able to predict when snow storms are going to dump a load of snow on my school (hooray!) and unequaled sense of humor kept me planted in front of the tv for the whole broadcast. You have been a part of my daily life for as far back as I can remember and it saddens me to see you go. If the producers decide to re-think their decision about your contract, then I’d be overjoyed that you will still be with us for a while longer, but if not, wherever you go, keep this blog running and Geoff, best of luck to you.

  176. We’re still your fans even though we moved out to Colorado several years ago! My jaw dropped when I heard the news. My family is so sorry to hear about this. Though, if you want a challenge predicting the weather, the Front Range is notorious for weird weather!

  177. To say I’m disappointed to see you leaving WTNH would be an understatement! You have become like family and will be greatly missed. Every night when I call my 88 year old mother she has to tell me what your forecast is especially if bad weather is coming!”That Geoff Fox!”. she’ll say. (especially is your wrong!) She was very upset when I called tonight. It’s a great loss. Can’t imagine what the “powers that be” are thinking but for many of us this is the last straw. It’s time to change the channel.

  178. Geoff…

    WOW… That’s all I can say is WOW. It was an absolute pleasure to have worked with you in the past. WABC may be looking for a weekend on air weather talent now that Heidi Jones has her own (legal) problems… It’s worth checking into….

  179. Geoff…
    You will be missed by the viewers of Connecticut. I still remember when you came to my elementary school around 1989-1990 to talk about the weather. You always exhibited great enthusiasm with your forecasts. This is sad news to hear and best of luck in your future endeavors!

  180. Geoff – thank you for being gracious, trustworthy, dedicated and so amazingly generous to CT for the last quarter century plus. My sincerest hope is that LIN reconsiders and you accept. Whatever happens, you need to know that CT residents are better for having had the gift of your time, talent and generosity. You’re one of the good ones.

  181. I’m sorry that you have become a casualty in WTNH’s race to the bottom… I am not a fan of change, but when there’s no need for it, it bothers that much more. I haven’t watched WTNH in the morning for awhile, icked out by the “hype” of the traffic reporters…those promos where this new one is just standing there like an idiot with that pageant red lipstick and cheshire cat grin… blecchhh. So now I may not watch WTNH in the evening either. Enjoy any time off you may have, and good luck to you. (I’m glad to hear you are a liberal!)

  182. Geoff- I would like to start off by saying thank you for making my life watching the weather enjoyable, you are for sure the best weather anything out there. There is no possible replacement for you!! They have no reason to do this!! They spent all there money on the traffic lady that no one likes and now they can’t have you, the only reason why we watch news 8. Once you are off air, I will never ever watch news 8 again. How could they do that to the best meteorologist there. You had so much passion and cared for the viewers. Every night that I Have lived, I remember watching the nightly news with Geoff fox. My whole family would stop anything so we could watch you in the winter. You were always the first to warn us about the snow and because of that I will never forget you. Even though you may not like snow, I love snow and you enjoy forecasting it. I don’t know what I/we am/are going to do without you. I grew up with you and this is the same story for tens if not hundreds of thousands of people!! Your unique voice always made me know the weather was on and when my mom would tell me to get to be I would say hold on Geoff is on. I always loved how you would take two steps closer to the camera to make sure we know that this was important. Once again though I say WE ALL DONT KNOW WHY WTNH WOULD DO THIS!! Your friend and life long viewer, Christopher DeFeo

  183. Dear Geoff,

    You loved your work and it showed. You brought enthusiasm to your work which we enjoyed. We are very annoyed with the radio station and surprised at their decision. If there is anything that can be done to keep you, please let us know. Management needs to take a closer look at their decision.

    Sincerely, Charles and Gloria

  184. I am totally shocked at reading this. Are they insane? I have enjoyed watching you for all the years you have been there! They will not be able to get a following for the weather with you gone. I hope you stay somewhere within our area, so I can follow you!

  185. Dear Geoff, During Gloria you saved our lives,I was a 19 year old mother of a 2&3 year old. If you did not stay awake with us 24 hours a day almost 7 days a week, we would have been victim’s of flooding,fire and other disaster related to Gloria, but you helped us through it. now more then 20 years later when ever bad weather forecast all i need to do is listen to your voice and it helps
    keep me calm and remember what to do, plus you were pretty hot with you 5 o’clock shadow and your sleeves rolled up, take care and let us know whats going on,,,

  186. I grew up watching WTIC (the old one), WNHC when it was channel 6 and WNBC (sometimes). Then WTIC became WFSB (never understood giving up the old call letters), NHC became WTNH and WNBC became WVIT (??). Channel 6 went to channel 8. People fell by the wayside, but the end for FSB in my book was the dismissal of Don Lark – I never could stomach Dan Rather, but I really admired Peter Jennings, so ABC got my viewing business and by default, so did chhannel 8.

    WVIT got a boost in my book when they hired Gerry Brooks and Channel 8 seemed to remain pretty stable, that is, until now. Aside from you, the only other meteorologist I like to watch is Brad Field – it looks like channel 30 is now my news and weather channel. I wish you the very best – I’m sure you will land on your feet.

  187. Geoff, when you leave, I will be changing to NBC30 or WFSB to watch the weather. I think what they did to you was awful. Channel 8 seems to do that to people. I remember one time you were on vacation, and I had not seen you in a long time. I know people tend to disappear from Channel 8 and we never hear what happened, so I was worried they had gotten rid of you then, but you emailed me and said you had been on vacation. The people of Connecticut love you, I don’t understand what is wrong with WTNH.


  188. SORRY TO Hear the news doesn’t make sense you have personallity and you explain things well. probably some bean counter trying to save a buck. Bring in someone who works cheap and doesn’t care. you make doing the weather fun. Best of luck you are good and will land on you’re feet.

  189. I agree with everyone else, Jeff, and will miss you terribly. This is such a loss to the entire state. I’ve always appreciated your honesty when you really weren’t sure what would happen with the weather, as well as the humor and energy you invested into each forecast.

    One question to all the other posters, however. Shouldn’t we be barraging WTNH with these emails as well as Geoff? Shouldn’t we let them know how irate we are?

  190. Connecticut television has been blessed by a wealth of pros over the years, but you brought a presence and personality that gave WTNH and WCTX an edge in a very competitive market. As a longtime Connecticut radio guy I know how crazy this whole business can get. Establishing a consistent one-on-one connection with listeners or viewers is a unique gift; you have accomplished that.

  191. No Offense Geoff but changed news stations over a year ago. I watch PBS and listen to NPR. It began with Desiree Fontaine— Wayyy tooo loud and obnoxious for my mornings– WTNH just began promoting Barbie and Ken type anchors-especially with the new Traffic T. Labarrba. She is a walking toothpaste ad and dresses like my 16 yr old. You will be better off to look into a liberal show on PUBLIC RADIO! Good Luck!!

  192. Geoff, the only reason I watched channel 8 was because of the familiar faces and the way you all seem to actually work well together and respect each other. The “new blood” that has come in starting with Desiree Fontaine – way too loud and fake- and then again with Theresa, also way too loud and fake, has really caused me to not watch nearly as often. With you gone it will be only a matter of time before Anne and the rest of the long-time personalities go and we are left with obnoxious, fake, young (nothing wrong with young people) newscasters. I won’t be watching then and neither will others who have been watching WTNH their whole lives. Yes, I remember wayyyyy back to Ken Venitt and the podium when I was a kid and my mom watched. I was raised on Channel 8. Your daughter, Anne’s twins and my kids were all born around the same time. It’s sad that we long-time viewers are being forced to change stations. I wish you the best wherever you go.

  193. OMG Geoff!! How can they not keep you? You are an icon!! I was devastated yesterday when I bought the Register and there it was – on the front page! How could they treat you so shabby after all the years and man hours you have given us? You were always there around the clock when we needed you and you are immensely entertaining. I never fault you for problems with the predictions as you can only do the best you can with the experience and models you have. After all, it IS NOT an exact science. Shame on channel 8. I miss Matt Scott, too. What on earth are they thinking? I’ll bet it’s because you’ve been there so long and make a lot of money (which you deserve). Who’s next, Dr. Mel, that sweet man?

  194. Geoff,

    Can’t believe the stupidity of management these days. We can get the news from many sources, but there was only one place to experience your weather comments and your personality. After February, since that will no longer be true, there will absolutely be no more reason to watch WTNH News. Goodbye Channel 8 News – HELLO TO YOUR NEW CHANNEL!!!

  195. What are they thinking? You are the best and most entertaining weatherperson on TV. I’m not sure that I will continue to watch channel 8 once you are gone. Best of luck wherever you go; but hopefully they will change their minds. However if they don’t whoever gets you are in for a treat.

