Cabin Fever

Our mixed precipitation has totally changed the state of the snow pack. It’s now similar in structure to a Cadbury Egg&#185 with a hard exterior covering a soft center.

Here’s one thing I miss now that I’m not working at the TV station: leaving the house! I have an awful case of cabin fever. That’s why this afternoon when Helaine asked if I’d retrieve the trash cans I jumped at the chance.

It felt good to be outside. The wind was calm. The Sun was shining. It’s in the low 30&#176s but feels a lot better.

I looked up and saw some shingles on my roof! I can’t remember the last time I’d seen anything but snow up there.

On the other hand my driveway could still be used as a bobsled run. It’s not exactly ice and not exactly snow. It is solid and slippery.

Getting to the trash cans was tricky too. Our mixed precipitation has totally changed the state of the snow pack. It’s now similar in structure to a Cadbury Creme Egg&#185 with a hard exterior covering a soft center.

The trash cans were in the street. The lids were atop the four to five feet of ice encrusted permasnow that’s been plowed to the curbline (Just a guess. We probably won’t see the curbline until June). I literally had to find a foothold and then ice climb to get them.

The same procedure applied to getting the mail. Our mailbox is buried in plowed snow. The nearest street access is now three or four feet away. I found a flatish area of ice around two feet up, climbed to it, then spread myself against the ice pile to reach in.

Bills and junkmail! Was this really worth the risk?

It was still nice get out. I’ll have to do it more often.

&#185 – Is there anyone who couldn’t go for a Cadbury Creme Egg right about now? They’re the poor man’s Zoloft!

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  1. Actually Geoff the Cadbury Creme Eggs are out in some stores right now. They only make them for the Easter season so get them while you can!

    1. >><I<"..slowly descend into madness..

      Just who were you watching for the past couple of decades?

      The man’s just crazy enough to be as amusing as all get out; as a matter of fact Geoff sometimes would reach the level of `wet your pants’ funny.

      Without watching Geoff and his trusty sidekick, Ann Nyberg (who always did a wonderful job as his straight foil, often I suspect without even meaning to) the nightly news has lost it’s attraction for me.

      Finding the other stations too bland, I’ve been reduced to subscribing to various news organizations that appear on my Droid. Not at all exciting, but I have a handle on what’s going on anyway.

      It’s a darn shame what some of these television execs have done to make the news and weather more droll than they need to.
      This week while surfing about I stumbled on to former WTNH funny-fellow Tom Lewis (I can’t recall where) and briefly hoped he’d do or say something of the sort he did when he was with TNH.
      But alas, whoever his employers are today have even him on a short leash it would appear as Lewis played whatever it was dead straight leaving me more depressed and further disappointed.

    1. Evan is actually listed in the IMDB credits for Cabin Fever as “Innocent Bystander.” He’s also listed as producer though his innocence made the picture what it was!

  2. You can actually ALWAYS get Cadbury Creme Eggs…. they just don’t look the same. I’ve seen them at CVS in a purple wrapper. They look different but are just as tasty!

  3. I am tired of the snow also and tired of my kids being home from
    school or having a two our delay. I have called Channel 8 several
    times to let them know we miss you. I hope everyone calls and
    maybe the bigwigs will see what a bad move they made.

  4. Geoff,

    If you want to get out, you can come and bring in all our trash cans.

    lol, Well that would clear the cabin fever ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Any idea where I can get a luge? My driveway is a perfect luge track. I’d have to figure out some way to get people to the top before I could rent it out … maybe helicopters? Boy, I’m glad I don’t have cabin fever too!

      1. Wow…that makes sense…build bobsleds in North Carolina where it rarely sees more than a few of inches of snow at one time..!

          1. Re: Bobsleds…
            Jeff Bodine builds the bobsleds for the US Olympic Team at his business – Chassis Dynamics – in Middlebury, CT. Since he got involved with the program, the US has been doing very well.

  6. “find a foothold and then ice climb” “spread myself against the ice pile” – LMAO. Sounds like you’re creating a new Olympic sport Geoff. You should do this activity daily. Mother Nature will even supply you with more ice and snow just so that you can master this sport.

    1. Diane – I am the least graceful, least coordinated person you’ll ever meet. If I did this on a daily basis I’d surely be in traction by week’s end.

    1. Actually the town has done a decent job keeping things reasonably clear. We are a thinly traveled street. I’m just glad they remember we’re here.

