Insult And Injury Together At Last (photo)

I’m not sure why I was running. Plow photos are easy to come by this year!

When I heard the scraping of the plow out on my street this afternoon I ran upstairs and threw on the long lens. I’m not sure why I was running. Plow photos are easy to come by right now!

As it turned out this was more photo than I’d anticipated. As I was focusing on the plow out popped an oil delivery truck from a neighbor’s driveway.

You’ve heard of adding insult to injury? Here’s an actual example!

17 thoughts on “Insult And Injury Together At Last (photo)”

  1. Geoff, We thought you were just taking a break. When we found out they hosed you, well, it made us very angry. Having worked for the same company for almost 34 yrs I certainly understand some of the very wrong reasons they use to do such things. We think you’re the best. Hands down. We bought a place in Tennessee, between Memphis and Nashville. We plan on retiring there soon. I think you might like it down there. Give it a look. We would be very happy to see you on the air down there. If you decide to take a look, you are welcome to stay at our place while you look. Plenty of room for ya’ll.
    Good luck to you.

  2. Very observant Geoff…Very!! Great photo too! You’re the best… meteorologist and photographer.
    We all miss you and won’t be happy til you’re back. Feels like I lost my best friend but I wish only the best for you.

  3. Geoff,
    I want to add my voice to the thousands of others and thank you for coming into my home when I needed your help. My family has always said that your broadcasts are the most helpful, least hyped weather information in CT. You and Dr Mel are our go-to guys when we need an accurate appraisal of the coming storm. You have taught us a lot about weather science as well.

    We will miss you. You have our best wishes for a happy future.

    Thank you.

  4. Dawnie – In order to make the photo work on my blog I used a technique called “content aware scaling.” It allowed me to move the two trucks closer together without distorting their size. This sort of thing is forbidden in all journalistic situations. I thought it was OK considering the context.

    The street is a cul-de-sac and the plow is clearing the circular end. The width of the travel lane is a little wider than what’s shown.

  5. Evening Geoff….after the hard rain I had to call the town to come and clear the storm drains in front of my house….all the rain had pooled because I am at the end of an incline on my street ( as much as you can have in OS ). Guys came shortly there after and took care of the problem. Not too much later…the oil truck came…more barking ensued…( the dogs are my early warning system ) but none needed. You can hear these guys coming a mile away…..
    So I have no water in my basement, or a skating rink at the end of my driveway…but I am broke ( the oil injured my checking account)! LOL
    Love the picture….it’s the perfect statement!

  6. Geoff, I had a thought after watching your “replacement” (not possible in reality). The new guy is an alarmist, reporting “worst case scenario” fairly consistently. I have also noticed that Mel’s forecasts have tended more toward the dramatic of late. And I wondered: Is it possible that station management has decreed, in a quest for ratings, that weather forecasting be made more dramatic and Fox did not wish to conform to this sort of greedy distortion? Now, I know you have said that you do not want to comment negatively on station management or ownership, but…

    You were the best–i.e. most accurate–weatherman in Connecticut, and many fans cling to the hope that you might surface somewhere nearby to do us some good. While I respect Mel’s knowledge, I can no longer watch News 8’s weather with any confidence.

  7. Hummm seems someone else suggested Tennessee might be something there! Last weekend in Nashville was sunny and 65 degrees. Heard about it all week as I froze my little southern tail off here in West Haven! I think if I don’t go home soon my friends are gonna come kid-nap me!

  8. I was never asked nor would I ever change or hype a forecast. I have written more than once there is no upside to being wrong! Beyond that I suspect there’s little different in audience between a 1″ and 1′ forecast.

  9. What’s your neighbor doing getting Apple Oil for their fuel?! They should be getting it from a real company just down the street, Eastern Fuel! 😉

  10. Hi Geoff,

    I thought you were on vacation until I saw this “new guy”, I’m sure he’s nice but he’s not YOU.I do not know what happened, but I hope you and your family are OK. I hope to see you back on the air someplace soon…………………keep us posted.

  11. Hi Geoff,

    Nice photo and very creative (but that’s you all the time!). I miss your energetic forecasts and your replacement is stif, boring and doesn’t teach the audience as you always do. I sincerely hope you land somewhere locally either on the tube or on the radio. At this time in life, it’s hard to uproot, but, then again, who needs this snow? By the way, where’s Al Gore now whining about global warming? All the best to you. I am in the Hartford area, but have always watched you on Channel 8. Now I will be watching Ch. 30. Channel 3 has always been rather full of themselves. Hope you land soon … and locally!!

  12. Count me in as another disgruntled fan missing Geoff’s forecasts. As an architect, I’ve always had to watch the weather closely because of my projects under construction, and when Geoff aired my picture of a beautiful red fox in the snow at our bird feeder (4/9/2005-long before the “ReportIt” feature), that really made my day.

    Now the question of the moment seems to be, “How much does all this snow weigh?” One of my references says new fallen snow is 8 lbs/cubic foot. I know Geoff says some compacting does occur, but whatever the actual depth, I’ll bet the weight of the original snow is still there, just compressed. Given that the CT building code for homes requires designing for at least 30 lbs/sq.ft. of snow load, by my math it seems we reach that amount when we accumulate 45″ worth of new snow fall. So how much snow fall have we had since, say, Christmas?

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