To My Friends And Colleagues

Don’t think your voices weren’t heard. They were. They have had a most profound effect on me and my family.

To my friends and colleagues –

A few weeks ago when I learned there would be no new contract for me I was told I’d return on-air at WTNH following my vacation this Wednesday. That will not happen. Mark Higgins, WTNH general manager, told me he has changed his mind because all of this has become a distraction. Though not what I expected, this is his call to make.

Don’t think your voices weren’t heard. They were. They have had a most profound effect on me and my family.

People are let go from jobs every day, but few are blessed with the kind of warm and loving outpouring you have given me. You have made this awful situation bearable. In many ways your response has made it all worthwhile!

Some of you told me how I’ve touched or even became part of your family. The more I read the more I understood the depth of your emotion. It’s a two-way street. I care just as deeply for and about you.

I had 26 years at 8 Elm Street. That’s a helluva run. Nothing can take that away.

As anyone with that kind of tenure can tell you it wasn’t always perfect, but it was very good. Up until my last day on-the-air I was treated with respect. I will have nothing bad to say about WTNH and LIN.

Many of you will be upset by this turn of events. It is proper for you to consider this episode as you go forward. However, it would be wrong for you to take this out on my colleagues who still work there or even the person who ultimately takes my job. These people were not involved in any of this.

As you might imagine I am looking for another job. I have spoken to local stations, but I’m also looking outside Connecticut. When I know my future plans I’ll let you know.

I am sad I won’t be able to say goodbye on-the-air, but really there is only one thing I want to say. You can go to sleep now.

All the best,
Geoff Fox

298 thoughts on “To My Friends And Colleagues”

  1. I’m disappointed you won’t be coming back on the air for your last few weeks. I really enjoyed watching your weather forecasts everynight on the eleven o’clock news. You will be missed. You made the weather and the news itself a pleasure to watch. Hopefully you’ll tell us where you will be next. Keep us updated on the “extended forecast”!!

  2. As Mammy said in Gone With The Wind: “It ain’t fittin’, it just ain’t fittin’.” Your being “let go” was not handled properly and this surely is not being handled properly. You should have been allowed your remaining days, a farewell to your colleagues and to your loyal followers.

  3. I’m disappointed, but not surprised. You were the only reason we tuned into the 11pm news, which we won’t be now. I am sorry that your former colleagues may be impacted, but management made a choice and now must deal with the outcome of that decision. I really hope you stay in CT so I can move stations with you.

  4. Geoff — Thank you for always being such a professional, class act. This is one of the reasons we will miss you. Look forward to hearing where you will be!

  5. I read this with tears flowing and a heavy heart. I’m so sorry it worked out this way. For what it’s worth, I had feared this could happen. When there was no response from LIN, I had a sinking feeling they were getting more angered by the day to see how loved and respected you are. Well, they made a mistake. We all know it. But the station will move on without you and now you will have more time to look for what lies ahead. I’m just so sorry that we won’t be seeing you on-air. It will leave a void in many lives. I will look forward to your blogs, as well as hearing where you are headed next. I wish all the best to you and Helaine. You have become my friend.

  6. This is a very disappointing decision. Mark Higgins and the rest of the management at WTNH should be ashamed of the way that they are treating you. After your years of dedicated service you deserve much better. Best of luck in your future endeavors. If you go to another station in CT I will be watching.

  7. Geoff,
    I am so sorry to hear that we will not be able to see you one more time. I have to be honest, when I seen that your bio was not there, I got a very sick feeling in my stomach. I truely hope that we didnot have anything to do with that. You are very much loved and respected and we wanted to show our support. You are a remarkable person, teaching, explaining, showing,telling. I can’t say I will continue to watch WTNH, it just won’t be the same without you!! I wish you only happiness & the best life has to offer. You are a great talent that will not go unnoticed. I do hope you find some comfort knowing that we all love you and wish you the best. You have been a part of my family for years and I will greatly miss you. Please keep in touch and let me know how you are doing. I still need alot of help with my photography ha,ha. I just feel so sad that I will not get to see you one more time. I hope you find something that will make you very happy. I know wherever you go, you will be an asset to them. Good Luck<3

  8. You will be missed, Geoff. Thank you for everything you’ve done for Connecticut over the past 26 years. A person of your professionalism and talent should be valued and hopefully be working again soon, though I can’t help but selfishly hope it’s still within my viewing range. I wish you the best. Sleep well. 🙂

  9. I am so very sorry ,Geoff you’ll be missed.I myself would never have bad feelings towards anyone you worked with . But being honest I will not watch WTNH any longer, some things are unforgivable.Good luck in your ventures,but I must say . WHAT THE HELL WERE THEY THINKING.

  10. Geoff, your graciousness and respect for people shines through. If there’s any way we can help you, please let us know. Many of us have contacts and can open doors or serve as viewer references.
    I’m a firm believer in the ‘closed door – open window’ phenomenon and have no doubt that your exit from WTNH will lead you into an amazing opportunity that you would have missed had you stayed on there. There is a world of possibility waiting for you Geoff!! And we’ll all be here rooting for you and cheering you on wherever you go. In the meantime, rest, sleep and be good to yourself. You’ve earned it.
    Thank you again for being the amazingly gracious man you are. You have set the bar at an all-new high.

  11. Geoff, its been great getting to “know” you on wtnh for the past several years, our family have thoroughly enjoyed your weathercasts, you have a great on air personality. Noone they hire to replace you will be able to come close to what you bring to the table evry night. You will be missed! I will continue to watch channel 8, but it just won’t be the same. Good luck in your future endeavors, I am sure, with your experience and following, that you will not be unemployed for very long! Keep in touch!

  12. My heart is quite broken since I was really looking forward to seeing you to the end. I feel like we, the viewers, have been so terribly cheated by a company who totally doesn’t listen to it’s audience. It won’t ever be the same in our house. Lately, we’ve just not been watching the news. We go to bed earlier and turn off the TV.
    Geoff, you are such a class act that you won’t be hired but rather, will be chosen for a new position. Any GM will be proud to have you. I’m glad you enjoyed your run on WTNH and I do feel very sorry for the remaining former co-workers of yours and hope they will be smart enough to look elsewhere.
    I hope to continue to follow your wonderful blog and enjoy your “take” on things. You have become a dear friend–much more than the TV weather guy.
    Best wishes, Evi

  13. What sad news. This last storm coverage was nothing without you. I think everyone hoped that WTNH would change their minds when they came to their senses….but I guess that is not to be. I too will not be watching WTNH any longer. I do not feel comfortable be a viewer when they obviously do not care about their employees or the viewers that love you. Good Luck to you – you will be missed.

  14. This blog has again to prove you are the person all we know you to be. You will never be gone in our hearts wtnh can take you off the air but never out of our thoughts. I will not being watching wtnh news because i wont be a part of someone of something that doesn’t care about people or what they think.
    Good luck on your new Journey in life and may God bless you and your family
    Keep i n touch

  15. Geoff,
    Best wishes, tearfully. . You will be missed. I wondered if all the hoopla would cause more problems, but suffice to say, we just couldn’t help it! You are truly a class act, and a great “friend”. All the best,

  16. Geoff you be missed!We’ve been watching you forever, you are unique and found a way to become part of many families…Sorry to not see you return for at least a good-bye, but that’s sadly business. Good Luck with your future endeavors, may they bring you happiness in what you do!

  17. Geoff — Much luck and good fortune to you. Even Keith Olbermann got to say goodbye! You may not be able to say goodbye on the air, but you have this forum and you use it well. You are a class act, a mensch, and I’m sure good things are ahead of you. It’s a shock now, but I bet “when one doors closes, another one opens” will apply to you in bounty. Enjoy the pause.

  18. Geoff. Sorry to hear you will not have the chance to say your farewell on the air.

    All the best to you and your family, I hope your stay off the air is a short one.

    You are truly a class act and will be hard to replace.

  19. Please stay in Connecticut and we will happily invite you back into our home!

    You’ll be truly missed and I wish you the best in your next move.

  20. Ugh…I half expected this would be how it ended. Sad, but a cold reality in how these things tend to end when decisions are made for you. You are right in asking folks not to take this out on others at the station. While most of us don’t agree with this decision, I think we can all agree that there are still alot of great people working there who were not involved and should be held harmless in all of this.

    Good luck sir. I wish you the best. And yes…I will go to sleep now! Would have been great to see you say that on the air, although I can’t imagine it would have come without a few tears.

  21. Geoff,

    I am disgusted by this news. I was going to leave WTNH as my “news back home” feed, but I’m switching that all over to another CT station. It’s disgusting that they think the voices of viewers is a “distraction.”

    Best of luck, Geoff. Keep us updated.

  22. Well Geoff, that stinks but I’m not the least bit surprised by their actions. You will land on your feet running and all of us will be there will be watching. Until then, im going to channel 3.

  23. Geoff,
    All the best…I am furious that that gutless M. Higgins, went back on his word and wont allow you to give your farewell on the air. I am done with these clowns at WTNH and I hope you end up in CT….sorry I just couldn’t be as classy as you have been throughout the last month!!

  24. This is heartbreaking news Geoff….and I am sorry if our outpouring of support had anything to do with their decision…..YOU and your fan’s deserved a better sign off….God Bless you and your family…. At least we will be able to keep up with your here…..

  25. Geoff, WIth your talents, Don’t worry at all. If nothing develops in CT try Fl. We can follow you there too. One door closes another opens. Best of luck

  26. Geoff,
    You have displayed enormous graciousness. You have been a kind and gentle soul throughout this entire fiasco.

    You will be deeply missed on the air at ‘that station’.

    My fondest hope is that you get a position bigger and better than the one you had.

    Wishing you all the best.

  27. Geoff.. we can now go to sleep before 11 if you won’t be there. We always tuned in for you, and remember the days when Ivy would accompany you for some of your broadcasts. good luck wherever you land.. the viewers will be so lucky to have you.. we really missed you in this last batch of storms.. perhaps you can go somewhere where snow is not in a forecast!

  28. All I can say is WOW! I understand what you are saying about your colleagues at the station, they are all a great bunch and we shouldnt take it out on them. I feel so bad for the way you had to end your run at WTNH but at least we were all able to give a fond farewell. I still think they made a wrong decision letting you go. I guess all there is to do now is wish you the best of luck in your future and thank you for a job well done.

  29. Geoff…you really are a class act. I have been watching you on Channel 8 for your entire career there and it feels like I’m losing a member of my family. Best of luck to you in all of your future endeavors and I hope to one day welcome you back into my home. The sun may have set on this part of your world, but it’s just rising somewhere else.

  30. Dear Geoff,
    So sorry to hear of this. you were the reason my wife and I chose wtnh over the competition. In fact we usually had to change the channel to watch you. In my 55 years I have watched and heard many weather men, I consider you the best. Do let us know where you end up. My wife actually cried to hear the sad news. God bless you in yor future work.

  31. Dear Geoff,

    I am sadden by this turn of events. I wish you well and know you will find a new place to not go to bed yet….

    You are a true talent; you know when to be funny, serious and down right clever.

    Thanks for the 26 years.


  32. Best wishes in your future…wherever you end up. Sometimes things work out better in the long run when you least expect it & didn’t know you needed. Enjoy your family & little Roxie! And especially loved (& choked up!) on the “you can go to sleep now” part. “Class Act” is really appropriate for you…

  33. Best wishes, Geoff! I have followed you for all your yrs at channel 8… Your presence will be greatly missed. You’re a heckova class act. Stay well, stay warm…. Don’t go to sleep just yet!

  34. I was looking forward to hearing your voice again. So sorry this has happened. Wishing you all the best. 73, Barb k1eir

  35. Geoff, I will miss you on the air. I always told my wife that you’re one of the best weathermen I’ve encountered. You’re clear, knowledgeable, entertaining and, when you’ve boned up on a forecast, you are apologetic about it.

    This latest chapter boggles the mind, to welch on their allowing you to continue through the end of February. How can you do business like that? In a very competitive market, I think LIN and the station have made a big mistake. Will it take them down, no. But it will be a long time before they get back the goodwill they’ve lost from their viewers and sponsors over this.

    You hang in there! Guys like you are a rarity and you’ll be back in the saddle before the ink dries on the pink slip. So don’t go to bed yet!!

  36. Geoff, you have acted with class throughout this entire debacle.

    Hopefully, Mr. Higgins is shown the door tomorrow morning, although I have a feeling that it hasn’t been his call to make at all. Probably some clown in a 1970s-style three-piece suit at Lin Media. All I know is that I will no longer be watching Ch. 8 news at night. I can get the same thing from Ch. 3 or 30.

    Ch. 8 is turning into Jersey Shore with Snooki and the Situation doing the traffic and weather and I’ll pass on them. The on-air people I feel sorry for are Darren, Sonia, Noah, Ann, Kristen, Chris, Dr. Mel and John. They have to work for such incompetent people and must be scared for their jobs as well.

    I also feel bad for the ad reps who work on commission and will find it tougher to sell ads to sponsors who will be looking for cheaper ad rates because viewership is down.

  37. Same thing happened to my husband. He went on vacation with no indication that he was going to be let go, then came back to find he had no job anymore. People suck, but I believe that most things happen for a very good reason. Maybe a better opportunity is in your future. Best of luck to you, and follow your heart.

  38. What a disgrace that station is…to not even allow you or the viewers the opportunity to ‘say goodbye’ to someone who has been part of their lives for so long.

    Well, as I’ve said before, we’ve flexed our consumer muscles and now watch channel 3.

    We will follow you to another station in CT – keeping our fingers crossed!

