That Door Quote

I understand the sentiment and I’m particularly pleased you’re using it considering the source.

My blog which averages 1,100-1,200 page views a day has gone nuts these past two weeks. Sunday brought 12,000 views, Monday around 10,000. Last week I had one day well over 20,000!

Comments have exploded too. You’ve sent forty since 5:00 PM.

You have been uniformly kind trying to cheer me up&#185 often relaying stories or uplifting quotes. There’s one that’s been posted hundreds of times between the blog and Facebook. There are two variations:

When one door closes another opens.

When one door closes a window opens.

Either way I understand the sentiment and I’m particularly pleased you’re using it considering the source. The quote comes from Alexander Graham Bell who actually set up his first telephone exchange in New Haven back in 1878.

Here’s the full quote:

When one door closes another door opens; but we so often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door, that we do not see the ones which open for us. – Alexander Graham Bell

Bell is saying even in defeat opportunities exist, but first you’ve got to move on.

I wish I knew the context? This quote is always attributed to Bell but the circumstances surrounding it aren’t. He invented the telephone. I didn’t realize he was a philosopher.

Actually researching the quote was a good idea because it led to one more Bell quote… allegedly his last words.

So little done, so much to do.

Ain’t it the truth.

&#185 – It’s worked! I’m feeling great. You’re the reason.

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  1. That’s good advice. Don’t look so longingly at the closed door. Another quote “this is a blessing in disguise” I’m sure that’s not the exact quote either. However, if the masses are unsuccessful in your rehiring then I pray that we are unsuccessful because of greater things to come for you and your family.

  2. Something wonderful is waiting for you out there. I can feel it. The love and support being shown to you is merely lighting the way to your next big adventure! (And you have a lot of friends going along for the ride!)

  3. I did not look at my 3rd layoff [from Ma Bell] as a closed door but a message to move on [1st was UNiVaC,2nd from PBI] retired to the Bayous of NOLA [NOLA.COM]

  4. Now that’s a blessing, all the views posts ect, but I am sure until we walked in your shoes….we cannot fathom what you are going through.
    I promise ….if i win the lottery, I will fire Mark Higgins, hire back you and Matt, and throw a big party for all your supporters!
    One can dream…….;o)

  5. My wife and I miss you very much Geoff. We so hope something can be worked out with management at wtnh to get you back where we are used to seeing and hearing you.
    It’s so true that you don’t know how much someone means to you untill their gone…

  6. I just have to tell you because of the way they treated you and other changes – I no longer watch WTNH. Best of luck. You are going places for sure….

  7. Geoff: With all the crazy weather happening now, wish we could tune into your excellent weather presentations. I’ve just been surfing the CT stations and realize that there’s is lacking compared to yours. You were able to describe the weather that much more succinctly.

    Hope you can work out a deal with a CT or NY station so that we can still see you!!

  8. Geoff,

    All the best to you and your family as you move forward.

    A memory…years ago you attended a Science Fair in Newtown CT….My daughter was so excited as you were the most famous person she could think of…we will never forget how great you were with the kids! She didn’t quite grow up to be a scientist but I’m sure you have inspired many who did!

  9. Geoff,
    Since you are not allowed on air. Are still at least allowed in the building? Or have you been “officially” escorted out? The reason I’m asking is now I am unsure as to where I am supposed to send your ’87 picture from the VA hospital.

    Lenny J.

  10. Geoff,

    your understanding and positive attitude are a great example for so many people…you’ve made me realize to appreciate everything one currently has, and more importantly the influence you have on the people around you.

    Keep your head up! Look forward to seeing you back on the air in CT, couldn’t imagine the state without you.

  11. Hey Geoff, Gonna miss you on the weather, already do. It is sadly lacking a certain flair. By the way my family has a few interesting connections to Mr Bell. My Uncle Charlie MacAuley’s father worked for Mr. Bell as his livery man up in Baddeck, Cape Breton Island, NS. Was in charge of all the horse drawn wagons and the horses. Charlie was married to my Mom’s sister Susan, their sister Jessie married Harry Hubbard down here in West Haven and Harry is a distant cousin of Mrs. Bell’s. Small world, huh.

  12. Geoff, at the end of Feb when your contract ends, heres what you should do. Start making short filmed internet forecasts from your home studio. Start with New Haven & Hartford area. Then make some separate ones for NYC area, word will spread on you there too and drive more traffic. Then eventually add Boston. Soon you’ll have better combined ratings than WTNH, add some web ad revenue, and you’re golden. CT still gets to see you, and you make a living! Put your reputation & skills to good use. LIN TV gave you lemons, make lemonade.

    Sounds like a deal to me!

    Anyone second this?

  13. Oh, I’d pay to hear Geoff tell me if the snow is going to stop in time for clean up before school buses are out. I like the cool mph traffic feature on FOX but I can’t find weather that I have confidence in .. er… in which I have confidence.
    I’m a nervous mom of an autistic child that travels a distance to his school. Road conditions really matter to me! I would be thrilled to pay for a weather subscription.