  196. Geoff,

    You are a Connecticut icon as many have said. You represent the old fashioned New England values that we in Connecticut share. Corporate made a serious error; clearly they were “out of the loop” as always. We will look for you on a rival station! Good luck to a guy who doesn’t need luck because he is so talented.
    Tim C. Milford

  197. Since I moved from IL to CT in 2007, I’ve enjoyed your knowledgeable and quirkily inventive meteorological presentations. The geographic location of CT subject to all sorts of weather influences, from the ocean on the south and east, lake effect from Erie in the west, and Canadian Zephyrs and Nor’easters, I’ve always said, must make this a really challenging area for weather reporting. Your expertise is always accompanied by a great concern to get it right for us and admit when you don’t, without blaming externals, even though the error was caused by elements beyond your control. Thanks! And if WTNH doesn’t get you back, I hope you find the place where your gifts are appreciated. . .and the area where your dream of permanent snowlessness comes true–if you really want to miss out on the adventure in the snowbelt. 🙂

  198. Geoff,
    I was just on my facebook page and saw the “Save Geoff Fox” notice. I am so sorry!! We have watched WTNH for many years; 1)for the professional yet personable anchors 2)we always felt that you and Dr. Mel were always accurate and you always made the broadcasts lively!
    If there is anything we can do to help you stay on air, please let us know.

    We will probably be switching tv stations for our news reports.

  199. Jeff

    I am shocked and really disappointed to learn of your dismissal from WTNH.
    You were personable and always gave an honest and conscientious weather prediction. Even upon learning of your dismissal you handled it with dignity and were still loyal to WTNH. I wish you and your family the best and much success to you in your next endeavor.

  200. This is SO not a good move for WTNH.What do they think,that after a week or so,we’ll forget all about Geoff Fox???
    Stupid move,I can’t help but wonder who the “brains” are behind this ridiculous fiasco…
    No one in my house,and according to Facebook,thousands(yes,thousands,enough to challenge ratings!!) of others will not be watching WTNH after Geoff leaves,we’ll go where he does..

    Good luck Geoff!

  201. Our evenings won’t be the same without you. We are truly sorrowful that your tenure at Channel 8 is ending this way, and wish you all the success in the world. You have been a delight. Thank you!

  202. Geoff,
    All the best to you and your family. I am one of those people that grew up while you were on the air and do not have many memories of Channel 8 without you being there.
    I also remember you filling in on Good Morning America!
    We have met you on several occasions, along with your family and you all have been very gracious and outgoing.
    Even though we loved to goof on you when the forcasts fell a bit off the mark, we enjoyed your spirit, co-anchor banter and lighthearted approach to getting the news across and you will be surely missed.
    My boys also enjoy your ‘Science Spin’ on the weather and other topics,they too will miss you.
    We all understand that nothing lasts forever, but WTNH is doing the viewers a great dis-service by removing you from their homes every evening.
    Take care,

  203. How do I put 26 years of watching you, listening to you, trusting you into words?
    You were there during the Hamden tornado. I was listening when Hurricane Gloria headed right for us.
    And every time I saw dark ominous clouds in the sky, it was you I turned to on the TV to see what was happening and how bad it might get.
    And when you told me to get in the basement, I GOT IN THE BASEMENT!

    Obviously the relationship you have with the people of CT is a commodity that WTNH does not value. They do not understand it. They are perhaps envious of it.

    They have done all of us a huge wrong. But my heart aches for you. For your wife, and your daughter, but mainly you. For 20 years ago, I had something akin to this happen to me. It was a terrible blow, not just financially but personally. I had no identity for a long time, and I was really devastated.

    But I got through it and I pray that it be not as hard for you as it was for me. I hope you find another way to reach YOUR audience, to speak to YOUR people. I think you will find a niche where you ARE appreciated and loved for your intellect, compassion, and high standards of behavior.

    I believe that this is a difficult time in history for real gentlemen, that in some circles their qualities are undervalued. Some people are instead drawn to the loud, classless, politically incorrect among us who do not care if what they are saying is incorrect as long as they say it LOUD enough.

    May you find your place in the sun where no one would ever DREAM of letting go a devoted 26-year employee with less than a month notice.

    I hope you will not be far from us, Geoff. You have been a good friend to Connecticut.

  204. Geoff,
    I simply could not believe WTNH is not renewing your contract. As a matter of fact, I am in denial. We don’t need anyone on air to describe the traffic. We were all just fine hearing from the dude off air. Indeed, I did not miss the loud way it was presented. Now we have a traffic person we don’t need and are losing a great, funny, classy weather guy we do need. It’s my first rule of life: life ain’t fair.
    Regardless, I have lost my last reason for watching WTNH. We you go, so does my household. Best of luck

  205. Dear Geoff,
    I’m so sad and I’m praying that the person(s) responsible for this bad decision will come to their senses before it is too late. I urge all your supporters to call, write, e-mail Channel 8 in protest. They not only should immediately re-instate you, but do so with a nice fat raise. You are truly one of the best weather forecasters on TV; your knowledge, delivery and personality is such a great compliment to the news broadcast. I hope that it will work out to all our benefits; if not, I will not be watching Channel 8 again! It will have to be Channel 3 for me and everyone else I’ve spoken with. The very best to you and your family! Adrianne

  206. Geoff “The Fox” is how I have always called you when the weather is mentioned. “Geoff the FOX said…….” My late father watched you every night and 25 years ago, he said : “Watch this guy, he is pretty damn smart.” “He forcasts the weather and he TEACHES you at the same time!!” From then on, I watched you and no matter where I traveled, no one compared to you!
    WTNH is out of touch and Mark Higgins is like a CANCER!! This magot is going to bring the station down by getting rid of you, Matt and because we see less and less of her, Ann Nyberg. Mark Higgins has no clue that the viewers are disgusted with his “show me your tits” attitude and the way he is eliminating the class and grace, not to mention the “sibling banter” that the viewers have enjoyed over the years (even when Gerry Webb-Harris was an anchor)! What’s next, the guys sitting there in a speedo with a sock stuffed in it? Can you picture Dr, Mel standing there pointing at the map in his new uniform? (He may be next!!)
    I have tried to write V. Sadusky to urge him to reconsider your position and to FIRE MARK HIGGINS but the e-mails will not go through. Please post a current address if you have it (or have some one else do it) so Sadusky will take a good look at the problem at WTNH.
    I, My PARENTS, SIBLINGS, AND OUR CHILDREN–thank you for all the years of your reporting the weather, your knowledge, and YOUR crazy way of being!!
    If a competitive station is lucky to grab you, please take the crew with you and make sure you put the word out so we can all tune in!!
    ALL the best,

  207. Hey Jeff,

    We walked with each other and my dogs down State last week outside of Channel 8 across Elm. Despite accolades received at SeeClickFix I have never had anyone yell “We Love You” out of a car window. I have to say I was a little envious 🙂

    Have you heard of Track 180 on the New Haven Green. We are going to be working with them in the coming months and they are currently looking for anchors. I would be happy to point them your way if they have not coming hunting yet?

    You would get to stay in NHV and broadcast to the world.

    Ben@SeeClickFix.com if you want to connect.

  208. Shocked to say the least about Channel 8’s decision to not offer you a contract. I hope you are able to find a spot at one of CT’s other stations so all the channel 8 viewers can flock to it. Thank you for being our loyal & trusted weather person in CT for the past 26 years. We love you for sure

  209. How awful that a local news station does not show it’s loyalty to employees that have stuck with them for years, through many ups & downs I’m sure. When I am watching the news & weather, it is just for that reason – to find out what is going on in our state and what the weather is going to be like – not to see who can wear the tightest skirt, the shirt cut the lowest – it’s disgusting. The news station obviously needs to hire someone with at least 1/2 a brain to take over making the decisions. Why don’t they prove to us viewers that they are not trying to turn channel 8 into a T&A show and BEG Geoff to stay on a weather anchor.

  210. I can only echo the many comments of shock, anger, disgust at this decision of WTNH. As many here have said, I watch WTNH mainly for the weather (or perhaps I should say HAVE watched). Surely not for its mindless attempts at on air journalism, and their web site is even worse.
    But your weather forecasts were YOURS, the result of your knowledge of meteorology and years of experience (especially the nine yrs in Buffalo–you really know about snow…ps I grew up in Rochester). What I’m afraid TNH’s corporate moguls are opting for is young telegenic people reading weather forecast scripts that they have no real personal connection with, sort of “headline weather” sound bites.
    Where I can find the weather after you leave TNH I don’t know yet. But I do know where I will continue to find news of New Haven, online at http://www.newhavenindependent.org. My fellow New Haven residents might want to try it, it’s real journalism, not sound bites and half stories. Its only drawback is…NO WEATHER.
    All I can say to end is thanks for your many contributions to our weather knowledge and best of luck with whatever you end up doing (hopefully still in Connecticut!).

  211. What is that station thinking? Are they suicidal? You have been one of the only reasons (the other being Doctor Mel) that we stuck it out with Channel 8 all these years. You’ve made bad weather a joy! Well, almost anyway. We couldn’t believe we were reading correctly when we first saw the article in the Hartford Courant. Surely it was a joke? They should reconsider because everyone will be switching channels if you’re gone. Keep your spirits up. We all love you!

  212. Dr. Mel on the evening news? Geoff, you must have really ticked off a bunch of people at WTNH and Lin Communications to have that grumpy, over the hill, sloppy dresser, on the news with you.

