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Up north preps are underway for snow. Here in Florida we’re prepping for the low 80s tomorrow. Cruel. I know.

Up north preps are underway for snow. Here in Florida we’re prepping for the low 80s tomorrow. Cruel. I know.

Helaine and I went to dinner with my parents and friends of ours from Connecticut. We headed toward the Intracoastal and a restaurant called The Banana Boat. It’s seafood and casual.

“Geoffrey, everything’s casual here.” That was my mom when I asked if I had to change my shirt.

As always I brought my camera. The attached shot is what you see as you look alongside the outdoor dining area.

Two things of note –

1 – It’s January and boats are in-the-water. It’s warm here. I noted to Helaine it was humid then added I wouldn’t complain

2 -Look at all the lights out in the high rise buildings beyond the docks. It’s the height of the season. This is a prime location. If there’s no one there now… well it just shows how really awful the real estate market is here. It’s in much worse shape than Connecticut.

Tomorrow’s my folk’s anniversary. More restaurant food! I won’t fit in my suits when I get back.

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  1. It looks just beautiful, Geoff. (I am trying to work past my jealousy.) Yes, our town of Hamden and the rest of the area will be covered with yet more snow Wednesday. But Spring WILL COME. Someday.

    Happy Anniversary to your parents, and continue to enjoy your vacation. You are still the talk of the town(s) around here.

    Hugs to the whole Fox family.

  2. That is an incredible shot Geoff….have to say I am a bit envious….seeing that we are going to have more white stuff. But I love CT and the wonderful part about living here is, if you don’t like the weather, you don’t have to wait long for it to change.
    Happy Anniversary to the folks!!!

  3. Hello Geoff:

    I remember living in Connecticut, grew up in Hamden, married and moved to Cheshire and watching you all the time regarding weather!

    I have been (for the last 18 or so years) living in south Florida and absolutely love it! Once you live here, there ARE seasons – just not like New England seasons.

    I welcome you and your family to Florida, the Sunshine State and to beautiful weather to enjoy your parents anniversary! If you ever decide to make this part of the country your home, please do not hesitate to contact me. I am currently a Realtor with Century 21 in Boynton Beach and my husband and I are both HAMS.

    Enjoy your stay – 17 inches expected in New York soon!

    Phyllis (KA1OSH)
    Husband Ken (WA1PIR)

  4. Yes, it is season here. And, my home here lost much of it’s value, vs the house I sold in CT that has increased in value. But, the truth is, we are happier here. The winters don’t get us depressed. The humidity doesn’t bother us anymore. We don’t shovel. We don’t pay for oil. We boat 12 months a year. Oh, and the weather-man really doesn’t have a difficult job unless there is a threat of hurricane (3 in 40 years). Yeah, I don’t know why you are in a hurry to get to CT Geoff. They turned your back on you…….. We need you !!

  5. Geoff, have a wonderful time, enjoy guilt-free dining, and your parents’ anniversary! As for me, I’ll take the snow! =)
    It does look beautiful there, though.

  6. Beautiful picture Geoff and I’m happy you are enjoying your vacation. Happy Anniversary to the Matriarch and Patriarch of the Fox family! I hope you enjoy the rest of your vacation, especially when you get to sunny California!

  7. Noticing 3 Judys on this blog; gotta identify myself better. I’m the first one who answered this particular message. Hope you hear from a lot more Judys or Judiths or any other names!!!! We Judys know the right people to support!!!

  8. Geoff, love your photo from the Banana Boat. Had a condo at Indian Spring in Boynton Beach (west of Military) for about 14 years. B. Boat was one of our favorite places. Love their grouper sandwich! Have you been to John G’s for breakfast or lunch yet? It’s a must – and the drive along A-1A is fabulous, as I’m sure you know. Congrats to your parents on their anniversary! Are they at Indian Spring perchance?

    You are missed, so c’mon back refreshed and ready to take a job in CT. I can’t believe one of the major stations won’t grab you!!

