Stuff You Realize

Thank you! I cannot believe the outpouring of love I’ve received since yesterday. I am truly humbled. I don’t know if my bosses have read your comments, but I have. It’s all overwhelming. There is no way I could have foreseen the depth of your support. For that I will be forever grateful.

I don’t know what the future holds for me, but knowing I have this type of support makes everything that much easier. Honest.

113 thoughts on “Stuff You Realize”

  1. Geoff,
    Are you able to legally state the WHY the station will not renew your contract?
    I sent you a message on your facebook page, sent an e-mail to the station yesterday and today posted with the thousands of others on “Keep Geoff” page.
    Do you want to stay on WTNH if they ask you to renew?

  2. I have complained everywhere I can. I hope you get a job in CT. I will be a loyal fan where ever you go. I am sure you will do just fine where ever you do go. The best to you and your family. WTHN sure made a stupid move.

  3. I am so upset and disappointed over Geoff’s February departure from WTNH. He is the main reason I watch and have watched that channel for years. It is probably certain that after February 28, I will change my allegiance to Channel 3. WTNH has made a mistake which will certainly cost them viewers!!!

  4. I have made my displeasure clear to Linmedia and WTNH. My last day watching WTNH will be your last day on air. Hopefully we can get many more people to get through to whoever made this colossal mistake and get them to fix it. Otherwise, I and many like me will be looking elsewhere for our news and our weather!

  5. If I may speculate..

    One of the local market competitors just released that their “ratings in November were the highest ever in the Htfd/New Haven market, since Nielsen began keeping track!”. Add that to the fact that the younger generation is slipping away from watching televised news, and the fact that Geoff is high dollar talent.. Well the math is simple from there.

  6. I have been watching you do the weather since hurricane Gloria 1985. You are the only reason I watch News Channel 8. When you go so will I.

  7. When my husband was in junior high, he wrote to you…you responded, and his whole class had the opportunity to visit the station and talk to you. He still recalls that day fondly and has been a huge fan ever since. And I’ve become a fan, too! I truly hope you can remain in the CT market. You’re a joy to watch.

  8. No, Thank You, Geoff! It’s very rare even in the age of media that we are in now for a celebrity, local or national, to allow us such access where we feel we can call you a friend! I was shocked and saddened when I heard the news yesterday. You are going to be missed by many, but it’s comforting to know we still can see the side of you that not everyone gets to see (unless they know of your site/facebook,etc). Keep your head held high, no matter what, we’ve got your back, just ad you’ve had ours for many years. My first memory of you was during hurricane Gloria, and ever since, you’ve done so much for Connecticut! So, thank you!

  9. Sorry to read this news–perhaps it’s time for California sunshine (or rain, mudslides). It appears that the industry is changing. We’ll be changing channels in coming weeks.

  10. Geoff, there is certainly a divide between your supporters and detractors, but the fact of the matter is that among those folks I know, your approval rating is way above any politician since George Washington. You’ll be fine, it’s us who lose.

  11. Geoff- First I would like to thank you for being such a wonderful weather person. More importantly I would like to thank you for all the phenomenal fundraising efforts for the many different causes that you support. News8 will never be able to find another person like you, for you are irreplaceable. Please keep up the good work you do for many different charities. We also had mutual friends in common….Marge and Nick Colavolpe. Good people and we miss them very much.

  12. Geoff,
    I have told the news people at News 8 that your last day on the station will be the last day I watch Channel 8. After you leave, I’ll be getting my thrice-daily news and weather from Channel 4. I will miss Good Morning America, but I can watch on line via ABC, I think.

    Best wishes to you, whatever happens.

  13. Add me to the list of -to-be-former News 8 viewers. I am completely disgusted with the morons who run that operation, and the end of your tenure will mark the end of mine as a viewer. The weather operation at News 8 has been the best in the state for years, which is why I started watching news there. I will no longer.
    Thank you for all that you have done – I hope you stay in CT.

  14. Geoff,
    Add my voice to those who are so upset about LIN Corp. not renewing your contract. I also have written letters to advertisers boycotting their products/services, as well as LIN Corp and WTNH stating I will no longer watch Channel 8 if you’re not doing the weather. You will be missed, and I wish you all the best in your future endeavors. (I’m keeping my fingers crossed “the powers that be” come to their senses and realize what a mistake they are making in letting you go)

  15. Geoff,
    I am still reeling from the news of your imminent departure from wtnh. How can the powers to be think that this is a good move for the station? I have read a lot of comments today from loyal viewers who will be getting their news and weather from other stations once you leave, and I count myself among them. Your style, your sense of humor, your knowledge and the rapport you have built with your viewers will not be forgotten. You ARE wtnh, and I can’t imagine the station without you. Gosh, I can’t wait for you to return from vacation! I have sent emails and made phone calls to the recommended folks expressing my shock at their decision, and hopefully they will take the time to read at least some of them and ponder what an awful decision they have made. In the meantime, I know you will continue your final weeks by showing what an upstanding human being you are. I will keep tuning in until the sad day arrives when you will no longer be on wtnh. At that time, I will change the channel, delete my app, and have nothing whatsoever to do with wtnh again. Best of luck.