    To me that is the most unclassy, unprofessional, act I have ever seen. It can only mean your fans are hitting hard at the management of WTNH and Lin Communications and they want you to quit before your contract expires.

    I could see an additional weather person if the weather warranted the extra help but OMG, it’s only a small snow storm. Send Mel out for milk, bread, eggs, and tell him to suck on the eggs. OH MY now I am stooping down to Mel’s level, cross the eggs off the list!

  213. OK – this is it. We’re done with 8. It has been painful to watch channel eight the last couple of months with all their audio/video problems – then they hire who we call “Plastic Girl” for traffic (her teeth, lipstick and fake hair & smile makes me turn the channel whenever she comes on in the morning) – got rid of Matt Scott and now you? Do they have a death-wish? If they are looking for the “younger” viewers with all these changes – they’re nuts. THERE ARE NO YOUNG VIEWERS FOR TV NEWS!! They’re all on the internet getting their news.

    You are a class act Geoff – I am sure you will land on your feet and do well. When one door closes – another opens. I wish you and your family nothing but the best.


  215. Geoff, you have been in our family since we moved to CT from Cali 10 years ago. You make weather so understandable…you will be greatly missed. I have no reason to watch News Channel 8 any longer. I know God has greater things planned for you! God Bless!

  216. Geoff,I could not beleive my eyes when I opened the Connecticut Post and saw the article that Channel 8 was not renewing your contract. Anyone watching News channel 8 on a regular basis
    could see the many changes that management was making and about to send major changes to the viewers. It is sad that corporations make the decisions they make without thinking of the dedication of a 26 year plus employee. Someone said a bean counter is at work, If they are looking to increase ratings my belief is they just made their first major error. Channel 8 was all I new and listened to faithfully. The Television station must beleive what they are doing is best however, DO NOT LET This EFFECT you.
    How well I know easier said than done. Just remember what you have given to weather at Channel 8 is total dedication. At one time that meant more than anything to corporations and companies. Unfortunately it seems that this now a thing of the past. I truly beleive that this is why part of our economy is where it is. Just remember that when one door closes another door opens. You have your health and soon you will find another place of employment that will take all your knowledge knowing what you did at the channel 8 weather. Good Luck to you, I am sure there is a television or radio station out there just waiting for you to complete your month and offer you another opportunity. I applaud you for being the bigger man walking tall staying there and completing the month. See you soon Geoff.

  217. Dear Geoff – I cannot believe that the executives at WTNH have made the decision to not renew your contract. It is appalling, to say the least! I am a faithful viewer of your weather forecasts, and have been since Hurricane Gloria. Please know that you and your family are in my thoughts – I know you will land on your feet. My Auntie May always said that when one door closes, another opens. I just know that a door is there, open and waiting for you, and it leads only to good things. Best wishes, my friend. You deserve them!
    (P.S. – I can help with that CPNI thing….LOL)

  218. Geoff,

    A friend told me today that they were not renewing your contract and I and my family are so upset. It may sound silly but you are a part of so many CT families. The weather affects all of us every day but you have been more than just weather. You have made us laugh and kept us informed through emergency situations. You will be greatly missed and we would follow you to another station.

  219. You and Gill are the only reason I have always gone to WTNH for the weather forecast!!!! Or any news for that matter…Boy are the managers of WTNH making a huge mistake. You are more than a weatherman, you are a teacher. I still remember learning about a hook echo associated with tornadoes from you. I was cracking up watching all your excitement with the storm, but you kept me watching. I wish only the best to you and your family! Time for me to find another news station…

  220. Geoff,

    You are a class act and they are idiots. I will truly miss your enjoyable – and quite often correct – weathercasts. I hope that you quickly find a job in the state, so I can continue to watch you report on the local weather and not have to get the forecast on the Weather Channel. And finally, as if it needs to be said, I will not be watching the Channel 8 News weather.

  221. I really hope WTNH is doing this as a publicity stunt because it makes no sense for them to do this otherwise. Geoff Fox is the best and I trust him. Just like I don’t want to go to a doctor who just graduated from medical school, I don’t want my weather from some kid, I want my weather from the person I have trusted for the past 20+ years. Do they not realize that viewers have other options? Without the person I trust on WTNH, I won’t be watching. Channel 7 NY or Channel 3 CT, here I come!

  222. Geoff,

    Shocked, upset, disgusted…the words that most viewers probably would say describe their reaction to this news. Living in northern CT, it was worth sitting through all the news about New Haven and southern CT to watch the weather with you, a person that could be trusted. You never turned a storm into a three-ring circus, just reported the facts and explained things. I do hope you will find a spot in CT. Once you are gone, so is Channel 8 in this household.

  223. when geoff is history from channel 8….. so am i and many others. geoff is a great guy and his future will be promising but channel 8 will meet their karma.

  224. Geoff:

    Really hard to find the right words…it’s always a shock to lose one’s position.

    In any event, I did send an email to WTNH regarding their decision not to renew your contract, which I will include here. Before doing so, best of luck to you in your future endeavors. You will be sorely missed.

    Dear Mr. Higgins:

    It was with great dismay that I learned of the decision not to renew Geoff Fox’s contract with WTNH.

    Geoff is very knowledgeable when it comes to weather forecasting, plays down hype and tries to educate the viewing audience when it comes to the weather. He has also been very responsive to emails with questions.

    While I am not privy to the circumstances that led to this decision, from a viewer’s standpoint, I consider it a mistake and a big loss to both the station and the viewing public.

    Yours truly,

    Audrey Mushinsky

  225. Geoff, I was very sorry to here that WTNH has let you go. You were an asset to the station for many years and a friend to all the residents of Conn. and beyond. I truly believe when one door closes another one opens to bigger and better things. I hope this happens for you. I’m sure you will find sucess in your future endevers.

  226. Geoff… this is outrageous, and I commend you for your professionalism about it, leave it to your viewers to make the angry noise! WTNH will be regretting this right quick if they haven’t already.

  227. Enough with the eulogys, you’re a class act and a professional and you’ll land in a better situation than you’re now in.Best of luck to you and your family whatever you do.

  228. Geoff, sorry to see this happen to not only a class act, but an icon to this state. I have watched your reports since you started in New Haven and always looked forward to them. Your science “lessons” were always interesting and informative. But, my greatest respect for you came a few years back when we had a tornado in town that was first dismissed by you as a microburst as there were no indications on the models. The weather service was contacted by WTNH, and they declared it a tornado and that night you apologized on the air. Wow, that was impressive (and really not needed, as I was guessing lol). Good luck and thanks again for your reporting, you will be missed.

  229. I am deeply disappointed in WTNH and their decision to not renew Geoff Fox’s contract. I have been watching Geoff since I was 4 years old (I am 31 years old now). He is intelligent, funny and compassionate. His presentation of the weather is easy to understand and comprehensive. It is obvious that he is a loyal and dedicated employee but I guess that does not mean much these days as the economy continues to try and recover from the recession. It is obvious that this decision is based solely on money. How said is that? I can name several other moves that WTNH could have made to help with their bottom line and I can assure you none of them would have included getting rid of Geoff Fox, the best weatherman and people friendly T.V. personality they have. WTNH is not moving in the right direction and they might want to seek outside help from a consultant before they make anymore faulty moves that are detrimental to the success of the station. If they are already seeking outside help then they might want to fire that consultant and hire a new one. Geoff you will be missed. Stay strong! I have no doubt that you will land on your feet. I look forward to seeing you on T.V. again and will follow you wherever you go. Thank you for being a part of my family.

  230. Geoff,

    I was really stunned and upset to hear that WTNH won’t be bringing you back. I always loved watching your forecasts. Hopefully you can find another job in the area so all of the people that admire you will still be able to see you. WTNH really dropped the ball with their awful decision. All of the best to you and your family.

  231. Very unhappy with the decision and hope they reap what they sow. As for you Geoff, you’re an excellent personality and I know you will land on your feet. Hopefully for the area viewers it will still be in our area. You are a class act sir and I thank you for the years I’ve had the pleasure of watching you and depending on your forecasts — guess I’ll be getting my weather reports from weather.com from now on.

    Thanks again and my very best to your for the future!

  232. Geoff, I am extremely sad, upset & very angry to learn that WTNH is letting you go. I’ve been watching you since your 1st day and even remember when your daughter was born. As my mother would have said, “you have personality plus.” I always trusted your weather forecasts & simply enjoyed getting the latest weather from you. This is a tragedy & they are wrong in their actions. Over the years, I’ve watched you at different times of the day, but now my husband & I are ready to join in with you at 10 & 11pm, by saying, “don’t go to sleep yet!”. This really brings tears to my eyes as I am a huge fan of yours. I wish you the best of luck & keep us posted as to what you’ll be doing so we can follow you to your next venture.

