I Feel Uncomfortable

I cannot condone anything that even hints of a threat or impacts third parties. That’s especially true of things done on my behalf.

I just spoke with Ed Stannard of the New Haven Register. He told me some things people were doing on my behalf. It made me very uncomfortable.

Over the past few weeks I have done my best to say nothing about what’s going on at work except to thank you for your encouragement and support. Hearing you tell me I’ve been part of your life has been unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before. It has made all the difference in the world.

However, I now feel I have to chime in a little.

I cannot condone anything that even hints of a threat or impacts third parties. That’s especially true of things done on my behalf.

Simply put, please be nice.

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  1. Hi Geoff! I arrived in Connecticut just about when you did on Channel 8 back in the 80’s. I moved to Florida 12 years ago but still look for you and your forecasts on the web as I have family in Danbury and like to keep up with how the weather is affecting them. I am saddened that the management of Channel 8 no longer wants or needs your services (and I am hoping that their thoughts about Dr. Mel aren’t as troublesome). I haven’t followed the whole story about your being let go – so I won’t speculate on the details. I’ve noted that your meterology at Channel 8 covers huuricanes as well as Nor’ Easters (Hurricanes with snow and sleet, if you ask me) – and you seem to like Florida. I know at least one station down here in Tampa Bay that could use your talents (and remember – you don’t have to shovel heat). I wish you all the luck in where ever you wind up.

    Thanks for being so damn good at what your do.

  2. Geoff, I wish you were staying. I have enjoyed watching your forecasts and even the joking with Darren and Sonia. I feel very comfortable with you like a member of the family. However, I understand that nothing is forever. I am trying to give the ‘new guy’ a chance. I feel like that’s what you would want. I’m sure when you were the ‘new guy’ it took awhile for viewers to get used to you. I wish you well with whatever the future holds for you. I will continue to read your blog and facebook page because I enjoy hearing/reading your point of view and because I like to see your pictures. Godspeed

  3. I’m not absolutely sure of what you’re addressing here. However, I would like to say that you have conducted yourself as the ultimate professional.

    I know some people have made unkind comments about some of your colleagues and other on-ai…r professionals and I agree that is extremely distasteful. This shouldn’t be about others, rather only our support of you. It’s one thing to click on a FB “like” button or to discontinue watching a particular TV station. But actions made in an effort to inflict hurt on others is wrong.

    I hope that I, personally, haven’t done anything to make you feel uncomfortable, but if I have, please accept my apology. I have spent more than a few moments in the past couple of days in particular thinking this entire campaign has grown a life of its own.

    Simply put. We don’t want you to go. There’s not much we can do about it. But bashing the new guy isn’t going to keep you there. Everyone has to start somewhere. Perhaps you weren’t the bright star that you are now when you first started either. So, some of us might need to practice some control and patience. We do want what is best for you and embarrassing you is not something anyone should be doing.

  4. Geoff, Sadly some people go way to far when emotions take over.
    I too will miss you when your time is over at WTNH. I wish you all the best, and hope who ever is chosen to fill your shoes does a good job, but know this while they can take your place, they will never be able to replace you.

  5. Well, we no longer watch WTNH. If you consider that ‘hurtful’ to a third party (which I don’t imagine you do) then we are sorry. We have flexed our ‘consumer choice’ muscle and taken our viewership to another station.

  6. Geoff, We wish you the very best on whatever life has in store for you! Our family will miss you, you have been a part of our living room, kitchen and great room for years! You have helped with the kids school science projects more times than you know and many heated discussions on ‘weather related topics”! We will miss you in our home but you will always be in our hearts and prayers. Thank you for being a part of our family! Best of Luck to you and your family!

  7. I am completely furious that management at Chan 8 could even think of letting go one of their brightest stars. I love watching you Geoff. I look forward to seeing you every night. Chan 8 management has made a HUGE mistake. Anyone can be taught to stand in front of a camera and deliver the weather. What makes people watch you, Geoff, is the personality and charisma that comes shining through. I am posting this to let you know you are sorely misses and I am watching channel 4 instead of 8. I miss your wit, your humor, your love for the local viewers and of course your forecasts. Whatever happens I wish you and your family ALL the best. Yours, a truly faithful viewer of yours.