  16. Geoff I was very disappointed to hear that your contract will not be renewed. WTNH has made some really bad moves lately. The departure of Matt Scott was also a big disappointment. Maybe Fox 61 will pick you up now they announced that Garrett Argianas is not being renewed there. WTNH’s management seems arrogant, uncaring and unfeeling about us viewers. Also I was disappointed when they changed the blog policy on OnPolitix to wanting to know your life history to post there.

    Again Sorry to hear you will be leaving WTNH but hopefully someone will pick you up quickly!!!!

  17. Geoff, you are the reason I tune in to Channel 8…there is no other reason! I will be looking for you on either on another CT channel or hopefully on a NYC channel. I’m always interested in hearing why someone that has such a following as you do and doing such a stellar job would be let go, I hope you can tell us there warped reasoning on this obvious bad move. Hope to see you soon….I like Channel 2 (CBS) out of New York…I will make a call or two to them on your behave.

  18. Geoff, long time viewer (both blog & tv), first time poster. I found out about this awful news upon visiting your blog today, when I saw the first 100 comments, initially I thought your page was being spammed, but instead I learned of the unthinkable.
    I really can’t begin to express how stupid I think this move is, and how disappointed I am with the WTNH management,like many I tune into WTNH specifically for your forecasts.
    What I do not understand is it takes years to build up the trust cache you have with us viewers, and WTNH seemingly decided to throw it away on a whim without any regard. NewsFolks like you, Gerry Brooks, Anne, etc make local news still watchable, you’re part of the community and the positive things you guys haven done over the years have not gone unnoticed.
    I just want to thank you for you service for all these years, with your talents and affability,I have no doubt you will land on your feet in no time, bigger and better.

  19. I fail to understand the stupidity of news executives who make assine decisions!
    Geoff is one of the best aspects of Channel 8!!
    Guess I will be watching all the NY stations from now on.

    Geoff thank you for your years of service and perhaps you can get a job in one of the NY stations that I soon will be watching exclusively.

  20. Geoff, I am really sorry to hear you will no longer be working as a weatherman on WTNH. Just heard about it this afternoon. Is your tv station trying to get rid of all the older people and replacing them with youngsters?

  21. Geoff –

    Listen, we just admire and respect you! For many of us who are over 40 – who is kidding who…over 50, it’s not the first time being high performers to be shown the doors for cheaper labor. Is it right? No. Is it legal? Depends on the circumstances and how it was done. Having a contract changes the parameters.

    However, in your particular case, you are a valued public commodity – you add dollar value to the bottom line – The recent changes of long term employees is concerning. In a well run organization, you have older and more experienced workers be the mentors for the younger – just starting out in their careers workers. Sadly, the WTNH management does not understand or perhaps want to do this in their “strategic plan.”

    Frankly, I don’t think that there is much of a plan…more like throwing darts at a board, missing the mark each time. I hope that they do the right thing and give you a contract. If not, you will get something much better and with an organization that will value you – personally and professionally.

    We’ll keep fighting for you – rest assured!

  22. Geoff,
    I was very shocked to hear about your being let go from WTNH soon. I’ve grown up watching you over the years and hoping that you’d convince my school to close down on those blustery, snowy days when I was a kid!! As I mentioned, I’ve grown up watching you, yet somehow I’ve aged and you haven’t?!? It must be that kid at heart sense of humor of yours. I wish you the best of luck where ever you end up going to. I like your plan of going some place where there is no Winter!! Best of luck to and your family. You’ll be greatly missed, but I know you’ll end up on top!!! Channel 8 won’t be the same without you.

  23. Geoff, sitting here watching you on the 5:00PM segment. I want to commend you on how professional you’ve been. Not many people could pull this off. I’ll bed watching elsewhere from no on. Good luck!

  24. Sorry to hear they are letting you go. I have watched you since you began. Always loved you. I am switching news stations. Your humor has always been a favorite. I bet there will be bigger and better things comming for you. Good Luck and God Bless

  25. GEOFF – you just can’t leave!! I will NEVER watch the weather again!!! Thanks for 26 years and I wish you the best of luck…. will miss you…hopefully CT will still be your home and soon you will be back…

  26. I am very disappointed in channel 8. Definitely considering banning and moving to another station. I’ve enjoyed your reporting.


  27. You’ve done a bang-up job at News8 for an incredibly long time. It’s more than just the weather; you put your warmth into every broadcast. I’m not going to eulogize you, but this really sucks. Without a doubt you’ll land in greener pastures. Just know that you are appreciated here. Thank you!