  39. Hi Geoff I am sorry you are leaving WTNH, unfortunately I guess the viewing public is not very important to the management of WTNH/LinMedia to not even allow a good-bye on air. We have enjoyed your being on Channel 8 and will miss you. Best Wishes on future endevors and please let us know where you will be next.

  40. I am very sorry to hear that you won’t be back on the air after you come off vacation! This whole situation is sickening. I lost my job after 27 years in Dec. ’09 so I know what you are going through. Hope you find your dream job at a place where your new audience will soon find out what a classy, honest person you are. Good luck and keep us posted here and on facebook where you go to next.

  41. Our weather anchor at NBC-2 (WBBH) in Fort Myers just gave up his evening gig to do mornings. Don’t know what is happening with this plum spot (6:00 and 11:00 pm), but it’s worth looking at. We haven’t had a snow day all winter! (And no hurricanes to speak of. Knock on wood.)

  42. So sorry to hear this Geoff. The best of luck to you; we’ll all be thinking of you, keep us posted.–73–Betsey K1EIC

  43. I first became a Geoff fan on September 26, 1985, the night he proved my algebra teacher wrong, and told us that we were looking at a serious hurricane coming right at us the next day. (I had to look up that date- I’m not *that* good…) No school. But as a budding weather geek, he made an impression- and I started to watch the news more. And I started to watch Peter Jennings, too. Geoff was sort of a gateway drug to my interest in news and current events. The weather could sometimes be uninteresting, but Geoff always was interesting. I loved the way he interacted with the anchors and his loose, improvisational style.

    When I was a freshman in college five years later, my English professor gave us an assignment to write a profile of “an interesting person in New Haven- not associated with the campus.” I called Channel 8 and asked to speak to Mr. Fox. I told Geoff about the assignment and asked if I could interview him over coffee. He said, “First of all, call me Geoff. Coffee? That’s not enough time– come down to the station! Meet me at 3pm- watch what I do, and you can ask me questions in between.” What a mensch! I was nervous going to visit him. But upon meeting me at reception, he bought me a Coke and some junk food out of the vending machine and we talked for a bit. He asked me questions about school- I told him I was a month in and just spinning. The article wrote itself. I watched Geoff work with the computers, explain how everything worked. The profile / essay wrote itself, largely because Geoff was open, funny, honest- and willing to show me what it was really like to be there and do his job. I remember all of this well (including the good grade I received- and the professor’s commendation that I had the courage to ask him).

    Geoff could have said no to me, he could have said it was against station policy, could have agreed to do it over the phone– but he was generous to a stranger. He even made sure I had a ride back after dark and dropped me off before dinner.

    After several years living in and out of the CT market, (and always trying to catch Channel 8 when I was home) I’ve moved on to another part of the country, but have followed Geoff regularly on this blog. He’s one of the most interesting people you’ll ever come across. He’s also a great writer, but if you are reading his blog now, you probably know that.

    More than anything, take the weather maps and fantastic TV skills away- what you are left with is a really nice, generous, smart and witty human being. Geoff will tell you humbly that he’s not perfect. Who is? But his humility only reinforces our general perceptions about him.

    I am sure that this is just a new beginning for Geoff. I thank him again for all of the forecasts, the good times watching him banter with his colleagues, and his personal generosity to me 20 years ago. From junior high through law-school graduation, Geoff was a constant. It’s not appropriate to say goodbye- it’s better to say, “Until later.”

  44. Geoff,
    You provided trusted, knowledgable weather forecasts- the good and the bad. Always loved watching you. It was a pleasure to have you in our family room. My thoughts will be with you. Hoping you find a way to let us all know where you end up. Keep the faith, and always keep moving forward.

  45. Your One Of A Kind and my family and I will no longer be watching WTNH, BEST OF LUCK!!! We hope to see you back on the air again soon, you will be missed Channel 8 will NEVER find a replacement for you

  46. Geoff,

    I sit here with tears in my eyes. I’m not ready to go to sleep yet. I checked today & saw that your bio was gone from the “weather” page. I knew in my heart that you would not be returning, but I was holding on to hope that I was wrong. My heart knew better.

    Thanks so much for your dedication to your work, your professionalism and your sense of humor. It sickens me that the end is here, and that you will not be on my tv tomorrow night. I wish you all the best in where ever life takes you next. Thank you for making my life all that much better. You will be missed…more than you know!

    Wishing you love & light!

  47. I have been watching your weather forecasts for over 20 years, As I am 25, it is very said to see WTNH doing this, you will be missed and i will no longer be watching WTNH, its an awful thing. I even remember you being apart of the weather bug with the schools and I learned alot from you about the waether, I will always remember the weather bug thing they did at the Oakdale theater. I will find a new channel to follow and lets hope we can see you back on the air soon, YOU WILL BE MISSED

  48. I’m really gonna miss you, Geoff Fox. Especially when you tell us “Don’t go to sleep yet!”. There will never be a more intelligent, friendly, funny, entertaining, classy, charmingly geeky meteorologist in CT than you. Thanks for making the last 26 years a pleasure to watch, even if the weather forecasts were not always sunny. I have the deepest respect for you and wish you the best. And I don’t want to go to sleep yet!

  49. Dear Geoff,
    I’m sorry but I need to switch my news station now. If WTNH is so short sighted to let you go I won’t be loyal to them. They should have met ANY demand you had.
    Christopher Meyer

  50. Geoff–What was WTNH thinking? Best wishes to you and your family. I hope wherever you go, the management treats you with the respect you deserve. God Bless.

  51. I have been watching you since the day you started. I wish you all the luck in the world and hope you land at another CT station, so I can see you again. I have trusted you forecast always. I can say, you seem to be right most of the time. I have learned over the years that the best thing to do is look out and check the temp, that weather people are not Gods, and weather can change in hours. So take care. I will check back. Good bye for now.

  52. Geoff, so sad to see you go. I’ve been watching you for years as has all of your many fans. It is obvious by the way you are handling this you are a Christian and a class act. In the long run your wonderful attitude will carry you through to your next adventure. My mom always told me “God doesn’t close a door without opening a widow”. I don’t wanna go to sleep yet, so I hope you find a job locally so I can tune in. See you soon! Fondly, Michele
    Ps: I met you once at the Dunkin Donuts on State St and you were very friendly with everyone there, like I said, a class act!

  53. Only watched channel 8 for you Geoff. Now there is no reason. Sorry your co-workers will bear the brunt of the managements lousy choices,

  54. Geoff;
    I was so sorry to hear the original news about your contract; and then as many of us did immediately signed petitions, removed weather app from my phone; etc – and did all I could.

    But never, never did I think I’d see the coward Mark Higgins, WTNH general manager not allow you to return for until the end of your contract. After all that hard work, dedication and professionalism you’ve shown through all this… especially! What’s the matter Mark – Heat get too hot for you – just wait — ratings will falllllllllllll quick and they already have… I’m one who REFUSES to watch WTNH and never will again!

    Geoff; someone here in CT will snatch you up – and if not; and you are forced to leave this state – I wish you the best…. because you are the best! You don’t deserve this and if they want to do you dirty like this – they aren’t worth even being there. You’ve said your goodbyes on air, on your blog, Facebook – the ones who tuned in to even see you again are the ones who don’t/wouldn’t care if you stay/go… and trust me – there isn’t many!

    I wish you all the best!

  55. Although I have not been in CT for 3 years, I will always remember when I was one of the weather watchers in your forecast. Your letter, as always expected from you, A CLASS ACT. As you can see, you will be missed. The loss is WTNH. As I told you, you will land on your feet. The best to you and yours, hopefully, you will think about South Carolina, then I can see you again, every night for weather. Take care and keep us updated on your new endeavors.

  56. Well all I can say is, “Now I’ve just about seen it all.” To go back on one’s word, especially after the viewers were told that you’d be back, is despicable. Through all of this, you conducted yourself amazingly honorably, much better that I could ever do. You are a role model in showing true grace under fire. I too, must now go over to another station, as I cannot condone what has been done here by continuing to listen to 8. I know you know that all of the thousands and thousands of viewers that wrote, emailed, posted really care about you, and we always will. I am VERY hopeful that wherever you wind up, you will continue the blog….we, your loyal viewers, need it and you probably do, too. Best to you, Helaine, & Stef.
    Laura in Cheshire

  57. Well Geoff, we (the viewers) tried to keep you on WTNH, to no avail. I too am sorry you will not be able to say your good bye on the air, and am dissapointed that I will not see you through to the end of February. I’m afraid that I am not as generous as you, and will most likely switch networks for my CT news/weather (and other ABC programming). WTNH ignored me, the viewer, and aren’t we the ones actually keep them in business? I do not wish to punish your colleagues, but given this is the only “voice” I have left to show my displeasure, I intend to use it. “Distraction” indeed!

    I too am among those who sincerely hope to find you on another Connecticut television station. Please keep up your website; it is so enjoyable.

    All the best I wish for you,

    Sharon B. Geegan

  58. I just cried, I was fine reading the entire post until I got to the last line and then I just lost it. It is so sad. Geoff..Thank You, for teaching me while I was in school, for making the weather interesting, for giving me peace on the weekend of my wedding. Thank you for everything. I wish you all the best !

  59. you’re my friend so it’s no surprise i think wtnh has made a grievous error in your case, but it’s just one of many over the past few years. what we’re seeing really is a slide into irrelevance for news 8 on all levels. news rigor disappeared a long time ago . the move toward facile , shallow eye candy continues. the use of more news packages from other sources make the in house segments look even more glaringly light-weight.
    i’ve seen broadcast properties in the past who make the repeated errors that higgins et. al. are making. they can happen in a flash. to undo the damage takes years. it’s not just the eventual sacking of the wrong headed administration that made the errors in the first place and the rebuilding of the image of the station. that’s the easy part. to win back the trust of an audience lost in the process can take a long time indeed.

  60. Good luck to you Geoff, I know you will land on your feet and that this will likely be a blessing in disguise for you and your family. I will miss you. Let us know where you land.

  61. Geoff, I am stunned by this news. I have been a fan of yours for 26 years. I was looking forward to seeing you back on the air to finish your contract. I will miss you. You have demonstrated class and dignity during this traumatic time. You are a gentleman. Thank you for all your talent and hard work. Please keep us informed of your future plans. Wishing you and your family all the best.

  62. Geoff, WTNH will never be the same. My husband and stayed up faithfully every night in hopes that you would be reporting the weather. Whatever the outlook, we always enjoyed your presentation and humorous and intellectual touch, and now we groan each night that the young whipper snapper comes on instead. So you can imagine my delight to discover your blog where I can keep reading your interesting comments about the weather. I’m a weather geek myself, and hope you will keep posting here no matter where you end up working. Thank you so much for your unique and enjoyable way of reporting the weather. You really did become part of our family ritual and I’m sure many felt as we do. Take good care! And warm wishes to you and yours!

  63. Geoff,
    I can’t believe that all that we did to try to keep you on the air ended your stay sooner instead. I am so sorry! We did this all to let them know how important you are to us. We were all looking so much for your return Wednesday that this is another shocking blow. Over the course of 26 years, you have become our family. You came into our living rooms daily and shared your life with us. We felt that we knew you. I can’t say that about any of your colleagues. I hope that one of the other local stations is smart enough to grab you especially with all the viewers that you will bring with you – me included. Where ever life brings you, I wish you and your family the best.

    Thank you for being a part of my family. I will miss you but will follow your website faithfully now.

  64. Geoff,

    I am so sorry to hear of this recent development. I had hoped to watch you until the end of February and then to have a proper good bye from you to all of us, your viewers. I have enjoyed watching you for many, many years and now there
    is no reason for me to stay up for the 11 o’clock news. Good luck to you in all your future endeavors and if you don’t stay in Connecticut, I hope to see you again on a national show!

    All the best,

  65. I see I’m not alone with your “You can go to sleep now” comment. I too got teary eyed when I read that. All we can do is hope to see you back SOMEWHERE where we can watch you. And soon.
    All the best!

  66. Geoff, I am so upset over these turn of events. Please know that if you do go to another station you will be followed to wherever you may go. Unfortunately the one thing this last decision of Mark Higgins has shown he truly does not care about his viewers and their thoughts and feelings. I find it funny that he believes this has become a distraction to him. I would think as a station manager he would be able to multi-task and not get distracted so easily. They never even acknowledged their viewers, yet they want and think we are all going to stay and watch and this is just going to blow over. Unfortunately for them I believe he has just added fuel to the fire and I am sure the other news staions are loving it. It is a very sad day. Godspeed Mr Fox and please know you will be missed while you are gone and we will be waiting to see where you re-appear because I know you will.
    Sincerely, Brooke Stegner

  67. Geoff,

    I remember being a curious 11 year old student at Tomlinson Middle School in Fairfield, CT when you came to do a presentation on weather and talk to us about the profound affect weather has on us every day of every year. It sparked my interest in all things weather! If I hadn’t gone into communications, I swear I’d be a meteorologist. I used to set my alarm (yes, at 11) for 12AM and turn on “The Weather Classroom” on The Weather Channel (do you remember that program?) just so I could stay up for 5 minutes and learn everything I could about thunderstorms, cloud formations, or tornadoes. I’m 26 now with a family of my own. I’m saddened to learn about the stations inevitable decision to relieve you of your duties. Because of the amount of years you have been a part of the CT family, there’s no doubt in my mind that positivity and good things will surround you. Best of luck. We’re rooting for your successes!

