Homeward Bound

Yes, I know what’s going on back in Connecticut.

It’s a sunny morning in the Southland. We’re at a hotel down the block from LAX. Helaine just watched a plane fly between two buildings!

Things are fluid. Our flight was scheduled for 12:55 PST. Now it’s scheduled for 2:05 PM.

Yes, I know what’s going on back in Connecticut. There’s freezing rain&#185 falling across much of the state and it’s falling on top of snow.

I’ve checked the computer guidance and temperatures should be mild enough by arrival time tonight. Unfortunately the computers are often too generous in pushing in warmer air under these circumstances.

Our plane stops in Nashville before going on to Bradley. I’d rather not spend the night there.

&#185 – Freezing rain falls when cloud temperatures are warm enough for rain. Drops fall in liquid form, but freeze on contact as they hit the ground, tree limbs, power lines, etc. It’s probably the most dicey weather for any time of travel–worse than snow.

12 thoughts on “Homeward Bound”

  1. WOW you have one heck of a blog Geoff and you take amazing pictures, are your cameras digital or film Geoff?I only wish i could take as good of pictures like you. i have 2 digtal cameras and a 35 mm camera, plus and old KODAK movie camera that takes no batterys 8mm. by the way i live right next to that airport went to school in INGLEWOOD HIGH.Have a safe flight home

  2. Somtimes ya have to be careful about the info you provide. Ya don’t want the wrong people to know your travel arrangements. Nice blog. wish I could do the same. I’m reading up on HTML and looking into this blog stuff.

  3. Always a lesson to be learned, indeed. By now you should be halfway back here to the land of “challenging,” shall we say, weather conditions. Things will be warmer though with you back. 🙂

  4. Have a safe trip back to Connecticut. We all miss you here and your forecasts. Channel 8 does not understand what they are giving up. There are 10,000 viewers and counting they stand to lose. We are all hoping a station in Connecticut picks you up, you were the best forecaster on the Connecticut airways.

  5. Geoff,Your photo’s are beautiful.I hope you and your wife had a wonderful vacation. We are so glad that you are back even if it’s only a little while. I wish you the best of luck,although where ever you go they will be the lucky one’s to have you come into their homes. You have such an amazing personality,it comes across on tv,in your photos, and in your blogs. Let us as viewers, know where you go so that we can still experience Geoff Fox. Thanks, again for being part of our family life for over 20 years. Paula Zahar from Shelton,Ct.

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