  28. Good Luck Geoff, I know you’ll do well where ever you go. WTNH weathere just won’t be the same without you, you made the weather fun ! I guess I’ll have to watch channel 3 from now on!

  29. I’ve been watching you on WTNH since the late 80’s and have always enjoyed the extra scientific information you give us about the weather as well as info on astronomy and the night sky. You have a great style and personality and will be sorely missed in our household. Best of luck for the future. I greatly admire the professional manner in which you are handling this. It must be tough to remain calm and professional on the air.

  30. This is a huge mistake that WTNH is making. You are one of the few weathermen who actually cares about the science behind the weather and bring so much more to the news that just reporting the weather. I hope they reconsider their decision. I hope you will stay with a Connecticut station so we can continue to watch your weather commentary. Good luck to you, Geoff.

  31. Dear Geoff: I’m stunned! After enjoying the weather with you all these years – corny jokes and all – I can’t for the life of me understand the corporate mentality behind this action. You will surely move on to bigger and better things. Channel 3 is looking so much better to me now.
    I will miss you and for what it’s worth, I think your demeanor under these circumstances shows what a class act you really are.
    The big wigs will regret this is the long run – I guarantee it.
    Be well, be safe and most of all, be happy!
    Kathy Delaney

  32. My wife and I really enjoy watching you and will miss you. “Don’t go to sleep yet, there’s more News 8 at 11 to come” is one our favorite lines. Hope to find you somewhere else on the air

  33. I am so sad to hear this news, I dont think I will be able to watch channel 8 news anymore, it just wont be the same, I will find an alternative station to watch…I hope to see you on tv still, and just know the public will miss you, an like myself lose a lot of respect for news 8. God Bless you

  34. Geoff:

    I can’t believe you are going to be gone. I always look forward to your weather reports. You tell it like it is, don’t run out to get milk & bread. The station doesn’t need any more pretty faces, not saying yours isn’t pretty, but they need intelligence as well. Good luck on your future endeavors. Hope you do get the job you want with the angry liberal. We need more of them.

  35. I just heard this and thought it was an urban legend — really. How could any news station do anything as phenomenally stupid as this? There are already people making their exodus from WTNH; there will now be multitudes, including me and my entire family. I have never in 55 years heard the news from anyone else who is as respected and enjoyed as much as you are. We completely trust you — rain, sleet, snow or gloom of night. You’ve gotten us through many a storm. We also think you are a hoot. We laugh because you’re one of us. We don’t remember much of anything else the other anchors have said on any given day, but we remember you. I mean, I will write to the powers that be, of course, but if I were you I’d tell them to stuff it even if they asked you to stay due to popular demand. I wouldn’t blame you for it. I have been in your shoes, finding out at a budget meeting in front of a town hall full of people that my hours were being cut from 30 to 9 a week. It’s like a little death. Don’t you dare go too far because remember we’re going with you.

  36. Geoff, My stomach still has a hole in it! I as well will be leaving WTNH on your very sad last day. However, I know you will sore in which ever path you chose! I just hope “WE THE PEOPLE OF CT” can follow your path with you! You are a wonderful man, genuine, funny, compasionate for your viewers, smart, and the best damn Meteorologist in CT! I’ve learned alot from you, and I thank you for it! My kids and I will GREATLY MISS YOU! BEST OF LUCK TO YOU, and as far as references? You know CT Residents “GOT YOUR BACK”!!! We love you Mr. Geoff Fox!!!!

  37. Jeff, I was amazed to hear that channel 8 will be letting you go when your contract is up, I guess Dr. Mel, Ann and Mark should be watching their backs too !!! Like the rest of your fans I will be going elsewhere to get my weather also, probably channel 3. i hope, if you do leave, that you will stay where I can watch you. I know you have done a lot to upgrade the weather station and make the weather interesting and you help explain the weather in terms we can understand. If the idiots that run the station do let you go, know that you are taking a lot of fans with you. I will watch your site to see where you will be going, when you decide. GOOD LUCK ! SOMEHOW CHANNEL 8 WILL NEVER BE THE SAME.

  38. Geoff, I moved to CT in 1984 and consider you a friend even though we’ve never met. I agree with (just about) everything everyone’s already said. Pardon me, but WTF? They’ll be sorry. You won’t be the only one saying Buh-bye, WTNH. Good luck and God bless.

  39. sorry to here you are leaveing,,this stinks,,,every time i wrote to you about anything from why the rain never came,,to where the camra is high up in new haven,,you got back to,,not many people would do that anymore,,how you can stand there still after what they did is beyond me,,you are a better man then me,,we will miss you,,good luck

  40. I’m shocked Geoff, I really am. WTNH is making some weird changes lately…………. I will miss you terribly and like the other bloggers, I will be finding my weather elsewhere as well. You have been terrific, as a weather personality, as a member of the community, and as a friend to so many in the New Haven area. I echo the bloggers above, WTF, WTNH?