  68. The least they could do was let you finish your contract and be able to say your good-byes. Well guess I have watched my last WTNH episode a little sooner than I thought. Fox news you have a new watcher

  69. We will miss you Jeff. have always missed you all these years. The new guy compared to you on a scale from 1 to 10 is a 2!!!! best of luck Jeff. you will be fine & a asset to the new channel you go to

  70. Geoff: I am really sorry to hear that. I have been waiting for you to get back and I just think that it is sad that they had to make that decision. You have handled this so well, the least they could do is let you say goodbye on the air.
    You will do wonderfully well, where every you end up. They (whoever “they” end up being) will be very fortunate to get you.
    Thanks for helping us through the good and bad weather for 26 fantastic years.

  71. Hi Geoff, I am a high school student (not even from CT) looking to go into broadcast meteorology. I remember coming across this site a few years ago and being amazed with your passion. I’ve followed this unfortunate chain of events over the past few weeks closely. Know that even your New England neighbors outside of CT feel for you and your family. I feel for the thousands of CT viewers who won’t be able to see an actual on-air sign-off from you. I know that if my favorite meteorologist or personality was treated the same way, I’d be disgusted. I truly hope you land somewhere else soon. Know that the weather community throughout New England knows we have lost a legend. Thanks for all of your enthusiasm.

  72. *shaking head* It makes so little sense… we’re letting you go to try to boost our ratings by bringing in a younger forcaster… BUT we won’t let you work your last weeks of this contract because you’re so popular that it might be a distraction!! Now THAT is the most absurd reasoning that I’ve ever heard. Personally I feel that it’s the devoted followers of Channel 8 news that are being hurt by this decision.

    Bev and I wish you all the best wherever you go. My sister is in Boynton, so maybe you can move there and brighten her day? You and Hylton were the only two weathermen that I’ve really made an effort to follow. Will keep checking in on your blog and on FB to see where you go from here. As far as we’re concerned YOU ARE FAMILY!

  73. Geoff–Like others, it saddens me that they are not allowing you to finish out your contract. To take away your ability to properly say good-bye to those that you have touched over the years is horrible and selfish of them.

    Thank you for the years of service–you’ve touched more lives then you will ever know.

  74. Dear Geoff: So sad to hear we won’t have the pleasure of your company until the end of your contract. The letters, WTNH, leave a very bad taste in my mouth. Guess WTIC wins. Wonder who the real powers that be are —-dumb and dumber?

    Best wishes to you and your family. Just remember that everything happens for a reason, and there’s a whole new world out there waiting for your gifts. What about the new OWN Network???????????

    I will miss you very much. I learned and laughed all at the same time. Be well-be safe-be true to yourself-be happy!


  75. I have to say I will miss you, and am sad that you will not finish out your contract. Just wanted to say (Thank You) for being a part of my family as well as being a part of my company. You guided us through some bad storms and at the same time kept us safe.


  76. Geoff…please tell us you’ve sent your resume to the Weather Channel, we’d all love to see you there! I have enjoyed your broadcasts for the last 26 years and wish you the best in the future. WTNH made a very poor decision and I’m sure they will see their ratings drop further.

  77. of luck to u and ur fam..i’ve been watching u since i was in high school..not happy with what WTNH has done to u after 26 yrs with them…No more WTNH here…i’m sorry but this is one thing i cannot do after what they’ve done to you..
    Take care and hope to hear/see u on air soon..
    Thank you for all your hard work!

  78. Dear Geoff:

    You are such a kindered soul and have touched many many lives over your career. Not many people can say that. I believe things happen for a reason and I am guessing Bigger and Better times are headed your way. I hope we get to see you on a CT channel. You certainly will bring tons of viewers with you.Thank you Geoff for your 26 years of dedicated service to all your viewers and to NEW CHANNEL 8. (Figured if Mark could not say it, I would, LOL) God Bless you and your family Geoff.

    A loyal Viewer:


  79. Dear Geoff:
    I will miss you on the 10:00 news; I watched you faithfully. I wish you and your family the best.
    I am a believe in everything happens for a reason. Your gain and Channel 8’s loss.

  80. Geoff,
    We all know that you are great weatherman, albeit a little querky. You will definitely land on your feet . . . soon.
    What I admire about this entire situation is how you have consistently taken the high road… no bad mouthing, no criticisms, no finger pointing, no blaming. Good for you, Geoff! Don’t ever let that change. Such moral stamina will always serve you well. Good luck to you and your family.

  81. Geoff, To be released from your contract after 26 years is a shock; but you appear to be taking it in stride. Good thoughts go out to you and your family as you re-adjust your life. Good luck in the future and remember that when a door closes, a window opens. Your next position may be the job of a lifetime; only proving that the past 26 years were a stepping stone.

    Looking forward to seeing you or hearing you soon.

  82. Are you allowed to clean out your desk or are they mailing everything to you? Seriously, this is sad news. We were all looking forward to at least having a few more weeks of seeing you on air. Blessings to you and your family.

  83. Good luck & blessings to you and your family. You are a class act and love that attitude. As Alexander Graham Bell said – “When one door closes another opens, but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened.” Look to that open door with great anticipation. Wishing you much luck and happiness.

  84. Geoff, I watched you do the weather forecasts 20 years ago when I lived in Danbury CT. You were the only reason I watched the news because of your humor and explaining why and what kind of weather was heading our way. You are a class act and good luck in the future. Hey, we have nice weather in Tucson AZ!

  85. Dear Geoff,

    I haven’t written yet to anyone, I guess I wanted to wait until you were done with your contract. I will now write to channel 8 and let them know how upsetting it is to me and my family. I enjoy watching all of you at channel 8, I will miss you and I will most likly continue to watch 8 only because I like everyone there and it is not their fault that you are not there. I will also be watching channel 4 because I like how they do the weather. I been watching channel 4 weather while you were on vacation.

    I do believe in the fact that everything happens for a reason. Just keep the faith Geoff. I know something will come soon for you, you have a lot of talet. A new wind is blowing for you. Keep your heart and mind open, and listen to your heart.

    I will miss you, you made me smile and laugh alot though the years. I wish you and your family the best of luck and please keep us posted. We believe in you,

    Best Wishes

  86. Geoff,

    Can’t go to sleep yet, I first have to echo those that have said you are a class act! Enjoy some well deserved time-off with your wife!

  87. Dear Mr Fox,
    Any other station would be very fortunate to have you on their team because of your expertise & popularity. It is my sincere hope that this opens a door to a new chapter that is even more fulfilling to you than the last. It was very disrespectful for management to not allow you the opportunity to end your 25+ years with at least a proper “goodbye”. Good luck to you.

  88. Just want to wish you and your family well. As a teacher here in CT., you can imagine the times I listened intently to your forecasts in winter. Snow days won’t seem the same without you. Take care!

  89. Dear Geoff;

    It was always evident that you love what you do. So sorry that management didn’t get that and treated you so shabbily. Hope to see you again on another local channel.

    All the best to you and your family.

    Deirdre and Mel

  90. Geoff, so sorry that things turned out this way. You will be missed that’s for sure.
    I can just imagine how your colleagues must feel. But, I wish you all the best and
    no doubt about it you will be great where ever you go. Think about the warmer
    climate and being closer to your family. All the best to you and Helene and remember no one can ever take your place. You are a class act.

  91. After reading a lot of the messages left on the WTNH Facebook page and a lot of them threatening and not so nice I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that the GM changed his mind about letting you finish your contract. As others have said, you’ve always been a class act but more important is that you’re genuine. You care about the people that live in your viewing area and put our safety first.

    Wherever your next journey takes you I’m gladly going along. I might not be able to see your broadcasts but I’m looking forward to stopping by to see what’s going on in your area of the world right here at your blog. God Bless Geoff and thank you for everything.

  92. Geoff,

    We will miss your 10:00 weathercast, TV always gets shut off after Geoff tells us what to expect tomorrow. My best to you and your family and good luck in your next chapter.

    Take care


  93. As a teacher here in CT., I listened intently to many of your winter forecasts. Snow days just won’t seem the same. One of my autistic students from years ago always asks me, “Who is Geoff Fox is?” whenever he sees me. It will be sad to have to refer to you as the weatherman who “used to be” on Channel 8 News! Best wishes to you and your family.

  94. I’m disappointed that we won’t get to see you for an on-air farewell. I wish you all the best. You’ve handle this situation with grace and class. I’m going to sleep now.

  95. We will miss your forcasts and your personality! We have really enjoyed watching you these past 26 years and will continue if you get a job at another Connecticut station. I do not blame the newscasters at the station, but do feel they(LIN & WTNH) let the WRONG man go. We are very sorry that you will not be back on the air for the remainder of your contract. You will be sorely missed by many of the residents of Connecticut.
    Thank you for the last 26 years!
    Take care and the best of luck to you and your family.
    Cindy & Tim

  96. I dont think there is a more disrespectful-tasteless act that could have been done and this shows exactly what kind of people are in charge at Channel 8. They dont deserve you Geoff. Its so obvious your a class act and their loss. BIG loss. You will be a shining star wherever you go and I am going to pray that the shining star stay local and bless us with another 26 years of his smile, and graceful presence.

    You are tops and Im so sorry that they did this to you. I have such a low opinion of them now, more than I did already.


  97. I’m sorry to hear you won’t be saying goodbye on the air after giving us nightly forecasts for 26 years. Hope you’re back on TV soon.

  98. Hey Geoff,

    I just wanted to let you know you will surely be missed. You show your constant professionalism while others would be bad mouthing their company. I remember watching you last year at work and complaining that you and Stop and Shop had a partnership because they were always packed after you forcasted for a big snow storm that turned out to be a mixed bag storm with no accumulation. : ) I hope you end up getting hired somewhere in Ct because I would surely miss your extremely bad jokes and your crazy sense of humor.

  99. Geoff…I started watching you from the 1st day you were on the air…you are an icon in the weather news! This is about the lowest they can get! You will find a new home, I’m sure of that. From watching other stations when on vaca or business, you would be a great asset to that community and a personality to go with it!!! Best of Luck…and forget about this place!


  100. I was also afraid this would happen with the overwhelming response. Anyone who would make such a huge misjudgment to begin with, would not have the character to withstand the storm that ensued and to correct his mistake. I believe however in karma and you may not be around to see it but the people who made this decision will get their just desserts. Unfortunately, the remaining on air personalities will be affected with lack of viewership which may also mean their jobs. That will be a shame but Mr. Higgins could have turned that all around and chose not to. He finds his viewers distracting when they express their opinion!! He has much to learn however, he sounds like such a close minded person the lesson will escape him a few times before he will learn it. I wish you all the best and will hope you stay in CT. I don’t know who did tonight’s 6 pm weather but I could have done better. I know he’s been with WTNH for awhile but he didn’t seem to care that he didn’t know what was going to happen with this storm. I thought you were going to be on tonight – wrong, then I saw your posting!! I also teared up as many did but not until I got to the end where you told us to go to sleep. How freakin sad is this! I wish you all the best and do hope you get a “can’t say no opportunity” here in CT. If not, I hope it is where you want to be in warmer climate!! Best Wishes to you and your family. I look forward to hearing your “great news to come” on your Permanent Record.

  101. Geoff,
    With all this miserable weather coming and winter not being over, would you consider giving us your forecast here on the blog? You know what you’re doing and with a potential noreaster this week, I would love to hear what you think. Can you do it without all the technology at the station? You could provide us with online forecasts — I’d chip in for that!
    You have been a class act. Not surprising.

  102. We will miss you Geoff. There is nothing left to say. I sure hope I can hear you say “Don’t go to sleep yet!” one more time. You are the best. Your absence has already been felt in my family. Your station manager is clearly making a big mistake. Viewership will decline. I have already turned elsewhere for evening weather information. Thank you for all of your hard work. Please continue your blog. All the best.

  103. Geoff,

    I am so saddened by this latest turn of events. In my mind, I understand the insane reasoning behind it – long term employee makes a good salary and can be “replaced” by newer, younger, cheaper guy who may or may not grow into the job, thereby “saving” the company money. However, it is my heart that is feeling great pain. While I am saddened for you, I know you will be just fine. How can you not? No, my pain is completely and selfishly for me. For the entire 47 years of my life, I have been a WTNH channel 8 girl. First in my parents home and then in my own. I fully expected my children to follow suit. While I enjoy the anchors and have missed those that have come and gone, for the past 26 years the news has been about my weatherman, Geoff Fox (or Geoffy as I sometimes call you – no, really, I do). It wasn’t uncommon for sentences to begin “well, Geoff says…” and nobody had to question who I meant. Yes, there were times when I questioned the quality of the broadcast when an anchor was talking about something while the video was something else or rolled my eyes at a silly comment you made, but I was faithful to my channel. I’m from New England, that’s what we do. Since I heard that your contract was not being renewed, I joined others in shopping for a new newschannel. I have to say, they don’t seem to fit and, while I thought you were coming back and that a miracle might even happen, channel 8 still felt like my safe place. I don’t think I can say this anymore. Honestly, if they’ll do it to you, what’s to keep them from doing the same to Ann when her contract is up? I know it’s “just business” to the station executives but to me it’s extremely personal. These are the people I invite into my home every night and they feel like family. When one is let go, there is an emptiness and I fear this is one that can not be easily filled.

    Geoff, I want to thank you for the 26 years you devoted to the the station, good weather and bad. Thank you for being a familiar face and voice coming into my home; sometimes letting us into your life and often being a source of comfort. You will be missed more than you can imagine. Will my life go on? Absolutely, as will yours. However, “my” news channel no longer feels like home and I’m feeling a little lost. Selfishly, I hope you are quickly hired by a local channel so that I can continue starting sentences with “Geoff says…”

  104. Geoff,

    It’s unfortunate that Mark Higgins isn’t half the professional that you are. Half?
    Check that. He’s not 10% the professional you are.

