Facebook Whack-A-Mole

This girl got expelled from school, but sometimes she’s arrested or jailed or commits suicide.

With nearly 5,000 Facebook friends I probably see a lot more weird stuff on Facebook than you. I’ve done my best to block Farmville, Mafia Wars (sorry players it’s just not for me) and their ilk. Still my wall still gets plastered with the spam you see above a few times a week!

This girl got expelled from school, but sometimes she’s arrested or jailed or commits suicide. If you click you’re led to a come on for a sleazily sexy story, revealing pics or both. They’re all pretty much the same.

It’s nearly certain the person posting this stuff on my wall doesn’t even know they were tricked into allowing it to happen!

Like I said earlier I block lots of stuff, but this scam is impossible for me to stop. Every time it shows up it’s coming from a different app… or more likely the same app just differently named! Facebook lets you block apps not concepts!

There’s a bigger problem here. Facebook has become the mall or the coffee shop. It’s a place where people meet. Most of these people are not sophisticated computer users.

None of this would happen without Facebook’s automated app approvals. Facebook is the inadvertent facilitator.

We wouldn’t let the mall harbor criminals or pests. Why is it OK when they hang out on Facebook instead?

As Facebook becomes larger and larger don’t they become obligated to police their territory? Right now they seem to be doing a pretty poor job.

8 thoughts on “Facebook Whack-A-Mole”

  1. Geoff – FB does police its territory. It knocks off people who use their dog’s names. They say its a threat to children. I, as a dog groomer and dog lover, have many “friends” such as these and all I’ve seen is humor and hints about dog care. Even a few good causes for animal welfare. Go figure. Must be cause the dogs are nude.

  2. Got rid of Facebook last fall after being hit with another false email having a link with a virus. Like the earlier cases, my friend did not send the email and luckily my virus protection worked. Anyway I’m more comfortable with message boards, and have been using them since the early days of Prodigy 20 years ago.

  3. Hi Geoff,
    Have you commented (or posted) on the “Keep Geoff Fox On Channel 8” Facebook page? MANY, MANY people (10,485 at last count) miss you and wish you the best. Also, many are hoping that you stay in Connecticut. I am one of them! I miss your forecasts and personality…you were DEFINITELY appointment TV!

    1. Mel –

      I read that page, but I have avoided posting there as I am still employed (though not working). I have taken great strength in the comments from our viewers. They have made a huge difference to my family. You have no idea how appreciative I am.

      1. Geoff,
        Thanks for the update on the Facebook page. You have handled yourself with nothing but strength, dignity and class throughout this whole ordeal. I really admire you and your ability to deal with this situation in such an exemplary way. I’m glad that you have been able to see the effect you have had on so many people’s lives! I wish you and your family nothing but the best!

  4. I’ve noticed a significant increase in spam posts on Facebook — mostly postings from friends about a product or service that I know they didn’t actually post themselves. I think too that this increase in spam must the result of security issues in the new Facebook profile and other features, especially their push toward more “friendvertising.” I wonder whether the rulers of Facebook are fully aware of how fast this particular Internet phenomenon could become passé — like My Space.

  5. Just have to keep hiding the posts from the apps that show up. It is what the rest of us have to do too. Facebook needs to close things up a little on this end. It is one thing with the games (yeah, I am a game player) but all these other apps showing up from other friends when you know they did not post them is a pain in the butt. Just keep hiding them and hiding them and hiding them.

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