Please Punxsutawney Phil, Make Me A Believer

No wonder there’s snow on-the-ground that seems to have been here long enough to be graduating high school by now!

I’ve had a lot of time to think about our weather lately. The most obvious feature has been the storms. Unfortunately there’s a lot more than that! It has been cold, really cold, since winter officially began.

We haven’t seen 40&#176 since January 18&#185. Before that there was a three day stretch of 40&#176+ temps from December 31 through January 2. Since December 14 those are the only four days above 40&#176!

No wonder there’s snow on-the-ground that seems to have been here long enough to be graduating high school by now!

Yesterday’s maximum temperature at Bradley was a full 15&#176 below average. Is anyone surprised?

We’re pummeled. We’re softened. We’re depressed. We’re surly. We’re actually considering the purchase of a roof rake (a tool I didn’t know existed until now). We’re all watching the Cymbalta commercials with greater interest.

I’m no psychologist, but when I read stuff like this…

Seasonal affective disorder (SAD), also known as winter depression or winter blues, is a mood disorder in which people who have normal mental health throughout most of the year experience depressive symptoms in the winter,

I want to raise my hand and shout, “Guilty, your honor.”

According to Amy Rolph at the Seattle Post-Intelligencer,

Punxsutawney Phil delighted onlookers Wednesday morning when he failed to see his own shadow. Not surprising, considering the winter weather that’s bearing down on Pennsylvania right now.

But according to tradition, that means we’re in for an early spring.

I so want to buy into Phil’s forecast even if it means I have to embrace Bill Murray’s appraisal from Groundhog Day… even if it means my chosen profession can be done by a five to ten pound rodent.

“This is one time where television really fails to capture the true excitement of a large squirrel predicting the weather.” – Bill Murray in Groundhog Day

Whatever it takes I’m done with winter. Mother Nature this is a dysfunctional relationship we’re in. I’m not sure counseling will help. Pack up your things before I pack up mine.

&#185 – Based on readings at New Haven. Your actual mileage may vary.

42 thoughts on “Please Punxsutawney Phil, Make Me A Believer”

  1. We also purchased a roof rake (what ever that is). I figured if it was sold out, we should have one, so I bought it online. My husband did not use it and since we have a peaked roof, we probably don’t really need it. We do seem to have a lot of ice on the gutter line of the roof but I don’t think a rake would help there. Our deck is not attached to our house and he built it sturdily, but I forgot about the picnic tables, glass on metal. Now that I can’t get to them, I wonder if they will hold up or not. I miss you Geoff. I just know that having you on air would have made me feel better about all of this.

    1. Beverly, we’d gladly take the roof rake off your hands if you don’t need it. We had major leaking this weekend and need to maintain before it happens again. My husband tried everywhere these last few days – even online. 🙂

  2. Dear Geoff… I now DVR both WTNH and WVIT so I can go over BOTH weather forecasts at my leisure… without your interpretation, I get easily lost in what they are saying. I was just telling my son that your replacement on WTNH looks suspiciously like a (younger, less personable) version of YOU! Many other people online are saying the same thing… I was thinking maybe they thought a doppelganger would fool the unobservant!

  3. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. We miss your humor and your insights on the tube. Perhaps some other TV station in CT will recognize not only what you bring to a weathercast….. but how many new VIEWERS you would bring if you changed stations in this market. Of course, the weather in CA is much nicer. And After years in Buffalo and the last few weeks in CT, you deserve better — on many different levels.

  4. Come on, Geoff. We need your scientific views on what’s driving this. I know, I’ve posted this query in one form or another already. But now, you’ve given me the perfect opening. Give, man. Give.

  5. Beverly,
    THAT is it!! Having Geoff on the air did make you feel better about all this mess of weather!! Now, that fact that he has the most amazing photographs of some of Mother Nature’s finest work – that helps too! But making me laugh a week out of surgery? Priceless!! Geoff, bring on the Cymbalta! I’ll buy!

  6. Just got back in from cleaning about 15″ (by my guess) here in southeastern New Hampshire. You are so right about SAD, Geoff. I know I suffer from it and right now I am in a very much lit up room in front of the computer. I’m warming up and feeling just a touch more cheery.

  7. One of the cable stations is showing “Groundhog Day” all day today. Just Groundhog day nothing else. Last night they did the same thing too. I think it’s AMC but i’m not 100 percent sure. They also showed 3 commercials for the movie in a row.

  8. I have to agree, I’ll take anything – even if it’s just a rodent. I’m a winter lover and even I have had it.

    On that other subject, Geoff, getting the weather from your long lost less sociable son isn’t doing it for me. Neither is NBC, CBS, or the too early Fox….what’s a girl to do?