  105. Dear Geoff, I’m so saddened to hear that we won’t even get your on-air sign-off. LIN & WTNH both had the opportunity to show a smidgelet of class there, but yet they are “put off” by our support for you through social media, email, etc. Kind of ironic that they feel this way, considering being in the media. Huh.

    Anyhow, you’ve been on air as long as I can remember and I’ve been watching you since the tender age of 4. You’ll be greatly missed and I wish you and your family the best of luck (though will be envious if it takes you somewhere warm!). May your future viewers and colleagues value and appreciate you like we do here.

  106. Well, I guess you’ll have to give us all your cell phone number since you have been a part of so many family occassions. Picnics,travel plans,weddings,graduations,even funerals- for many of us they all involved you. “What does Geoff say the weather will be?” How can we continue to plan our lives without you? All the best.

  107. Geoff,

    As Carol Burnett would say – I’m so glad we had this time together. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end (as terible as it is.) Thank you for the 26 years of weather reporting you’ve given us. Whether it be here or elsewhere, I wish you all the best of luck wherever you relocate. You will be sorely missed by us all!

    Doug Rivera.

  108. I can say nothing more. It has all been said. So sad to see your time at WTNH come to an end. But, there will be another job and even a classier station. I’ve always considered WTNH a hokey little station as far back as I can remember and I remember when it was on Channel 6 as WNHC. You really deserve a better place to work at.

  109. Paul and I are very disappointed at this latest turn of events. We will never forget what you meant to us throughout the years in so many ways.

    Like everyone else we hope you will continue your career in Connecticut so we can see you for many years to come. However, if you find something elsewhere that is better for you, go for it. We will all be behind you, wishing you the very best.

    You said we can go to sleep now….cute. Looks like we will be getting that extra sleep at last, but we would rather be seeing you.

    Hugs from Judy and Paul

  110. Geoff,

    I feel like I know you. I’ve lived in CT almost as long as you’ve been on Channel 8, and have been watching you along the way. I think your weather report is the best in CT, and that WTNH is crazy to let you go. You were the only one who gave those of us on the shoreline in eastern CT an accurate forecast for our area. I have missed you and your competent delivery over the last couple of weeks, and was looking forward to your return. What a shame that it is not to be. Not only do you know your stuff, but your personality, humor and warmth made even bad forecasts bearable. As a former loyal viewer of WTNH, I will now watch another channel’s news and forecast, since you were the main reason my husband and I watched channel 8.

    I wish you well. It would be a big loss for CT if you leave the state, but wherever you end up will be their gain. You will be missed.


    Janine Dunn

  111. Oh Geoff, I was so looking forward to seeing you tomorrow! I can only echo everything already said, with much sadness. When I wrote on my Facebook wall Friday “they got Keith, who’s next?” I never figured it would be you – after all, they gave their word, you could finish out your contract, right? You’re a class act, Geoff, and with all this love surrounding you, you can only win. Godspeed, friend,and keep us posted in your blogging!

  112. Good luck, Geoff. I hope we will be seeing you on-air again soon. For what it’s worth, I was layed off from a job last March with no warning by someone who was supposedly a friend. The good news: I decided to start my own company. Things tend to work out like they are supposed to. I know they will for you as well.

  113. Geoff I was very saddened to hear of the latest news. I do wish you all of the best. I know you will be fine and wherever you go you will always have my love and best wishes and the love and wishes of all of your viewers. May God be with you and your family! I look forward to your future blogs.
    Dr. G

  114. Geoff – I am so sad to read today’s news. I want to share with you the letter I sent to WTNH and LIN Media. Now, I am going to sleep! (at least until your return!)

    Subject: Not renewing Geoff Fox’s contract?

    Big mistake! Huge!

    Geoff Fox, along with Dr. Mel, are THE reasons I am loyal to WTNH news. I have been watching Geoff for his entire WTNH career (since I was in middle school!) and consider him the authority on Connecticut weather. I got married a couple of years ago and moved into my husband’s place in Danbury…he had a satellite provider which does not carry CT channels in that market. I was finally able to dump satellite TV last spring and now have my local CT station once again. My main dislike of the satellite provider was that I could not watch WTNH for my Connecticut news and weather. I was so thrilled to see that both Geoff and Dr. Mel were still with WTNH!

    Geoff Fox is fun, charismatic, enthusiastic, knowledgeable, kind, has his own following and is an all-around good guy. What more could a news station want of an on-screen weatherman? If WTNH sticks by their decision not to renew his contract, wherever he lands next will be very lucky…and…they will have a new viewer.

    With regards,


  115. Geoff It has truly been a pleasure watching you on Channel 8 for so many years…
    I still can’t believe the run is over. I wish you and your family all the best, and
    you especially-the very best of Luck in your future! I hope to hear very soon, that we can turn our TVs on, and see you doing the weather on another station right here in CT! I don’t feel you were treated fairly in this situation but you are a true gentleman-as you’ve always been!It just seems sad that as time passes there are those
    that feel that those of us that are “seasoned” need to be replaced with something “newer” or “fresher”. Believe me-they will see by the drop in viewers that this is not always the case!….

  116. I’m not ready to go to sleep without your weather forecast. I even watched it online while I was in Boston because I always trusted the WTNH weather forecast. What a shame. Come up and work in Boston or for NECN, I’m sure they’d be glad to have you! 🙂

  117. Geoff, you’ve been forecasting the weather for my hometown (Trumbull) since before I was born. For the 24 years I’ve been alive, it’s been your forecasts upon which my parents and I base our plans.

    You’ve been nothing short of trustworthy, genuine and charismatic with your viewers. Over the years, we’ve paid you back by letting you into our homes and their lives. We’re not just your fans, we’re your friends, and now we’re your advocates. While we hope to see you stay in state — or at least at a station we would get at our homes — we wish you well regardless of where you end up.

    But, now that you’re no longer on our TVs for the time being, we loyal viewers are left with a dilemma: who do we turn to now for the nightly forecast? Any recommendations?

  118. 🙁

    Although, I agree that it’s not your colleagues fault, I will no longer be watching WTNH news as you were the reason I watched in the first place. I can get my news in many places but I always preferred getting the weather report on t.v. Looking back, I guess you had something to do with that and I just never connected it until now. I’m also canceling my subscription to the daily e-mail updates. They just haven’t been the same without your notes along with them. I wish you the best!

  119. Geoff,
    I’m shocked at the cold, callous way you were treated by WTNH after so many years.
    Like many other viewers I had been awaiting your return on Wednesday after trying my best to get accustomed to your replacement. I know he still has a lot to learn but he’s not you.
    I miss the little personal touches you provided viewers with like reminding everyone to take precautions with their pets during the bitter cold- something Ann had to remind Mr. Villanueva about in your absence. Or to take time to check on our elderly neighbors during heat waves. Your care of others will be remembered.
    You also had the unique ability to alert viewers to upcoming severe weather without going overboard and frightening people.
    What will we do without you?
    I hope that we will see you soon on another local station but if not I wish you much success and happiness in your life.

    P.S I remember listening to you and Helaine on a CT radio station awhile ago.
    You were terrific! Perhaps “Geoff & Helaine After Dark”( I know – no mornings!) is in our future?
    Take care and thank you for being in our lives.

  120. I’m sure that the ratings and sponsor roster declines will be an intense distraction for Mark Higgins. You, on the other hand, deserve to sleep well.

  121. Ok let’s see–WTNH breaking news and severe weather alerts–STOPPED. WTNH mobile app for smartphone–DELETED. WTNH website–bookmark DELETED. Geoff Fox blog–we’ll keep this one. There. That’s better. That’s like flushing the toilet to get rid of what stinks.
    Geoff, I can appreciate your feelings regarding your co-workers and I mean them no disrespect. In fact I have a feeling that Ann, Mark, and Dr. Mel may share your fate. I was long-time WTNH viewer and I was probably watching 26 years ago when you first arrived. One thing that always bothered me was the way people would just disappear and weeks later you would suddenly realize ” Whatever happened to ????”. And for them to unceremoniously remove all reference to you as if you never existed after your 26 years of loyal service? Shameful! So now I am removing all reference to them in my life, because to me WTNH no longer exists.

  122. I am truly upset. I saw this in the paper and immediately came to your blog. I was REALLY looking forward to seeing you for the remainder of your contract. I am so upset, angry and dissapointment with WTNH/LIN media. You have left footprints in all of our hearts Geoff. As corny as that sounds, it is true. Good luck to you Geoff, you deserve nothing but the BEST! I will continue to follow your blog, and hope to see you on another CT news station. Goodbye forever WTNH, that is not a threat, its a PROMISE!

  123. “You can go to sleep now…” Way to make a person weep!! I am at a loss for words, and I don’t know what we’ll do without you. That, I guess, sums it up. Hope and pray to see you soon on another hopefully more SANE network. All the family loves you.

  124. you are a class act Mr. fox, I have watched you for years. I wish you the best of luck,I only hope Dr, Mel would have retired and you stay on, It does not seem far he has been around tooo long I don`t think he needs the money, I hope it just did not come down to the two of you because if it did and he stayed I have NO RESPECT for him anymore, Best of luck in the future

  125. Dear Goeff,

    My wife and I having been waiting for your return to WTNH in hopes that they would reconsider or at least see you a few more times. As Ed states above, now the bookmarks and Apps have been deleted and we will no longer be watching this sation on TV.

    I do look forward to at least following your blog.

    Best of luck in your new endeavors, I’m sure things will turn out for the best.


  126. Geoff,

    My wife and I have lived in Orlando for the last 4 years…..but growing up in New Haven, I will always associate my desire (and eventual gain) of a broadcasting degree to WTNH and to you. I was 11 years old when you did a live report from my street on Halloween night (1981). You had all of us kids with our costumes on sit next to you on air. I believe you used to pick a nicely decorated home back then and do a weather report in front of it. It’s just one of those memories associated with you.

    Another one would be July 10th, 1989 – the day of the Hamden tornado. If I remember correctly, you were having some teeth pulled that evening. Wow….good memories, sir. Godspeed to you and your family. You will be missed in New Haven (and beyond).


  127. Geoff,
    I am very upset that I will no longer be able to watch you deliver the forecast on WTNH. You are def. the best meterologist I’ve ever seen and I wish you the best in the future. I hope to see you back on a CT station that deserves a classy individual such as yourself in the future. Best of luck.

  128. Geoff,
    I am so sorry to hear that you will not be able to finish out your contact on the air. Good luck with your job search. I hope you will be able to stay in Connecticut so I can still tune in to your forecasts (I am a 15 year viewer). But in any case, I wish you and your family the very best now and in the future. I have to say that I am incredibly impressed (although not surprised) by the grace through which you have conducted yourself during this time. Your sensitivity to your viewer’s emotions, you and your family’s needs, and your colleague’s integrity is something that is most commendable and not often seen in the current climate of our society. Through this situation you have set the tone for everyone to follow. I echo a previous commentor’s post….you are a class act. Thank you.

  129. Geoff,

    Just want to thank you for the all the past years of keeping us informed in such an intelligent and gracious manner! We will miss you but we will also be hoping to find you on another station in the near future.

    Good luck in all your future endeavors!

    You are really a “class act”!!

  130. Geoff,

    I too, echo the prior posts. I have been watching you since I moved to CT from NYC for 20 years. You and Dr. Mel feel like relatives, you are so highly regarded within my family and circle of friends! You have handled this horrid situation like a champ and are truly a genteel human- we applaud and support you. *LIN/WTNH has lost another group of viewers.*

    Thank you for bringing a smile to our faces daily- that’s a lot of joy that you have given us over the years- may this come back to you and your family ten-fold!

    Namaste & thank you!

  131. We’ll be waiting to watch you on another station…you are a class act Geoff and my family will certainly miss seeing you.

  132. Geoff,
    We used to call you Goof Fox because you always acted so goofy. We also thought you were pretty annoying. Yet we tuned in to channel 8 specifically for the weather. It seems that you were the only guy that we really trusted to give us the most accurate information. Your trustability outweighed your goofability!
    Thanks for everything-we’ll miss you.

  133. Geoff,

    The news of your departure resonates in the mid Mississippi Valley. My hundreds of Facebook followers send you best wishes, as do I, to you and your family. You find greener grass somewhere and very soon.

    Rich Cain – MSU Class ’05

  134. Geoff,

    Good luck, we loved you and hope you get another job soon. Distraction or not, I do not feel what WTNH did was right. My husband and I are now watching Channel 3.

  135. I can only echo the above sentiments. WTNH just gave me more time in my search for a new source for weather information. WTNH’s first move was short-sighted. This latest move is just plan classless! Having grown up in Syracuse, NY and Niagara Falls, NY, I not only appreciated the references lot “lake effect snow” and Buffalo’s weather, but understood their truth and accuracy. We had many a snow day in Niagara Falls without snow because of the weather in and around Buffalo where a lot of teachers lived. Sure hope Geoff’s next gig is in CT.

