Snow: Not Yet A Fond Memory (photos)

Here are three shots with which to remember the day… if you really want to.

Some day today’s weather will be a fond memory. Not yet! The snow came as a surprise this morning; an appetizer if you will. The main course comes tonight.

Where are we going to put it all?

The snow on my deck furniture is higher than I’ve seen in twenty years. If there’s a way to get out there to take a photo I would. There is not. For now you have to take my word. I opened a side door briefly to get a shot of the snow piled on the grill. No barbecue tonight!

The good news is my skills as a snow photographer have definitely improved! The bad news is who exactly wants that skill?

Here are three four shots with which to remember the day… if you really want to.

26 thoughts on “Snow: Not Yet A Fond Memory (photos)”

  1. There hasn’t even been time between storms for the snow to melt off the trees – I feel like I live in Syracuse again!

  2. When I finally got up this AM and saw the snow, I realized that those things that I left to get done before the snow came in LATER this afternoon, weren’t going to get done. I am still so angry at WTNH that I could melt the snow on their roof~ but basically, I am concerned as to how you are doing & getting through the day. Taking pictures is good–maybe you can send them up to Ch 30. But honestly–the idleness must be sending you off the wall. Oh well, we can always start doing the income taxes!
    PS–my cat doesn’t understand why the birds she watches through the front window, aren’t there when she goes outside–on a tether!

  3. Geoff these are beautiful! Please keep me updated on where you will be going, I miss you terribly talking about the storm and the weather in general. I used to turn on Ch 8 every time we had a weather event but not anymore (unless you come back)! Sue

  4. A friend of mine said that WTNH has angered the snow gods by letting you go. I think I agree. Great pictures, they look a lot like my back yard and, well, everybody’s in CT I should think.

  5. Geoff this was the worst weather that I can remember and it isn’t the same without your reports. Just to let you know, you are the talk at many offices and even the grocery store People are outraged by the non renewal of your contract and the poor way it was handled by WTNH and Mr HIggins. I hope that we soon see you on TV again. Enjoy this time off as I am sure you are going to be very busy soon with a new Employer.

  6. Miss Geoff Fox doing weather. Between you and Dr. Mel I always had up to date, and accurate, weather info (and in your case entertainment also).
    Really bummed. Your replacement sucks. Looks like channel 3 gets my attention now.

  7. Oh my, grill abuse! Supposed to cover that grill for the winter! Although, normally I have been known to grill in the winter, this year it is buried in the snow. Nice pics, missing your take on the forecast though.

  8. Geoff, is there any reason you couldn’t find some local advertisers and do area weather forecasts on the web? I figure the weather forecast is half the reason people watch local news in the first place.

  9. I don’t know when we will be able to get to the grill again. Yes, I know it is winter, but we still use it often. Well, when we can get to it we use it. I really can not believe the amount of snow we have in North Haven.

  10. A friend of mine in Boston just told me that yesterday he had to use a hairdryer to unfreeze his dishwasher. This isn’t snow-related, but I just felt like sharing.

  11. Geoff, just need to send you my thoughts… it was obvious this storm was hard to nail down, I’ve watching it all week on TV,, etc. Hey, this is CT, those things happen. But at least YOU would have laughed, reminded us of that fact, and admitted that it would be hard to nail down. I miss your knowledge, your accuracy, your entertaining delivery, and the obvious joy you brought to your job. And so does everyone I’ve talked to! I like the guys suggestion above… let us know if someone figures out how to get you to forecast via the web. I’ll watch!! For now, I’ll just check in on your blog… waaaa!!!!

  12. Geoff: Wife & I miss you. There is a definite lack of clarity in weather reporting in the state now. The only consistency is that the reports are consistently wrong. Miss you big guy.

  13. It’s now crystal clear that the weather gods are angry – I blame those dopes at WTNH. I don’t remember ever having had two big snowstorms like this so close together – I miss hearing your take on it all to provide the context.

  14. Geoff,

    I think by now everyone who lives in CT must have a crossing guard on retainer to help them safely back out of their driveways! The ends of mine are piled shoulder high.

    As everyone else is saying here, the weather on WTNH just isn’t the same anymore without you doing it. We should start a petition to fire Higgins and his boss, or whomever made the decision to let you go.

    (And it looks like I got this one done without spelling errors like before)

  15. The photos are fabulous! Really nice. You have a good eye for this… do I see a new career looming in the future for you? Better not! We need you back on the air so SOMEONE will be able to tell us what’s going on. Nobody else seems to get it right. We miss you.

  16. Hi Geoff!
    Just wanted to let you know alot of people miss you and a friend of mine has a link on her FB page to a petition to get you back on air!
    Quick question for you. I searched WTNH and Googled to find out the TOTAL snow accumulations so far THIS WINTER SEASON. I have been to many, many sites (and yours will be the last) and not one has the total accumulation for this season. Yours comes the closest, but I would still have to click through every date and add them all up (time consuming). Why is this one little fact so elusive? I give up – but you better not, something good will come your way! 🙂

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