  9. Thanks for the laugh Geoff! We’re on in the same boat I guess…misery loves company! I loved the Cymbalta comment. My “new” kitchen is leaking in several spots, I have 2 awnery cats and 1 “new” puppy! I think I need more than Cymbalta! I need my head examined!

  10. I won’t lie, I hate winter and this has been way over the top. Normally this time of year we have several trips going north planned for skiing in New Hampshire, being lucky enough to have in-laws with an empty house (they are smart and in FL !) within 20 minutes of 3 ski resorts…….I don’t ski , I act as anchor at the bottom of the mountain so the kids have a place to go when they need a break, need $, etc…….. They don’t even seem excited to go skiing this year……we have all had enough…..After talking with our neighbors up there, I feel a little more excited, we can get away from ALL this snow….they have far less! I’ll take it!!

  11. Is anyone upset that Dr. Mel endorsed Geoff’s replacement at WTNH. The ads seem like they are designed to counter the negative press about Geoff’s departure. Almost like WTNH wants to tell us what to thing instead of us drawing our own conclusions. Everytime I hear the ad, it’s like fingernails on a chalk board.

    1. I saw the ad last night….. Dr. Mel has to do what he had to do. He’s not gonna say no to the bosses no matter how he feels about the situation. But I completely agree that the commercial seemed to be their comments back at the negative attention they got.

      What happened to the other Steve that was on for a couple of weeks? He get bumped just as quick as he showed up? Either way – neither are Geoff!

  12. Hi Geoff
    I am not sure if I positioned my letter in the proper place on your website but I wanted to send you a copy of the letter that was printed in the CT Post editorial page today, written by me
    You have been dealt an injustice but the good news is: everyone that counts is on your side!!!
    Here is my letter in the CT POST today:

    What Happened to Geoff Fox, Meteorologist on WTNH Channel 8 Evening News ???
    CT is mourning the absence of one of our favorite TV personalities, Geoff Fox
    Geoff Fox was with Channel 8, WTNH, for 26 years
    Without any explanation to his CT viewers, Geoff was taken off the air 3 weeks ago for no apparent reason
    Most of us were waiting for him to return from a vacation but when one week turned into 3, I turned to the internet for information
    I discovered many faithful CT fans, who also watched and admired Geoff, were extremely upset over Geoff’s absence
    WTNH chose not to renew Geoff’s contract after 26 years and gave him notice that he would finish out the month of February and then be gone.
    After this information leaked to the public, Geoff’s Facebook account was inundated with emails and a petition was started to try to convince Channel 8 to reconsider
    WTNH did not like the massive attention the Facebook petition was garnering and they felt this attention was a “distraction” so they terminated Geoff immediately
    In this age of technology, perhaps it is presumed that one can merely push a button and effect change
    Unfortunately, the simple courtesy of treating people according to The Golden Rule seems to be vanishing
    Communication is not just texting, social networking and pushing buttons
    Fairness and civility should not be shelved commodities
    How about it WTNH, Channel 8, we would like to know “Why is Geoff Fox not on the 11pm news telling us. “Don’t go to sleep yet, there is more Channel 8 news to come” ????
    Judith Wulinsky

  13. Geoff, I’m with you at this point. If Phil not seeing his shadow indicates spring is comming sooner that March 21 I’m all for it

  14. Good luck Geoff. I hope you get a really fantastic gig somewhere that has exciting weather to report (blue skies and sun everyday would be a tad boring, I think). It would be nice if you get a job with one of the weather channels…. Thanks for making terrible weather news bearable, and congratulations to your parents for bringing up such a wonderful person. Please keep us posted on where you eventually land.

  15. My friend and I started calling it Post Traumatic Snow Disorder. I find myself in constant fear of losing power, the roof leaking and caving in, water pipes bursting and traveling anywhere. I feel like a shut-in. My kids didn’t have more then 5 full days of school the entire month of January. They need structure & routine. My preschooler is even stressing out because he has forgotten how to write his letters (despite our practicing at home, it’s just not the same as the classroom environment.) Florida used to be a wistful dream of our, but we are going to make it a reality. So over this!

  16. Wondering where the hell you’ve been. Hope you’re back on the tube somewhere soon.

    Thanks for all the entertaining years!

  17. geoff

    maybe with an early spring you will be blessed with a rebirth of your own. thank you for 26 years of great broadcasting. i have watched you for basically all of my life and it is odd not seeing you on the air. it makes me ill the way they handled you and now are trying to promote someone else making it seem like he is better. i really hope that you will be somewhere i can watch you. best of luck and once again – thank you

  18. Geoff:

    What we miss is your scientific reasoning on why the jet stream has moved and when or how will it move back?
    And of course : “Don’t go to sleep yet, there is more Channel 8 news to come” ????