  8. I was stunned to hear that you will no longer be with Channel 8. I have been a fan for a very long time. I was one of your weather watcher watchers back in the day.
    No one they can get will ever fill your shoes.
    I guess I will have to find another news channel to watch. Best wishes.

  9. Geoff, I have enjoyed watching you for 26 years. I was shocked to learn that Channel 8 is not going to give you a new contract. Good luck with all your future endeavors! Best wishes.

  10. We’re all threatening to take our viewership to one of the other local channels. This would have some impact, I guess, on the other members of Channel 8 News. Some folks have threatened to boycott the companies who advertise on Channel 8 — not that they had anything to do with the price of beans. I can completely understand the absolute FURY people have at kicking one of our family members — you — in the teeth. Hope nobody is going too far…???

  11. i truly enjoyed brad fields forcast this evening and i can get nbc30 with on demand as well so i can get it anytime…8 loses all around

  12. I think Foxx on Fox has a nice ring to it, and I have to say as much as I loved the family feel on NEWS 8, it’s just not the same without you. Hurry up and come back from vacation so we can enjoy your time with us. Hopefully they come to their senses and bring YOU BACK to us for good.

  13. Geoff, you have to realize that personalities like yourself, Keith, Anne and Dr. Mel who have been on the air locally for so long have people who depend on them for clear concise news and weather. We, your fans, are not used to the types o…f change that goes in your line of work. It’s hard on us to try and get used or comfortable with a new personality. Which is why all of us have tried to band together and keep you here. I am sure that your departure is purely monetary. But on the other hand, I am also sure that your ratings on channel 8 /my9 are very high. Which the station has to realize they might lose out if you were to go. So—-that is why we are solid on keeping you here. PS where do I send that pic of you and us ol’ Marines from 87.

  14. Hi Geoff,

    This is why I’ve only emailed WTNH, send words of encouragement to you and posted something (not mean) on the WTNH FB page. I support you in whatever you do and will leave it at that.

  15. Geoff, you are taking the high road, and I think the rest of us should take our cue from you and follow. Wherever you land, we can always see you on the Internet, wherever you land. And wherever you land, there will be lucky people.

  16. I have stopped watching Channel 8 as well. Boycotting advertisers is a good idea, too. Those two things are the best hope we have of having an impact, and the most we can do that is legally and morally ok.

  17. Hello Geoff,
    My family couldn’t figure out where you were. We thought you went on vacation but than we kept saying come one with all this crazy weather going on where is our Geoff Fox? I feel bad that you are not coming back, channel 8 will not be the same. You had enthusiasm and charm and I doubt anyone else will measure up to you. I tease my husband when I here him talk about the weather by saying to him “who do you think you are…Geoff Fox?’ We wish you the best where ever you go. Remember things happen for a reason and I am sure you will find a place that appreciates who you are. God bless you and your family!

  18. Geoff, I had not heard why you were not on, but came to this site to investigate. I am very sad that you won’t be back to channel 8. I’ve been watching 8 for 40 years,but will now look to another station. I hate it when the “uppers” decide wrongly and others suffer for it. Namely you and a whole lot of people.
    Your enthusiasium for your job is an artform. What are they thinking~letting you go? That is just wrong.
    I will miss you a great deal. Good luck to you and your family.

  19. I can’t say just how upset I remain about all this. As a result, I’ve been “taste testing” other stations. I am finding that most of them are actually very good, comprehensive, and sometimes have clearer pictures and graphics. Any of them will be fine a substitute once the end of February comes. I do like most all of the personalities on Channel 8, so I feel badly to change my viewership because it has nothing to do with them. While I am oriented toward New Haven and Ch. 8 due to my location, I have found that most of the other stations cover New Haven just fine. It’s nice to have alternatives. I remind myself that I did not actively seek these alternatives, I was forced to do so. I do hope wherever Geoff lands, it is in Connecticut, because I could still get the weather from him.

