Hello From Hollywood

The guy sitting behind us was the loudest and by far most annoying. Who would have thought one man could possess that much phlegm?

Just a quick update. We’re in Los Angeles… actually in Stef’s apartment in Hollywood. It’s fab and for a parent it’s a strangely wonderful moment. This stop followed a brief visit to Stef’s job. Again, fab.

We’re here after the long commute cross-country. We flew Fort Lauderdale to Los Angeles with a stop (but no plane change) in New Orleans. That’s about seven hours of sitting.

Both Helaine and I napped for part of the first leg. That was impossible during the second leg. As it turns out we were booked on the screaming baby flight from hell!

The baby in question sat with her mom and older sister directly in front of us. She had the largest, widest eyes you’ve ever seen. Her lungs weren’t far behind!

The baby, however, was outdone by the coughers. It’s possible there’s some sort of upper respiratory sufferers convention here on the West Coast they were all heading to? Whatever the reason there were multiple hackers on the plane, directly in front and behind us.

The guy sitting behind us was the loudest and by far most annoying. Who would have thought one man could possess that much phlegm?

Anyway, we’re here. We’re excited. We’re hungry… and awaiting Stef’s return from work.

13 thoughts on “Hello From Hollywood”

  1. Enjoy your time in Hollywood with your daughter and you might want to get masks and earplugs to wear on the plane on the way back to CT!

  2. I think a large dose of Vitamin C is in order for both of you for the next several days! Sounds like you spent seven hours in a Petrie dish! It is flu season….

  3. Geoff,

    Next time fly United…..we prescreen for phlegm, cough hackers, and screaming babies prior to boarding, and seat them near the outflow valve of the pressurization system at the back of the airplane…….just kidding of course!
    Have fun in SoCal.

  4. Geoff, sorry to hear your flight was less than ideal. No thought on the screaming baby as she was just acting like a baby. However, all that coughing. Are you sure they were not smokers? Being an ex smoker that’s the first thing I thought of. The fact that they couldn’t smoke so their lungs had to adjust to clean air for a change!! Just a thought. I wrote you an email about your parent’s anniversary video the other night. It may have gone to your spam folder as I’m sure you have filters. Hope you are able to read it. I enjoyed your video and forgot to tell you our mother’s share the same name. Betty – not short for Elizabeth as many people thought. Enjoy your vacation in CA.

  5. Oh my! I know it wasn’t funny at the time, but I’m cracking up, reading about it!! Let’s hope it will be forgotten, and you’ll enjoy your L.A. stay! =))

  6. As a frequent traveler, I am anxiously awaiting the day when airlines offer “childfree flights”. If the airline industry wants to up their bottom line, that’s definitely a market they’re missing. I would pay more to be 100% sure I wouldn’t have to deal with any screaming babies on the plane with me.

  7. Jeff:

    Hope you had a great time visiting with your daughter and parents. Wishing you much happiness in your nexr endeavor. You are the Greatest!!!!

  8. on a plane once from ord to bdl with a kid screaming i want my mommy non stop the whole flight , alot of people not happy with the father

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