    You are part of our evening conversations EVERY day! Love that we can follow your humor online!


  19. To top it off, NOT having you on the air at wtnh makes for an increasing feeling of dread about this dreadful winter. Whoever was in charge of this decision not to renew your contract is a short-sighted fool. You are missed. And that, my friend, is an understatement. Thanks for the blog. Much appreciated! Whatever is next for you, let it be a marvelous gift from the Universe.

  20. I’m willing to believe a rodent – anything! I admit it – I bought a roof rake (online – it’s not here yet. And the UPS guy won’t be able to get up the driveway so I’ll probably never get it. And even if I do get it I’ll probably never be able to use it.) I’m thinking of transforming one of the house-sized snowpiles in my front yard into an igloo and crawling inside and hibernating until spring.
    Just one request – would you please post an explanation of why this stream of weather isn’t proof that global warming is a myth? It would be great to have a source to send people to when they make that claim.
    Thanks! And hang in there, Geoff – it will all get better!

    1. There’s a bunch of data that this *is* global warming. Just because it’s cold outside your door, doesn’t mean there’s no global warming.

      Two leading explanations:
      – the warmer northern oceans lead to excess snow in Siberian late fall, which leads to disrupted upper atmosphere currents (jet stream goes south)
      – reduced Arctic sea ice does the same thing

      And consider: where does all that water come from to give us so much snow? Global warming has increased the temperature of the north Atlantic, which pumps into the atmosphere. Dr. Mel predicted a warm winter, given the higher temperatures in Oct, Nov, which historically is true.

      Finally, there’s the basking warmth in Greenland and Iceland.

  21. I’m totally enjoying reading your posts. Ever since they took you off the air, I’ve been lost. I miss your weather reports and can’t seem to find anyone who even comes close to you. I hope you get a job in the area so I could continue to tell people ” Geoff says…”. Nothing against your co-workers but I will never watch wtnh news again. Thanks Geoff for just being YOU!!!

  22. I sure miss your forecasts. I honestly do find myself going to sleep earlier now and not watching the 11pm news anymore. Good to know the large rodent is thinking early spring. 😀

  23. “Chuckles” the ‘Official” CT Groundhog saw her shadow today, too.
    Please, please, please let this be a sign of spring!

  24. I have to admit that I no longer watch anyone’s weather. I just look outside and see what it’s doing. Knowing that Geoff isn’t on anymore doesn’t make me want to see any weather segment.

    Knowing what happened to Geoff is also scary because it could happen to anyone in any job if it happened to Geoff. He was doing a fantastic job.

  25. I was just telling my husband yesterday – I don’t think I’ve seen the grass on the ground since 12/26! Now I know why this snow has been hanging around so long….and why I’m so cold all the time.

  26. Geoff,
    Thanks for the weather explanations and updates. I miss your weather reports. You were the only one that explained things. I’ve always watched channel 8 and channel 30. Now I am getting used to channel 3 at lunch instead. Channel 8 really did us all a disservice getting rid of you during all this extreme weather. It makes us miss you more. Not what they were counting on.
    Thank you for 26 years.

  27. I learned something yesterday. While Geoff Fox cannot be replaced, all the others can be, and by a large rodent! The topper is more people are willing to believe the groundhog than the remaining “weather people”!

  28. During this extremely harsh winter, I find myself screaming at the TV – “Where’s our Geoff when we need him!”

    Miss you, Geoff, more than you’ll ever know. Feel as though I’ve lost a family member and your loss is not getting any easier. Absolutely hate WTNH for what they’ve done to you and all your fans. Foolish them – you are not replaceable!!!

  29. WE MISS YOU GEOFF! I am so glad to have finally found you the news has been terrible without you. I hope to see you back on the screen some day soon. Perhaps a new competing fairfield/new haven county noncable news station will appear so we can meet again. I don’t think I can watch news 8 any more, its just not the same…I know sometimes your suits were ill fitting but so are all the suits on news8 never mind the women’s outfit choices and yes your odd off beat jokes often outweighed your on beat ones but your spunk and pizzaz for the weather is sure not to be matched by anyone in this stratosphere.

  30. We don’t watch news 8 anymore…we are really sad about their decision. That’s a raw deal. After all those years it was like you were part of our family’s daily routine…heck, you are part of our family…it’s just not the same…:(

  31. Well, trust the internet to fill me in on the details. I wondered where you’d gone and worried just a touch as you seemed to just disappear.
    Good to know it was just poor management judgment though I am sorry that WTNH chose to make such a rash and arbitrary decision.
    I have completely enjoyed your nightly weathercasts – to the point of recording the news and fast forwarding through the depressing stuff.
    You will be missed.
    Best of luck to you where ever you go – hopefully, to another (smarter) local station.

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