  7. Cadbury Creme eggs? Great, now I’m going to have to go buy some. They are disgusting and delicious at the same time. You think you’ve got cabin fever? Try snow days with children aged 7 and 9. What I wouldn’t give for a little peace and quiet!

  8. Hey Geoff I have an idea. Until channel 8 gets smart or another grabs you up. Why don’t you do your weather forecast from here and we will all tune in here to get the weather.

  9. Still make me laugh with your comments………….I don’t even bring the trash down…………gets frozen and then have to dig it out for the next week……..only to have the same thing happen again…….

  10. we would all be reading your weather forecast from here if u posted them.Still isn’t the same as listening but thanks for the entertaining comments. I agree some of this snow will probably be here until June. Also cadbury eggs are discustingly sweet and yummy!!!

  11. Geoff~ I did the same dance down my long driveway in
    Stratford! Survived the several inch thick ice near the mailbox
    only to fall when I bent down to get the half buried newspaper!
    Worst part? A neighbor witnessed the fall! LOL
    Hang in there. You are SO missed this winter!

  12. Geoff, I was at my Dad and step-mom’s last night for dinner. As we always do lately when we get together, we spent a few minutes complaining about how dumb it was for CH8 to get rid of you, and we spent some time thinking up good jobs for you. So here are a few:

    1. College professor. You’re so good at teaching!

    2. National weatherman. Way more fun than Al Roper (sorry, Al)

    and…….(drum roll)…..Number 3…..

    3. Steve Carrell’s replacement on the t.v. show The Office! That’s right, the main guy on the show is leaving, so they will need an engaging, articulate, witty replacement. (ok, it was my step-mom’s idea. you’re a meteorologist, after all, not a comedian. But whatever, I thought it would give you a laugh).

    Keep smiling!

      1. Laurie – a number of people have made that suggestion. Regis and Kelly will look for many things, some of which I could provide. However, I anticipate that show will want someone with a much higher profile who can go in as a known commodity. That’s not me… unless they do a Connecticut edition.

        1. Geoff, don’t sale yourself short…you would be an instant hit and become famous in no time..!Every celebrity started out as an unknown first. I know I would watch “Geoff & Kelly” each morning..!

        2. Don’t sell yourself short. They replaced Larry King with some guy Nobody’s ever heard of. Does have a cute accent, as I understand it, though. Get a speech coach, and in a few weeks, viola’.

    1. We ply Rudy with Christmas gifts every year in the hope he’ll cut us some slack. Actually I don’t know how he does it except Rudy is pretty much mail carrier of the year!

  13. How about forecasting from home. We all would love to hear your take on the upcoming weather. How ’bout this coming week? What’s in store for us? Leave the past behind you. You are well-liked, intelligent, and people friendly. There is a career out there that needs you. Be patient and it will find you! Will be awaiting news of your new surroundings!

  14. I spent about 4 hours today chopping and shoveling more of that crust-covered fluff… not to mention rediscovering the rest of my deck that my spouse and offspring neglected after the last glaze. Some guy came by at 4:30, asking if I’d like my roof cleaned off. I think he was out to clean my pockets; he claimed we were getting “another seven inches” Saturday. I informed him that I monitor all the weather sites (but did not correct his prediction, though I knew that NWS had just a half-inch of hydrology in the latest forecast). Capitalism is fine; just don’t try to capitalize using false of misleading information…

  15. I had to dig a tunnel from my driveway to my house, and then another one from my sidewalk to the oil heat fill. God help the oil man when he comes, though. He best have skates.

  16. This is all fine and good for Geoff to have an outlet here on this blog, but what about Helaine???? How is she coping with you home 24-7?
    PS We really do miss you on TV, trying desperately not to be toooo judgemental of the new guy. The management were such morooons to let you go.

      1. I love my hubby but I even get to the point with this cabin fever to say. Hun, go outside and fix something will ya. I don’t care what just fix something GRRRR ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. LOL! Geoff, I loved your post but I must admit that I too was wondering how your wife is dealing with you being home now. For example, was she at all bothered that she had to ask you to retrieve the trash cans? ๐Ÿ™‚ I say this with humor of course…

    Glad to hear you got out today, looks like another busy weather week. Keep us posted on your thoughts with regards to Thur. That seems to have some real potential.

    Hope you find something you truly enjoy soon!