  136. Dear Geoff, My family and I had been counting the days until Wednesday. We are all shocked and saddened by the way you have been treated by the owners of WTNH. My 3 sons (ages 16{twins} and 12) have only known you as the weatherman and loved catching your weather reports every night especially when there was a storm coming. My sister said the other day, “but Geoff kept me safe through hurricane Gloria and Bill. Now who will tell me what I need to know?” and she is right! We will always have a deep fondness for you and your family (and your pets). Thank you for sharing your love for the weather and for all things Connecticut. Here’s to the new job that you will no doubt find soon. We’ll be watching! Cheers! The Lewis Family

  137. I went on the WTNH facebook site today because I was wondering why you weren’t back on the air, this weekend. I had a letter, ready to go, to the owners of the station. I am upset over the station managers decision, basically I think he is acting out against all of our responses and can’t face up to his error. He’ll eventually get his just reward, but it won’t help you or us. I feel sorry for the rest of the news team, because they can’t publicly react or respond to any of this, and the tension must be thick. Also, all new hiree’s should look closely at this situation, before they sign on that dotted line! It is so unfair of them not letting you at least face the camera and say good bye—no one gets closure, including your staff and co workers. Barb

  138. Geoff,

    As my grandpa used to say before every journey:

    May the road rise to meet you,
    May the wind be always at your back,
    May the sun shine warm upon your face,
    The rains fall soft upon your fields,
    And until we meet again,
    May God hold you
    In the palm of his hand.

    Best of luck, you are missed.

  139. Geoff,

    Thanks for all the great weather forecasts and great humor on the air! You have been a class act throughout this whole process and unfortunately the corporate folks have not. I can’t wait to see where you end up next, you can bet it will be another exciting chapter in your life! Like you said, I do not hold this against any of your on-air colleagues but I do feel that LIN and WTNH management handled this very unprofessionally. Be well and as a fellow “Geek”, if you ever decide on ditching AT&T and your iPhone, I would be glad to point you in the Android direction! Keep us updated through your blog on your next gig!

  140. You have handled this whole terrible episode with grace and professionalism — far better than the management at WTNH. So many of us will miss you and, I’m sure that if indeed you do wind up on another local station, we will follow you there. One thing for sure is that WTNH is losing a lot of viewers over this. You’ve always been a class act and deserved a far better farewell. Stay well and we’ll see you down the road.

  141. Hi Geoff

    I really enjoyed your sense of humor with the weather each evening. It seemed that you were like one large family. I will miss you. I wish you and your family the best.

    Channel 8 could have handled this better.

    Take care!

  142. Geoff, I am truly sorry that the powers that be are so dumb and insensitive about letting you go! I hope your COLLEAGUES take all this to heart because THEY could be next !!! I will be switching channels until I see where you can be seen next. The new kid on the block, who I’M sure is a nice guy, IS NO GEOFF FOX. I WISH YOU WELL AND KNOW THAT YOU TAKE A LOT OF LOYAL FANS WITH YOU. Take care and God bless !!!!!!

    Linda (Hoping for a miracle in Clinton)

  143. Geoff, I truly admire the class and professionalism with which you have handled this whole situation. I know you will land on your feet and move into a new chapter in your career. I will miss your spot on weather predictions, and hope you stay in CT, but also urge you to do whatever is best for you. Best of luck, I’ll be tuning in to your blog for my “Fo Fix”.

  144. Geoff, I am simply broken-hearted. As you know well, we New Englanders are a funny people and once we like someone, we consider them one of the family. That’s what you have become to us. We trust you and know you always give us your best given such a tough area to predict weather in! I hope and pray you will stay in Connecticut, but if not, Godspeed wherever you go. You exemplify the word “class” and I hope your former bosses take a note from your example.

  145. Geoff, so sorry about the turn of events. My family has been watching you since you started at wtnh 8. You will be missed but we are hoping to see you on a local channel so we can continue enjoying your wit and knowledge.

  146. Didn’t realize how much I looked forward to your reporting until it was gone (much like many real-life relationships). Sad to hear that you will not have the on-air send-off you deserve. Best of luck with all the future holds for you.

  147. That is bad news, Geoff. My wife and I kept tuning in waiting for your return after your vacation.

    I figured the jig was up when you were still missing tonight. Sadly, this blog post confirmed my fears.

    I hope you get a job locally so we can see you again.

    Good luck and 73.

    Stan, WA1LOU, and Laurie, XYL

  148. You said you have been with WTNH for 26 years, and I am 27 years old…so thank you for almost a lifetime of weather forecasts! I went from begging you for a nor’easter for snow day off from school to begging you for a perfect sunny day when I got married a last year! Now in a home of my own, I still always tuned in! You will be missed! Best of luck! 🙂

  149. Look on the bright side Geoff, more time to spoon. Run Helaine, Run!! You are a class act and will be missed by many. “Good Night”

  150. hi geoff we will really miss you.
    upon our departure from ct. in 2001, you were one of the things i would really miss, in 2005 our return to ct. the one thing i was looking forward to was goeff and the weather, you were an friend we were coming home to as well as our family.
    the very best of luck in the future were ever you may land .
    remember you will be really missed.

  151. I had a horrible feeling this would happen. 🙁 I can’t believe he won’t give you a chance to say goodbye on air. Typical bully tactics………
    We will miss you in our home every night. I surely hope we will see you on another local station soon. My husband keeps complaining about the other meteorologists…no matter the station. You are one of a kind, Geoff! We change the channel after Judge Judy now. 🙂

  152. I just sent another email to WTNH letting them know they should be ashamed of themselves for treating a popular veteran meteorologist like they have. I am angry beyond words.
    Unlike your former boss, I DO keep my promises. I will no longer watch Channel 8 news because you were the main reason I stuck around even after moving out of New Haven County 12 years ago.
    Thank you giving us over 25 years of someoone friendly and familiar to look forward to during the dinner hour. I feel like I watched your family “grow” as mine did. I wish you the very best of luck, Geoff. Please let us know where you land – if I get your new station I’ll be watching. And that’s a promise!

  153. Geoff…….All I can say is that you have been a big part of our lives for 26 yrs. I will definitely miss you and; on a lighter side, I’ll miss those few times that you brought Ivy on the show!! God Love and Bless You and your family! Hope to see you on Local TV soon. Ciao 4 Now!!!

  154. Geoff,

    You’ve left quite a legacy over the many years at WTNH. As a weather watcher for you in the 80’s in New Milford, Ct I remember the telephone calls @ 10:45pm. WTNH has lost a seasoned veteran who will be sorely missed by many. Take Care and we’ll look forward to seeing you on a competitors station.

  155. Geoff, we watched you on TNH from God Knows When until we moved to Colorado in 2002. I worked in NYC (TV News) during that time and we never saw a better WX broadcast, and haven’t since, either. I’d bet the suits at 8 don’t even know what they’ve done yet. We hope you will find where you should have been all along, rather than apparently wasting your talent for a tribe who hasn’t grabbed the complete concept of maintaining a faithful audience. Best of luck, always.

  156. Geoff,

    I am sorry you will not be able to say goodbye. I have watched you for all the time you were on the air and you are definitely one of my favorites. I hope you land somewhere in Connecticut.

  157. Mr. Fox –

    After over 50 years of living in CT (since birth, and mostly in and around the greater New Haven area), I relocated down to the Cape Coral/Fort Myers area of SW Florida about 2.5 years ago. Consequently, I’d watched your New Haven broadcasts (as well as others’ on the other CT stations) since you started there.

    Since my relocation I’ve continued to follow events in CT and was truly astounded to recently hear of your departure from WTNH and the events surrounding it.

    Unfortunately, recent actions on the part of WTNH station management are – as you know – a sign of the drastically changing face of broadcasting ownership and management in general, and it stinks. There is less and less loyalty and commitment offered to local talent with each passing year (and it’s gotten even WORSE in the radio business than it is in television).

    Given that you’re apparently open to relocation I would like to suggest that you consider the possibilities down here along the southwestern coast of Florida. Why?

    1) The number of former CT residents now living down here is absolutely ASTOUNDING – so much so that there is a small multitude of organizations here that serve us; we even have our own Florida chapters of Connecticut-based unions! Particularly in Cape Coral (the third-largest city in all of Florida), you literally can’t go ANYWHERE without bumping into people who’ve relocated down here from CT within the past 10 – 20 years. It’s truly unbelievable.

    I’m CERTAIN viewers down here would absolutely LOVE to see you on a local station – they’d be THRILLED to see a familiar face on a local weather show, absolutely THRILLED.

    2) The current crop of local TV forecasters here are genuinely BORING and do little more than simply reporting the weather – no real in-depth explanations, no attempt to educate, no attempt to reach out to the local schools and school children, and no attempt to ENTERTAIN (which we all know you’ve done and done well up in CT). This is a shame considering the fact that the population down here is the single largest collection of WEATHER FANATICS that I’ve *ever* seen ANYWHERE in the country – pretty amazing considering that, as Jerry Seinfeld has said of us, “WHAT ‘weather’? You people down here never HAVE any ‘weather’!” (In spite of all of the annual concern and media hype over the possibilities of a hurricane, our weather here in fact is REMARKABLY consistent… the extremely high local interest in it probably stems from the frequently interesting and daily-changing MIX of so many different current, temperature, pressure and moisture streams coupled with the population’s relatively high dependence on agricultural and tourism economics as well as outdoor-based careers and recreational activities.)

    I mean, come on! Down here, meteorology and football are essentially the State’s “official” hobbies! All 5 OTA networks have well-established local affiliates within the SW FL coastline’s sub-Tampa Bay area (Port Charlotte down through Naples and Marco Island). The interest is SO high that the major local players are now SELLING their news and weather productions to the area’s SMALLER network OTA broadcasters (like CW, for example), and the local NBC affiliate even has ITS OWN 24 hr/day OTA-broadcasting news and weather (digital) sub-channel that now gets HIGHER local viewership ratings than *ANY* of the larger 24 hr. CABLE news and weather stations do – higher than even The Weather Channel, CNN, etc. – pretty amazing when you think about it! And the stations *seem* to truly value their relationships with Florida’s schools and universities; they just don’t seem to know how to expand and capitalize on them yet.

    If you ever decide to seriously consider the possibilities down here and you think a written recommendation from the viewer’s perspective would help, just let me know and I’ll do whatever I can.

  158. Mr Fox (or can I call you Geoff after all the years that you’ve been in my home.)

    Tonight, my 5 year old asked about you by name at the dinner table as we were discussing the possiblility of another storm later this week. My husband and I were shocked that he realized that you have not been on the air lately and furthermore, knew you by name. My husband attempted to explain that you were no longer going to be doing the weather anymore on TV. My son began to cry and shouted I’m not watching the weather anymore amongst a few other comments that I will not post to be fair to the new anchor on WTNH. This goes to show that even the lil ones are impacted by your departure from WTNH. I wish you the best of luck in your new adventures. It is certain that you will continue to bless the lives of all that come into contact with you. It has been a true pleasure to hear your voice, laugh aloud to your humor and wit, and watch you deliver the weather for nearly 3/4 of my life. You will be truly missed.

    Best Regards my friend!!

  159. Geoff, I am so sorry that you won’t be telling me about the weather every night any more. I was hoping you would come back for the last week of Jan., but the station has spoken. I can’t believe they consider their viewers’ views a distraction. They’re the ones who decided to treat you so poorly but they don’t want to hear about it. I hope you stay in CT because no one ever made the weather as fun and informational as you did. The guy they have on now is okay but boring! You were never boring. I will miss you and hope that another CT station offers you a job so I can continue to watch your weather forecasts. I wish you the best wherever you go. Thanks for all the years you gave us.

  160. It’s very disappointing the WTNH has now fallen to the same level as the other stations. You were a class act. WTNH was a class act. However, I could see things changing when some of the women’s necklines starting diving, the former traffic reporter smeared the Channel 8 name for awhile, and then you being forced to leave and in such a way that reeks of power, control, insensitivity to its market, and just plain mean. My family and friends are not too impressed with the station’s changes. If I were Keith and Ann. I’d be looking behind my back! We wish you Geoff, all the best and that hopefully sooner than later, you will get a job offer that will be better than you expected and that management will appreciate you!Thank you for your down to earth ways! Hamden will miss you!!

  161. When I waited for you to come on in the evening, I was often very sleepy and just wanted to go to bed. It made me a bit angry in my sleepy state to hear you blurt out ” SO DON’T GO TO SLEEP YET”. I never thought I would miss that—-but now I know I do. You “never miss your water until the well runs dry”, is very true. You will find a better place. With your personality, dedication and sense of humor, how can you miss.
    Stay well.

  162. What a strange. empty feeling. While I knew that I loved you and your warm personable forecasts, I never realized how profoundly affected I would be come the day you would no longer be “my” weatherman. You are part of the very fiber of Connecticut culture. In a world when so many things are going wrong, why did WTNH have to take something so safe and secure away from us? As I read your post above, I had a lump in my throat and a tear in my eye. No closure?!?Not just for selfish reasons for not having you to forecast my weather, but because of the unfairness of this move. I feel violated and robbed. You were part of us and it disgusts me to think the viewers were never considered in this horrible move. Some other station will snatch you up in no time. I hope for your TV family’s sake, it is a Connecticut station. On the other hand, you deserve happiness and I am POSITIVE when God closes a door he opens a window. You deserve more than working for management that lets a fist full of gold slip through their hands. Stay well and be happy – Thank you for reminding me not to go to sleep yet – I think your followers now have “miles to go before we sleep.” God Bless! Keep us posted!

  163. I am sorry to hear you won’t be back. You have done an amazing job and am glad to hear of this blog! It’s great and you should do a class teaching people how to make their own! When I was in high school at seymour high you came and spoke at the national honor society banquet and did a tremendous job. You inspired us all to keep up with the weather showed some great science and you even gave us a great shout on that evenings news while doing the weather. You will be missed. I hope a station in CT is smart enough to pick you up!!!! But thank you again for making weather and science fun!

    Best wishes always !!