  14. I bet you’re sitting in your warm home laughing your head off at the dusting to 1 inch that all the weathermen were forecasting for today! We have 4″!

  15. Geoff, while our comments and thoughts have lifted you up, your actions and response to this issue has been an inspiration to us your fans. You have shown what a great person you are. Hopefully many of us will never be put in this position, but if we are, I hope we can show the same grace you have.

  16. Geoff,
    Sounds like you’re taking this all in stride. Your upbeat attitude has carried you all these years and will help guide you through to your next venture. I have been a faithful watcher all these years – never went to sleep until you were finished giving me the forecast!!!!! You are sadly missed in this household. I’m hoping you are able to resume the job you enjoyed so much – sharing important information with the people of CT. The very best to you.

  17. Geoff,

    I know the phrase, “One door closes another door opens.” all too well. Back in October ’10 I was working at the childcare center I had been working at for five years. The director walked in the room and told all of us we would be closing as of Christmas Eve and she wasn’t sure if we would have jobs. The center was going to merge with the affiliate’s other childcare center in Groton. (So I’m talking about Pfizer, I was trying not to say names.) We were all in shock that it was happening so fast. Groton was going to be much too far for me to travel, so I looked at my options. My second job was coaching gymnastics at a private club. One of the coaches had some family issues and needing to move back home, opening a full-time position. I did not give it a second thought and the timing was perfect. Although I miss my “family” at the center, I am creating a new one at gymnastics. I just wanted to share my positive story of opportunity, because there is a plan for all of us, we just need to let it come to us. Thanks for all the years Geoff!

  18. Geoff,

    It is wonderful that you have so many loyal followers but I’m sorry it worked against you in not being allowed to finish out February at WTNH. Still not watching it – don’t care – I switch between three different stations but Channel 8 is not one of them! You will find your niche. Be patient – something good will happen and you’ll wonder why you even worked at WTNH!!

  19. Hi Geoff–

    It’s just not a real snow day without you telling us all about it. I just want you to know that you are missed in this house–your cheery voice and up-beat attitude were always so welcome, come hell or high water, literally! God doesn’t waste time or talent, and I know you will find just the right fit somewhere very soon. Until then, keep looking up and know that you made a difference in the lives of so many people. We truly appreciate you!

  20. Missing your happy face giving us our weather every night before bed. Hope you are rehired on a station we can still see here in lower Fairfield County! And I would love your comments on the Housewives shows…love them!

  21. Geoff,

    I was blown away when I found out that WTNH had not renewed your contract. You always made the weather interesting with your background comments about the science aspects of weather. Having taken a course in Weather and Climate in college in ’68, I find that sort of stuff interesting. Yesterday I got an email with a video of “Frazil Ice” in Yosemite – something I had never heard of before. Also, I’m wondering if you know how often those schoolnet weather instruments are calibrated, because I’m too close to Dodd School in Cheshire to have precipitation differences like I normally see.

    I’ve enjoyed the photos of your trip to see your daughter. She certainly has an awesome rooftop view out there!

    Keep your positive attitude and I’m sure things will work out for you. If Sprinf evcer comes and the ground becomes tillable again, you can always set up a front yard farm stand and sell your garden vegetables!

    Thank you for being MY trusted forecaster for the past 26 years!!! You are already greatly missed in this house.

  22. Geoff, in my experience, when that door closes it invariably closes firmly on my fingers! I was informed that my position (at a church, no less) was being eliminated in a couple of months so I definitely feel your pain; this happened on 1/8, close to your bad news date.

    You have shown an amazing equanimity and class in the way you’re handling this; kudos to you!

    Now that both you and Matt have moved on, I believe I’ll explore new viewing habits. Although I admit a soft spot for Gil Simmons and Dr. Mel.

    I’m hoping you fetch up somewhere in Connecticut, so this family can once again be treated to your dulcet tones and witty asides as well as your expertise and love of all things meteorological!

    All the best to you-

    Mary MacLeod

  23. Geoff –
    I have stopped watching Channel 8 and will not go back. The reason I watched in the first place was because your weather was by far the most accurate of all the Ct stations. I hope you wind up elsewhere in CT – I’ll be there. And I love the internet forecast idea mentioned by an earlier commenter. I’d be a subscriber.
    I am so impressed by how graciously you’ve handled all of this – I don’t know how many of us could do as well under such circumstances. Being in your audience for so many years has been a gift, and I hope it will continue. Wherever you end up, you’ll be a gift for that audience as well.
    MBA – Branford

  24. Hey Geoff. So sorry to hear about the poor business decision your company has made. Although we moved to central Florida in 2009, we still follow your blog and checked your weather info often to keep tabs on family and friends in CT. After watching severe weather pass through our area tonight, we commented that you probably would have kept folks better informed than our current local crew. We know you will land on your feet, we hope your feet land here. We’d love to “see” you again. Good karma to you.

    God bless,


  25. Geoff – I had to take minute to write and tell you that I have truly been enjoying reading your blog. I’m sorry that we won’t see you on channel 8 anymore (but I’m betting at this point you would prefer to just move on!). I wish you success in whatever you do and I hope that you continue to write this blog from wherever you end up! I look forward to new posts and I’m so disappointed when I click and find I’ve already read the most recent one! Thanks for continuing to inform and entertain us!