  9. Geoff, I am not one to post on people’s pages or write on blogs. Yet, tonight I feel compelled to do so. The funny thing is this is my second writing this week(the first was to the executive producer of WTNH) and both were regarding you. I was directed to your website by a post on facebook. Let me start by saying I was extremely saddened to hear of the network’s decision to let you go. Channel 8 was always the news station watched while I was growing up in Waterbury. Moving to New Haven and learning there actually were other news stations, I “shopped around” for one I could choose to be my own. I still remember when you first began your journey on channel 8. Since then, Channel 8 became my station!I do believe that the stations choice to make this change will have the opposite effect on their ratings. In my letter to the network I stated that once you left, my whole family which consists of about 30 people raging in age from 24-85, will also “leave” the station. To all of us, you are the station, our reason for tuning in. We dont need to hear about all the crime going on, but we do need to plan our days, and see what is in store for all of us. We have come to love, trust, and believe in, our meteorologist Geoff Fox. Being a teacher myself, I wholeheartedly “thank you” for all you have taught me through the years! If this journey at channel 8 does indeed end here, know what a huge, appreciated, and valued part of my family’s lives you have been. I wish you fair winds and bright days. Sincerely, Teri Macri-Merriam
    PS Florida looks wonderful. I travel to Pawleys Island, Sc every year(& love taking photos) and am a huge fan of the egrets too! Wonderful pictures

  10. Geoff,
    I have been watching you on TV for what seems like most of my life. 5 years ago we moved from East Haven, CT to Florida. We’re now living in Boca Raton, FL, just 2 towns south of where you are in Boynton Beach! As soon as I heard about what WTNH is doing I jumped on the crusade! I have often commented about our meteorologists down here in Florida that they don’t compare to you. When I was back up in CT this past summer for vacation and to visit family I was so excited to turn on channel 8 and see all the familiar faces again! I truly believe that everything happens for a reason, even though we often don’t know what that reason is until much, much later, if ever. I wish you the best of luck and would be THRILLED if you were to come down here and be my local weatherman. Good luck and happy anniversary to your parents. I’m sure they’re very proud of all of your accomplishments.

  11. Geoff, Please wish your lovely parents a very happy anniversary! They deserve a round of thanks as well, for raising such a wonderful son! Give my best to Helaine as well, and enjoy your celebration!

  12. Judy F., we need to hear Geoff say, Judy, Judy, Judy! HA, yes, we know who to support…hope the network does, as well!!

  13. Great photo….guess this is one of the reason’s my friend are mass exiting from Connecticut to go down to Florida. As a boater I can only drool at the thought of year round boating….

  14. So glad to hear you’re enjoying yourself as you should! I hear you’d like to get away from CT weather altogether, but maybe after all the facebook messages, notes on the plane, calls from Mr. Blumenthal, etc., you’ll decide that CT is your home! Would love to be able to follow you to another station! I used to change to channel 8 at 11:16 to get your forecast… not last night, it was like something was missing! 🙁

  15. Geoff – I sent the note below to WTNH.
    Because of your decision not to renew Geoff Fox’s contract I will never watch your station again. I will miss some of your remaining fine broadcasters but this is the only way I can express how strongly I feel about your misguided decision. Like many others, I watched Channel 8 because Geoff was there. What on earth were you thinking?

    I hope to see you again soon on ANOTHER station. I think someone started an action to have WTNH bring you back but I don’t believe they deserve another chance. You are by far the most watchable weatherperson around.

    Meanwhile, enjoy your vacation. I hope that by the end of it you will have another position in hand.

    Best wishes!

  16. I can not believe my ears! I heard you were not coming back to Channel 8. I think your so great! I love to watch you give the weather. I’m sure they (channel 8’s PR) had their own selfish reasons, but you will truely be missed. I think their making a big mistake. I’m sooo sorry. I’m going to change to channel 3 news. Maybe you should move to florida. I wish you the best. May God bless you and your family!

  17. Love your photo. Bringing Downtown Boynton Beach to feel like your photo is an objective of the citizens of that area. A big THANK YOU for capturing its real essence.

  18. Geoff, you may not fit into your suits when you get home, but the “suits” that are more short-sighted than a bat could never fill your shoes.

  19. Dear Geoff, years ago you did a remote with me at my former restaurant The Boatyard Cafe, and we prepared Cajun Scallops together. I was already a loyal viewer–as a transplanted New Yorker you bridged the gap for me–but after our brief acquaintance I then learned that you are indeed a Prince and a Gentleman as you seem to be on TV and I became a staunch fan. I have noticed changes at WTNH in the past year which I haven’t liked (e.g. reporter at young Vet’s funeral in a polo shirt–little things like that) but with you there, WTNH was what I watched. No mas. I have written to WTNH and LIN and I have “liked” and done anything else I can do on line. Health reasons prevent me from a live protest but I can assure you wherever you are next is where I will be. Thank you for many years of professionalism & genuine charm. Deborah Jensen

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