Today’s The Reason We’re In Florida

My parents are deeply in love. The make each other smile every day. It’s something we can all aim for.

It is 1/11/11. This day is the reason Helaine and I are in Florida. Today is my parent’s 63rd anniversary. Wow!

Sixty three years later the romance is still here. My parents are deeply in love. The make each other smile every day. It’s something we can all aim for.

Five years ago on their 58th anniversary I put together a little video about how they met. It’s one of the sweetest stories ever. I hope you’ll look if you get a chance.

28 thoughts on “Today’s The Reason We’re In Florida”

  1. Your parents look very young. You are blessed to have your parents at this age. God bless them and you. Do your parents ever send you to your room as a joke?

  2. Dear Geoff
    This was awesome. You have wonderful parents. Happy Annversary
    Mr and Mrs Fox. You got a great son. Geoff relax and enjoy.

  3. Couldn’t we all be so lucky to find true love….Geoff..know we know where you get you personality!
    Happy Anniversary Mr. & Mrs. Fox !!

  4. What a lovely video. They seem to be amazing people. I loved your Dad’s line about holding her hand in the mall so she wouldn’t go shopping! It’s pretty obvious where you got not only your pleasant personality, but your humor as well, Geoff!! A very happy anniversary to your parents.

  5. What a great video to watch. For me, it give me an outsiders look to the 40s and service time since I have been hard at work on my ancestry. I wish your parents a very Happy Anniversary, and hope that one day my husband and I will celebrate this milestone as well (we are at 12 years so far…)

  6. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Geoff, I see where you get your charm and charisma from…god bless you all….Geaoff, have fun and relax…we do miss you because you are a “part” of my family on a daily basis…

  7. Geoff: I enjoyed the video you made of your parents. Memorializing your mother and father in this way is so important for members of your family. There now exists a living record of how they met, married, etc. And you probably learned some things about them you never knew.

    While you will be missed as an icon of New England weathermen, I bet you will look back on this development in a year from now and conclude it was a blessing in disguise. Remain positive. You will do well wherever you go. Good luck! Best, Jim

  8. What a loving tribute to your parents. There’s a lot of love in that video…and the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Their loving influence is easily apparent!

    Happy Anniversary Mr. and Mrs. Fox!!

    Mazel Tov!!

  9. It is a VERY sweet story! (Somehow you don’t ever think of your parents being young and doing stuff like sleeping in their car, and stuff, do you?) My parents just had their 64th anniversary this past November. Mom is 1/2 Italian, 1/2 Norwegian and Dad is 100 proof Scotch; made for an interesting time growing up. (To say the least.) My dad was also part of the Greatest Generation, and I really need to make some type of similar video soon…Happy Anniversary Mr. & Mrs. Fox, thanks for sharing your son with us, we love him, and Geoff, you have some nerve taking a vacation and leaving the rest of us to deal with the “S” word without you!!! ;]

  10. Great picture! Enjoy your time down there and don’t worry about us up here. We’ll get through this snow just fine. Congratulations to your parents on 63 great years.

  11. Love the picture of the four of you, and the video is so heartwarming. Thanks for sharing! Happy, Happy Anniversary and many more!

  12. Dear Geoff,
    I just heard today about your contract being cancelled. I am dumbfounded, to say the least. Long before I taught Steff you informed and amused me in Washington, Ct. I continued to be a faithful Fox fan once we moved to New Haven, where I got to know you as the parent of one of my student, not as a tv celebrity. In that capacity, you impressed me immediately with your keen sense of humor and your conviction to just be who you are and never put on airs to impress or build Neilson points. You are a true professional in your field, admired and loved by literally thousands of viewers all over New England. Unless they have found your blog, many of your fans don’t know what an accomplished and sensitive photographer you are, as well!
    I know you will land on your feet in a better place, Geoff. I wish you and your family all the best and send you my thoughts and prayers. I can’t wait to hear what new adventures are waiting for you!

  13. So that was you that I just saw outside the condo at Banyan an hour ago !
    I’ll organize a “keep Geoff at WTNH” committee for the club house.

  14. THAT was the most charming thing I’ve ever seen! Your mom looks like your sister and your dad is a sweetie. Wow. Can still see the romance between these two. I also think you did a great job editing it – love the music.

    Thanks for your weather report today, Geoff Fox. I already slipped on the ice (yesterday) but am not watching the news.

    Anyway, happy anniversary to your parents. May they live a long, happy life together.

  15. What a wonderful tribute to your parents! And to think that was already 5 years ago, how blessed you are to have such wonderful people in your life! Happy Anniversary Mr. & Mrs. F.!

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