  41. Dear Geoff:
    This is truly a shock to all of us loyal viewers. You have been the face of CT weather for so many years. There is no rational explanation for the decision of the higher ups at WTNH….I’m sure that over the next month there will be much support coming your way.
    You have been a constant for so long….I know you will land on your feet somewhere.
    For me, I will no longer be viewing WTNH TV. What they have done to you is outrageous.

  42. Geoff,
    A few thoughts…
    First one… “what did they just say? Not renewing his contract? What?”
    Second… “they must be idiots.”
    Third… I’ll miss you my friend. Good luck.

  43. There’s nothing I can say that hasn’t been said by many others here. WTNH in its ultimate wisdom has decided to commit suicide. You are one of the few reasons I was still watching WTNH. Things have been going downhill there for some time. Now their ratings will drop thru the floor. I have a feeling they’re not done yet. I think Dr. Mel and Ann Nyberg better watch out,because they’ll be next.

  44. I am deeply saddened to hear the news of your departure from WTNH. I have already dropped them from my Twitter feed and plan to NEVER watch that channel again. I do so enjoy your musings on the daily blog. I am certain you will find another path soon, esp with your vast understanding of computers. WTNH has dug its own grave with this decision.

  45. I will start my boycott of News 8 next week while you are on vacation; I will be back when you are. I hope others will follow so that the people who made this hideous decision get an idea of the impact this will have on WTNH if they don’t reconsider. I have your back!!!!!

    I have been watching you since Gloria. The pride, energy, enthusiasm, humor, and accountability you consistently bring is what has made me a loyal viewer. I have made “etched in butter” part of my vocabulary. Most nights you are the only part of the newscast that I care to watch. That will continue if you stay in Connecticut, no matter where you land.

    If News 8’s ratings are suffering now then just wait until March!!!!

  46. Geoff,
    I have been your biggest fan since day 1. You are still the best! I will honestly miss seeing your informative and entertaining forcasting everyday. I have no idea what Lin corp. and WTNH is thinking but they are making a huge mistake as they will soon find out. Your last day is my last day, you have always been the best that channel 8 has had to offer. I sincerely wish you and your family the very best and hope one of the local competitors will be smart enough to sign you up!!

  47. I read very troubling and sad news this morning. I firmly believe this is a poor decision by WTNH. Geoff Fox is the strongest reason I watch NEWS8. You are the only trustworthy meteorologist in the Tri-State broadcast region. You are the reason I watch the broadcast.

    Please someone realize your error and recind your decision to pass on resigning Geoff Fox. He is an incredible asset to your team and adds legitimacy to your broadcasts.

  48. So sorry to hear you will be leaving ch.8. I will miss you saying Dont go to sleep yet! (always at 11:11 pm). I enjoyed getting the weather reports and weather related news from you.
    Wtnh is losing a great guy.

  49. Dear Geoff,

    I see by reading all the other messages that WE THE PEOPLE feel the same way and you will be missed so much.I hope that you stay in CT and that your fans can see you once again sharing your life with true to yourself geoff and know that we will all stand by your decision as to what you will do next.GOD BLESS and keep warm

  50. Dear Geoff,

    You are being a true gentleman in responding to what the idiots at WTNH have done to you. This is truly in character. My partner and I will never again watch the 10 p.m. news on the station; Channel 61, here we come! If this is how the station rewards listener loyalty, it deserves to lose ours. You have been a truly human, honest, and, in my judgment, modest TV personality, and you’ve made watching the weather fun as well as instructive. Thank you!!

    If I were Dr. Mel, I’d be wonders what the idiots are going to do next. Some heads in New Haven need examining.

    We wish you the very, very best. Our pre-bedtime news-watching will never be the same. Thank you for all you have meant to us up here in West Hartford.

  51. Geoff Fox is the best and most personable weatherperson on TV in Connecticut. As a viewer of WTNH for more than 30 years, I will switch to Channel 3 unless they reverse this ill-considered and unjustifiable decision. Best of luck to you and your family Geoff.

  52. I am attaching a copy of the email I sent WTNH- specifically to the attention of the general manager Mark Higgins- who would not comment in the articles that are in the papers right now as to why they aren’t keeping you. Best of luck to you Geoff- you are a class act.
    “Dear WTNH Management,
    I do not understand the decision not to renew Geoff Fox’s contract. Geoff is a knowledgeable and enjoyable man to watch and learn from. I feel that he truly loves reporting on the weather, and as educators, he is usually our source of information as to what might happen with the next day’s school day.
    I truly hope you reconsider what you are doing with his contract. He is a reason to tune into your news over other newscasts, and thereby helping to increase your ratings.
    He is a name brand for your newscast. 26 years should count for something.
    Others can feel free to use a version of my letter to email as well.