  26. Geoff, You truly are a wonderful person. You have been a permanent fixture in our home since day one at WTNH. You honestly were the reason we remained loyal followers of Channel 8. We could always trust your forcast and looked forward to your charm and wit! Hope to one day see you on-air again. Until then,I wish you and your family the best of health, happiness and prosperity my friend. Please continue your blog. Many Thanks!

  27. Love the connection to Alexander Grahm Bell. Even in adversity, you connect. Hang in there. Maybe it’s time for you and your wife without the stress of work. Good luck in what your path is.

  28. Maybe you need to start your own internet weather channel. You were always almost accurate and people would follow. Think about it.

  29. Hello Geoff,

    This is Michael Pedone from West Haven. I myself have to say that the little I know of you from watching you on News 8 on the television evening and night, you know, I really miss you. Between the verious humor and the much detailed weather forecasts you give, yes. I once again have to say I do miss it very much. These last couple weeks have been quite tough not hearing you giving weather reports. You know, I always put News 8 on at 5:00 PM looking forward to hearing you on the air and I have been doing this for the past few weeks but only to find out that you were not there. Geoff please! Please come on back to the station and give some of that very much missed humor that you have been known to me to give. I know for me as one of Jehovah’s witnesses that I surely will be praying fervently to Jehovah God that somehow News 8 renews your contract soon! Not only will it make me happy but a bunch of people would be excited wich probbely you are already aware of. Geoff. I do have to say from my point of view that you have done nothing rong for News 8 to not renew your contract. So, they are the ones that need to get their act together not you persay. And I do hope also that you had a nice vacation and Florida and Cally. Once again geoff, this is Michael Pedone and I would be delighted to get to know you better. My email address is, I don’t know if you want it or not

  30. Sometimes we need a kick in the can to get us going to a better job. I’m sure this has hurt but, as Bell said we look too long at the closed door. I know I did when I lost my job 8 years ago. Lucky for me I could retire. But, dwelling at it doesn’thelp. ya gotta move on.

  31. Geoff, I started watching your segments when you had a veggie garden. Each year, around May, you tell us when there is no more danger of frost. I always paid attention to your advice about bringing in potted plants for the night, covering your veggie plants, removing snow from the room, bringing pets in, etc. I even got a kick out of your frustrations over your curly hair on humid days! You are a family member.
    You didn’t say goodbye because it is not your time to. Look at all the lives of complete strangers you touched, that are lovingly supporting you. You will be around, and your fans will follow you. Have faith, think positive and it will all work out. Love ya lots!

  32. Janauary 26, 2011

    Dear Geoff,
    I am already missing you not doing the weather. It isn’t the same.
    You are a very good person and weather forcaster. You have a beautiful family. Wtnh doesn’t know what they are losing. You are right when a door closes don’t look at it follow your dreams. Another door will open and who knows what it will be. Please keep your viewers posted where you are and what you are doing. My prayers will be with you and your family during this transitonal time. No one knows what is going on inside your mind and only you and your family knows. Keep your chin up and we will follow you. Good luck in whatevery the oppurnity gives you. Best wishes.


  33. I have been living in South Florida since ’99 having been transplanted from Meriden. Whenever in CT I make sure to tune in to WTNH solely for the purpose of getting my “Geoff fix.” Now what am I going to do? Wouldn’t you rather forecast hurricanes instead of blizzards? South Florida, Geoff! PLEASE!!!

  34. Dear Geoff… I am hoping that your next door opens in CONNECTICUT!!!! I am just heartsick about this recent turn of events…I cannot tell you how ingrained you are in the history of my family. The call of “Geoff’s on!” was sure to bring my son Mike running! He is now a Grad student at Texas A&M… doing research in Meteorology!!! Our whole family loves you and misses you, especially the last few weeks with all the snowstorms!!! I DO NOT drive in the snow, and it has been quite tricky trying to figure out when to go out without my trusty ‘Geoff’ to tell me 🙁
    I am praying for you (and for US) that your future involves your prominent presence in this area.

  35. I miss your forecasts Geoff, have watched since you first came on air 26 years ago and rarely missed a night and can’t get used to the fact that you are not there on wtnh anymore. I am hoping and praying the the new door keeps you close to home. I classify this whole event as a tragedy for the people in this state. So many folks miss you as I do as you have touched so many of our lives in unique ways. Wrestled my husband for the remote if I had to not to miss your forecast. You are the best in the state and venture to say the country as I have traveled around quite a bit. Something better is out there just around the corner keep the faith.

  36. When I was going through a bad spell my best friend sent me this quote too, only with a twist. When one door closes another opens. The hallway may be hell, but it all works out eventually. God bless you Geoff and I hope you stay in CT. Kind of like the sound of Fox on Fox news !

  37. Geoff, I will miss you greatly. I know some brilliant studio will make you a terrific offer. Dr Mel is only on rarely so I have to find somewhere else to get my weather. Best of luck to you


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