  164. Dear Geoff,
    Words cannot express how shocked, sad and upset I am at WTNH’s decision to let you go and the fact you are not being allowed to return after your vacation. I have been a faithful viewer because of you for 26 years, and you are like family! I looked forward to each of your evening broadcasts, your sense of humor, your animation, your charm, and your pleasant tone of voice all these years. WTNH made such a huge mistake, and I feel terrible for you and all your loyal viewers. You are THE best. You didn’t deserve this to happen to you. I am done with WTNH — will never watch a WTNH news broadcast ever again. I hope and pray we will get to see you on another Connecticut station very, very soon. I miss you and your “Don’t go to sleep yet” every night. Thank you for all the information and humor you provided and the way you provided it all these years. I sincerely wish you all the best. You deserve nothing less. God bless, Geoff. Please stay in Connecticut. Wherever you go, your viewers and friends will find you!
    Missing you terribly,

  165. I had heard the news about you’re not returning but tonight is the first time I read your post. I had such a lump in my throat,I couldn’t even read it out loud to my son. We spent the evening channel surfing trying to find a night time weather person we liked. No go. You are going to be sorely missed! It just isn’t right not looking forward to seeing you each night. I, too, took you for granted, just thought you’d always be there. Maybe I’ll just start going to bed earlier.
    I also read your post about your “Best Day Ever.” Nothing like literally knocking over the girl of your dreams! Great story. You write very well. I hope you keep your blog.
    So I thank you for all the years of information, fun, and sharing your time with us.
    The very best to you and yours always!

  166. Geoff, regarding this new development, the only word that comes to mind is “sickening.” Since everyone is aware that you’ve become a part of many thousands of lives for the past 26 years, Mr. Higgins’s choice to deliberately prevent even a semblance of closure from taking place seems shockingly unconscionable. You are missed more than you know, and at my house, we no longer have any interest whatever in watching WTNH — Unfortunately, Mr.Higgins has come to represent the boss from hell that everyone fears and despises, and so, for many, WTNH has now become synonymous with that sickening thought. Geoff, we wish you peace, happiness and good health, now and always; no one deserves it more.

  167. O.K., Geoff,
    Inquiring minds (and there are MANY) want to know where you will be next. I so look forward to seeing you again, hopefully, in the near future. You are very much missed.

  168. Well, this is just another move in a series of bad decision from the powers that be at WTNH/LIN. God would they just sell that station to a company that can turn it around from the sinking ship it is on??

    Geoff, I am sorry, but can no longer support a station that would do this to am employee and their listeners. This is a slam to us as much as it is to you. I feel bad, as I have grown up with Ann and Keith as well as you.

    I hope we see you back in CT, but I know the choices are slim…….good luck and I guess we will have to get our doses of Geoff here for now.

  169. this is very sad news…I thought something was up when you were not back on Monday. Mark Higgens and those who make the decisions at WTNH News reguarding who stays and who goes should keep in mind that the News Channel that “We the public” choose to watch is a personal choice – this choice is usually based on the stations experience, and accuracy in their reporting – which in turn builds a trust. We have been snow plowing for over 22 years and an accurate and informative weather forcast is always crucial to being prepared. You were greatly missed these past few weeks!! We had to turn to another news station for our weather reports – and now this sad news!!…but not to worry Geoff Fox remember – when one door closes another opens – We just hope it opens in Connecticut.

  170. GEOFF.

  171. Hi Geoff,

    It’s impossible to sit here and read all the posts that people have said, I think there’s over 200, but I have read a few and one person said “you’re a class act”, I couldn’t agree more. You will be truly missed and I have enjoyed so much watching you. I always looked forward to “and don’t go to sleep yet”….LOL I think it’s terrible that nobody on Channel News 8 talked about your departure or anything and that they didn’t even give you a chance to say goodbye, very very disappointing. Please keep us in the loop as to where you end up. Best of Luck to you, it’s truly has been our pleasure…

    ~Live, Laugh Love ~
    Virginia & Tom Forcier

  172. Good luck Geoff. We will miss you. I was looking forward to seeing you after your vacation and came to check the blog to see when you’d be back. That’s too bad they won’t let you on air to say goodbye. I posted before that teaching is a great profession; education seems to come naturally to you (your Graham Bell blog today, your 0 degree farenheit blog recently). Our kids would be lucky to have a person like you in their classroom.

    We wish you well, and will miss seeing you before we go to sleep.

  173. Geoff, I finally figured it out and am very sorry at this turn of events. You kept me watching broadcast tv for many years and I enjoyed your ability to keep us abreast of the current and pending weather conditions, even the worst of them. I will miss your wit and sense of humor, even that directed at yourself. I wish you, and your family, nothing but blue skies and smooth sailing. Be well and be yourself.

  174. Geoff it hasnt been very often that you brought me to tears….well this post just did….It doesnt feel like supper time without you on the t.v…you have shared many many dinners with us and you are missed very deeply…….after all, you have been in our home for 26 years…..I wish all of God Blessings on you and your beautiful family. I pray that you will be staying within our viewing area….if not, please make sure you stay on Facebook and you drop in once in a while to say hi…..with a broken heart I will say God Bless, Good Luck and stay safe, but NEVER good bye ♥

  175. OK…it’s very difficult to type when you are crying. You are such a class act and Mark Higgins is showing such a lack of class by not allowing you to say goodbye to your fans. I’m so sorry that trying to change his mind backfired. If you get an offer here in CT that appeals to you, please, make us all happy and stay. I’m having a problem trusting anyone else’s weather forecast. Since I have no choice I guess I’ll go to sleep now.

  176. Geoff, you started off my days and/or ended my evenings! You were the Santa Claus of snow days for my son! I wish you’d been able to say good bye live, but I will trust God that all of this will work out for your benefit! Stay on Facebook so we can all keep up with you!

  177. Geoff, I went to your website to find out what had happened to you and when you were coming back. To my surprise I found that you were not coming back!!!! The only reason that I watched channel 8 was to see you on the weather. I have been a fan for 26 years and hopefully you will be on another CT channel so that I can watch you again. I like the other weathermen but they aren’t you. I will be switching to another channel to watch the news and the weather. If the channel can’t be loyal to a 26 year employee, then why should I be loyal to that channel.

  178. Geoff, I’m unable to express how bad I feel. My family has been watching you since day one, and it’s simply WRONG to have to say goodbye. I hope you can find something here in Connecticut so I can continue to see your smile.

  179. I am so sorry you are no longer on WTNH. I remember the day you were cooking hot dogs and hamburgers at the mall in Meriden, CT. My husband and I gave you NEXRAD cups for you and Dr. Mel. Well, my husband passed away in 2005 and kept asking me if you were using your cup. At the end I told him that you were. Thanks for the memory.

  180. Best Wishes Geoff, We will miss watching you on the air. You always displayed your great personality. I am sure you will land on your feet. Best of Luck!

  181. I must admit, news 8 was always a last resort for me, but when I did catch it I enjoyed watching you. The way you have handled yourself during such a difficult time for you makes me want to watch you regardless of what station you go. You are such a class act!! I do believe everything happens for a reason, and something great is in store for you.

  182. I have been laughing about all this snow since you have been away- I said it was a form of Karma, yet I thought for sure you’d be disappointed in a way to be missing it. You were soooo missed these past couple weeks! I hate the snow yet couldnt wait to see you and hear you on your “welcome back” snow storm on Wed. I was excited that youd be returning to a “doozy of a storm”! I just heard the sad news that you wont be “on air”. It really is terrible-so many people awaiting your goodbye while looking forward and hoping you would choose a new CT station so we could move with you. As so many of your fans have shared, you will be missed unbelievably. The quote from A Bell is one of my favorites which I truly believe. Another favorite of mine that I pray you will think of if the skies tend to darken your day is, “this too shall pass!” I wish you the best and hope to “see and hear” you real soon!!! Sincerely, Teri Merriam

  183. Geoff,
    I feel bad that your not working for station; i also feel bad that people on facebook are acting like little children and bashing your colleagues for something that happens ALL THE TIME. and also, WTNH isn’t the only station or company having to change things around. I hope you find new projects to do and that we can all see you on the air doing what you love and what viewers have seen you do for 26 years.
    <3 Anne <3

  184. Dear Geoff,
    Like everyone else I’ve been watching you for years.Like you’ve’re not perfect ..but who is?
    And its just sad after all the years you worked at channel 8 and ALL the responses they & you have gotten .You would think that they would have some sense of decencey to allow some kind of closure for both you & your viewers.
    I wish you nothing but the best in whatever you chose to do .

  185. Geoff, come to Arizona. We have weather here too. Once in awhile it rains! I was your fan in Fairfield Ct for 26 years and want you here in Phoenix!

  186. Geoff,

    I am truly sorry you will not be doing the weather with Channel 8…my family and I have watched you for many years. YOU were the reason we tuned in and it’s just not the same. I realize this was a decision made by management and an extremely POOR one at that. I have emailed them to say I will NOT be tuning in any longer. Twenty six years is a long time and instead of not renewing your contract they SHOULD have celebrated your loyalty to Channel 8 and the immense pleasure you brought to News 8’s weather forecast. I wish you the VERY best in the future. The next place that is smart enough to employ you should consider themselves VERY LUCKY indeed! All the best…you will truly be missed!!!

  187. Your statements are touching… however… I am not going back to nighttime news at Channel 8, I will continue to watch Good Morning Connecticut and Good Morning America in the am….
    I have been a loyal fan of channel 8 since we moved to Connecticut, and that was in 1972… I am not happy that 2 of my 3 favoite are now gone… Dr Mel has still survived, but for how long… but he has been out ill for the most part. And who is next, if we the views do not matter then why should I share my loyalty. So this is my final goodbye to channel 8 nighttime news, Channel 3 will become my news station…

    No Geoff = no fans

  188. I just can’t go to sleep yet, I know there is more to come…you are part of my comfortable routine and I just want to say thank you for all of the hard work and dedication. Where ever you go, that place will be better because of you. Keep us posted.

  189. I was sad to hear that WTNH was not renewing your contract. I watched you for 19 of your 26 years. I can’t imagine living in CT and not tuning in to your weather reports. Now I live in the Tampa, Florida area. Please look for a new job here. You would be a great improvement over most of the meteorologists in this area.

  190. Geoff-
    I know it was your job but thank you for all the great years on channel 8. I remember watching you growing up as a kid. Last night my 4 year old daughter asked when you were coming back- even though I had not said anything about you leaving. I told her I didn’t know and asked her why she asked that question. She stated that she ‘Really liked Geoff.’ You have made an impression on so many people from old to young. I really hope there is a place for you here in CT. I’d hate to see you take your enormous talents elsewhere.

  191. Geoff you truly are a class act!! So graceful, warm, funny and caring! I wish you all the best in your future endeavors. You will be missed. A lot. 🙁

  192. Geoff, I cannot bring myself to watch WTNH. Who’s next, Dr. Mel? Some of those other channels are desperately in need of your personality, wit, and wisdom, so I hope I’ll be seeing you on air again soon. It’s tough watching some of those stiff, fumbling personalities in front of the camera. Take care of yourself, and best of luck.

  193. Geoff:
    We found you soon after we moved to Connecticut in 2001 and really never watched anyone else. You always made us laugh at the end of every day no matter how gloomy the weather. Thank you so much. We will miss you and I’m so glad we can go to sleep a little earlier each night as we are ten years older. We wish you and your family well and look forward to your next landing. Blessings, ken & lois.

  194. What a mistake. You were the only reason I tuned in. Now it will be CTNOW on Fox. No brainer. Before you leave you should tell them to get that old buzzard off the tv, he scares my children!

  195. Geoff, Best wishes to you. I knew they wouldn’t have you go on air cause it saves them the grief. It is very disturbing that this is how Channel 8 operates. Best wishes. Hopefully we will see you locally again. Eileen

  196. ahhhh Jeff, you will be truly missed. After reading this my stomach sank and I’m feeling so sad. I looked forward to watching your report every night and yes I will go to sleep now because it won’t be the same. Good luck to you Jeff and thank you for sharing your permanent record with all of us.

  197. Best of luck Geoff. I’m sure you will come out on top. You have always been a pleasure to watch on Channel 8 . I hope to see you on another Connecticut station.

  198. Dear Geoff,

    I am so disappointed in WTNH. You were a dependable reliable pivotal piece of the news team. They way you have been treated is unfair. I am so sorry that you are no longer there. I have watched you since you began. You will be missed. Shame on them.

  199. My 17-yr. old came home saying his history teacher was upset that Geoff Fox had been leg go. I thought that impossible, but we soon confirmed the profoundly sad truth. Geoff, my whole family is in mourning. When my parents come visit from San Diego, they want to know if Geoff is on! While we lived in the San Fran. Bay area between 2001-2003, we found no weatherman who was up to our “Geoff” standard. Were so relieved to find you still on TV when we returned to CT. My kids grew up with you as their go-to weatherman, who is informative, entertaining, professional, and oozing with personality (the good kind!). I can’t tell you how many times my husband would say (around 11:15pm) “Geoff says don’t go to sleep yet!”.) I’m going to finally get more sleep. Just so sad.

  200. January 27, 2011

    Dear Geoff,
    Just starting of a new year and with the news that they not renewing your contract or letting you come back to finish it is so wrong. You were like family though we really never got a chance to meet. I feel so sad and hurt for you and your family and your viewers like myself. I remember watching you and bring Ivory on t.v. and how she enjoy it. You are right that we shouldn’t take it out on your co-workers or one that replace you but remmeber it is hard for us too. It isn’t the same anymore. I wish you well and here I am typing tears are coming out of my eyes. You been in my life for so long. It feels like I lost a best friend. The grieving part is yet to come. But I hope you do find something and hope a door will open and that you and your family will be o.k. and happy. Geoff I feel so blue. Why did they do this to you? Was it something that you did. I trusted your forcast so much you were right on the button. You taught us stuff to about the weather and explain things. Good luck and best wishes to you and your family. Please keep us posted. Feel free to write back to me on facebook.