  233. First the logo and “name change” (news 8 instead of WTNH) the splitting up of most of the good on-air teams (the powerhouse of Nyberg-Koppy-Fox-Finz and tossing the KRamer-Baghdady team to nights,etc), then the whole Desiree (which actually made SOME sense…but that’s another fish to fry…) fiasco, now this. Who’s next, WTNH-Ann? Sonia? Kramer? Right…here we go. And WTHN will call it “re-structuring”-while putting seasoned experienced news people out of jobs.

    All the best Geoff! 🙂

  234. You have always been our weatherman,we always make sure the pets are in we always wait for you weather report before we go to sleep at night. We will really miss you. I hope that you get the position that your experience and personality deserve. The best of luck to you and your family. Thank for being part of our family,and part of our daily life. Paula Z.

  235. Geoff,

    I sent this in another post, but wanted to ensure that you received it. I hope that you are enjoying your vacation- you are missing ANOTHER foot of snow up here!

    I just read about this inane decision that was made by WTNH. The ONLY reason that I watch this news station is because of you! I just wanted you to know that you make me smile on a daily basis- that’s a lot of joy and I thank you for that! Your forecasts are the most accurate (I have to “weather-surf” between local stations because our area has such little coverage) and yours is always the one that I go with. I’m sure that weather decisions are a collaborate effort (Dr. Mel (!), et al), but it is your delivery that I’ve always enjoyed- everyone I know feels the same! We were recently at a large dinner party and it was decided that you were the fav local news personality…

    I really like how you setup the external school stations which both expanded your reporting from smaller towns and have inspired a new generation of meteorologists! My neighbor’s son is in the process of attaining his doctorate down in Tampa and you played a part in his career decision 🙂

    Is there any particular vehicle that would be most effective for me/us to express our opinions? Will it fall on deaf ears? I’m happy to start a boycott on the social networking pages if that will get management’s attention or is this pretty much done? What knuckleheads… sheesh… (I was caught in a political RIF of sr. mgmt. and it stings…hang in there!)

    I hope that this brings YOU a smile tonight!

  236. Geoff: Good luck with whatever you end up doing. I watched every episode of Inside Space, and loved them all. Your joy at the nuances of science and in particular weather is infectious. You’d make a terrific teacher. Or a liberal voice on the radio. Let us know where you land.

  237. Geoff,
    I am deeply saddened to hear that WTNH has decided not to renew your contract. This will be their loss and your gain, trust me. Another station will swoop you up and hopefully appreciate your knowledge, loyalty and the pride you take in your job. All of this comes across when you report the weather. I have trusted your reports for a long,long time and can’t imagine you not being there giving us the straight scoop. You are a class act Geoff, obviously too classy for WTNH. I have been watching you on WTNH for as long as you have been there. I have learned things about the weather that I never cared about before but because of the way you presented it to us we listened, learned and understood exactly what you were saying. I know for a fact I have learned some valuable lessons. I love when you tell us “Don’t go to sleep yet” I wait for you to come back so I know what I will wake up to in the morning. I can’t promise that I will continue to watch WTNH since you won’t be there any longer. I feel that what they did is a huge slap in the face to you after all you have giving them. Good ratings, Good reports, honesty, humor, loyalty, and educating us the public. SHAME ON YOU WTNH. You might think the grass will be greener on the other side by finding a weatherman that you can pay less but you will soon see as your viewers fall off that you are DEAD WRONG!!!! The very best of luck to you Geoff in your future endeavors and please let us know where you will be so we CAN FOLLOW YOU THERE!!!!

  238. Dear Mr. Fox….Aw heck, I feel like I know you… Geoff,
    You have been a staple on my television set for my entire adult life. I have always trusted you and your station for up to date local news, and they even handled a news story on my behalf a few years ago. I WILL NEVER CLUE THEM IN AGAIN. What they have done to you after all these years is unfair, clearly misguided, and I am pretty sure unexpected by you.
    Dr. Mel and I know eachother by sight/hellos as we see the same oncologist. He is truly a gentleman, and you I have ALSO met on occasion and are ALWAYS just as courteous and friendly. LIN would never fire him because he has cancer, and there would be a public uproar. Well, we are trying to make the same uproar for you on Facebook.
    We want you to be happy, but we ALSO want to be considered when some faceless moron makes a decision that affects our OWN lives this way. Some of us feel as if we are losing an old friend that we have seen every day for 26 years.
    I read your blog, and as always you are taking this as the true gentleman, upbeat and professional that you are. I would expect nothing less, just wish you wouldn’t give up so easily!!
    I guess in a way, I am luckier than most, I can get my weather from Dr. Mel WITHOUT watching WTNH!!!I can see him at the hospital, but as far as WTNH is concerned, they are not even an option for me anymore. THEY SHOWED YOU NO LOYALTY, THERE ARE MANY OF US WHO WILL NOW SHOW THEM NONE. Not to mention there are very few shows worth watching on it ANYMORE!!!
    I wish you the best in all you do, and if you are still in range, I will be there watching/listening as always,
    Sincerely, with best regards to your family as well,
    Pam Cramer – Madison, CT

  239. I can’t believe that the “powers tht be” made such a stupid decision. Perfect example of THE PETER PRINCIPLE”.

  240. Geoff,
    Our family is very upset about this news. If you are replaced with another young woman with painted on cloths I will be totally disgusted.
    All the best to you and where ever you go in Connecticut we will follow.
    We have watched you for 26 years and your enthusiasm never disappoints.

  241. Geoff – You are one of the biggest reasons we here watch channel 8 news! We like most of your on-air personalities over all the other local channels, but we are shocked you are leaving News8! Of course the reasons for not renewing your contract is private, but let it be known that you have been the best on-air personality we “know”. Good luck to you, hope you stay in CT!

  242. Hi Geoff,
    I am so sorry to hear of your unexpected departure. But on another note, ABC 15 in Phoenix Arizona just lost their main weatherman,Bill Bellis, to Chicago. Maybe it would be an opening for you —- and warmner weather! Good luck in whatever you do.

  243. Geoff:

    I just cannot believe that your contract was not renewed. I have watched you so long, I remember the day you guest hosted the weather on Good Morning America. As always, you did a stellar job. My Husban and I have decieded to watch you through the end of your contract, then we will switch stations. Funny thing, I own a business that I was considering advertising on Channel 9, now I will not even consider it.

    All the best to you and your family, you are in my family’s prayers and I am sure that things will turn out well. If you ever want to sell insurance, call me.

    With Warm regards,

    patricia & derek Savanella
    Harwinton, CT 06791

  244. Geoff,
    Best wishes to you and your family and thanks for everything. Channel 8 management has apparently lost their collective minds and is very out of touch with their audience. I hope they change thei minds. Whatever happens, I hope you fare well.

  245. Geoff – I purposely used to change to channel 8 to watch you whenever I wanted the weather. Tonight, I did it out of habit, remembered you have been let go, and changed to another channel and will continue to do so until it’s habit not to tune into channel 8.

    My best of luck to you. I know you’ll do well in whatever you do. No more winter forecasts? Perhaps Hawaii. 🙂



  246. Geoff

    as a broadcast meteorologist here in the south, I too had to experience the same situation a few years back. I was let go by my station in Mobile, AL for no reason at all. They just chose to end my contract about midway through the final year. After 8 years of devotion and loyalty to a station, to be given the boot with no explanation is senseless. And, much like your current station, they refused to comment on to why or how they came to a decision to trim me off the payroll. Also, like you, a smaller Facebook Fan Page came about in support of keeping me on the air in Mobile.

    I know this is a tough and frustrating time for you. But, I was able to spin it around and spend a full summer with my 4 year old daughter and got to do all kinds of things I never had the time to do while employed in TV. I hope you too take the time to enjoy your family the way I did

    Best of luck

    Jim Loznicka
    Panama City Beach, FL

  247. I really enjoy your forecast, look foreward to it every evening. You will be missed,whoever is up next has some awfully big shoes to fill. I’m sure your new chapter will be great!

  248. Sorry to hear about your 25 years of service not being rewarded. My mother in law from New Haven, living in Old Saybrook, always watched your weather and thought of all of you as friends. One time we were outside at the Hamden Post Office and she saw you and waved out the window. You were a real celebrity to her. Good luck in all you do, I know it is a path to a new adventure for you.

  249. Geoff, you are the ONLY reason we tune into WTNH for the news and weather. Of all the “weather tellers” we’ve seen elsewhere … including those on the Weather Chanel … you are the only one who really brings the weather story to life for us. We will certainly miss you, and when you leave WTNH we will also. Hopefully, you’ll find another contract locally, and if you do, we’ll be there also.

  250. Hey Geoff…….15 minutes ago, we found out that LIN Media will not be renewing your contract. During the last 14 minutes, we’ve emailed LIN and wtnh asking them if they’ve LOST THEIR MINDS!!! We’ve watched you for years, and have happily welcomed you into our home every evening. If they don’t bring you back, we’re outta there! The morons who make these decisions obviously don’t think to ask the viewers what they think. If you don’t come back, please know that we’ll miss you VERY MUCH! You are part of our family! LOVE YA!!