  53. It is sad to see the last unbiased weathercaster in Connecticut depart.

    I say this with no malice…but southern Connecticut viewers have been unfairly forced have the pro-winter agenda of Dr. Mel and Gil forced down their throat whether they like it or not for far too long. You were the only reason I watched Channel 8 – the production and journalism quality of the “show” is a joke. It was a nice balance of the pro-snow/winter spin of Mel and Gil to have someone who did not love snow…and hence gave us an honest weather forecast…rather than a “wishcast”.
    With your departure…Connecticut has lost a “real” weather forecaster. We are now just left with those who “market” the weather.

  54. I wrote WTNH and told them that I will no longer support the station without you there. It probably won’t matter to them, but I couldn’t just sit by silently. I’ve seen tons of local news & weather broadcasts around the country. Yours was the standard that I held everyone else up to and very few came close.

  55. Dear Geoff, This is a big mistake WTNH is making.My wife and I watch News 8 justfor you. You are the best. We will not tune to this channel after your departure. we miss you Geoff.

  56. I will not be watching channel 8 news anymore. If they can do this to you, then I’m not interesested. Wait….Can I report this…umm… let’s try it!

  57. I am still so angry about you not being offered a new contract. You are a class act and a superb human being! (Betty and Harold should be very proud!) Please continue to write your blog since I truly enjoy your commentary and stories. Please know that your presence will be missed on WTNH and when you go, “we go”…

  58. Jeff:

    We have relied on you for years to get our weather information and you have not disappointed us. Your friendly disposition has made us feel that your part of the family.

    In every report that we have seen, it is hard work and dedication is obvious and one can tell that you do your job to insure the well-being and safety of your listeners. For years, I have been meaning to send a letter to WNHC about how important your work is to me. I’m sorry I let one day go into another without doing anything.

    I think you are the best weather person that I have ever heard and always thought that you would be an even better newscaster.

    It just unbelieveable that the management is so stupid as to let you go. Evidently they have no people skills otherwise they would realize how much you and the newscast contribute to the community and their bottomline.

    Sincerely a very disappointed viewer.


  59. Geoff good luck in the future I was let go from a company strictly do to age and high salary !!! Unfortunately that’s the way it is today !!! Maybe a warmer climate beckons you !!!

  60. Geoff,
    You are a class act and a will be a huge loss for Connectciut. Too bad that the powers that be at WTNH are so disconnected from their viewers. They will learn, too late to do anything about it probably, that they have made another huge mistake; one that will have repurcussions in their bottom line. So be it. Many of us will longer be watchers of WTNH. I hope you can stay, but if you can’t, best wishes! You will be missed!!!

  61. It’s News Channel 8’s loss. I watched you when you were just starting out and thought you joked around because you were nervous. I quickly learned it was your shtick and entertaining at that. Someone will grab you up quickly. Good Luck Jeff!!

  62. My initial response was “Oh no, what am I going to do!?”. Jeff, you are who we turn to when we want to know what to expect weatherwise & how our lives will be impacted. This is a huge loss for all of us who have depended on you & WTNH for the up to the minute, professional weathercasting (with a smile & chuckle too). As others have said its News Channel 8’s loss. I can only wish you the very best & hope to see you on-air somewhere soon.

  63. Geoff! Sorry for the mis-spelling, my brother’s name is Jeff & well, you’re just like family in this house!

  64. Big mistake letting you go – you’re the primary reason I watch wtnh. That will end with your last day at the station. I hope you find something else in CT so wtnh can watch their numbers tank! Good luck to you – you will be missed.

  65. I cannot believe what I just read! I don’t want to believe it..You are like a part of the family, so much so that I have not lived in CT for over three years now and I STILL check in with and with your web site just to see how you and your family are doing. Boy, Asheville could use a good weather person, but I guess this station is too small for you. Wish you the very best in finding a place that appreciates your talents and your personality. Hope you keep your blog going..

  66. OMG. I’ve been distraught all day. I’ve emailed and called the station several times. It was only tonight that I found your website and realized that I’m not at all alone in being upset. I’m just about your age, and I planned to grow old with you with many good years to come. My husband and I have tolerated some really tacky things about News 8, such as its fascination to report every tragic accident in nightly “Breaking News” stories. It was a small sacrifice to be able to have you in our bedroom every night, and I mean every night. I sincerely hope that the News 8 management comes to its senses and begs you back. I won’t be able to fall asleep without you. My husband loves you too. You are one class act.

  67. I just cannot understand what the station is thinking, but I for one will never watch Channel 8 again once you are gone. OK everyone, time to call the station and tell them you will never watch again. Let us teach WTNH a lesson the will never forget!! Best of luck in whatever you do. I will miss you.

