Oops… And We’re Back

This morning while I was asleep 1&1, my web provider, shut my blog down. Nothing nefarious. Too much traffic! Specifically too much traffic from the plug-in I recently added to mail people follow-up comments.

I have shut the comment email feature off and changed permissions to turn normal commenting on again.

As you were.

21 thoughts on “Oops… And We’re Back”

  1. Just shows how popular you are Geoff. I liked the idea of seeing comments added after mine but it was blowing up my mailbox.

    Geoff, how about writing a book? You are such a wonderful writer and photographer, I think any subject you picked would be an informative and easy read.

  2. I think it’d be far less bandwidth usage if it just sent one email since the last time you visited. I don’t know if WP does it, but lots of forums have like “To see this and other comments since your last visit, click here.”

  3. I wonder if that’s why, after writing a comment full of tears, wit and sheer beauty, it wouldn’t accept it. Bummer, it was good!

  4. I have announced that you are going to be doing the weather on my personal broadcast website http://www.justin.tv/camnut which is seen around the world. On a serious note – I have learned a lot about the weather from watching you. Management obviously doesn’t realize that after all these years you have also become a television personality not just a weather reader. I wish you all the best in the future. I will miss the scientific explanations which make the weather understandable. I don’t know how much longer Dr. Mel will continue with this but after that we are going to be stuck. It will be back to looking out the window like the old days. Seriously – good luck.

  5. You will be sorely missed by this long time viewer. I wish you and yours all the best and want to thank you for all the years of forecasting. I considered you a family friend. Though I do not wish to take it out on you former colleagues, I will be switching stations.

  6. I really like disqus for a comment engine, it has a great email followup feature but uses the disqus servers to take care of it.

  7. Geoff:
    I enjoyed your broadcasts immensely and I hope to see you back on TV soon. I remember when you once described a weather system over Waterbury as “famisched.” I love Yiddish and it was a great surprise to hear it used on a TV weather forecast.

  8. OK I tried. I tried to accept the new guy on wtnh… It did not work. My wife and I actually said, “we are going to give him a chance”. Well, we did and it is a “no go”.

    Anyhow Geoff, if you stay in Connecticut, we are DEFINITELY following you to your next station:o)

    Rob Keator

  9. I miss you too. Also don’t like the new guy. I was sad to learn about your contract. I have enjoyed your forecasts for many years and feel like you are part of my family in the kitchen. You even replied to one of my emails that I sent to you during a broadcast. I wish you all the best and hope you surface in CT so we can see you again. Your optimism and gratitude is to be admired. I have also learned a lot. One of your last shows mentioned the day that the sun was the closest to the earth. I have shared that with several in my family.

    Enjoy your next adventure!

  10. Geoff…I know you want us to support your coworkers…but each time the new weather guy came on….I came close to tears…and could not watch….I know that sounds corny…but there was such a comfort level watching you….your knowledge…your personality….you made us all feel like we could trust you…like a good friend….
    I will continue to watch the morning team, and support Ann (she is such a class act) and the others..but I have to turn the channel when the weather comes on at night.
    Do you think …once you come up for air after this awful blow you were dealt, that you could do forecasts for us on your Facebook page…or here on your blog?
    My household is having Geoff withdrawal……

  11. Geoff: You have been the best! I wish you luck as News Channel 8 lost a great person. I intend to follow you to your next adventure. You have too much talent and personality to let this negatively impact you. I will now be a follower of your blog to keep up with you. God Bless. 🙂

  12. Geoff- I just learned a few minutes ago that you were not asked to come back to WTNH after your vacation and until your contract officially expired. I am just devastated that you were let go in such a disrespectful manor. I actually cried when I learned that you were being let go a few weeks back (it was an emotional day already so this didn’t make matters any better). I have been watching you since I was a little girl and it feels as if I’m losing a family member. For your future, I hope you find a great job that will lead to a happy retirement for you and your family. You deserve the best. Good luck and perhaps I’ll find you on another local station sometime.