  251. I’m devastated. I wake up every morning to your cheerful reports and my children imitate your outgoing presentation. I am a huge fan, My family and I have gone out of my way to go to events you were at and even got engaged at an event you were at in Middletown (Wesleyan’s telescope) . You are part of my life and my family. You are already missed! I wish you good luck and hope only the best for you. WE LOVE YOU GEOFF!

  252. Even though I am only a teen, I have been watching you on TV ever since I was a little girl. Even though I never met you personally, you were a big part of my life. I always remember running to the TV to listen to your nightly weather reports. There is no one I will trust more with the weather than you. You will be missed greatly and News 8 are real idiots for letting you go. I honestly have no idea what they are thinking. I for one am done watching their news casts for this. Well, anyway good luck and I hope to see you somewhere else on TV soon!

  253. Geoff,I am so terribly disappointed,I’ve just read the news. I think WTNH is making a big mistake here. I remember watching you all the way back to the days of Hurricane Gloria. If you don’t come back I know I’ll miss you on TV. Best of luck at whatever path you may end up taking.

  254. Geoff – can’t tell you how upset I am with this news. As you’re aware, there is a great outpouring of concern and love for you. You have become part of our families. Still remember you during Gloria – we still refer to it as a fond memory. All I can do now is hope that all the feedback WTNH is getting will help pursuade them that they’re making a big mistake. You’re a class act. Watched you last week after you had heard the news and was impressed with how you have conducted yourself on air. If a person didn’t know the story, they certainly wouldn’t be able to tell by watching you. I applaud you for your integrity. Keeping a good thought that we can make a difference. I and many others area posting to WTNH wall daily. Hang in there.
    John / Hamden, CT

  255. Geoff,

    Just wanted to echo the sentiment expressed by the many people before me.

    I will no longer be tuning into WTNH. I thought that media outlets were supposed to be the eyes and ears of the people and you were a meteorologist that I actually trusted in that position. I think it is really sad that they would a) have such a lapse in judgement and b) refuse to listen or even respond to the outrage surrounded with this. There are over 8,000 members of the Facebook page to bring you back now. Even if it doesn’t do anything to help your situation, I hope you can at least take comfort in the fact that there are so many people are appreciate your work and are saddened by your departure.

    Myself and my family wish you so much luck for the future wherever life may take you and thank-you for your service to Connecticut. Take care 🙂

  256. GF!
    What The French???????????? I cannot believe this Geoff!!!
    I will NO LONGER be watching the channel I have watched since I was a child! With the exception of a few, you were were the only NON News BOT out there!
    Your candid manor and honest humor is needed and will be missed! Personally this new manager is not too bright!!!!!!
    Please keep us posted and informed…I am sorry they have done this!
    Shannon Grady
    A Hamden/New Haven RESIDENT VERY ANGRY!!!!!

  257. Dear Geoff,

    Like so many others, I have turned to you (& Dr Mel) over the decades when I wanted to know what was going on outside. Your intelligence, honesty and unfailing good humor have helped us all through some difficult weather events. They have also made you feel like a friend, even though we have never actually met. I still remember your coverage of Gloria in those far-off days when no one had a computer in their home. Your apology last year when a predicted major winter storm petered out demonstrated your integrity. You are a class act all the way.

    The decision-makers at WTNH are probably incapable of seeing that they have made a huge mistake. Forgive my cynicism, but I’d bet they decided they could replace you with a far less experienced meteorologist for much less money. They are squandering public trust & good will.

    WTNH has always been the first place I turned to when I wanted to know the weather, both before and after the advent of the internet. That will be true no longer. I’ll go to WTIC instead in protest. One exception: I will check out all WTNH’s advertisers so I can notify them of my intent to boycott their products due to WTNH’s behavior.

    Like Bob Edwards when NPR let him go despite his popularity among listeners, I am certain you will find a place where your talents will be valued. I wish you and your family all the best. Thank you for being there for us all these years. You will be sorely missed.

    Kathryn Thomas
    Branford CT

  258. Dear Geoff,

    My husband and I are very upset with the treatment you have received at the hands of your employer. I would sign the petition but I’m not really sure they deserve you.
    Thank you for the years of service, accurate reporting and for being a class act. I rarely believed any weather report unless it came from yours or Dr. Mel’s mouth.

    We wish you the very best. God Bless.

    The Reillys

  259. I’m really sorry to see you go, I can’t believe the way the channel that I always thought of as a family station let you go, kind of a cowardly way don’t you think. Anyway, I was let go from my job of 25 years in 2009, I thought my life was over as I knew it…Wrong, I was offered a job that pays me more than I ever received in my life and it has some of the most incredible people I’ve ever worked with. The most important thing is that the work is fun, exciting and keeps my brain working Overtime. I guess what I’m trying to say, is this could very well be the best thing that has ever happened to you. My best to you and your family and Happy Anniversary to your parents!

  260. Geoff,
    I’m very sorry to see you go. It wasn’t you, it wasn’t your talent, it was them. I’ve had it happen to me as well, and it stinks. But, talent like yours will always find a home, and when that happens do let us know. My family will tune in!

  261. WTNH has no scruples…outrageous that they should get rid of Geoff Fox. I always watch WTNH and he is a major reason why. Shame on WTNH. The Bright Side is that Geoff will probably do a lot better elsewhere.

  262. It really is a shame they let you go after 26 years. Proves there is no loyalty. How can companies expect their employees to be loyal when they do stuff like this? Will miss you. The outrage by your fans on facebook is getting attention but there has been no response from WTNH. Channel 8 has been my station but I’m moving to channel 30 when you go!

  263. Ditto all the above comments. I know you are having a great time in Boca; I hope you find something you LOVE and where there is lots of sun. Don’t you dare go back to WTNH. I’m not, and neither are many of my friends. First Matt, now you?? Where are their brains? Kudos to you for sticking it out to the end! I know your parents are VERY proud of you.

    23.9″ of snow here in Danbury today—>new guy is NOT YOU (he is trying, but does not have your knowledge and experience, and doesn’t look very comfortable in front of the camera) and of course I emailed WTNH to let them know.

  264. Geoff-

    What a crime, but you’re handling it like the first class individual that you are. Good things happen to good people. You won’t be out of work long and my family and I will be happily switching to wherever you land to get our daily dose of your style of weather. In the meantime, I’ll continue to let WTNH and their parent company know how I feel about the way they treated someone with the history that you have in our area. Good luck and God Speed!

  265. Geoff,

    Maybe it is you are just too good for them. I like that you are doing this with grace and working to the end of your contract. They made a big mistake. I hope you find a job that you truley love and their loss is going to be someone elses gain. The best in whatever you choose to do. I hope they return to sanity and keep you on but if not they lost some viewers for sure.

  266. I am truly unhappy about Geoff Fox is no longer on WTNH he was the best weather man on that show. I will truly not watch WTNH weather again, I think that Dr. Mel should be retired he is not good at giving the weather report again. I think the wtnh network is out of touch with the people. I don’t know who makes the decisions at WTNH but whoever he is, he is the one to good. You lost me as a viewer.

  267. I am absolutely stunned! Who in their right mind(?) made this decision? Geoff- you have been a welcome presence in our home for 26 yrs. and will be dearly missed! Shame on WTNH! I’ve been a viewer of WTNH since I was a child and I do believe I will also be leaving. WTNH’s loss will be someone else’s gain! When one door closes, another opens! Best wishes to you and your family Geoff.

    The Primus Family

  268. Hard to believe that Channel 8 is letting you go just like that! I’ve been watching you for the whole 26 years and will miss your forecasts and chatter. Seems to me you’ve taken your predictions seriously and done your best to be accurate, explaining your thinking to the viewers. I’ll miss you and wish you the best in whatever you do. I don’t understand how the station has chosen to do this.

  269. Geoff,
    You’ve have become part of our family joining us every night in our living room and you will be greatly missed. Shame on WTNH and Lin for doing this.
    I also after working at my company for 27 years was laid off at the age of 61 so I can totally empathize with you. We weren’t even allowed to retrieve our personal belongings that’s how we were treated for our loyalty for so many years.
    Life goes on my friend and better things are coming I can feel it.
    Good luck and GOD BLESS..

