Helaine Watches Different Shows Than I Do!

I never thought of cooking as a competitive sport. It is! Food Network might just have as many contests as ESPN.

As has been established I have a little extra time on my hands. I am home during the evening (and most other times too). I am often downstairs, laptop on my lap top, watching TV with Helaine.

We watch different stuff!

I tend to watch talking heads and documentaries. Helaine does not.

Over the past few days I’ve watched women get fitted for and buy wedding dresses, all sorts of people buy overpriced NYC real estate, assorted dysfunctional housewives&#185, and people cooking.

I never thought of cooking as a competitive sport. It is! Food Network might just have as many contests as ESPN.

Right now “Worst Cooks In America” is playing. Many of these people bring the same skills and techniques I had as a bachelor.

To me 30 minutes at 350&#176 is the same as 15 minutes at 700&#176. Right? I always tried to speed up dinner by using more heat.

There was a time when families sat around the TV together. They don’t anymore. As long as I’m home my TV horizons will broaden!

&#185 – I have promised Helaine I wouldn’t write about The Real Housewives, but I sooooooooo want to.

9 thoughts on “Helaine Watches Different Shows Than I Do!”

  1. And imagine, it’s only Monday. Every night will be a brand new adventure for you. So much to see, and so much time. Don’t get too comfy, you’ll need to get back to work soon………..somewhere.

  2. I haven’t had cable in over 10 years now; and I don’t miss it! When I did have it, I’d usually have The Weather Channel on as “back ground noise” as I surfed online. Now, I mostly watch PBS. I, too, am a docu-nut! lol Most of what’s on cable nowadays is crap; I can’t watch that stuff. I feel my IQ dropping if I do. I’ll stick with PBS’ The News Hour, Frontline, NOVA, Nature, Masterpiece, ect. And best of all….NO COMMERCIALS! : )

  3. My wife and I have always been that way – but we do have our common shows…hopefully you and Helaine can find common ground…

  4. Geoff. Most nights my wife has the tv on in the bedroom, while I am watching the one in the living room, a couple times a week we watch the same shows together, but other times it is separate viewing. I recommend until you are back to work someplace, you fire up the ham radio and you do some rag chewing.



  5. Or you could also set up a weather page on FB as Matt did or join Matt on his!! I like Discovery or History Channel myself sprinkled with reality shows as in the Bachelor and The Biggest Loser. I absolutely love David Tutera – too bad he has a partner and is too young for me anyways….:(

  6. If your cable/sat system has it, try Cooking Channel. Over the last few years, Food has gone over to the dark side, staging faux “contests” shows. Gone are the days of doing cooking. Recently, they (I forget who the main They are) created this second channel to rerun actual cooking shows from the recent past of Food, and a few originals.

    If you’re up late, try Tony Bourdain on Travel. He did (not intentionally) a piece from Beirut in the middle of the last Israeli attack, then this past year he went back to do the show he’d intended. Both are worth seeing.

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