    1. Tara – I don’t know how or why, but trash has somehow become her job. I was glad to help today. Am I wearing out my welcome by sitting on the sofa with her every night? Probably. You’ll know if I move to a doublewide.

      1. You don’t need a doublewide, you could build an igloo – I’m sure you have 8-foot snowpiles in your yard, just like we do in Branford. And the construction process would give you a chance to develop new skills, and get you out of the house – win win! (Until the accidents happen … never mind.)

  18. Haha great post Geoff! You have such a knack for telling a story and making it entertaining at the same time. It’s a true talent and we’re crossing our fingers that some local TV or radio station will realize this and offer you a position. Eventually, Springtime, lots of sunshine, Easter Cadbury eggs, and good things are in the forecast for all of us.

  19. “On the other hand my driveway could still be used as a bobsled run. Itโ€™s not exactly ice and not exactly snow. It is solid and slippery.”

    Geoff, what is that called? Snice? I have that too…exactly where I walk the dog along the side of my house. (no room in the street-too dangerous)

  20. The open area in my back yard that was shoveled for the dog’s use is like your driveway. Poor dog is beginning to slide too. I have a cairn terrier (similar to the westie you used to own.
    I too am finding it difficult to find another station that is interesting. And while I was irked with that first guy that “was filling in for you on vacation”–I am really irked at the advertising for the newest meteorologist—who Dr Mel is raving about. From little things that you have said along the way, I’m wondering if indeed–Dr M was/is the enemy. I am still angry at the station, and it’s not getting easier–being stuck inside most of the time. And now the kids have more time off–with the roof problems—can someone tell me why–with all the warnings we have been given about needing to shovel our roofs–that the schools don’t “think about it, til the kids finally return to school! Something is wrong with this picture too!

  21. Wight a book Geoff … I had seen where somebody suggested on here that you can do the weather from here ? NOT a bad idea .. You will always be our weatherman ! You will always be in our hearts,thoughts and prayers … Thank you for all of the best weather reports … It was VERY helpful always as I had always worked outside and planned around your good advice .. Good will come out of this .. I know it will .. You had and have more respect from your viewers now more than ever ! Please keep us all in the loop …

      1. You make me laugh! Really do miss your brand of humor. And I’m patiently waiting till your contract expires. I hope you talk weather then.

  22. A note to all you folks slipping and sliding down driveways, buy microspikes. I have them for winter hiking, but lately they’ve been invaluable for walking down the driveway. I even keep them in the car. Snowshoes will come in handy today when I use the snow rake I ordered online last week.

  23. I was just commenting yesterday to my co-workers who share my ‘Cabin Fever’ pain, I need chocolate! I do my job from home. Five years of it now. This is the first year I have felt ‘closed in’ even though I am always ‘in the house’.

    Good news Geoff! Pepperidge Farm – Chocolate Collection worked for me! Well until I looked outside at the ice snow and gray sky this am.

    Another issue surfaced today. I have to get oil delivered and I can not find the oil pipe on the house! Ice pick?

    The cheeriest of us all has fallen to ‘Cabin Fever Syndrome’ this winter.

  24. Happy Weatherman’s Day Geoff! Regardless of what the stupid people at Channel 8 think, you are the best weatherman out there. We miss you, and hope you show up on WVIT soon! :0)

  25. Channel 8 weather will never be the Same. I miss you!!!! Glad I still have some contact. Hope you find a job very soon and stay local. I’ ll be watching. The best to you and you family.

  26. We so hope to have your smiling face, wit and, of course, your meteorological expertise on TV here in CT again soon! Did you ever realize you had such a fan club? You’re like the Super Weather-Guy Rock Star for us here in CT!

  27. Thanks Geoff. Thanks for making a simple trip to retrieve some garbage cans entertaining to read about. I’m thinking that’s what make for a good writer. You paint a good picture. So get started on that book already. Not only that, but now I have a craving for- not those Cadbury Eggs (that creme just goes everywhere), but those “Bird Nests” made of chocolate and coconut with jelly beans in the middle disguised as eggs. And while the Cadbury eggs are out there, the birds nest aren’t yet! Thanks…

  28. Oh so nice to “hear” from our beloved and irreplaceable weather man!! I am one of the thousands of your fans who are boycotting WTNH and trying to find another channel to watch. No one on any of them is anywhere near your style and knowledge.
    Please be sure to let us know where you finally go, and we all will be watching you!! and…………”don’t go to sleep yet…”


  29. Geoff, Enjoying your blogging. You are writing down the things we are all feeling about this winter weather and negotiating it. Keep up the stream of consciousness. I agree with others that I’m barely able to tolerate the Dr Mel commercials for the new guy. Nor can I tolerate the new guy!!! Just thought you should know.