  270. Geoff, this was my response to your post on the day you learned your contract would not be renewed. Just wanted to make sure it didn’t get lost at the bottom of your wall:

    I am very saddened by this Geoff. All of the faces of WTNH are like family to me..I have been a faithful viewer for as long as I have watched the news..I tune in every morning with my first cup of coffee, have depended on weather and traffic reports every day before heading out to work, and have relied on you guys for school closings during inclement weather..I tuned in again from 5:00 to 6:30 because I admire the way you all pull together to broadcast an accurate report of the days news..I wouldn’t miss the 11:00 broadcast for anything; even when I was exhausted from a long, hard day at work, you would always coax me “not to go to sleep yet”…There is no one who can fill your shoes, Geoff Fox, and in my opinion, WTNH is making a HUGE mistake..I am sorry to say NEWS8 that you have lost a lifelong viewer…I am sure money is the issue here, as is the way of corporate America these days..The loyal and dedicated working class are being replaced with younger, inexperienced people who are paid half of what their predecessors were making..This is a very sad day in my household; it feels like a death in the family.. Best of everything to you Geoff! You have no idea how you and your wit will be missed. ♥ ♥

  271. Geoff, best wishes, you will be an asset wherever you go. Just seeing all the responses from people you now know you are loved & will be missed. I am sure it is all for the best somewhere down the road. Go & enjoy your new beginnings. I know you will miss your friends at work,that is the hardest to deal with. In the end after all it’s just a job, but the friendships last forever. After 30 yrs at my company I was laid off even though I had very few problems over my many years(always had great job reviews yearly) then new mgt. came in & they had their own folks & friends move in along with them & decided they could do it better with all their new workers they brought with them. So be it! It’s all politics. I loved my job also and had gotten many thank you’s & compliments over the years but the stress was building on who would get the axe next. Everyone at my old place who have been there for years are scared & miserable(and a lot of them left anyways eventually). I am grateful for no more stress on “who” will be let go next & I am loving my new life. I am sure you will find peace, keep up all your friendships & you will do fine. You were always upbeat which attracts folks(who wants a downer on tv???), keep saying I am joyful for my life & it will get you through it all.
    Sue Mc.

  272. Hi Geoff,
    My husband and I have watched you since you have been on News Channel 8. We watch the 11pm news….I am sorry they are not renewing your contract. I think it’s awful. There is no one else who will say “don’t go to sleep now, there’s more news channel 8 to come.” We will miss you and Channel 8 certainly will not be the same. They are making a terrible mistake. Good luck and hopefully we will see you on the air again soon.

  273. I’m happy for you, Geoff. You have network-caliber talent and really are too good for this tiny market. That’snot going to go unnoticed and you’re going to have a much better job…seriously.

  274. Oh my Geoff,
    Truthfully, my husband and I would watch another channel’s news report, but always turn back to Channel 8 to see the weather. Your accuracy and care for the public always struck us. As a matter of fact, as my husband would travel all over the country, he would call home and ask what Geoff said the weather in Connecticut was. Many of his travelling decisions were based on you, and you never let either of us down. I don’t know what Channel 8 is trying to prove, but it appears sex sells. The audience that never had the pleasure of your professionalism don’t know what they’re missing. Weather reporting is not entertainment, it’s business to those who rely on it every day. The very best to you and your family…and God bless your future. Who knows? this may be a blessing in disguise.

  275. Goeff – You were often the last voice I hared before going to sleep – for so many years. I always tried to stay awake to hear you deliver the weather. I have never commented on what happens on the news, but wanted you to know that I think you have done an awesome job over the years. Your replacement has some big shoes to fill. If they had asked the viewers, they would have heard similar sentiments from most of us.

    The best to you in your family.


  276. Geoff,
    i have watched the nightly news and weather,WTNH, for forever. I am totally blown away that the station would not renew your contract, I can tell you everyone I know will be switching ! We are all Mad! I will miss your “Don’t go to sleep yet, there’s more to come!” It surely is Channel 8 WTNH’s loss. Best of luck to you.

  277. I will be deleting my WTNH app from my phone and IPad, I only downloaded them to check the weather! I do hope you land in Connecticut, the news won’t be the same without you!
    Thank You Mr. Fox! You will be missed )-:

  278. We had not heard the news about your contract not being renewed and my husband and I have been wondering what might have happened to you. So we looked Online. We were shocked and very saddened that WTNH has made this foolish decision. What could they possibly be thinking? We’ve watched you since day one. You have done an outstanding job. You are greatly missed already. Thank you for all your hard work through these years. We are relieved to learn that you are OK; that neither you nor any one in your family is facing a health crises, or anthing like that. Wishing you the very best for your future.

  279. It amazes me how a media corporation such as LIN makes such brainless decisions such as not renewing you. Its a move more typical of K-Mart…fire the experienced guy and bring in a new person for much less money. Apparently the issue of quality never comes into the equation. I mean no offense to Dr. Mel, Gil or Steve but the weather forecasts have taken on almost apocalyptic tone during recent weather events..report the facts but don’t automatically report that the sky is falling (no pun intended). In any event, I wish you the best. Your new position will be WTNH’s and especially OUR loss…..

  280. Geoff. Just found out today that you are not going to be on WTNH – well, they just lost a loyal viewer. I wondered what was going on and I thought you were on vacation. Gil gives a weather forecast that borders on annoying so I change the channel when he is on. The only other time I stopped watching WTNH was when that other traffic lady was on – she was too much! I just don’t get it. Oh, there are lots of people I know of right now who will also be watching another channel – no more WTNH. Bad move on their part. Hiring someone younger is not always a good idea . . . really, what could management have been thinking?

  281. Geoff:
    I am disappointed in the actions of WTNH, first with Scott and now you. I’m not sure what WTNH, or should I say “News 8” are doing, but letting you go was not warranted! I have already changed my source for weather to another network! That said, GOOD LUCK in your future endeavors! I’m sure it will work out for a talent such as yourself!

  282. Geoff, please don’t leave us. We need you. You are the best meteorologist in the state of Connecticut. I have been a loyal viewer of yours, not WTNH, since I moved to CT in 1994. One year I got direct TV for my home, but I never missed your forecast. I checked online everyday to see what the weather was going to be like. Now I live in Warren, CT and you are the only one who seems to even know that Litchfield County even exists. The rest of the weatherman stand in front of it and never even mentions the county. If you are not hired back, I will NEVER watch WTNH ever again. Here’s is an idea for you, how about doing the weather from home on your website? I know I would subscribe.
    I do wish you all the best. And thank you for sharing your knowledge with us. Some of us were listening.

  283. Geoff,

    I moved back to CT 26 years ago and have been a loyal fan ever since. Your weather forcasts were the forecasts I relied on and believed. You also entertained with all the other information that was part of your program. I guess WTNH doesn’t understand that news and weather is basically the same on every channel; it’s the personality that makes people focus on one channel. I will no longer watch Channel 8; NBC on Channel 4 will be my new source of all that’s good. Good luck and success, you will be picked up by somebody else; you’re too good to be sidelined.

  284. Geoff,

    You will be greatly missed. I have watched you since you started and was a former weather watcher. You made people what to watch the weather. Please let us know where you will be going so we can keep in touch. Best of luck to you and your family.

  285. Geoff,

    Your the reason I tune into Channel 8 news. Sure I can get a weather report on-line, but what I want is the weather report for Connecticut. With your knowledge of both Connecticut and weather, you’ve been a lot more accurate. Plus you’ve taught me stuff about why weather occurs.

    I hope the station managers come to their senses and soon!

    I’m rooting for you.

  286. Geoff –

    CT weather will not be the same without you! You are a CT institution and one of my favorite TV personalities. It is a shame that the corporate wheels can discard a guy like you.

    If you indeed to leave WTNH, I hope you stay in CT so that I can follow you.

    All the best!

  287. I am still in shock that they have really done this to you. We have watched you and WTNH every day since we moved here in 1999. Truly hoping you are brought back on a new contract – with a RAISE! You certainly deserve it, Geoff. You are sorely missed.

  288. You were the reason I watched the 11pm News on Channel 8. You always had some interesting tidbit to add to the broadcast. Several years ago, you had started the news program saying the nearest t-storms were 75 miles south of Long Island while we in the Danbury area were experiencing a major t-storm. I immediately sent off an email to you. Before 11:30, you stated on the air that you were wrong and yes indeed, there was thunderstorm activity. Not only that, but shortly after, you replied to my email explaining why you had missed the signs and again apologized. You don’t get that kind of response from most network people. If anything you might get a canned “thank you for your inquiry” auto-response.

    Weekdays are not going to be the same without your “don’t go to sleep yet!” message wrapping up the evening. Even though weather forecasting has come a long way, no one ever is going to be able to always predict what Mother Nature has in mind. But you come close. Guess I’ll be looking for another channel soon as this new guy just doesn’t cut it. Going to miss you – hope you remain in CT but good luck in whatever the future brings you.

  289. Geoff…. I, too, am shocked! I signed a petition to keep you on, but apparently, no one there cares. I am sure you don’t want to comment regarding this, but the doofus who is on now (is it Steve)- is NOT taking your place. He is taking your job. However, that does not mean that my husband and I will be watching. We’ll go back to Channel 12 or Channel 3.
    BTW, quite a long time ago, I wrote asking about the darling white dog you took to work occassionally. Being a dog lover, I really enjoyed that, and hoped that s/he isn’t in doggie heaven. Wasn’t sure if the bas-turds there wouldn’t let you bring it there anymore. At any rate, please let me know where you will be working, cuz if its in the area, we’ll tune you in!

