From Gate B2 At FLL

Our flights are listed as on time… even the inbound leg from Providence. I’m impressed.

Here’s what weathermen and baggage handlers have in common. We both use the 3-letter identifiers associated with airports to do our job. I’m at FLL, Ft. Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport. We’re heading to LAX (Los Angeles International) with a stop at MSY (New Orleans).

Nowadays you have no choice but get to the airport very early. We saw the line for TSA check-in when we arrived Sunday. We’ve seen the jams on I-95 though Broward County. We left my folks condo at 8:00 AM and were at the airport before 9:00. The TSA area was virtually abandoned. Our flight doesn’t leave until 10:40 AM.

There is a Wind Chill Warning in effect down here! Please try not to chuckle. It was 44&#176 when we got in the car. The wind chill was in the mid 30s. At the airport the skycap who took our bags was wearing a hood… and it was tied tight! You don’t want to know about my dad.

We bought food and scouted the terminal. Now we wait. Thank you FLL for plenty of power plugs and free WiFi!

Our flights are listed as on time… even the inbound leg from Providence. I’m impressed.

It was very nice seeing my parents. My mother had been progressing very slowly after shattering her elbow. Now things seem much better.

My dad’s eyesight is great after (finally) getting the cataract surgery he needed for years. He wears hearing aids though it often seems they’re only for show!

7 thoughts on “From Gate B2 At FLL”

  1. LOVE New Orleans! Hope you and the Mrs. get to hang out there for a little while, at least. It’s crawfish season; find an eatery at the airport and get some! Oh, and don’t forget to bring me back some; 10 lbs should do it! LOL

  2. I’m even jealous of 44 degrees. Wind chill in 30s is a little nippy, but sounds downright balmy right now. It’s in the 20s in Hamden, but sunny and not much wind.

    Have a good flight and a nice visit with your dd. Remember to compliment her on her choice of furniture, whether you like it or not. But I imagine you will like it. I bet she has great taste.

  3. OK, 44 degrees and windchill in the 30’s but how much snow do YOU have LOL. with the 2 feet here in Danbury I will take 44 degrees anyday!
    Have a great rest of your trip. Hope there are no delays!

  4. I remember learning all those codes from flash cards when I was attending school to become a travel agent. I never did become a travel agent but I can still impress my friends now and again (including one who was a pilot) with that drummed-in knowledge. Right now the wind chill factor in Chester, where I live, is 8. WHY do I live here?????

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