A Small Saturday Thaw

There are icicles everywhere. For much of the day water was pouring off of them. It looked like the setup shots for a James Cameron thriller!

I wasn’t out much today. In fact all I did was walk out to the top step with a cup of coffee in my hand and gaze. It was a real thaw day though accompanied by some persistent light rain.

There are icicles everywhere. For much of the day water was pouring off of them. It looked like the setup shots for a James Cameron thriller! Now that water is part of our sloppily wet snowpack.

Yesterday I compared my front yard to Cadbury Creme Egg. Today it’s more a crusty sponge. You don’t want to step through the outer shell.

Most people don’t realize how much a snowpack can drive the weather. With little wind and dew point readings higher than the snow temperature thick fog formed, especially along the shoreline. The snow was forcing the air to chill and become saturated. As I type this the visibility is only &#188 mile.

On the calendar springtime is so close. In reality it’s so far away.

23 thoughts on “A Small Saturday Thaw”

  1. Thanks Geoff. Could you bring us up to date on what the next few days look like? I am getting my weather on line now and on line doesn’t come with explanations…or personality!

    1. Hi Sue – No one misses forecasting more than me, but because I’m still employed (though not working) it would be wrong for me to compete. I hope you understand.

  2. Geoff.. drove to Shelton from Monroe.. lots of fog out there but lots of people out enjoying the mild weather. Went to Outback and it was PACKED… lots of people ready to be OUT OF THE HOUSE I suppose. When we finally got back to Monroe the temperature had dipped so we had no fog but we had quite a slippery time in the (gravel, not quite cleared) driveway!

  3. Ah, spring is only a few weeks away, and we don’t need Phil to know that. Meteorological winter is Dec, Jan, Feb. Just three more weeks. March snow doesn’t last long, the sun is high enough.

      1. I have a gift for you. I write to WTNH often, either reflecting on their recent business decisions or simply responding to someone’s more intelligent answer. While I think a lot of us are becoming more accepting at this point over your “non-renewal,” I am looking forward to some new news from your neck of the woods…basically, what career path you will enter next.

      2. There is a front-loader full of snow, with a big red bow, on its way! (This year 1-800 FLOWERS has branched out – 1-800 -WINTRY MIX!)

  4. Happy Weatherman Day….well, you’re a heck of a lot more than just that. Happy Day to someone who seems like a friend. You’re one of the “good ones”, Geoff. Do you notice that we say stuff like that as if you were a family member that we want to encourage? Suddenly you have 10,000 new relatives!

  5. Happy Weatherperson Day! Don’t feel at all stressed, but there are tens of thousands of us waiting to hear what March’s weather will be like. (I’m betting on muddy, but then I’m not a professional.) My cabin-fevered cat was outside for a while today and he had a lot of trouble trying to decide whether he could walk on the crust on top of the snow or not. I tried (not too hard) not to laugh at him. Hey, he laughs at me.

  6. My cats have finally been happy because they can go outside again. They especially like the crusty stuff. My sister in El Paso was upset to hear you are no longer on the air. You have been in my living room, kitchen, and front room for too many years to count. I will miss “Don’t go to sleep yet?” You need to copyright that saying before Sarah Palin grabs it.

  7. Snowday, snowday. just another snow day. Ice day, iceday, just another ice day. I am getting mighty tired of the white stuff. I nearly lost it going out to take the trash out. The porch is covered with ice and snow. It’s starting to look more like Dr Zhivago’s summer home in winter. I think I hear the wolves howling and “Lara’s Theme”.

  8. Picture this….. You say you are getting cabin fever yesterday. Right? Why don’t you come with me to the horse barn? Here’s the set up. I feel like I am in the wheel barrow Olympics everyday and improving my wheel barrow skills! Image trying to keep your balance on solid ice ground with water coating over it, in the rain getting wet, trying to haul a load of you know what from Mr.horse who happily gives everyday down the hill to the big pile. The path to the pile is very narrow, curvy and very icy like a bob sledding track. I managed to go slow down most of the hill making baby steps and centering myself feet under me but then have to speed up so I have enough energy to climb the pile to dump. Talk about a lot of coronation, strength, balancing and timing. All the while wishing for springโ€ฆ. Sadly yesterday part of our indoor ring came down. The horses are OK but no winter riding for now ๐Ÿ™

  9. As I slip on the ice/snow on my back deck I realize how much I have missed your educational weather reports. When you gave the forecast I knew what the weather would be like on the next day. Since I no longer get that on WTNH I have been flipping the channels to try out the other CT Channels. I wish you well on whatever course your career takes.
    I learned many years ago how corporations are no longer very loyal to their employees, however I would never think a TV station would get rid of a popular weatherperson for fear of losing ratings. Just shows how wrong I can be when companies can make irrational decisions.

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