  20. Geoff,my husband & I along with our 3 children have watched you deliver the weather forever! We looked forward to hearing your comments on what to expect for school delays and cancellations along with everyday forecasts. Your wonderful personality cannot be replaced by another so easily, therefore we have tuned into a different station. Channel 8 has made a huge mistake and will lose many viewers. We wish you all the best and thank you for so many years of being a part of our lives.

  21. What a big mistake WTNH has made by not renewing your contract. I have just written to the associate producer telling him so – with only the threat that we’ll be watching another news station. There are times you are not on the air and we’re not sure if you’re on vacation or not, we call to see where you are. We too will be changing channels after you leave as the weather reporter just won’t be the same without you. We too are hoping you stay in Ct and will look for you on another channel with your fabulous personality and wealth of information. Whatever the future holds for you and your family we wish you all the best of luck. We will just hope and pray that WTNH will come to their senses and admit their mistake in letting you go. Remember that the grass is greener on the other side and WTNH isn’t the only TV station – – we’re off to go to watch Fox news after the 28th of February. To bad for WTNH loosing so many viewers.

  22. Geoff,

    Who is going to say “Don’t go to sleep yet” in the evening to us anymore? I’m a little slow on the take and did not know until today that your contract was not going to be renewed, but I was curious and wondering where you had been. I thought, perhaps, a well-deserved vacation.

    Alas, I think that WTNH is losing one of its best. The way of the corporate world is not always loyal. Thank you for your knowledge and personality in delivering the good and bad of the weather world to us. I wish you the best in all your endeavors and hope that you will be able to stay in the area. I will be watching your blog to see where you end up.

    Well wishes to your and your family.

  23. Geoff,
    I kept saying to my husband “where’s Geoff?” and thought you must be on vacation…we thoroughly enjoyed watching you throughout the years and am so sorry to hear that you won’t be coming back. I will miss your bantering with your colleagues and your humor! I hope you stay in Connecticut and go to another station in CT so we can continue to watch you! Channel 8 has made a big mistake.
    Best of luck to you.

  24. Geoff, There isn’t one person that I have spoken to that likes or agrees with what has happened. Just don’t get the mentality of WTNH management. We all refuse to watch WTNH and I agree with the others, NBC 30, WFSB and Fox news are all fine with us. Management can cater to the younger crowd but the younger crowd is tweeting, face booking and watching the news on their phones. The majority of Channel 8 viewers are 45 and older – we should count for something. I think you are uncomfortable because you don’t like the focus that all of this has put on you – not your fault – you are respected. Hang in there and let’s hope they come to their senses!

  25. Geoff,
    I’m sorry that they’ve decided to do what they did. I’ve found that you were the only reason I stayed up past 11, as your reports were always enjoyable to watch. The new person they have there now can’t hold a candle to you.

    However, I wish you the best with whatever you wind up doing. You’ve got everything a person would need to succeed in both TV and meteorology, and I know that it will help you immensly wherever you wind up going.

  26. This post is very ambiguous (there I go, modifying absolutes). I can only speak for myself; tell us whether you feel this was “over the line”. I did email WTNH to tell them: your report is far better than your “vacation standin”, and that I’ll watch elsewhere once you’re off the air. Decisions have consequences; WTNH management needs to know what those consequences are, and the most direct way for them to know this is for viewers to tell them.

  27. Well…we are so sad to hear this news. We can’t believe WTNH would have made a decision like this. My husband and I have been watching and waiting to see you but no Geoff. Oh…he must be on vacation, I said. Until tonight….when my husband said NO…there is something wrong. There definitely is something wrong….you won’t be saying to us…..”YOU CAN’T GO TO SLEEP YET!” Well….we have decided to go to sleep now for sure and won’t be watching the Eleven O’clock news on WTNH any longer!! We wish you and your family all the best and hope you stay in Connecticut. You will be missed dearly!

