Zero Miles On My Car In 2011

My car has seen a lot less in the winter action since it tuned sideways in an uncontrolled skid while driving in flurries.

We have two cars. Helaine drives an SUV and I drive a convertible sports car… sometimes. It hasn’t left the garage in 2011. That’s how my 12 years old car only has 93,000 miles on the odometer!

My car has seen a lot less winter action since the day it tuned sideways into an uncontrolled skid while driving in flurries. I was doing around 20 mph at the time. Lesson learned!

Tonight I realized my car hadn’t been started in 2011 either. “What’s the over/under?” I asked Helaine.

As it turned out my little sports car turned over the first time. It doesn’t make much difference. It’s not leaving the garage any time soon.

Unfortunately it’s now past due for emissions testing. Unless someone brings the equipment here the emissions will remain untested a while longer.

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  1. Same here. For some crazy reason, for a milestone birthday (we won’t say which one!) my dear hubby bought me a candy apple red Mustang GT ragtop, which I didn’t know I needed, but which I LOVE–in good weather!

    Today, as I backed out of the garage in my SUV, I glanced over at my little red convertible and wondered when I’ll ever drive it again!

  2. I’m sure if you call the DMV and explain – they will understand considering how backlogged they are with stuff due to weather.

  3. I’ve let my Jeep sit for 6 months now… granted it’s in pieces! I just got the registration notice for it… beauty is it’s pre 1985 so it has Early Americans. A part of me wants to put it back together to fire it up… but the engine’s almost out. Kinda late now!

  4. Geoff…the late fee for late emissions is $20,not $10. Also, if your registration expires before you can bring it in for emissions testing, you’ll need to get a temporary registration ($20) in order for it to be legally on the road when you bring it for emissions. Hopefully, you’ll be able to get your emissions done before your reg expires. And yes, I work for the DMV so I know what I’m talking about. I would totally let you slide on the late fee but I don’t have that kind of pull, sorry. I’m just a lowly examiner (but a very nice one, honest, most of my customers tell me that).

    1. Geoff: When you go to get your emissions done, make sure you put the appointment in your PDA to show the trooper who pulls you over on the way, because with your recent luck you will get stopped. There is an additional fine for driving with expired emissions. HOWEVER, none of these costs is as much as the cost of wiping out that silver beauty on an icy road, so wait until spring and pay the fees. Also, if your garage is part of the house, don’t run the engine long and open the door wide. Carbon monoxide is not nice, as Mr. Science well knows.

  5. Hi Geoff: Was hoping to find you on the net. Thought you were on vacation, was missing you and your mostly precise weather forcast (Hey Noboby’s Perfect), Seriously though, Will not watch Wtnh anymore for 20 something years I always looked forward to your sense of humor and accuracy in delivering the weather. Wishing you, Helaine, and your dog all the best!!!!!!! Please let your followers know where you’re going next!! Wish I still could watch you on another channel somewhere. Maybe Via Skype. Don’t know how to use it & will have to buy computor with a webcam. You’re worth it. God Bless!!!!! Again You’ll be sadly missed….Blessings Gwyneth P.S. Take some time off, God knows you deserve it!!! If you go back to radio let us –the viewers, know, PLZ. The World Still Needs to SEE or Hear Your Light!!!! Channel 8’s LOSS. You’re in our prayers!!!!!!

  6. Geoff, Thank you for this wonderful website….I just discovered it and so enjoy reading it and seeing your pictures. It eases the transition from not being able to see you or hear your forecasts on TV.

    1. Margo – If you’re looking for something to read it goes back to July 4, 2003 and has over 4,500 entries. My current situation has had an impact on traffic. I was averaging 1,100-1,200 views per day. Now it’s 7-8,000 and yesterday was nearly 11,000 views.

  7. Dear Geoff ~ Wintering down in Palm Beach county FL, so when I couldn’t find you on WTNH online I googled and read what happened. How unfortunate, and what a mistake on their part! So happy to discover this blog! Just an idea: I’m sure there are lots of us Conn people down here in FL who’d LOVE to see you on the air here! But, then again, surely you’d miss all the snow and ice, right? Can’t wait to find out what lucky channel gets you! All the best to you and yours!

  8. One of the best looking MB’s ever built……..12 years later and the 2011 looks just about the same….that tells you something ! Spring or your new warm climate is just around the corner 🙁

    1. It’s a classic. It has cassette, no CD or satellite. There’s also a built-in connection for a cellphone, but only a Motorola analog flip phone which hasn’t been made in this century.

  9. I just watched a Jimmy Kimmel piece on YouTube regarding the weather this winter. It was funny. Thought that you and your followers here on your website would enjoy!

    1. This model was only available as an automatic. It’s impressively fast. If you’re doing 80 and press down you’re still pushed back in your seat. I’ve gone 105 mph once. That was enough for me.

      1. I just thought of something. With this new found fame (and fortune?), you could go to England and be “A Star in a Reasonably Price Car” on “Top Gear”!!! The car is just a teeny front wheel drive; 105 is plenty. They’ve switched, so I don’t remember whether the Chevy or Licetti is the current one. BTW, the American version of the show is horrid. You need BBCAmerica to see the real one.

  10. We Are in the same boat.My father-in-law died last January and we put his truck in the yard to clean it up to sell.That was in the fall/earl winter.Now it`s covered with snow and will be there until spring.By the time we get it out it will need an inspection too.

  11. Still remember the day you brought the Geoff Mobile over to show mom and dad. What a honey of a car, nice to see the Forecast is still looking GREAT!

    Hope all is well, see you in the neighborhood. Totally love & miss you.
    :^) love to the family. Vinny & Rocco would love to meet Roxi next time she comes home.

  12. Geoff , we miss you and I have called Channel 8 several times
    to let them know we miss you, I think everyone out there should

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