Back In Connecticut–We Left The Warmth Behind!

Driving in we noticed limbs normally well above car top level now brushing up against the roof of Helaine’s SUV. A pine tree in our front yard is “U” shaped

This morning while waiting in line to check our bags I overheard a woman complaining about the heat! She is invited to join me tonight back home in Connecticut. Too much heat is not a problem.

Our flight landed an hour late tonight. Even on-time we would have missed the freezing rain Connecticut saw for a good part of the day. We landed on a wet runway, but the taxiways were crusty, slushy snow.

Even without experiencing the ice first hand there is evidence I can see. Driving in we noticed limbs normally well above car top level now brushing up against the roof of Helaine’s SUV. A pine tree in our front yard is “U” shaped.

I took these two photos on my front steps. There’s a small ornamental bush just off to the left. Tonight it’s encased in ice!

15 thoughts on “Back In Connecticut–We Left The Warmth Behind!”

  1. I have a Over welming urge to welcome you home, however I resist because of the place that you came from with all it’s good things that you experienced and what you have to come home for and face, well I think it would be sorta wrong in some way. It just feels that way. I will watch you on wtnh until you are no longer there. Geoff you are a great person with a great personality. Nobody listen’s to what the people want no more, iether in big business or in Government. Meaby we should find out who advertise on wtnh and tell them as Viewers what we expect and where we will go when Geoff leaves. What are peoples thought on this ? am I wrong ??

  2. Glad you made it home safe and sound Geoff. Your ornamental bush looks like the tree outside my window. Beautiful to look at.

  3. Glad you made it back to CT with only a little inconvenience to your flight schedule considering the challenges of yesterday’s weather. The drive home was probably the hardest part of your return. What a difference going from the tropical nature and comfy weather of South Florida and SoCal, to the reality of another cold Connecticut winter. Viewing the crystal like frozen water droplets on your shrubs however, makes one appreciate that there is beauty in nature no matter what climate one lives in.
    Are you back on the air today? Welcome back!!

  4. Dear Geoff,
    I have called wtnh t.v., linmedia and no one responded to my question. I admitt you are a wonderful forcaster and it will hurt channel 8 when your contract ends. Hopefully enough people sign the petition and everyone is looking at it and reviewing their comments. You made channel 8 what it is today. I will miss you. If you leave I will be looking for another channel to watch. I hope you had a good time on your vacation. You are an awesome photographer too I can see that. I hope we got enough people.
    See you soon.
    Sheena L Maynard

  5. Even if they change their mind and decide to renew your contract it wouldn’t be a good idea to stay. It would happen again next time around and then we would go through this all over again. sometimes it’s best tot just move on as hard as that may be.

  6. Welcome home. We missed you (I speak for almost 10,000! or maybe it is 10,000 by now!) Can’t wait to see you back on the air again. It will be a relief. :[) The photos are beautiful, but yes, that damned lady can keep her mouth shut about the heat. My friend in Santa Rosa e-mailed me this morning; it’s 70 there. She just couldn’t resist.

  7. I know what you mean, Bob, about not reviewing posts prior to submitting them! I called someone a doofus, which wasn’t nice, & I apologize, because I don’t know him & am mad as hell at the change in your contract & wanted them to know I won’t take it anymore! 😉 But upon submitting comments, would you then automatically send additions to your blog to us? Or how would we know when there’s new comments? As you will no doubt recognize, I am not computer literate. I thought I was a Rhodes Scholar when I learned to email & navigate the web somewhat.

  8. Geoff So sorry and sad to hear that you won’t be on channel 8 until the end of February. Very disappointed in that all the years you gave to them that they couldn’t give you a nice send off. Yet I’m confident that you will be back on the air soon somewhere where we can watch our favorite weatherman. Good Luck to you and I will look forward to seeing you again soon. Paula Z.

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