  30. Geoff:

    Judging by the time of day (actually night) of most of your replies, does “cabin fever” cause insomnia, or perhaps are you in training for one of those early morning wake-up shifts?

  31. Geoff, next time you venture out to retrieve the trash cans or mail make sure Helaine makes a video. Just think how you would be able to entertain us all and make us laugh ourselves out of Cabin Fever! Of course, chocolate definitely helps. Where did I put those Hershey kisses now….. Better yet, gonna bake a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. Cabin fever rambling, rambling…

    Can’t wait till you contract is officially up so we can get REAL weather reports and information from you!

  32. Hey Geoff… even if you can’t/ won’t forecast just yet I would still like to wish you Happy National Weatherperson’s Day!

  33. Geoff – Happy Weather Forecaster’s Day! Thank you for years of guidance and we’re looking forward to following your journey from here!

  34. I saw the Dr. Mel commercial yesterday they play it 3 times
    during Judge Judy, I am not happy with how they have treated
    you Geoff, I will keep calling the station and let them know.
    We all miss you and your energy on the tv.

  35. Geoff, my son and I miss your ACTURATE forcasts and humor and the last few weeks it has been VERY evident to us you are missed now more than ever.I agree with Lisa the Dr. Mel commercial is in VERY poor taste and down right crass.I personnelly thought he had enough class to tell them “NO” you do your own PR. I sincerely miss you and will wait to see you in your new home soon best of luck !!!

  36. I don’t watch WTNH anymore, but tonight golf and baseball ran over. I was dumbstruck with Dr. Mel’s commercial. I would have hoped that he would have had the character to say NO. But, he is also probably concerned about his renewal. Anyway, I think it is WRONG on so many levels.

  37. Geoff- I believe mother nature is punishing all of CT for you not being able to forecast what is coming. Please, please land a gig soon- for all of us!! ๐Ÿ˜‰ on a serious note – best of luck and I’m glad you’re keeping the blog going.

  38. OK, Geoff, you are still an employee of the (somewhat dispised) WTNH-TV until, what , March 1? Pleeze be our weather forecaster, blogwise, after then? You don’t even have to forecast… just provide commentary for the suffering proletariant.

    Cheers! And stay warm. And dry.

  39. Hi Geoff – I am originally from CT and now live in Hawaii. I have been following your blog since I heard the news and continue to read because I have really enjoyed all your posts including your pictures. My husband is a photographer (mostly landscape stuff) and a very old friend is a photographer as well. They both started to take the class the Joy of Love photography class which is via email and I really think you might enjoy it. Everyday they email you a topic and it gets you into taking photos of things you wouldn’t normally do. Soooo since you have the cabin fever, I think you should check it out:


  40. Just a comment to a note above asking about why you are still staying up late. It has been at least 16 ys since I last worked the 3pm-11pm(or 4pm-12mn)shift—but once your body gets into that rhythym, I don’t think it ever goes away—at least it hasn’t for me. Once you get home after doing that shift, it takes a few hours to wind down before sleep will come. Although I have worked days since 1991–I am still a night owl–and it has only worsened since my spouse died.(plus I am basically retired). Only the dog gets antsy if I stay up too late!
    As for gathering material for a book—you’ve got it all right here!
    Lastly–did you happen to notice the snowy landscape tonight. The combination of deep snow on the ground, pitch black sky to the north and fog lit up by lights from nearby strip mall. It was a picture asking to be taken–if I only had a SLR camera. Point and shoot is OK for other stuff. MY SLR’s take reg. film . Hope you get some pictures—

    1. Even as a kid I was always nocturnal. My natural bedtime is around daybreak.

      When I travel out west with Helaine and we have to coordinate our bedtime and I actually end up going to sleep earlier though I’m three time zones later!

      1. Hmm – goes to bed at dawn, doesn’t look any older than he did 25 years (or more) ago….

        You don’t by any chance like your steak really, really rare and have an allergy to garlic, do you?


          1. Either Channel 8 has got a fantastic makeup person, or you’re a heck of a lot better preserved than most of us!

            I chose my parents wisely! I know I look young. It is much more valuable now than when I was 18 and looked 12. – Geoff

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