  68. I need to add my two cents. The morons who run this station must be trying to run it into the ground. First Matt, now you. That is it for me. When you leave, I leave. I have watched News 8 all my life and I just can’t imagine it without you. As one lady said You are a class act. You will be missed

  69. I was quite shocked when I saw Ann Nyberg’s tweet about your contract not being renewed. Like most of the commenters, I had been watching your forecasts pretty much from the beginning of your career at WTNH, up until the time I moved away from Connecticut. Your forecasts were both informative and enjoyable, and the extra effort you took to explain things in plain terms was something else I admired about you. I wish you well and hope things turn out even better for you very soon.

  70. Geoff,
    I’m soooo saddened to hear that your contract is not being renewed! I’ve always enjoyed your forecasts and your “unique” sense of humor (“don’t go to sleep yet!”). It was a very poor decision by News 8. I wish you the best and plan to follow you to whatever new location where you may find yourself. You will be greatly missed!

  71. Geoff,
    I grew up watching you and when I heard your contract was not being renewed I was outraged!!!! I have always enjoyed watching you and I feel that they have made a very poor decision. I wish you the best in your future endeavors.
    Kelly Murray

  72. Geoff,

    My wife & I just mentioned the other day that if you ever left the station it would be the last day we watched WTNH. You were a welcome friend in our home each day and late at night you would tell us “Don’t go to sleep yet…” we always listened and stayed awake till you came back and gave the weather. WTNH is making a huge mistake and their disloyalty to you will cost them dearly in viewership and revenue. We will miss you but hope you stay in Connecticut. Blessings to you and your family!!

  73. Geoff,

    Our whole family will miss you! My husband and I wait for your nightly weather before going to bed. Can’t image who can replace you. I’ve scheduled babysitters, rescheduled work meetings and planned my week around your advice. Can’t say I’ll trust anyone else as much to do that now. Unfortunately we’ll probably change stations when you leave.

    Best of luck (although you don’t need it).

  74. I was so upset when I heard the news. I remember when they let Nancy Aborn and then Diane Smith go. Both were blindsided like you. It is a shame they have such little regard for the long time employees that got the show where it is today.

    I certainly have no intention of supporting a channel that treats people this way and I hope others withdraw their support as well so that they realize what a mistake they made.

  75. I also will be leaving with you. Boycotting during your vacation may show management the impact on the viewers, but I doubt they’ll change their minds. Stubborness always seems to trump humility. You’ve been a part of my family through the raising of my children. When the world is chaotic there is something very comforting, and stabilizing to have familiar faces giving us the news that will impact or change our lives, and the weather that will prepare us for our day. Beyond the emotional loss, is the wonder at the thinking that goes in to a decision to eliminate an integral component of a successful system. I’ll never understand it. I’ll be watching for your next adventure.

  76. Geoff,
    You have served as the top weather forecaster in the state for so many years and it’s obvious that you are respected and well liked by so many. The station management has no respect for the viewing public…it’s all about the money. I’ve watched Channel 8 nearly my entire life and I have to say that this is probably it for me and my family. After you are gone in February, we are switching to another station. You will be missed but I have a feeling we’ll be seeing you again soon. Good luck and make sure you take the time off to enjoy time with your family.

  77. Geoff;
    I’ve said it before; and will say it again… I am so sorry they are doing this to you… and if I were you – I’d dig my heels in and put up a fight. Go out with a bang (pardon the pun, nor do I mean in that way) if you have to!

    I too will be boycotting WTNH if you are forced to go.
    Letters/emails have already been sent.

    Strenght in numbers people – and if he goes – hit them in their wallets – do NOT even be tempted to turn on that station if Geoff is gone! Show them they are wrong!

    This morning; I refused to put on WTNH and will only do so if Geoff is on… and will continue to do so until 2/28. After that – hopefully they will wise up and realize the mistake – otherwise BYE BYE CH8 hello CH3 (WFSB)

    I will keep rooting for you Geoff and will fight along with you!”
    Your the best!

  78. Geoff;
    I’ve said it before; and will say it again… I am so sorry they are doing this to you… and if I were you – I’d dig my heels in and put up a fight. Go out with a bang (pardon the pun, nor do I mean in that way) if you have to!

    I too will be boycotting WTNH if you are forced to go.
    Letters/emails have already been sent.

    Strenght in numbers people – and if he goes – hit them in their wallets – do NOT even be tempted to turn on that station if Geoff is gone! Show them they are wrong!

    This morning; I refused to put on WTNH and will only do so if Geoff is on… and will continue to do so until 2/28. After that – hopefully they will wise up and realize the mistake – otherwise BYE BYE CH8 hello CH3 (WFSB)

    I will keep rooting for you Geoff and will fight along with you!”
    Your the best!

  79. Geoff, you were the topic of conversation everywhere I went today. For every person who has written to you both here and on Facebook, there are 5+ silent supporters who are just as shocked and upset about this decision. I truly believe everything happens for a reason, and something wonderful will be right around the corner. Don’t go to sleep yet, there is more Geoff Fox to come!