  13. Geoff, it is really unbelieveable that Mr Higgins would be so inappropriate, first to take your job, and then to let you go off to vacation and then not allowing you to come back to finish out your contract; There is something DEFINETLY wrong; I know alot of us plan to boycott Channel 8 in lieu of their exceptionally poor decisions and hope you stay local so we can continue to follow you!!!!
    You’ve left an indelible mark on all of us all these 26 years, and it is mind boggleing that these PROFESSIONALS would do this to you/us!!!!It’s like our voices aren’t even being heard, let alone the fact that apparently OUR (VIEWERS) opinions DON’T MATTER; I really hope they live to rue the day that they let you go, we’re all going with you Geoff;
    Godspeed and lots of LOVE!!!!!!!Audrey D. MuuaaaahhhhhhXXXOOO

  14. Hi Geoff:
    I think what WTNH(8) is doing to you, is unfair!
    I grew up in Branford, and have been a fan of yours and the TV station for a long time, I live in San Diego, California now, but
    still keep track of what is happening back in Connecticut, I still have family there.

    You and your family should come out to San Diego, CA. it is BEAUTIFUL here.
    The Channel 8 must have been out of their mind!
    Take Care, and be safe.!!!! Gina Newton

  15. I am deeply disturbed by the reaction of WTNH, Mark Higgins and Lin regarding the so called “distraction”. The distraction they have talked about is their viewers voicing their opinions on what used to be their favorite station to watch the news and weather. So what they have said is their viewers don’t count. I am sure that their sponsors will appreciate that view.

    You have taken the high road in all this and that just makes us miss you more! I only hope you will resurface at another Connecticut station so that we will be able to tune in to your weather reports. However, I think you will do well no matter where you go. You certainly will be missed by thousands here in Connectiut!

    Good luck to you and all you do! Hope to see you again locally! No matter what I will be following your blog from now in. Gotta keep getting my taste of Geoff wit, humor, caring….

  16. Hi Geoff,

    Just wanted to let you know that I am one of the many people who emailed WTNH expressing my dismay over their decision to let you go. How sad that your popularity caused them to rescind their decision to let you finish up the month. As if we’ll just forget…the damage is done. I too have moved on to other channels, and will wait to see (& hope) that you find another local position. I do feel for your coworkers, and for the new guy they replaced you with…pretty tough for him to have to follow in your footsteps! I just can’t support WTNH. And they only dug themselves in deeper when you so graciously handled the situation- & they still yanked you off the air early. Shameful.
    Good luck!! Thanks for all 26 informative, entertaining,years!

  17. To be very clear, I no longer watch WTNH after watching it for 20 years. It’s not a punishment at all….I watched it because YOU were on it. I no longer have a reason to watch that channel.

  18. Hi Geoff – Welcome back. I thought we would see you back for the month of Feruary, but then I read your blog and was very disappointed. Now I can go to Channel 30 and 3 or fox to get my weather. You are still teaching us about the weather, and I love the photos you posted, and your daily thoughts. I truly wish you would get a job in Connecticut, but you really would be better off in a warmer climate. Sigh and sob. Please keep us posted. It is like keeping in touch with a relative after all these years.

    Best of Luck in whatever you choose. Helen

  19. Hi Geoff, Iam so sorry to hear that you are being cut from my favorite news. You are so talented that you will not have trouble finding another position but we will be without. We will so miss you! Good luck and God bless.

  20. To the management at WTNH: We enjoyed Geoff Fox for all 26 years and–though we know “business is business”– what a sad way to handle this whole situation. We had no idea what had happened to Geoff until we went searching on the computer and were deeply saddened by the news. Just having him disappear from TV was in very poor taste. It doesn’t give us a very high opinion of WTNH.

  21. Truthfully, Ive only watched Channel 8 for the Geoff Fox’s Weather reports, then quickly switch back to other station. Now that you are no longer on, I have no reason to watch Channl 8 anymore. They have no idea how much this has hurt them yet & the viewers. What ever possessed the “Suits” to do such a dumb thing?? The new weather person isn’t to blame either….. but sorry, can’t hold a candle to you. You will be sadly missed. Best of Luck as you continue on your new journey. Keep in mind “all things happen for reasons”!! Peace & God Bless You

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