Newlyweds After Sixty Three Years

Helaine and I took my folks to the Kee Grill in Boca tonight. Fabulous! The food was great with large portions and ridiculously large portions on the ‘sides.’

The best part was being with my parents. This is awe inspiring love on every possible level.

Here are some photos from our evening.

8 thoughts on “Newlyweds After Sixty Three Years”

  1. Geoff, looking at your parents just makes me smile! They are just delightful and it’s wonderful to see them happy and enjoying your visit! Sixty-three years? Love it!!

  2. Nice Pictures, Geoff. The first one is definitely frameable! And the dessert had me almost salivating onto my keyboard! You all are so lucky to have each other.

  3. The warmth and respect that your parents are sharing with each other, is exactly the same as the warmth and respect you shared with your viewers, and what your viewers are now sharing back to you. Thanks for all of your respect for us these past 26 years!!

  4. What a beautiful couple. They don’t look their age at all. To still be in love at that
    age. How wonderful Congratulations M & M Fox Many more to come

  5. Dear Geoff,

    I watched you over the years when you first came to WTNH. I
    remember your vegetable gardens, your “Mr. Science” and how
    you taught us so many things. I will surely miss you and am
    sad that you won’t be there to give us the weather.

    I wish you better things and God will bless you with some thing
    new. God bless your parents, take care! THANK YOU for all
    those wonderful years being on channel 8.

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