  290. Geoff,

    Have watched you for years..will miss you very much. Hope you go on to bigger and better things!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Just hope the bosses at WTNH know you are not replaceable

  291. Good Morning Geoff:

    Just a note to let you know how much I appreciate your years of service to the New Haven area. I always greatly enjoyed your weather reports and having searched other stations can say that no one seems to fill your shoes. I wish you and your family the best and hope to see you on air again soon. WTNH is certainly not the same without you.
    Thank You,
    Suzanne in North Haven

  292. Geoff –

    You were the only voice of reason for so many years, when other “meteorologists” predicted the “end-of-days” with every storm. Your professionalism and true scientific curiosity were assets to WTNH and gifts to your viewers. WTNH ratings aside, your viewers are the biggest losers, as you brought science and inquisitiveness to so many, and made the world or nature accessible to those who would otherwise have no interest or inkling.

    Sic gloria transit mundi.
    Be well.

  293. Geoff-

    In the world of newer, better, faster, better looking (that all of the local T.V. media seems to be taking these days), this is really not suprising. Disgusting yes, suprising no. You have been a great “soldier” for the entire state of CT. If you think of weather in the state of CT, two names come to mind – Dr. Mel’s and yours. It seems that I’ve watched you forever, and I came to know you when you used to stop in at the Stop & Shop in East Haven after the 11 o’clock news when I worked there many years ago. You’ve been a great teacher for the kids, and a great friend to us all. I wish you the best in all of your future endeavors, and thank you for your many years of service to the viewers in CT.

  294. Geoff-
    This sucks. No really this is terrible. I heard the rumors, thought and hoped they weren’t true, then had to search the internet to see if it was true and I came upon your blog. Wow. I can’t believe it. I have deleted my channel 8 app, which you plugged for those losers relentlessly. I will no longer watch channel 8 news. I mean are they kidding with Steve? Really Steve? Geoff you delivered a forecast that left me feeling confident and knowledgeable about the incoming weather, and you did it in a style that kept me entertained. When I watch other weathermen now I could see the mistakes they are making, whether it be with their graphics or their delivery. I could always tell when someone is doing a job they love, you my friend are the best weatherman I have seen on TV. I hope you end up somewhere else, but if not, I know you’ll be the best damn host or radio personality you can be. Thank you for your years of thoughtful, and usually spot on, forecasting.

  295. Dear Geoff,
    Bonn Chance, Buena Suerte, in any language Good Luck to a Class Act. Like all of the above messages I am not a happy camper with WTNH terminating your contract and that of Matt Scott. I’ve had too many mojor changes in my life recently to lose a friendly familiar face who explains our weather forecast with such great clarity. I wonder how many students you have inspired to go on to studying meteorology. I may have to go back to my native NY stations. Thank you for your dedication to your craft and to our communities.

  296. I am disappointed and angry at your “leaving…you were the best on the show… I hope your talents will be used locally , so we can still watch you… channel 8 made a huge mistake… after all those years… just unbelievable!!!
    you are one of the best… keep warm..

  297. I have watched you on Channel 8 since you started. You are the best weatherman and the most in tune with the weather. Channel 8 is losing a very good man. I will surely miss you. If you go to another channel let us know as I will follow you. Channel 8 is amking a great mistake.

  298. Geoff, thanks for all the memories and the friendship over the years. I’ll miss seeing your face and hearing your voice everyday, but hope that you will pop up close by soon again.

    -73- Al

  299. Geoff, You were our favorite weather person and made us regular viewers of local news. We are disappointed and upset, but will find another station to get our local info. It’s so sad when a professional person is let go with no explanation. Hopefully, you’ll find something quickly and be able to stay in this area. Best of luck. Channel 8 is the loser, not you.

  300. Geoff,
    We have tuned into none other that you for the last 25 years, we will now tune out. Yes maybe your colleagues will suffer, but I was not ever watching them, it was you who I was watching. Other news stations provide the news as well as Keith, Ann and whomever, we were always watching you. I hope that you stay in Connecticut and steal the business from WTNH………..just so they can save a few pennies! Best of luck!

  301. Everyone, just email WTNH everyday and tell them what a mistake they are making, per my earlier post Geoff, I have been doing it regularly. I have also told them that I am disappointed in the fact that they don’t have enough of a backbone to give you a straight answer as to why………….Keep emailing the station everyone!!!!

  302. Geoff,

    All of this snow – a record month – and all I keep thinking is, “Gee, I’d really love to get Geoff’s take every night on all this crazy weather”, but alas, this is not to be the case any longer on WTNH. Their mistake and a huge one. It’s very kind of you to say that I should not take out my frustration with management on your colleagues, who I am sure are all very nice. But alas, I watched because of you and I cannot watch the person doing the weather now (who is certainly not your “replacement”). All the best with that thing about the closing of old doors and the opening of new windows thing. Talent and quality always shine through. Love to see you on the air again.

  303. Do these program nitwits know, obviously not, with all the other weather outlets at my finger tips, why did I switch to Channel 8 every night at 11:00, I keep comcast as my backup [I use Dish as my primary] just because I wanted to see you and Dr. Mel on Channel 8.

    Storm Team 8 has died, murdered by stupidity. Well I’ll do the same as you and move on, I’ll even cancel comcast and save a few bucks so all is not lost.

    Best of luck and I’m sure you will land on your feet.

    PS: You will find many friends south of the Mason Dixon line, check it out.

  304. I’m going to miss you Geoff – 26 years – and now you tell me it’s over – I may never recover. No one can replace you. But wherever you go – I’ll try to be there (in front of the radio or TV).
    Best of luck in your next endeavor. We’re all cheering you on – your own personal peanut gallery – giving you a standing ovation.

  305. Geoff there are not to many words that come to mind I and my whole Family will miss you so much I drive a School Bus and you are who we counted on to let us know the weather now My Family and I will no longer watch WTNH I refuse to watch That so called “Replacement” weather person you and Dr Mel were the only ones we ever watched My Kids grew up with you and also looked up to you All I can say I BAD MOVE 8 Now better things will come your way and I say good luck to you and I hope were ever you go we can see you again and as Far as channel 8 goes they are no longer welcome in my home good luck and keep in touch with your loyal fans you are #1

  306. Geoff,
    Thought you were on vacation. After a time, thought you were ill. Sorry to hear what happened. Been watching you since you started on Ch.8, here on the east end of LI (with an antenna). Your forecasts were always accurate for our North Fork. Good luck wherever you go!

  307. Geoff,

    Chin up! Man!

    You do know that you’re as loved as someone’s big brother or wonderfully goofy uncle. Everyone adores you. I will confess to not getting you early on in your career at channel 8 but you grew on me as well as my entire family…I’ve long since given up local news but would tune in to see you do the weather. Wherever you go, we’ll follow… within reason of course.


  308. I thought you were on vacation as well soaking up the sun.OK letting you go Jeff was foolish for WTNH. Gill Simmon and Tresa Labara are corny and annoying. I am not impressed nor entertained with there humor or LACK of. Maye a total boycott of WTNH will help the see the ERROR of there way.

  309. I am totally agast that your contract has not been renewed. I am not impressed with Steve Villanueva at all. Steve MacLaughlin is okay, but he does not have your personality. I truly hope that you land somewhere local where I can watch you. Channel 8 has always been my preference due to the shoreline location (I live in Waterford) and found most of the personalities enjoyed their work with each other. It took me a while to get used to Dr. Mel because I find him to be a bit dry. Now I have to get used to 2 new Steves???? Channel 3 may be my default soon.

  310. I am so sorry that you are not reporting the weather. I watched channel 8, because you reported the weather. I have no reason to watch channel 8 anymore. I thought you were on vacation, little did I know, that was a permanent one. I will find another station to watch.


  311. This is the worst winter since I can remember and I’ve been waiting for you to be on air.
    I assumed you were on vacation. Now, I see this.

    WTNH may think you’re replaceable. But you’re not.

    I have a handicapped daughter who adores your personality and waits for your weather report every night.
    She loves your enthusiasm and your energy. When she gets nervous with impending severe weather, your voice reassures her. When you say, “Don’t go to sleep yet,” she doesn’t, until you’ve done your report.

    It’s obvious you love your job. It’s obvious how many people love the job that you do.

    To WTNH: Without Geoff, I’m changing the channel.

  312. well, the choices become less…sorry to hear both you and Matt have left…Happy Boy on 3 isn’t an option…well good luck to you and thanks for your straight-forward yet entertaining approach

  313. Geoff,
    My husband and I have been waiting for you to come back from vacation, thinking WOW he’s lucky to have such a long one. Only now did we learn that you’re gone from WNTH. We are so upset! We have watched you since you started there. What are those in charge thinking – you are the one worth keeping!! Geoff, we wish you and your family the very best, for you are the best – a talented and very knowledgable weather man, a real gentlemen and a genuine nice person. Think its time we say Goodbye News 8 WTNH.