    Sincerely yours


  201. I certainly know how it feels to give 150% and then be told you are not needed. Best wishes to you in your search, even though I am sure you will be picked up soon! You are missed! (Think I may also switch stations)

  202. Geoff,
    So sorry the way things turned out. I have continued to watch WTNH hopeing to see you again. You were the reason to watch.
    I started to tear up when I read your blog. There is no reason to continue watching 8. Now I have to decide between 3 and 30.
    I wish you the very best. You are so bright and genuine that I’m sure you will be in a better place.
    I see the quality of the whole WTNH team and news broadcasts going down hill. The women project sexuality in their tight clothes. Except Ann, who dresses very professionally.

  203. Geoff,

    You are truly a class act as many have said. My greediness hopes that you stay working in Connecticut, but I hope that you do what is best for you and your family. Good memories are better than nothing at all.

    All the best!

  204. Geoff,

    Best of luck to you in whatever you choose to do. You’ll do great wherever and whatever you do. You’re the best.


  205. Geoff,

    The last line of this blog actually made me cry.
    Good luck to you, we will sincerely miss you
    in our house. You are always welcome.


  206. Hi Geoff,

    We have watched you since you began at Channel 8 and we are very upset as to the way you have been treated by the station. It was totally uncalled for. The “distraction” comment from the station did more to fuel the anger than to quiet it. I think Channel 8 shows little class. But what really angers me, that they did not have the common decency to let you say goodbye to your viewers after 26 years. That was an extremely poor decision, and one that has caused us to change the channel. We won’t be watching Channel 8 anymore.

    The corporate machine has become more important than people. Your style, grace, friendly gentle demeanor, sense of decency, and the way you have conducted yourself as a gentleman speaks volumes to the people of Connecticut and makes the corporate machine look very small.

    When you did the weather, it was like you were speaking directly to all of us, like a friend. Everyone in Connecticut had their own private meteorologist. We will miss you and Dr. Mel.

    I hope that the powers to be reconsider their disastrous decision, and we will see you back on the air soon. Hope you at least stay with a Connecticut station so we can still tune in.

    Good luck to you, and all the best.

    The Redway Family

  207. I am so sorry to hear that you will not able to formally say good-bye to your viewers and you are right we should not be taking this out on your colleagues or the person who took your job, however, the only way we the viewers can express our displeasure with WTNH/LIN and really Higgins decision is to impact their viewer numbers. I have lived in CT all my life and when I am with my family and friends and we talk about the weather the first thing that comes up is your name! What does Geoff say? I also think Higgins is gutless and the saying if you can’t take the heat get out of the kitchen more than applies here. He made the decision, he gave his word to you and then changed his mind. To my knowledge none of the messages that we sent WTNH or LIN were ever responded too or even acknowledged. That tells me they really don’t respect or care what we think and as such they don’t deserve me as a loyal viewer. I wish you all the best in your new “adventure”. I am headed in that direction myself! I know you will find something even more amazing and if possible, there will be a lot of people following you! If you end up doing weather outside of CT maybe you could slip in a CT forecast too LOL. I love your blog and no matter where you go we still have this to look forward too.

    best wishes!

  208. Hello my fellow New Yorka!

    Geoff, my husband and I are so disappointed that you will no longer be on News 8! We just can’t believe it! Thought something was up when we were not seeing Matt on the weekends. And then we see this about you! News 8 has definitely lost something, not the same without you! I hope the powers that be at News 8 read your blog. They made a huge mistake! Every evening my husband and I looked forward to your forecast. We enjoyed your humor and your expertise. We knew that you would always give the details we wanted to hear for weather and storm information that other channels seemed to lack. Every year I looked forward to you wearing a Santa hat on Christmas Eve and tracking Santa for your viewers! Won’t be the same if somebody else tries to do it! Who is next on their list, Dr.Mel and Gil? Management should invite you back, because as other viewers have mentioned, we too are starting to watch other channels for weather and news, and would prefer to see you instead. You are my NY connection!

    We will stay tuned to see what is in store for you and your future. Hope you will still be part of something in CT. Best of luck to you and your family. Something good soon!

    Suzanne and Ray

    1. Suzanne and Ray – The Santa hat and tracking Santa became a tradition by accident. I never set out to establish a bit. I just did it. It was well received. I did it again.

  209. You know, my friends always thought it was strange that in the old News Channel 8 format at like 5:58-5:59, I’d tell them all to be quiet…”he’s gonna do it” I don’t know why, i just think it was the coolest segue I’d ever heard, especially the fun and passion behind it. “don’t go anywhere yet, we’re just getting staaarrtted.” It was great, so when the new format took over, I was like, hey, they better not have scratched that. I was very disappointed when I heard ‘live, news 8 at 6 starts now”. However, you were quick to come up with something new, yet familiar. Best wishes Geoff, you started 26 years ago hear, I just turned 25, you’ve been here as long as I’ve been watching News 8. You’ll be missed!

    1. Josh, everyone on the air wears a little earpiece back to the control room. Often our 6:00 PM producer and our former 6:00 PM director would whisper in my ear how much they enjoyed that little piece of showbiz. Same thing goes for”Don’t go to sleep yet.” Members of our crew would often recite it along with me. It was just a fun thing to do.

  210. Geoff, I am so sad that you were not allowed to return from vacation to finish out your contract. This winter has been brutal enough but to not have you on TV doing the weather is making it even worse. Good luck to you in your future endeavors and I hope we get to see you on TV again.

    Anne, Stamford, CT

  211. Geoff, Sorry to here this latest news, found out only last night…don’t know where I have been. I always looked forward to the 1800HRS broadcast of the local news, weather, and sports (couldn’t stay up for the 2300 broadcast)specifically the 1820HRS forcast. Good luck in the future you will be missed in this household.

    George, Mystic, CT

  212. Geoff,

    I have been watching the weather from you since I was a kid..I have learned a lot from you. My daughter, who is now 11, has learned a lot from you. Now she is studying weather at school and she just doesn’t enjoy watching the weather for her homework. The new guys don’t make it interesting or give enough details or information..and they sure don’t teach.

    The kids around Connecticut are missing you as well, you made learning about the weather interesting for them. Whether you work for wtnh or not you are still an awesome weatherman and I think it would be awesome if we could all come up with some way to get you back doing the weather, even if it’s on your own and in such away that you could make learning about it fun for kids again.

    Much LOVE, Geoff. And, THANK YOU for teaching my daughter.

  213. Geoff,
    I’m disabled & homebound and you are my weather-on-the-outside person. A few years back I had a health question regarding ozone and I called in, they put me on hold for a couple seconds and there you were – on the end of the phone and answering my question personally! That’s what I call working for the viewers and I’ll never forget it!!!
    I must say you have handled this change with class & dignity and I only wish you the very best!!! AND, I’ll be browsing the other CT TV stations hoping to find you on your next assignment… and TV 8 lost a valuable weatherman… and a nightly viewer as well…

  214. Hi Geoff, I found out about you no longer being with channel-8 when I wanted to pass on an astronomical event in Waterbury or Wolcott area (large size meteorite we saw going down). I would say that from all the comments I read here from your viewers, I concur them, especially the one that causes me to view channel-8 news because of you doing the weather. It will not be the same without you. I hope and pray that you find another station that meets your needs. That station will definitely have hit a home run when they sign you on. Keep us posted right here on what’s going on with your future events. -Don (KU1F)

  215. Dude! You’ve been my weather buddy for 2 1/2 decades. I would hear that voice at the dinner table and I’d hop up to see whats happening with the weather. A trusted soul for so long. I met you once in person at the New Haven Coliseum. You were with your wife and daughter I believe and I was with with my own family. An Ice Capades event! I felt so guilty walking up to you that night in your private time asking for an autograph, but it was a chance meeting so I had to. I still have it to this day! Just wanted you to know, you will be deeply missed and I wish you and your family the very best—-truly!

  216. Good luck in finding your next wonderful adventure, Geoff. I hope that it’s in Connecticut so we can continue to watch! Anyone in this market should know what you will bring to their station and to their ratings! WTHN should be ashamed of themselves. In spite of your classy requests that people not take it out on your colleagues, you can be certain that many of us will no longer be watching. We will, however, keep up with your postings here. Good luck! I hope we can “not go to bed yet” in the very near future.

  217. Geoff,
    I am very sorry that you will not be able to come back on the air for your sign off to all of your supporters. That decision sealed the fate of WTNH for those of us who enjoyed watching you for so many years. I hope you will keep up this blog for your supporters, whereever you end up. When one door closes, another opens. I have a feeling that you will look back at this in a few months and be glad it happened..because you will be in a better place — perhaps somewhere warm and closer to your daughter. Until we see you on air again my best to you and Helaine.

  218. When I didn’t see you on the news in the evening I assumed you were on vacation but, now that they removed your bio on the website I knew something had happened! As they say, when one door closes another one opens, but what a poor way to handle it after 26 years! I watched you religiously every night and when I got conflicting weather reports elsewhere, I would say, “Let’s see what Geoff says!”. You will be greatly missed by me and my family but best of luck wherever you may land. Truly WTNH’s loss !! Sue J – New Milford, CT

  219. Geoff – all the best of luck to you. We all hope that you are able to stay close to us here in Connecticut. As I am sure you have heard many times, you have always been a part of our ‘family’. I was really looking forwardto your on air goodbye, but hopefully that will now be a on air hello somewhere local. Regardless where it is the folks who get to see you will be a very lucky bunch. Take Care…..

  220. Hi Geoff,
    Sorry it has taken me so long to respond to this sort of mess you’re in. one of my favorite sayings is “everything for a reason” even though we can’t make heads or tails of it at the time. That was pretty callas of the station to lead you into thinking that you were coming back and then tell you at the last minute that you couldn’t. We watched “channel 8” faithfully. Not so sure that we will anymore. This is one of the reasons’ that there is so little respect for employer’s these days.
    I too remember when your daughter Stephanie was born. They showed you holding her you had scrubs on. Looked like you were still in the delivery room.
    Best of luck in finding a new job. Hope it’s one that a “cloudy day” with some sprinkles will be the worst weather that you’ll be able to find.

  221. Geoff, You are missed more than you will ever know.
    I’m sure you will be back on the air soon and I do hope it is in CT.
    We need a meteorologist who is a weather man and a teacher of weather.
    We also need someone like you who will not always stand in front of Fairfield county ignoring our weather conditions. It was so refreshing to hear you report on the entire state.
    WTNH for sure is having problems as is evendent with their musical chairs with regard to anchors each evening. It is obvious the problems are at the top based on the non-professional way they handled your departure.
    Please keep your blog alive so we all can follow you to your next adventure.

    Bob M

  222. When I moved from PA to CT, I was sad to leave behind my former tv meteorologist who lived in my community. He had a great personality, was funny, and knew his weather lingo. Then, I happily stumbled upon a new meteorologist who shared those positive qualities and I no longer felt so far away from home. For eight years, I have diligently watched your weather forecasts, along with my husband and now our baby. We will sincerely miss you, and wish you only the best.

  223. Seriously? I knew something was wrong when you weren’t back after a week. I never imagined this. You’re a class act, Mr. Fox. I went home to visit my ailing (on her death bed) mother and when I came home, I found out I was being “let go”. You’re right, we’re let go everyday, but it still stinks trying to find a new job. Good luck and God bless you and your family! Thanks for great attitude!

  224. I was wondering what happened to you! All this snow and no Geoff Fox??? I knew something was wrong. I really miss seeing you on the news and listening to your comments. You are the best meteorologist! As many other people have said, you were the whole reason I watched WTNH. You being let go is their loss – not yours. I’m sure you will find bigger and better opportunities. All the best wishes to you and your family.

  225. Geoff.we here in the Midwest heard the news and are shocked. my wife and I just talked about seeing you on the weather broadcast when we visit “home” in Hamden soon. We are heartbroken

  226. Geoff,
    I can’t believe the rumors are true. I have watched you nearly my entire life. And like everyone else…YOU are the reason we continue to watch WTNH. I also will think twice about continuing to watch them. Although, Gil does have me laughing…but he’s just on way too early. We, the viewers, want a seasoned meteorologist that we can welcome into our homes. How disrespectful of them to not allow you to say goodbye.

    Best wishes to you and your family! Thank you for the many years andmany laughs. Stay warm!

  227. I’ve been out of the loop around here. I just found out a couple of hours ago that all this has happened. My husband and I have been wondering where you were and I kept thinking you were out on vacation! I’m shocked to say the least. As I sit here reading what has gone on and all the comments from people around the state I have have a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes. I’m sure you have read these same sentiments too many times but I too must say to you..”you will be greatly missed”. You were my go to weather guy. Being a farmer I watch as many forecasts as possible to try and keep a bit ahead of Mother Nature but you were the guy that I always checked first and last….you can’t imagine how many fields of hay you have saved on this farm! My husband and I wish you and your family all the best. You’ll do fine and a better position is out there waiting for you. Being a selfish being I do hope it’s here in CT but only you know what will be best for you. I too think you should send a DVD out to Regis & Kelley…OMG…you and Kelley would be a blast to watch!
    Please keep us updated here on the blog. Maybe we can stream you into our homes from your new place if it’s not local…at any rate you are the best and CT has lost one of it’s best!
    Sandi & Emery Nemeskay

  228. I too am sad Geoff Fox that you aren’t on Channel 8 anymore…I also would stay up late to watch your weather forecast and hear you say “don’t go to sleep yet” even though as tired as I was, I would stay awake to watch you. I enjoyed the stories of your family, your off screen activities and wry humor. It’s the not the same anymore –

    Keep posting on your blog because I read that daily to see what’s going on.

