Here Are The Cupcake Photos I Promised!

They taste delicious. They look delicious. They are delicious. I don’t think I ever stood in line for cupcakes before.

A few days ago I promised some cupcake photos. The dozen we got from Sprinkles in Beverly Hills were amazing. Of course I was only along for the ride. It was Helaine’s idea to go there so I’ll let her tell you why they’re special.

Geoff: How did you first hear about Sprinkles?

Helaine: From your daughter.

Geoff: What makes them special?

Helaine: They taste delicious. They look delicious. They are delicious. I don’t think I ever stood in line for cupcakes before.

Geoff: No, you stood in line at Magnolia Bakery in Greenwich Village.

Helaine: I was very disappointed with Magnolia. The cake was dry and the icing overly sweet. At Sprinkles the cake is moist. There’s lots of icing, but it’s not overly sweet. It’s delicious.

Click any thumbnail to see a larger, tastier shot!

13 thoughts on “Here Are The Cupcake Photos I Promised!”

  1. I have to agree with Helaine about magnolias in ny. has she tried sugar bakery in east haven yet? I havent tried it yet and I live in the same town but heard they were good. They won the cupcake war.

  2. Those cupcakes look yummy (except for the canine variety).

    I was curious the focal length of the picture of the cupcakes on the countertop, but you seem to not be putting the focal length into the EXIF information (other stuff is there, so it’s not like there’s no EXIF data).

    Is that intentional? Is it top secret or can you share the focal length? It’s obviously wide.

  3. Just wanted to say Good Luck to you and how sorry I am that you will no longer be doing weather in CT. Always enjoyed watching you, can’t understand why 8 made such a lousy decision…

  4. OK, 8mm – thanks. I see the Rokinon lens cap in the picture. It looks like they make a Nikon mount version of that lens. Tempting…

    Hope your flight goes well.

  5. Hmmm…I noticed all the folks in the cupcake shop were not overweight….California must really be a magic place. Those chocolate ones with the white icing and the little brown specs looked just like my Grandma Bessie’s cupcakes from long ago… (and Geoff, she was a big fan of yours…If she were still alive, she’d have driven to the station to ask them if they needed to have their heads examined.) You’d have loved my Grandma Bess….!!

  6. I agree with Christine. You need to check out Sugar Bakery on Main Street in East Haven. They are unreal! They won Cupcake Wars (on the Food Network) a few weeks back. No need to go to CA for the best cupcakes ever. 🙂

    1. I stopped there on my way home from having my hair done. Helaine and I will fight it out for the half dozen now on the kitchen counter! The toughest part was choosing which to bring home.

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