  28. Geoff, you are the best in the bizness, a great mixture of professional weather reporting and good ole fashioned entertaining television. WTNH has made a big mistake in my opinion. All the best to you and yours! You have made a difference in the lives of many people!

  29. I have not heard of an drastic things that people have done. Some have put down some of the newer people that are on 8, and that I nor other people agree with and have let that be known. But, we are the viewers, it is us that WTNH is supposed to serve, not themselves. You are the reason why most people watch the News/Weather. You are truthful in your reports, knowledgeable of the subject, make it easy and comfortable for the layman to understand without sensationalizing it. We just simple ENJOY watching you and after you leave their will be no reason to watch WTNH anymore. Keep us informed where you will be going, I guarantee if you stay in this state we will follow. Everyone has a right to watch what channel they want, due to WTNH and Lin making this awful decision, people are exercising their rights to change the channel and they will if you are gone. They are making a statement, we are making ours. Good luck to you Geoff, we will miss you if they don’t wake up before it is too late.

  30. Geoff,

    We understand your comment about being nice. I admit we accused WTNH of age discrimination in your case – and in the downgrading of Keith and Ann. We also told them you are the best weatherman we’ve ever seen except Tom Skilling of WGN in Chicago. We also told them that if you go, the station loses the two of us at 11:00 p.m. Indeed, we have been watching Channel 4 since you went on vacation.

    We hope you wind up at a station where you will be appreciated and, selfishly, one where we can see you.

    Karen and Bob

  31. Geoff,
    I had to think about this one for a couple of days. I have pled with the “authorities” before to keep a person in a certain position (different line of work). For the most part it is a hopeless cause. But the one thing it does do, is to tell the company or person in charge how highly regarded the specific person is that we are fighting for. My prev. argument has been in regard to a clergyperson and his congregation. I think that it is very important that the folks who own Ch 8 know that we are all very upset with their decision. Despite knowing the company’s history,and the many others who have been “let go”-or just disappeared from the line up—there are a few of you who I feel are worth fighting for. I thank you for all the years that you corresponded with my husband Roger (Naugatuck), via e-mail. You have always been very informative, especially with new innovations and scientific information. About 10 yrs ago, you saved me from having a surgical procedure for breast biopsy–when my husband wrote to you, you sent him all the info. You might remember the incident. Anyway,you have always been like a relative in our family. One more thing–they say that if one door is closed, God always opens another. Best wishes to you and Helaine. (written 1/23/11)

  32. Geoff,
    Jan and I will miss you.you are the reason we watched CH8.It will not be the same
    and we will give Ch6 or Ch3 a shot. We respect you not wanting to hurt your friends
    at CH8.It is not our intent but the draw is gone.
    Good luck! We will hope that you join another local station or a NYC station that we
    get in Fairfield County.You have always been a welcome presence in our home.
    we will hope to see you back on air soon.
    Joe and Jan Bevan

  33. Dear Geoff,

    I cannot believe it. Are are indeed part of everyone’s family and our lives. You are such a good soul and have enjoyed watching you (and your hair-dos) through the years. I was hoping you were on vacation and could come back with a good joke that you really do control the weather. You can stop with all the snow now! We have a job club in Essex if you would like to meet and vent and discuss the stages of disbelief and all the emotions that go along with it. I’m sure you will find something in your field or use this to help others. You are such a gentleman to the end. Best wishes to you and your family. You will be truely missed! Warm regards, Diane & Tom in East Lyme

  34. Chas wrote on Feb 9, 2011 11:28 PM:

    ” Geoff has been known to the residents of CT on a first name basis. He was the one reason many times one would tune to Channel 8. All I can say is … bad decision. All I can do is wish Geoff good luck, cream rises to the top.

    As far as “hitting them in the pocketbook”.. Channel 8… everytime the News 8 splash screen comes up… Switch to HI-DEF WVIT in Hartford.
    Good luck Geoff “

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