    As most people have commented on, I also agree that it is a very lousy thing that Mr. “Boss-man” wouldn’t let you return to say goodbye to your fans or finish your contract. I believe in what goes around comes around and if that’s so, he’ll be out of job soon himself.


  229. One of the things that I am going to miss most is how when I would be watching General Hospital in the afternoon and there would be some major weather event happening and you would break in to tell us about it, you would always say something like “I will make this quick so you can get back to watching General Hospital”. It always negated the slight anger I felt at interrupting my show. Just a little something I appreciated!

  230. Well, Sorry Geoff but the channel 8 weather is boring now. You made it fun. Your comments were so gracious about your abrupt exit but it just wasn’t right . They done you wrong. I hope you do find another Connecticut connection and my family and I will be looking for you. So “Don’t go to sleep yet!” You are missed!

  231. Geoff,
    You are very much missed!! You made watching the weather FUN even when the weather was not. You had some pretty funny one liners too!!!
    Best of Luck,

  232. Geoff-

    My mother and I always looked forward to your weather forecasts and you telling us “Don’t go to sleep yet…”! Best of luck in your job search and we hope that you can find another station in CT so we can see you on TV again!

  233. typical corporate America—thank God I’m in a UNION—Mr. Potato Head should be gone–not you!!!—don’t care if he wrote a book—-funny how your replacement looks like you—I don’t enjoy watchn ET give the weather—oh well Geoff–time to look to warmer waters(will also combat the depression)—-and also time for me to switch from WTNH to something else–maybe FOX or WFSB!!!!————–good luck Geoff—will also miss your humour—like no other!!!

  234. Geoff – Me and my family are STILL in shock at your ‘disappearance’. WTNH has a history of letting people go, and not allowing the impacted the decency to make a graceful exit. After all, devoted and loyal viewers have a right to know, as well. As viewers, we grow to ‘bond’ with our local reporters, and acts like this result in loss of faith fromn loyal viewers. I wish you the best, and will miss your ‘finger wave’ before signing-off every night.

  235. Geoff,
    I was very saddened to see new weatherman on air following your vacation. I knew they did a “dirty trick”. As much as WTNH was my station of choice for news and weather, I am going to find it very difficult to tune in. They made a choice and I have made mine. Good luck to you. Hopefully, we will see you on Connecticut TV.

  236. Geoff,
    You were always the one the blame would fall on when the weather report was off by 1/2 of a percent, but when you nailed it, we didn’t come crashing down your doors with high fives. Now, without your presence on a daily basis, I realize just how important you became to my everyday way of life. I am shocked and disappointed with the departure. Thank you for all your efforts over the years. It’s tough to scream and holler at someone via the television on a regular basis and then have it taken away without warning. You became part of the family. It’s like someone knocked down the lighthouse. Hope to see you again soon.


  237. Geoff —
    It’s been almost a month and the loss is still quite painful. That’s a mixed emotion. If the depth of pain reflects the heights of pleasure then know that you’ve created the latter so my family and I could experience the former. You’re a good guy. A funny guy. Your humor made the weather a lot more interesting than some droll person could have produced. Your passion for the why as well as the what of the weather was deeply helpful and made your segments actually worth looking forward to seeing. I also emailed you on several occasions and you, true to your noble nature, always graciously replied. The comments about you being loved are your legacy. In the moments of transition before the ‘next’ of your life crystalizes I hope you recall the love and appreciation of so many ‘Fox Followers’ and savor them all. You’ve earned our regard, respect and love. God speed dear friend. You are missed and we wish you only the very, very best.

    Bill and Joyce and family

  238. Geoff, I am very disappointed that WTNH did not allow you to finish out your contract. I too expected to see you on the news after your vacation. It’s unfortunate that you and your viewers were not allowed to have closure. My husband and I have watched you since you joined the station. Every night we looked forward to hearing you say, “don’t go to sleep yet, there’s more new’s channel 8 to come.” We kept watching to see you after your vacation but obviously that didn’t happen. I will be following your page and look forward to hearing updates on where you are and what you are doing. We wish you all the best and hope that a really amazing opportunity is given to you; an opportunity where you can use your many talents and be appreciated. As for me, I will now be watching Channel 3 news.

  239. I forgot one thing in my last comment here a few minutes ago:

    Geoff, you are one of the few most classy people I have ever seen. Although we all are filled with disappointment, anger, and resolve to boycott WTNH, YOU continue to be a gentleman and are handling this with absolute dignity in every way.
    I SALUTE YOU, MR. FOX !!!!!

  240. Geoff,

    After reading this story, I’m left with a heavy heart to hear of your departure. You have handled yourself with such class and dignity Mr. Fox. Its a shame to find out after almost 3 decades on air that you could be replaced so quickly, and the way you were. You have touched myself, and my parents extremely. They have watched you on the news for years now, you are right on with your forecast. My mom who has Alzheimers, and has been blessed watching you for decades now, well, her schedule is off a bit, as it’s just not right for her not seeing you. She knows at dinner time, that she would always watch Geoff Foxx, and now things are a bit different for her. I thank you for bringing such joy to my family, and for such a terrific weather report. Bigger and better things will come your way! Thank you for all your years of service, and I commend you on the way you have handled yourself with such class. WTNH should be ashamed of the way they handled matters!! You are a class act, and you should be proud of your accompliments!! Best of luck in the future! You will be missed !!

  241. You star quality, Geoff, and “star quality” weathermen are far and few between. BAD MOVE, WVIT…..Godspeed to you Geoff. People with your type of charisma…with the added bonus of sincerity and kindness…always end up on top.

    Thanks for the wonderful 26 years. x

  242. Geoff, I understand when you request that we not take it out on your former co-workers but Mark Higgins needs to work on the technical aspect of the news before messing with the only reason that my wife and me had stuck with WTNH. The technical aspect of the news cast has gotten progressively worse over the last few years. Being unable to cut to a video or a live remote because of technical difficulties happens atleast once on every news cast and to be honest is quite unprofessional and distracting. The only reason that we put up with it was because of you and Ann. Now that you are gone we have no reason to continue to watch the very poor technical news cast, which has nothing to do with the outstanding news personnalities that WTNH has. I wish you all the best in your future endevors.

  243. I just learned today that you will no longer be at WTNH. I’m sorry to hear how thing went. You were one of the reasons I have stuck with the station for so many years. I guess I’ll consider my options, now.

    All the best to you and your family. I’ll keep reading your blog to see where you ‘land’, hopefully at a station nearby.

    Guess I’ll be going to sleep early tonight, since you won’t be there to tell me not to!

  244. Geoff, We will miss you. Your great weather reports and humor always made our day. Hopefully you will be appreciated at your new position. The Hanrahan’s Oxford Ct.

  245. Geoff: Even though we moved to AZ from CT almost 3 years ago, I still went back to the WTNH web site for information on CT news & weather from you! My husband & I are simply flabbergasted that you are no longer there. Please consider coming to AZ where doing weather is one of the funniest spots on TV. You’d love it here. Whatever you do & wherever you go, we know you will be successful. I just hope it’s here.

    By the way, I once asked you to forecast a beautiful March weekend for my older son’s Bar Mitzvah and you were kind enough to send us an autographed postcard with a personal message. He still has it and the weather was perfect, thank you.

    Good luck to you and your family.

  246. I am sooo very sirry you are not on my favorite station any longer. Corporations just don’t have a human side. I hope some local station has the BRAINS to hire you and soon. This is a sad state and needs someone with intelligence, sensitivity and caring to remain on the air and keep it real. Thank you and your wife for all the years of information and entertainment you have provided us. Shame on the person responsible for letting you go what a waste of a talented and caring person.

    1. oops, there goes that darn spell check; sorry was the word I was looking for….Good luck, hope you come back to us soon.

  247. Hello Geoff,

    When my son Mike (He worked with you for several years at the station) called and told me that you would not be returning to WTNH this year – I was very disappointed – but not surprised. Unfortunately, corporations are not how they used to be.

    Thank you for your 26 years of service to the viewers of Connecticut! I hate to admit it – but I remember when you first arrived on the air at WTNH all those storms ago! You are a true professional and we hope to see you back on the air in CT again soon!

    Thank you and Good Luck!

    John Cieslewski

  248. Dear Geoff and family,

    You are missed!!! Good luck in whatever your future holds.

    Thank you for all the sunny days,

    Kathleen Briggs

  249. I think it really stinks that they didn’t give you a chance to say your goodbyes to your viewers. We had just figured that you had taken an extended vacation. Then we saw the adds for the new guy, and figured you had retired. So sorry that they treated you so badly after all those years.


  251. Geoff,
    When I didn’t see you for a long time(way back in Jan) I emailed channel 8 (which is not easy for me as I am computer challanged) to find out if you were all right-never heard from them. My husband finally told me what had happened-My husband and I grew up in the Bronx and have been here over 40 yrs-and I certainly miss your NY-idioms-plus your knowledge and teachings concerning the weather and why a particular weather event is occurring.You always added that little extra that made watching you enjoyable and entertaining. I wish you and your family the best and hope to see you soon.

  252. Dear Geoff;
    My wife and I are still upset about WTNH’s failure to renew your contract. They must be consuming too much sugar or something worse to have made such a dim-witted decision. We have enjoyed your knowledge of and enthusiasm for the weather, your zany wit and your intelligence. We miss your nightly presence during the news. We cannot fathom what went into such an inane corporate decision except for saving some bucks. Their decision to drop you should come as a warning to the new guy. I’m surprised that they didn’t dump Dr. Mel. They probably figured that would have been a bigger debacle. We are also ticked off that they did not let you return to say “farewell” to all of us who have enjoyed your take on the weather. You are and will be missed. We wish you and your family the very best of luck. John and Judi

    1. Dear Geoff,
      I too was shocked at not finding you at any time on channal 8 when I wanted the weather.I had to google your name to find out why.I learned Meteorology from you and you got me through the Summer storms and my fear of lightening.I will never watch channal 8 again.Great famuily and great personality. Best of Luck, Cathie Di

  253. Manglers ….. What can ya say!:? 😕 You are the best and I doubt we will ever get a weatherman as good and fun as you.

    God bless you and your family

  254. Geoff,

    You were a part of our lives for many, many years. We trusted your forecasts and enjoyed your personality. Nothing stays the same forever, but I believe WTNH made a serious mistake letting such an icon go so easily. We wish you and your family the very best of luck, hopefully you can find work in an area of sustained high pressure!

    Ian and Linda Rogers
    Lisbon, CT

  255. You certainly are a CLASS ACT GEOFF,I am not at all suprised at your response,you are truly a real gentleman.I am sad that you are not on WTNH and i know your friends are still there and as far as your replacement I really feel sorry for! Because he or she certainly has too full BIG SHOES!!! No One can Replace you Geoff!!! May God Bless!!! A Faithful Fan! JoAnn

  256. Well, Honestly YOU were the reason I tuned in to channel 8. I grew up watching you and will miss you…trusted you, the whole thing. I can’t help but feel disappointed in Channel 8, and I don’t watch anymore. That’s not against your coworkers, but it just doesn’t feel right. Can’t support a station that wouldn’t even let you say goodbye. I wish you much success for the future! Leslie

  257. I too am so sad to see that the mis guided individuals did not bring you back. I wish all good things for you and your family and I will miss watching your unique style of weather forecasting. I also think a different channel is now in order.

  258. Would have commented sooner, but just found this site. I used to rate watching a weather report with watchihg grass grow or paint dry. Then Geoff Fox came along. WOW!! The weather was the same,but Geoff presented it in a whole new way. Dare I say it; his relaxed and, at times, humorous way of describing what was happening and what was going to happen took my rating of weather watching on a quantum leap upwards. And besides the weather, his friendly banter with the others on the set added to the friendliness of the whole show. I am 75, so that makes me a
    looooong time fan. And yes I’ll readilly admit I was a fan of a weatherman. Will the show go on, of course. Will we still get a weather report, most assuredly. Will it be the same, you’ve got to be kidding me. Geoff, my best to you and your family. If your next position takes you out of good ole CT, so be it. But would jump to any station that had the smarts to hire you. Well, so long and good luck. You know, some how the grass and paint are strting to look more inviting than I remember.

  259. This was so sad and shocking to our family (as I’m sure it was to everyone else). We have been watching you for the past 22 yrs! Geoff, you were the only reason we used to watch WTNH….now we just look the weather up online. What they did was really rotten! Unfortunately this was not just WTNH’s loss but for the viewers as well. Good luck and well wishes Geoff!

  260. Mr Fox, I just discovered this information now and I’m very sad about your departure from WTNH. My family and myself watched you from 1984-untill 1996 when we moved out of state. In 1985-86 we were weather watchers. With the internet we used to follow you and WTNH CT news. Glad to hear you are still in CT and back on the air, best of luck for continued success!

  261. Geoff,
    It is good to see you back in the air waves again, missed you there for a few days during the transition. We met you a long time ago when you were doing a broadcast from Lighthouse Park and we were walking our dog that evening.

    Any ways, best luck and best wishes in this new endevour; we look forward to your nightly appearances for years to come.

  262. Geoff,
    Where are you now? Are you on a different television network? I miss hearing your popular phrase “Don’t Go To Sleep Yet…..”. Please let me know what network you are at now. I hope you let me know soon!!!!! It would very much appreciated if you let me know soon.
    A True Fan,
    John Coan

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