  314. Geoff,
    As the last storm was approaching and I was looking for your wisdom, I realized that you were no longer a presence on the air. Nothing was said and suddenly a new voice was talking to me from channel 8. Funny how they chose someone who is a dead ringer for a twenty year younger you. Age discrimination anyone? I am beyond shocked that the best and most dedicated and most entertaining weatherman in CT has been given his walking papers. WHAT are they thinking. You are the man that made the weather exciting and fun even on a calm day in June. I learned so much about meteorology from you. I want to let you know that in my 23 years of teaching in the CT public school system, whenever a snow storm was approaching and a snow day was discussed, it was Geoff Fox that my students would quote as if he were the gospel. So Geoff, “DON’T GO TO SLEEP YET; THERE IS MORE TO COME” in your very talented, professional and dedicated career. Set your sights large, and don’t feel you need to stay in CT with a small local station. Chicago has amazing weather to report as does New York and Dallas and other large markets in the USA. Do not set your sights low, even if you switch to the talk show format. You deserve a large market. Thank you so much for serving the people of CT with such dedication and class. I wish you and your family fair weather ahead and red skies at night. On a side note, it is wonderful to have this technology available to express my thoughts to you.

  315. I returned from a trip, and missed seeing Geoff for my evening Weather. It just wasn’t the same without Geoff. I was a Military Meteorologist for 10 years, and know what an excellent job Geoff does for CT. What a way to find out that you no longer have a job. What possibly could they have found unfavorable in his job performance. I think that the parent company and maybe even this new program has a job performance problem . Let Geoff take over the entire Storm Team 8 program!!!!!

  316. I’ve been wondering where you were and was shocked when I learned you will not be on WTNH anymore. I’ve appreciated and relied on your weather reports for such a long time! It just won’t be the same without you. You will be greatly missed. Channel 8 is making a huge mistake letting you go. Best wishes to you and your family and THANK YOU for so many years of wonderful service to the community.

  317. Geoff,
    As as CT teacher, I attended many CAS awards dinners at the Aqua Turf over the years, where you were the emcee. You were always gracious, humorous, and respectful of our profession which endeared you to many of my colleagues across the state. Your TV manner was always professional, and pleasant. I have been wondering what happened to you; I am sorry that the station has let you go. You have been an asset to Connecticut viewers, and you will be sorely missed. Best of luck in your new endeavors.

    1. Thanks Susan. The answer to “I have been wondering what happened to you” is, “Nothing. I was always like that!” Sorry. Old joke.

  318. Geoff,
    So sorry to hear of your departure! I have watched your forecasts since 1985 when I was at Quinnipiac..when it was a COLLEGE! Hope to see you back on the air soon! You always took the time to explain what happened, when it would happen, and why it happened. Thank you so much!! Miss you! Be well!!

  319. Geoff,
    It’s official. WTNH has lost their marbles! I hope WFSB scoops you up. You would be awesome working right along with Scot Haney.

    WFSB is really going downhill. I can’t believe they hired that dim-wit Teresa doing the traffic. I was happy to see her leave Channel 3.

    Wishing you health and happiness in your new venture. I do hope you stay in CT but can certainly understand if you leave this state because CT has no class letting you go!

  320. Dear Geoff, The earlier bloggers said it much better than I could. I will miss you. Please let us know where you are going. I think it is awfulthat they did not even allow you to finish your contract as they said originally. Their newest hire is not even close to your caliber. I will never refer to him as a replacement because you are irreplaceable. No number of sound bytes be Dr. Mel will convince differently. Good luck and God bless you and your family. WTNH has lost a great employee and MANY viewers. MARCIA

  321. To the best weatherman,I bet, in the country. Mostly every night I would wait for you at 11:18PM for you to give me the latest weather report. You are my very favorite weather person. I would wait for you to say “Don’t go to sleep yet, there’s more to come”. You made the weather report to be very informative and very accurate. I will miss you a lot. I would talk about you to my friends and several of them mentioned they had seen you at benefit parties.I have cable tv with Comcast and they are pricey, so I had checked into satellite tv. They don’t even realize when they say they get all the local news stations that it is different for Fairfield County and New Haven County. Since I live in Shelton which is in Fairfield County they were trying to tell me that I would get my local station which is the New York stations. If you live across the river which is Derby, that is New Haven County and they get Ch.3,4,and 8. I refused to get the satellite tv for that reason. If I couldn’t see Ch.8 weather with you I didn’t want to pay for the satellite tv.
    I wish you and your family a time of strength, unity and lots of love. Wherever you go, you have God’s blessings at all times.Barbara

  322. Geoff – I felt HORRIBLE when I heard the news about you leaving Channel 8 – The weather report is not the same. But know that I too have felt the “sting” of being “surplussed” after 20+ years at a job. Not fun. But know that life does go on and I do believe that there is something better waiting for you. I miss your smile and humor and “Don’t go to sleep” – I always waited.

  323. Geoff,
    My husband and I are just shocked!! Devastated! We can’t believe it! We have enjoyed your weather forecast for 26 years. You were always a welcome face in our home EVERYDAY!! You were ALWAYS a part of our family. We will be married for 30 years and I remember watching the weather when I was pregnant with my daughter Jamie during the hurricane in 1985…You were always reassuring, funny and professional and down to earth. We enjoyed watching you immensely. You will be greatly missed! My husband and I are so disappointed in News 8. Watching the weather will never be the same for us. We hope and pray you will once again find your way into our home through another station. We will be watching and waiting to hear how you are doing. We wish you and your family all the Best! God Bless You and your family. Joe and Patrease

  324. Geoff,

    It is still unbelievable to me, especially as I watch the new guys stumble through the program with the charisma of an annoying gnat. Could WTNH have made a dumber decision? Doubtful. Hope you’re back in our living rooms soon, my family will follow you anywhere! You’re the very best at what you do, and you would have certainly made the unbearable weather of the last weeks FUN! You are deeply missed. All the best to you.

  325. I kept asking my husband…Where is Geoff? Finally I logged on and googled Where is Geoff Fox and lo and behold I find you are no longer a WTNH. I have to admit I have been a faithful WTNH news watcher for as long as I can remember. It was only recently that I started to get my news from another source, but it was always the Geoff Fox forecast that I switched back too. I guess it really is time to go to sleep. Good Luck to you. You could always follow Janet’s lead and get involved in politics.

  326. Oh Geoff! 🙁 I think I’ve been watching you all those 26 years, I remember when Stephanie was born, our children grew up together. What is wrong with media administrators? You made the weather fun, and were always attuned to what the audience wanted to know. How about your own show??!! I work 2nd shift–if you had a daytime show that was more science/weather/astronomy oriented, I would definitely watch, as I have little to no interest in standard daytime talk show fare. Thank you so very much for those great 26 years. WTNH’s loss – I won’t be watching as much.
    Take care and best of luck.

  327. I too have just learned you were let go by WTNH.
    I agree with other viewers I no longer will watch
    channel 8. It is too bad in this day and age loyalty
    means nothing.I understand at times it is the best interest of the company to let someone go but it does not take 26 years for one to realize this!

    I am sorry you were not allowed to finish out your contract because we the viewers exercised our right to speak out against your non renewal. Good luck Geoff you will be missed. Remember when life gives you lemons, make lemonade!

  328. Like so many before me have written, I was shocked and dismayed to hear that you would no longer be my TV weatherman in CT.. I have been thinking about you a lot and wondering where you are now. In my attempt to find out I stumbled on you blog for the first time. Thank You for the many years you served us with your cheerfulness, your intellect and your careful reporting. Please let us know where you go next and what you will be doing. IF you keep an email/subscription list PLEASE put me on it.
    I wsish you the best of luck &
    Many Blessings;

  329. Geoff,
    This has total screwed up my nightly news on WTNH. I have always watched (and looked forward to) the nightly weather report on Channel 8 (Don’t go to sleep yet!) My wife and I have been a faithful follower of your weather reporting for many years, and now I feel lost. I actually wake up sometimes having no idea what is in store for today’s weather. God was displeased with the decision not to renew your contact, as you could tell by the amount of snow we’ve gotten since you left.
    We wish you the best in the future and hope they treat you better than WTNH did in the end,
    Jack and Joan

  330. I am missing your nightly reminder not to go to sleep yet & where will I send your birthday card?Let us know where you finally land.

  331. Good Grief; You were replaced by grown-up Eddie Munster???? (gota love that hairline..)
    Anyway, I’m sure you (and your hair) were geting tired of all that hair dye- I suspect your other wacked co-worker Matt, was dying his eyebrows as well.
    But in all fairness, your enthusiasm and love of Meteorology (got 4 credits for the course) made you a favorite. Lin Broadcasting is simply wacking employees and reducing costs. As we know, advertising revenue is way down and obnoxious Bob and his family rule the channel 8 airwaves with “no credit crap cars in Milford”. Maybe obnoxious Bob can get you an unemployemnt loan?? Really he should use the money to buy himself and his wife some decent clothes

  332. While the young “Steves” newly hired, are good, and they will get better with seasoning, it’s YOU I miss. There was an extra depth to the expert forecast plus your humor and the way you made your forecast personal to each of us. I feel so remiss in not expressing that before – maybe had we all sent in notes of support this would hot have happened.

    I am so bummed out!

  333. Why don’t you do satelite radio,or do a freelance report and submit it to tv stations,you can do it.I belive in you!

  334. Geoff, I miss your weather reports, but Erika Martin was smoking hot even though you were more experienced. I miss you and also her.

    What does this mean? I guess there are a lot of sources for weather. Good luck.

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