  80. Geoff,
    I am shocked and disappointed at the decision of your manager. I wish you and your family the best, in whatever you should do next. Channel 3 or 30 will become my news station after February.

  81. Geoff, it seems like your media loves to get in “younger” people. So much for “local” stations with big out-of-state greedy corporations!!

    Best of luck.


    Al K1QEX

  82. Geoff… I know I’m just repeating what everyone else is saying, but I am shocked about your contract not being renewed. I met you many many (many ) years ago when I was working at KC 101 and you were in the building. We’ve had a few e-mail exchanges over the past couple of years. I have always found you to be warm and engaging not just on television, but in real life. I have always held both you and Ann Nyberg as role models for my career in media (though I’ve pretty much stuck with radio until I was laid off 3 years ago). I have to hope that Channel 8 comes to their senses, but if they don’t I am sure that you will land on your feet. I’ve made this comment in several Facebook and Twitter posts, but you are an institution here in Connecticut. You are also a class act.

  83. Geoff, I hope wherever you go has the same weather as us, because thats what I’ll be watching instead of WTN-sucks.

    LinMedia has no clue what they’re doing. Bunch of suits probably never set foot in CT in their life.

  84. Are you F-in kidding me!!!!!! I looked at a caption of the New Haven Register around 7pm on Thursday night and saw that Geoff was leaving and I immediately purchased it. I could not believe it!! My beloved Geoff is leaving–contract not being renewed. What is going on…even though I like Gil….Geoff is all I know and who i look forward to. I asked my sisters did they know about this and the said yes all day…I was floored!!! Geoff I LOVE YOU AND I AM GOING TO BE LOST WITHOUT YOU!!! If it hadn’t for me relocating to NC in May I would be outside the studio picketing!! I LOVE YOU!!! And wish you nothing but the best!!! News 8 has lost a gem!!! They’re lost…someone elses’ gain!!! Good Luck!! I will miss you TRULY!!!!!!

  85. Get rid of Geoff Fox? Are they stupid!? Geoff, OMG, I’ve been watching you since I was a kid (I’m 35 now). You’re like family…weather without Geoff Fox and his funny sense of humor..hell…I’ll just go to weatherchannel now and read the CT post for my news. WTNH is making a HUGE mistake! But…Geoff…you’re awesome! Can’t wait to see where you end up…they’ll have a new viewer!

  86. Geoff I thought it was an April Fools joke when I read that WTNH is not renewing your contract.

    I when Hilton Kaderly was the weatherman at WFSB, I thought he was the top weatherman and weather personality in the air in CT.

    Since you came on board with Channel 8 I feel the same way about you. I like the way you present the weather and the interesting tip bit you add to the forecast as few as your personality. Little things like reminding people to bring in their pets when its especially cold outside show your concern for all.

    You showed how much you care about your viewers last year when you wrote a letter to the editor on the New Haven Register apologizing for a mistake in your forecast. I do not believe many weathermen would have done that.

    You can bet that I will be emailing channel 8 and on facebook asking them to reconsider. You are a very valuable resource for Southern New England. We want to keep you at WTNH.

  87. Dear Geoff,
    how on earth do they at channel 8 believe that new is best? you are such a big part of CT news and channel 8, they are known by the Geoff Fox and Dr Mel label. even when there is no weather to really report you manage to make it interesting enough to get many of us to tune in. shame on the executive at channel 8 that thought this was best for the local news station, now we the viewer are left with Scott Haney! hopefully they rethink this whole thing.

  88. What a shock! If it’s goodbye Geoff, it’s also goodbye WTNH. I’ll be switching stations, that’s for sure!


  90. What is Channel 8 thinking? Perhaps you were off-base on a few snowstorms, but my family and I always looked forward to your weather reports. I will no longer be watching channel 8 for my news. Geoff, I hope another station here in Connecticut, offers you a job. Take care. ^_^

  91. What I’ve come to understand is not renewing Geoff’s contract is purely an economic decision. Short sighted, absolutely….but with revenue & ratings down, this is probably just a harbinger of more bad things to come. What I can’t understand is why no attempt was made to reach a new agreement with revised terms. It makes no sense.

    What many people don’t understand about Geoff is that what we see on TV is NOT an act. I’ve heard from several very reliable sources who have known and/or worked with Geoff for years, that what you see is who he is. That’s why it works. It’s genuine.

    I’ve written to Lin, and suggest you do as well. I’m done watching WTNH’s News at 11 once Geoff has moved on (to bigger & better things, hopefully).

  92. What is going on with WTNH?? I use to enjoy watching the news and since the change I only watch Geoff and the weather. If this is the new and improved channel 8 I am no longer going to watch it. Dr. Mel is getting up there are they gonna let him go? Ann has been there for a long time where is she in the line of letting go? And that new traffic reporter…… well I wont even go there. I hope they do some rethinking on this because channel 8 is going to loose a lot of watcher including me.

