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6 thoughts on “A Reminder”

  1. Geoff, I became aware of your soon to be departure this last weekend. I was sad to see Matt go but “thought” it was his decision. I now KNOW that your leaving and his were NOT either of your decisions. This is OUTRAGROUS to say the very least.I have watched channel 8 for over 40 years and you and Matt since each of you came there.Especially when serious or dangerous weather was near, always you were there “on the spot”.I have no idea their reasoning or lack thereof but the new “T and A “(Theresa LaBerbara)a thing their doing is ridiculous and I now am taking channel 8 off my news watch list. I love Dr. Mel and am glad he is “beating” cancer unlike my late husband BUT you NEEDED to stay and so did Matt and I will “voice” my strong objections the only way I can and NOT be a viewer.I wish you all the best in whatever you do and know “8” did the WRONG thing NOT you!!!

  2. Geoff,
    Karma is a very powerful thing. Remember when you decided you wouldn’t Work with retarded people and referred to them as those people!

  3. To me Channel 8 equals Geoff Fox. I love WEATHER. I am in my glory when there is threat of snow that might force me to be stuck inside with the woodstove burning. I love to listen to you tell me all about it. Once you leave, I am leaving Channel 8. If I have to watch someone else, it might as well be Channel 3. I hope that you will be on my TV someday soon. I wish you well in the future. Enjoy your time in Florida (I admit I got nervous when I wasn’t seeing you today!)

  4. I am a religious Geoff Fox watcher, it started about a decade and half ago as my mother always watched you. So when I was at her house Geoff Fox was doing weather and I was forced to watch. I can’t get enough of you now, if I miss you in the evening, I stay up then watch at 10 & 11. It only weather, right? You put a friendly twist on it, that’s what I like. Now even my kids say, “quiet, Geoff is on, don’t talk”. LIN should reexamine their position and understand people watch their news cast for you, not the traffic. You are the man. The funny thing is we watch wtnh and we are not even in it’s local area. Guess they will be losing another bunch of viewers here.
    Good luck with future ventures, I would hope that you could stay local and all I would have to do is switch to your new employer.

    Btw My cousin used to work with you and he got a signed pic of you he gave my mother, she still shows people. That was about ten years ago.

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