    Geoff I truely hope they keep you if not its there big mistake…..they will truely miss a terrific man. Good luck and let us all know where you go so we can follow you

  93. Hi Geoff,Been watching since high school some 20 years now and just wanted to tell you you will be missed.Don’t want to start ranting about wtnh so i won’t let’s just say you are the only reason that i would watch with Nyberg a distant 2nd In my eyes you were channel 8 so i’m back to New York news,You were the last person that should have been shown the door,trust me.Good luck and hopefully you will turn up somewhere in the very near future.One of the best!! Geoff Fox!!!….see-ya

  94. Geoff,
    I want you to know that after spending the entire day waiting for my 86 year-old father to come out of recovery after a very difficult surgerical procedure, and then driving through a snow storm to get home, all I want to do is have a bowl of soup and go to bed. However, I don’t feel I can do that without sending you a note to say how dismayed I am that WTNH has decided to let you go. I have enjoyed watching you for years, and as a recently retired school teacher, it was so much fun to listen to your school cancellation predictions.
    You are really the only reason I watch WTNH, and with your leaving, I will definitely switch to another station. That may be small consolation, but it appears there are hundreds of readers who feel the same way.
    My best to you, and I truly hope the station will reconsider there serious blunder. It will cost them far more than they will save.
    Take care, and keep us all posted as to where you eventually land. Hopefully, it will be a local station and I can continue to watch your delightful forecasts.

  95. Wow, Geoff. I was astounded when I read of this development. Then I was sad. I became a fan when I returned to CT after 24 years of military service. Over the last ten years, I’ve come to look forward to seeing you each evening and hearing what the weather deal is going to be. The regular cast of characters on the evening news shows are likeable, competent and comparable, but you distinguish yourself. You are by far the most informative and entertaining meteorologist in our area. This decision completely confounds me and I don’t understand what WTNH is trying to do. The changes they’ve made over the last year have left me far from satisfied. Are you loved? My 90 year old Mother called me at work when she saw the newspaper and she was very unhappy. You’ve handled this situation with a lot of class and character and I don’t doubt you’ll land on your feet. It might be a blessing to get away from LIN and their corporate hacks. When you go, so do I. Goodbye Channel 8, hello WFSB.

  96. Jeff: Although on some occasions you come across as a bafoon, the majority of the time you exibited confidence, extreme loyalty to your job, fans and employer. It only goes to show that after a successful dedicated career, the majority of the people get treated like you. First they use you then abuse you. Watch out Annie, you are undoubtabley next on the hit list.
    Good Luck Jeff. I too, will be leaving with you.

  97. Geoff,
    If this is about money, does management release what it will cost them if 1000’s of viewers leave? I have 6 NYC stations to choose from to get my news and weather. Over the years, you have by far been the most accurate in your forecasts. I hope that WTNH will come to their senses before the end of February!

  98. Geoff,
    In a simple word. SNIFF! Kudos to the NEW station that picks you up, it’s to their advantage when they do, no matter where it is. This news is like a little death for all of us too and we feel loss and betrayal. Kick butt buddy. You will land on your feet and do fine. One door closes another opens and I wish you all the best.

  99. I just can’t imagine CT weather without you! In all honesty I will watch the news on another station but switch over to Channel 8 just for your forcast. If it really is the end on Channel 8 I guess I won’t be switching over. Best of luck with the next chapter.

  100. Our daughters are the same age. It helps me remember how long I have deeply relied upon your forecast. I once had a Jeep Cj7 and you never let me get rained on!! I cannot imagine Channel 8 without you. I hope another local station picks you up, I most certainly will follow. Honestly Jeff, you explain the weather and what to expect from each storm like no other. What are they thinking??

  101. Geoff,
    My wife and I can not believe they are letting you go. You were the only reason we watched WTNH. We very much enjoyed both your professionalism and sense of humor. We can only hope that the station will reconsider (I think its past time for Mel to retire) or that you remain in in the area. Best of luck.

  102. Geoff,

    I found this petition to SAVE GEOFF FOX!!!! I encourage all your fans to sign. I understand the nature of your business but feel WTNH is making a huge mistake. Everything happens in life for a reason and may WTNH reconsider or may this lead you to bigger and better things. Either way, best of luck and thanks for making the news and weather a little more interesting for all these years.

  103. There sure are a lot of people saying WTNH is making a big mistake – well let me add my name to the list! You are a key player on a great team but its suddenly not as great.

  104. I would like to add my disappointment that Geoff Fox will no longer be on your station. Who is next – Ann Nyberg?

  105. Dear Geoff,
    We miss you! Hope you stay in CT!
    Let us know what you will do next so we can see you there. Channel 8 is not the same without you.
    Take care!


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